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Friday, February 04, 2011


It has been almost a year since my last post. Blogspot and Geocities have made changes that affected my (and everyone's) pages. Given that, I lost many of the features I added to the old one, I decided to try a new template.

I will install a new header picture and be re-adding some features in the future as I get to it.

I will even be doing some posting.

In case anyone is wondering; No I haven't run out of things to harp on.

Whether I had anything to do with it or not there is now a large number of Cornhuskers that have come forward and very handily took up where I left off. I am so very appreciative of these folks for the fantastic work they have done and are doing on behalf of firearm owners in Nebraska.

The tides have turned; Instead of them reading my stuff, I am enthusiastically reading theirs.

Words will not ever be able to express my gratitude to these people. How can it? From the humble beginnings of this website to what the NFOA is today.

I am often reminded that I am the reason for the NFOA, but I know it would never have come to fruition if not for Chris Zeeb, Dan Walz and a few other dedicated individuals that wrote the founding documents and made it a public entity.

Andy Allen, Scott Barry, Rick Mangold, Jay & Kim, Kathy, and many others are responsible for making the NFOA a successful grassroots organization.

Thank you all so very much!