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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rest in Peace Sergeant Hoehler

The American dream is alive and well in the Heartland.

Karl Hoehler came to the United States, from Germany in the late 1970's after serving as a Detective Sergeant with the Hesson State Police. He then served as a Sheriffs Deputy in Seward County, Nebraska until his passing of cancer. Sergeant Hoehler was 55.

Highly spoken of by his peers and the members of the community he served, Sergeant Hoehler is an example which we all could aspire to.

The most telling compliment comes from Lieutenant Pat Dorcey of the Seward Police Department, who trained Sgt. Hoehler;

“He was a blast to work with, so smart, so professional. You always learned from him. He had some excellent, excellent training in Germany” and always continued improving his knowledge and skills, Dorcey said.

Sergeant Karl Hoehler may your body rest in peace and your memory live on in the lives of those you touched.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Un-Patriotism on display on Lincolns East side

There is much wailing and knashing of the teeth from a certain segment of Lincolns population as to where the 4th of July firewroks display should be.

Fireworks over Fireworks (be sure to read the comments)

For years it was held at Holmes Lake Park. Renovations at Holmes Lake caused it to be moved to Oak Lake Park. This was originally to be a temprary change. The city discovered for a myriad of reasons that the Celebration is better held at Oak Lake and it will continue to be held there.

The hue and cry from those on the east side is deafening. They want THEIR fireworks back. The fireworks belong to them and only them.

Greed and Pompous Arrogance

That is what I think of the people in that camp.

Nothing matters to them except that they can sit on their pompous asses in their own back yards so they don't have to drink and drive.

Arrogant becuse they think the Celebration BELONGS to them and only them.

Greed! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!!!!

If I can't have it in my backyard I'm not going. If it isn't in my backyard it is nothing but a worthless event.

At least one person went so far as to write if it is not moved back to Holmes lake they will look for an out of town Celebration to attend.

Well here's what I have to say to that;


In not one single post have I read anyone write anything about the true meaning of the day.

But then that is what the 4th of July has become;

Just another excuse for a bunch of greedy arrogant pompous asses to sit around grill food and get drunk.

The fireworks display is put on by the people of the city for the people of the entire city. It should not matter where it is held. It seems that those of you that live on the east side have forgotten that.

"To hell with what our fore fathers sacrificed and created for us, just GIMME GIMME GIMME my damn fireworks back."

In truth you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. But then maybe your public school education did not instill something called Patriotism or a knowledge of history.

So you have to put in a little effort to show your patriotism on Independance Day get drunk. So freaking what, awwwwwwww poor whiney cry babies. It isn't no where near the effort that this countries founders had to put forth in giving you EVERYTHING you have today.

So stay home, go out of town or do what ever it is you feel you have to do for an excuse to get drunk, party and make fools of your innebrated selves in front of your kids.

I don't want you at the Celebration anyway. The Holiday is a recognition of the founding and history of this great nation. It is a day to be thankfull for those that came before us and the sacrifices they made so that we can have the life we do today.

It is not a day to sit around the backyard grill feeling all smug and arrogant about how YOU DESERVE to have the city celebration in YOUR backyard.

No stay home PLEASE. Those of us that recognize the day and Celebration for what is do not want the likes of you greedy pompous asses dragging it down.

Spewing misinformation that will get women killed

Anyone that believes what Mayor Gramma Seng and her minions spouted yesterday in support of a concealed carry ban in Lincoln needs to open both eyes. Amy Evans ranted on about how statistics bolster her claims.


As Reported in the Lincoln Journal Fishwrapper

I thought the whole idea of the Friendship Home was to empower women to survive on their own. The tripe that Amy Evans dished out to a hungry media yeasterday is just that TRIPE. Although I guess there are some that like the stomach lining of a cow.

My wife and I have in the past donated items such as clothing, household items and childrens car seats to the Friendship Home because we felt it was a worthy cause. No more Amy we now know what a disservice you are doing to your clients.

The answer, the misguided Seng supporters claim, is to dial 911 and wait for the police to save you.

For those of you that haven't got it yet 911 is Government sponsored dial a prayer.

Dialing 911 just tells the police where to find the body. YOURs!

Hey! Yo! People! Not even Police Chief Tom Casady will admit that his officers can get there in time to save you. I have know idea what the average response time of our local gendarmes really is, but I suspect that it is in the neighborhood of 10 minutes (plus or minus). And that hinges on how many other calls the PD is working at that moment in time. If calls are being stacked up the response time to your problem will be determined by how serious the 911 operator catagories it.

How much damage can a purpetrator do in the best part of 10 minutes?

Here is a special notice to all of those people out there that are under the dilusion that Protection orders saves lives. You are ignorant idiots.

Unless they are printed on Kevlar and worn by the victim they are not bullet proof.

What people like Gramma Seng and Ms. Evans will not admit is that even if you are able to get a call COMPLETED to 911 you are on your own for several critical minutes. What you do in that time will likely determine whether you live or die.



For an organization that is suppose to be building up the self confidence of her clients Ms. Evans is insisting that the women she is reaching out to cower, lay down and cheerfully submit to a vicious stabbing, rape, beating or shooting. Leave it to the police to handle they insist.

What the Police will do.

The Police, when they become aware of the problem will respond. A very large majority of the time the purpetrator will have long departed leaving your bent, broken, bleeding body behind. If you are able to tell them who, what, where, why, when and how they may immediately begin looking for your assailant. If you are incoherent (not unusual for a violent attack victim), unconcious or DEAD it will be sometime before the evidence tells them who committed the crime. In some cases it could be days or even weeks, if ever they even know who to look for.

In those few precious minutes after the 911 call you are on your own, what you do determines whether you live or die. After it is all over with the police will arrive and take a report on it leaving you to deal with the aftermath of physical pain and psycological trauma.

I have known women that have been raped, I have heard their stories. As a man I can only imagine (and probably not very well) what it is like to be violated in that manner and the insuing mental trauma that lasts for the rest the victims life. One thing they have all said is NEVER AGAIN! I will do what even it takes to prevent it from happening again, no women should have to suffer that once let alone twice.

If it is your choice not to defend yourself against a beating, home invasion, or violent rape by some AIDS infested scumbag then lay back and enjoy it. That is your right to make that choice. But you have NO RIGHT or place in this society to make that choice for my wife or daughter.

The truth of the matter is that what Gramma Seng and the likes of Amy Evans are proposing will get women robbed, raped, beaten and murdered.

If you have any doubts about what I am saying I suggest that you start reading Zendo Debs Blog TFS Magnum. Zendo Deb constantly publishes from across the nation about personal protection stories and the horrors of those that refuse to take responsibility for their own safety. Zendo Deb has been on my Blogroll for a very long time, for a reason. She doesn't put up with the panty waist BS, she calls it like she sees it and SHE IS RIGHT.

These are just a few of her more recent posts;

Don't Expect the courts to Help you

Domestic Violence Forum Doesn't Mention Self-defense

Quote of the Day

If you don't like hearing what I'm saying because it is coming from a man go read what some other women think about the garbage The Mayor and Womens Rights Advocates are pumping up your hard drives. Go read her stuff. I mean really read it.

It is not Chief Casadys responsibility to protect you. I know that he and his hardworking officers will try their darndest, but they can't be everywhere at the same time and they will not be able to get there in time even if you are able to get a call through.

The only thing Gramma Sengs plan will do is get you killed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What an idiotic poll

1400 AM KLIN curently has a poll up on their web page that asks an intellegent question.


Which of the following would you do to help the city balance its budget?

The problem is you can only select one answer from the following;

Cut funds to sidewalk repair

Eliminate Women's Commission

End smoking ban, but raise taxes on businesses that allow smoking

Return ambulance service to private sector

Spread wheel tax to county residents

Since I can only select one it has to be "Return ambulance service

to the private sector".

Who is the idiot that thought up "End smoking ban, but raise taxes on businesses that allow smoking?

I don't smoke, but I believe in freedom of choice and property RIGHTS.

Countless thousands of suposedly intellegent Lincolnites cut their fricken noses off their faces when they voted to ban smoking a few years ago and now they are making us pay for their ignorance and stupidity. LITERALLy

We are talking millions of dollars here.

The money the city is losing is going to the towns around Lincoln that are not as stupid as we are. Any one that has regularly driven through Emerald over the years can't help but notice the increased number of patrons Merles has been experiencing.

The towns of Denton, Hickman and Milford have all reported increases in revenue since the ban went into effect. When you add up all of their increases it pretty nearly matches the amount of money that Lincoln has lost. Of course our "Glorious Leaders" commencing with Gramma Seng on down don't, can't and won't admit that publically. It would be too much of an embarrassment for them if they did.

On the one hand I could care less if a business CHOOSES of their own violition to ban smoking in their establishment. The Owners of Steak USA have done so for years and I respect their decision as owners of that property.

If the ban had been statewide then Lincoln would not have lost the millions we are losing. There would be no other place to go. The problem is that people vote with their wallets and a very large portion of Lincolnites seem to be spending their green paper ballots in communities where they and their habits are welcome.

The people that ignorantly voted for the ban ignored the predictions and voted Lincoln into a multi-million dollar hole and now they want me to ante up more money to cover the cost of their self rightious stupidity.

I think not

Spread the wheel tax to the County Residnets?

This is another stupid idea thought up by who knows as an end all answer to the finacial money pit Gramma Seng and her minions have dug us into.

The idea behind it is that many people in the county work in Lincoln and partake of the infrstructure so they should pay a share.

Again another patently idiotic plan that diverts attention from the real issue, the imcopetence of people in Lincoln to think through something. It is far easier to do something because it feels good that to intellegently examine all sides of the issue and act accordingly.

Where in the hell do you think the County residents spend the money they make in Lincoln. Do they go to the Walmarts and fast food joints in Omaha? Colombus? Fremont? Denver?

Hey there's an idea, how many people pass through here every year from Denver, Chicago and some of the nations other large population centers? Why not enact a wheel tax on those people?

Maybe we can get the already overworked Police Deparment to set up toll booths at the city limits and have a sliding scale fee for anyone that has out of state/county license plates?

Chief you read this Blog, what say you, is this a doable idea?

And yes we need sidewalk improvement and a Womens Commission. Heck we need a Responsible Firearms Owners Commission, a Back Yard Bar-B-Que Commission and about a hundred other Commissions. Every cause needs its own commission.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tom Becka - or Why I don't listen to KFAB anymore

Recently the stuttering, blubbering, overgrown, all swelled up with himself, blowhard Tom Becka of KFAB fame (Omaha AM radio) attempted, feebley I might add, to take on Rightwing Maven and Political Pundant Ann Coulter. I did not hear the actual broadcast but the audio is posted on the net. Becka rather angerally at times stuttered, flustered and blubbered his way through 16 minutes of Coulters calm, cool collected conversation.

At times I almost felt sorry for Becka as he was obviously in over his head. Ann Coulter was esentially engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed adversary. It is my considered opinion that she handed his ass to him. ( A rather sizeable job if she had done it literlly)

Tom Becka and I go way back. I have never met him, nevr cared to and had only called his show one time. I remember when he was the morning man on KFAB back in the mid 90's. I listened to KFAB pretty regularly then. You know back when they had Becka, Dr (nude photos) Laura and Rush Limbaugh. That was the time Kent Pavelka was the voice of Big Red Football.

The Good ole' days, well 50% anyway. (Limbaugh & Pavelka)

Even then "Tommy Boy" Becka was an overgrown blow hard that couldn't make a point without hem-hawing and blubber-lipping his way through it.

In one instance he did a show on the then new Black Talon ammo. He was rude to everyone that called in to defend it and cut them off when they actually made sense. It was his show, his way or the highway.

Another instance had "Tommy Boy" hosting two homosexual men to talk about the book that they had co-authored. They (the gay authors) used the term "queer" and others that are deemed derogatory in reference to THEMSELVES. I can only guess that possibly "Tommy Boy" harbors latent tendancies because he threw an on air tantrum at the use of those words the authors applied to themselves and literally chased them (on air) from the studio.

The crowning achievement in Becka's existance is the week long hype that he had for himself because he was to be a guest on some Sunday morning talking head show. Becka spent the week building himself up like a stud groom bragging about what he would do to his blushing virgin bride after their vows.

To make a long story short when the talking head said "And now to Tom Becka in Omaha, Nebraska", Becka was totally speechless. Several seconds of embarrassingly dead air later the host took the mic back. Thus "Tommy Boy" was left looking like a pre-mature ejaculator on his wedding night.

After his stint on the morning show on KFAB I heard he was on some podunk station in the Kansas City area. Guess they must have gotten tired of his blubbering and rolled him back into the water. Too bad he was able to swim back up river instead of just floating farther down stream. But then what's his name from KFAB that used to do the "Beardsmore Baby" car commercials was already in St Louis.

To my mind he has always been a know nothing blowhard that is so swelled up with himself, that he can't even carry on a decent conversation.

The best way to make a difference, if one is so inclined is to publish a list of his shows sponsors. Let those that want to impart to them why they won't be purchasing their products.

Hat tip to the following fellow Nebraska Blogs for the heads up on this one;

Merri Musings

Vince Aut Morire (new Blogroll entry and husband of Merri Musings) With apologies for not rolling you sooner.

and the imcomprable PTG at the


In the comments section of the Feedlot a poster purporting to be Tom Becka made two postings. Whether this is the real "Tommy Boy" or not is a mystery not solved, but hey it could be.

Possibly he has never read this Blog and with any luck at all he won't after this anyway.

Heartwarming, encouraging and inspiring

I know that I can be critical to the extreme and even I get tired of my own negativety sometimes. That is one of the reasons I have not been posting as often as I once did.

Over the weekend there were a couple of stories in the local fishwrapper that I really found heartwarming and encouraging.

The first concern a teen sentenced to death in the time of the Mexican Revolution. He escaped to the Unidos Estados, married and raised a family of ten children. What makes this story so encoraging is that although he only had the equivelant of a thrid grade education he saw to it that all of his children at the very least graduated High School.

One of his children, son Marty Ramirez went on to college married and raised seven children or his own. What makes this heartwarmng is that the last of his seven children recently graduated from college.

Father proud of his seven college grads

Imagine that, a man with a third grade education raises ten kids that at least graduate high school. One of those kids goes on to college and raises seven kids that not only graduate high school, but they all graduate from college.

The second story concerns a local youth that had a miscreant past in sunny Southern California. Michael Preciado's parents relocated the family to Nebraska in hopes that the change would have a positive effect on Michael and his brother.

Former dropout makes best of his second chance

Michael had dropped out of high school at one point, had a change of heart and re-enrolled here in Nebraska. Michael is now a high school graduate with a good future ahead of him.

Wow !!! Call me softhearted or sentimental, but these stories really moved me. This is the American Dream at its finest and truely illustrates what can be accomplished with dedication, determination, encouragement and hardwork. Their stories are inspiring and I am privileged to be able to post them here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No one is above the Law

Those were the words that Jeff Fortenberry spoke to me last Thursday afternoon when I posed the following to him at an open meeting;

Recently the FBI effected a search warrant on a Representitives office, your thoughts!!

No one is above the law No one.

I also had a few private moments with him both before and after the open meeting. We had a couple of laughs and Jeff reminded me of the circumstances in which our families met.

I know and supported Jeff Fortenberry in his first run for the House of Representitives and I support him again in his campaign to defeat his current challenger - Matt Connealy in a dress.

Yes I finally said it. I have been thinking that for some time, ever since I found out she is comparing herself to her friend Matt Connealy who was Jeffs challenger he defeated to get elected in the first place.

There will be more campaign stuff as the election nears.

A few years ago I said I could vote for Ben Nelson depending on the Republican candidate that opposes him.

Nelson has been just barely okay on firearms issues and today his Republican challenger came out in support of Chuckies (Hagel) amnesty plan. Nelson is staunchly against it, as am I.

Secure the borders first then confront the problem that those that are already here pose. In other words if you have rabbits in your garden you build a fence (figuratively or literaly) and then address the ones that got caught in the garden after the fence was built.

Considering that things could change between now and the election I can very well see myself voting for Senator Nelson at this time.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Get ready to rock your Glock

Tis the season already.

Last year I wrote about Nebraska's version of the Glock Shoots. I ended the article saying that Chris was already in the planning stages of this years Contests.

Rock your Glock wraps up

The first match of the year is this Saturday, May June 10th at the Izaack Walton League range just off of Highway 2 on the east side of Lincoln from 8:00am until 12 noon.

Fear not that you don't have Glock. Unlike the shoots sponsored by Glock any safe reliable centerfire firearm capable of holding 10 or more rounds is welcome.

Sigs, Browning HP's, S&W's bring them on out meet some new people that share your appreciation of firearms and have a good time.

The best part is that you don't have to stay for the whole event if Jr has a soccer game that afternoon or your kitchen pass has a 12 noon curfew.

Because competitors are competing against each others score sheets you don't have to hang around waiting to shoot more than one round. As soon as you shoot your round you can turn in your score sheet and beat feet to what ever else you have to do.

Participants will need the following to compete;

1. The proper attitude for safe responsible firearms handling

2. Proper eye and ear protection

3. 100 rounds of ammunition for you firearm

4. A firearm

Firearms, to be competitive, should preferably be of the semi-auto variety and be capable of holding at least 10 rounds. 1911's and revolvers are welcome as well, but it has to be noted that each stage is generally a 10 round timed event. If a firearm holds less than 10 rounds it will necessitate the shooter to reload during the stage thus effecting the posted time for that stage.

Also it is an advantage that the shooter have at least three (3) magazines for their chosen firearm. The match can be and is shot with one magazine by some of the competitors, but the shooter will have to reload a single magazine between each of the 10 stages fired.

Rock your Glock shoots are a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning and still leave you most of the day to spend with the family.

Come on out and Rock what ever firearm you want to bring.