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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mayor and Chief dictate CCW on morning talk show

This (Tuesday, April 25) morning KLIN 1400AM Lincoln's Morning News Team Dwight Lane and Charlie Brogan hosted a virtual summit on CCW in Nebraska in general and Lincoln in particular. Not one time did I hear any mention of the poll the radio station ran over the weekend that garnered some 650 votes against the ban, only about 25 votes for it a mere half dozen that are undecided.

Charlie Brogan's focus leaned toward the "may issue" that exists in Iowa as that is what he is familiar with. Dwight Lane made the comment that he thinks Concealed carry is best for all of us and then followed that up with "may issue" is a better idea than the "shall issue" that was passed by the Unicameral. Which is it Dwight, all of us or only those that you deem worthy?

From 7:45 to 8:00 the Morning News duo "grilled" Police Chief Tom Casady who offered the following observations;

1) "I have polled my department and 85% of my officers feel there is no need for CCW". "There is a huge majority of Police Officers nation wide that oppose CCW" and "only a handful of Officers/Chiefs I know favors CCW". The Chief commented that his officers have expressed; "Now we have to worry even the good guys have guns.

NEWSFLASH: Hey Chief it isn't up to you and your officers to decide what laws we shall have. When the Police are able to DICTATE what laws the citizens live under, that would be the definition of a POLICE STATE. That power is reserved by WE THE PEOPLE. Hint; the people through the voice of the Unicameral have spoken WE want CCW everywhere in the state.

2) "I am concerned that the persons that have misdemeanor convictions such as stalking, violating a Protective Order, or impersonating a Police Officer are not forbidden from getting a permit under this law". According to the Chief there are also a lot more misdemeanor crimes that need to be added as well. The Chief commented that a person with one of the listed misdemeanors would be eligible for a permit under this law but a person whose only conviction is turning back the odometer on a motor vehicle is a felon and does not qualify.

Be concerned all you want Chief that is your job, the enactment of laws is our job. You are a PUBLIC SERVANT you do what we tell YOU not the other way around. That you don't seem to recognize that speaks volumes about you.

From 8:10am to about 8:35am The dynamic duo hosted Madam Mayor Collen Seng.

Taking several calls the Mayor demonstarted her total and complete ignorance about the recently enacted CCW law.

1) "I am standing with the Chief on this one" and "in the matter of the city taking away what the legislature has given Lincoln is different."

2) "I would feel more threatened if I met someone that was carrying concealed".

How the heck would you know Mayor? Were you issued a pair of x-ray glasses when you assumed the duties of Benevolent Dictator Mayor? If you have travelled outside of Nebraska at all Madam I am sure you have had people with concealed firearms all around you. Funny you don't seem to mind them, but you have no trust of your own constituency. The very same respected responsible law abiding citizens that elected you.

Oh wait I forgot that you have stated in the past that we are "delusional" and "don't take things seriously" and we are "inconsiderate". Maybe you are still holding a grudge that we didn't vote for your pet "money pit" and this is your way of paying us back.

3) When it was suggested that many of her concerns were already addressed in the bill Mayor Seng demonstrated that she is NOT even familiar with what the law is or what it requires. She does understand that the Iowa law is more inclusive.

4) When she was asked to specifically document any city that has experienced the wild west mentality that she is complaining about The Mayor responed with; " I will listen to my Police officers.

5) When it was pointed out that 47 other states have a CCW law passed by two legislative bodies and signed by 47 Governors that maybe she is being more presumptuous about safety that 47 Governors, Mayor Seng responded with; "Make any statement you want I will follow what my officers want.

Mayor Seng your are ill informed on the subject and appear to be no more than a mouth piece for the Chief. I am greatly distressed at that conduct. The action by the Chief is, in my opinion indicitive of a Police State, something that is abhorant to the Republican form of Governemnt that we should be enjoying.

It would appear that by supporting the Chief in this manner you are an enabler. There are some 12 step programs that address that mental state and how to cure ones self of the affliction.

Observations made in January of last year

As noted in the previous post I have been going back over some of my previous posts. Thus having said that I came across the following words that I penned on Saturday, January 15th of last year just days after the first draft of LB 454 became available.

Where in this bill does it prevent municipalities from enacting ordinances that mandate their own training requirements and or local permits for carry in addittion to the statewide permit? This bill does not indicate that concealed permits are of a Statewide concern and that the Unicameral shall have exclusive power over the subject.

Oh wait I know it says so in CI-1. Oops my bad they have been ignoring that for years as it is.

Think it can't happen? Under the statutes that created home rule and charters the legislature has granted power to it's political sub division TO BAN THE CARRYING OF CONCEALED WEAPONS. ( I have covered that in previous post folks)

So now you have a permit issued by a a very pro-gun Sheriff in a rural county, but you are forbidden from carrying in the places you would likely need it most, because the cities of Lincoln, York, Grand Island and Omaha have enacted local ordinances (past or present) that ban Concealed carry within the Corparate limits.

The post is entitled "Flaws in LB-454"

Comments were made

Looking back at some of my previous posts I noted that an Alex was kind enough to leave his thoughts on my "Duncan Macleod Wannabe" feature.

Thank you Alex, I am not sure if you were socliciting a response from me or not so I decided to address your comments in a post.

Alex - While I am GENERALLY with you on this issue -- I don't think concealed carry is going to make Nebraska any more dangerous --

Me - I appreciate that you don't think Nebraska will be any more dangerous. That is as it should be. CCW in one form or another is the law in 48 states. There has never been any problems with CCW in any state that it has been enacted, there is no reason why it should be any different here. After all with the requirements only decent law abiding citizens will be able to secure a permit anyway, and these are the people that Axel labels unsafe with a shoot first mentality.

Alex - I would like to say that I think that this kid making a public political statement takes a lot more guts than anonymous playground-style name-calling over the internet.

Me - Your absolutely right Alex it takes guts to make a political statement and I respect young Mr Arth for that.

What I can't abide is the snivelling hyperbole that that Axel and others promulgate. In all of the other states that have enacted CCW there have not been shoot outs over parking spaces or fender benders. There is not an inkling of a shoot first mentality that Student Arth alleges.

With gnashing of teeth Axel and his co-horts are slandering the good citizens of this city and state. He prescribes negative attributes to the law abiding citizens of the community in which he resides. By infurring that law abiding resposible Nebraskans with state issued permits are unsafe and will have a shoot first mentality is a form of name calling with out actually using the names like; thoughtless killers and reckless irresponsible bumblers.

Because people like Axel and his minions can't seem to get it through their heads I'll say it again; Due to the requirements of the qualification process i.e. Finger printing, State and National background checks, required classroom use of force training, and proficeincy on the firing range, the only people that will qualify for and/or receive the permit are the LAW ABIDING citizens in this Community. You know, members of the College Alumni Assoc., Doctors, Business Owners and yes responsible everyday men and women of all races and denominations. This is the way it should be.

People that have an unwarranted fear of firearms all suffer from the dellusion; that taking posession of a firearm some how transforms a person into an "unsafe" evil monster that just can't wait to take their frustrations out on society with a "shoot first mentality".

Take the firearm away and these people will return to their normal selves and stop harboring ill thoughts toward their fellow man.

When Axel and others make statements like, it's "unsafe" or "shoot first mentality" they are slandering and making assumptions about honest law abiding people that they don't even know and that I can not abide.

Alex - Parts of what you wrote, like assumptions about him wanting to be a Hollywood film actor just because his major is performance and deriding his plans for a future career with absolutely no knowledge of his level of talent, borders on libel.

Me - Okay so I made an association between Thespian Arth and the hollywood liberal elite. It is no big secret where most of them stand on the issue of gun control despite the MILLIONS of dollars a good share of them have made using guns in their movies. Personally I don't think that association was unreasonable or out of line with the profession.

And lastly you chastise me for "deriding" him, but you apparently excuse his implications that thousands of Nebraskans will be transformed into maddog shoot first criminals simply because we choose to take responsibility for our own safety and that of our families.

You agree that Nebraska will not be a more dangerous place with CCW, Let me ask you a question Alex;

If you consider yourself an honest law abiding citizen Alex, how can you not feel insulted or degraded by the assumptions that Axel alleges?

And for the record;

A) I never insinuated that he had no talent, and

B) I have worked in the film industry with Kris Kristopherson, Ernie Borgnine, Kevin Kostner, Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Jody Foster, Dennis Hopper, George Kennedy, and Kenny Rogers to name drop just a few.

I wish Axel all the luck in the world as he pursues his major in performance. From personal experience I know what a hard row he has set for himself to hoe. However I just can't stand by and let him or anyone else get away with insinuating that decent caring responsible law abiding Nebraskans are demons simply because we believe in the individual responsibilty of protecting ourselves and the ones we love.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mayor Seng and Chief Casady Square off against CCW

In what has a forgone conclusion for most Nebraskans, Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng and Police Cheif Casady announced today that they are going to propose an ordinance than bans CCW in in the city.

Seng to propose concealed-weapons ban

Although the Mayor and the City Council have been at odds with each other over important issues in the past, Council Members have a penchant for enacting every whim of a local law that Chief Casady sends their way.

Whether Constitutional or not it is very likely that the ordinance will be passed and CCW will be forbidden in the Capital City.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sec. 15. (1) (a) A permit holder may carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska, ......

I was just reading through the (supossed) final version of LB454 and came across these interesting bits;

Sec. 10. (1) A permit to carry a concealed handgun is valid throughout the state ........

Sec. 15. (1) (a) A permit holder may carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska, ......

There is possibly some complex legal issues here and the "Home Rule Authority" may still conceivably apply, but a cursory reading of the statute (LB454) would indicate that Representitives of Political Subdivisions cannot enact a ban on CCW as the Senators in the Unicameral have legislated the permits are valid statewide and that a permit holder can carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska.
The major contention by those opposing CCW is going to be whether under "Home Rule Authority" Council Persons will be able to enact ordinances that forbid something the state has made legal.

There is only one Metropolitan class city in the state; Omaha (defined as a city with a population over 300,000)

There is probaly only one Primary class city in the state; Lincoln (defined as a city with a population over 100,000 but less than 300,000)

There are several cities in the first class; (defined as a city with a population of more than 5,000 but less than 100,000)

To my research and knowledge Cities of smaller sizes do not have the authority for Home Rule.

Metropolitan Class Cities home rule authority is found in Section 14 of the statutes;

Section 14-102.01

Cities of the metropolitan class; ordinances, bylaws, rules, regulations, and resolutions; powers.A city of the metropolitan class may make all such ordinances, bylaws, rules, regulations, and resolutions not inconsistent with the general laws of the state, as may be necessary or expedient,........

Note that it is explicit in that a Metropolitan class city cannot make local laws that are "inconsistent with the general laws of the state," Since Omaha already has a CCW ban in it's Ordinances prior to the enactment of LB454 it could conceiveably be allowed to stand.

Primary and the rest of the lower class cities with Home Rule Authority may not be in so great a shape. The Statutes that apply in this case are;

Section 15-101
Cities of the primary class, defined; population required.

All cities having more than one hundred thousand and less than three hundred thousand inhabitants shall be known as cities of the primary class. The population of a city of the primary class shall consist of the people residing within the territorial boundaries of such city and the residents of any territory duly and properly annexed to such city.


A city may put into its home rule charter any provisions that it deems proper so long as they do not run contrary to the Constitution or to any general statute. Eppley Hotels Co. v. City of Lincoln, 133 Neb. 550, 276 N.W. 196 (1937).

In matters relating exclusively to local and municipal affairs, home rule charter prevails over conflicting provisions in statute. Pester v. City of Lincoln, 127 Neb. 440, 255 N.W. 923 (1934).

Home rule charter may not contravene Constitution or general statutes. Schroeder v. Zehrung, 108 Neb. 573, 188 N.W. 237 (1922).

By the inclusion of "a permit holder can carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska" in LB454 the Legislature may have negated Lincolns claim to "exclusively to local and municipal affairs".

Section 16-227

Riots; disorderly conduct; use of explosives; weapons; vagabonds; lights; bonfires; regulation.

A city of the first class may prevent and restrain riots, routs, noises, disturbances, breach of the peace or disorderly assemblies in any street, house or place in the city; regulate, punish, and prevent the discharge of firearms, rockets, powder, fireworks or any other dangerous combustible material in the streets, lots, grounds, and alleys or about or in the vicinity of any buildings; regulate, prevent, and punish the carrying of concealed weapons; .......

That is the quandry though; The Statutes that define the size classifications of the cities are specific in that local laws must not go against the Constitution or the General statutes. However in giving the cities "Home Rule" the statutes state that they "may regulate, prevent, and punish the carrying of concealed weapons".

A major sticking point may be the fact that LB454 does not go into effect until January 1st 2007. Before that date Lincoln and the rest of the Home Rule cities may be able to enact bans that could be upheld. The other side of that coin is that the day it was signed by the Governor it did become for all intents and purpose law. Any Ordinace passed after that date could be viewed as contravening the General Statutes.

I think the most appropriate tact to take now is that The Concealed Handgun Permit Act specifies that; A permit to carry a concealed handgun is valid throughout the state and; A permit holder may carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska and that even the statutes that give Political Subdivisions their Home Rule powers state that they (the cities) cannot enact ordinances that contravene the Constitution and/or the General Statutes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the words of Duncan MacLeod; "There can be only one... er..ahh can we make that four or five?

It seems that there are a few college students with too much time on their hands and too much mush between their ears.

Distraught over the fact that the Governor recently signed concealed carry into law in Nebraska several students at the local university have taken to carrying swords around campus as a vehicle of protest.

Their goal is to get other students ask them why they are parading around campus with fake swords slung through a belt loop.

They are protesting the new CCW law and want to wax eloquant to anyone who will listen to their child like irrational ideas on what will happen in the Cornhusker state now that honest law abiding citizens can get a permit to protect themselves.

The Candyass panzy boy subject of the trististe in the Lincoln Journal Star, Axel Arth is sure that he is going to be the victim of some permit holders shoot first mentality;

He’d have told them that getting shot in Iraq and getting shot in his hometown are the same to him. "

It’s going to get me just as dead.”

I have no idea why he had to make the Iraq reference though. I would hazard the guess that he and his sword weilding compadres are flaming liberals that believe all of the leftist propoganda that has been spoon fed to them by the liberal public academia.

Axel is also hoping that the leaders of Lincoln will come riding in on their charging white steeds and rescue him like the fair damsel in distress that he is;

He’d have told them how he thinks it’s unsafe and could lead to a shoot-first mentality. He’d have told them it’s too late for the state, because the bill is already signed, but maybe the city could ban concealed weapons.

Have no fear lady fair Axel, I'm sure Chief Casaday, Mayor Seng and a few other stalwart civic minded leaders are already crafting an ordinance proposal that will make your wish come true.

Until then listen up dumbass/es before you fall on your swords and really hurt yourselves.

First off I am a long time law abiding resident of Nebraska and your mindless drivel is an insult to me and every other law abiding citizen of this state. You don't even know us and yet you think so little of us that you believe in your liberal heart of hearts that being able to legally carry a concealed firearm will turn us into the demon seed. Your baseless opinions about people you don't even know are utterly contemptable. It doesn't suprise me that that the University leadership gave you the go ahead to have your little tantrum, afterall it is the same imbecils that disgraced the College and this city with the Tommy Lee debacle.

It is my considered opinion that you armed with a college education are more dangerous that any Nebraskan I know with a concealed firearm.

There are already 48 other states that have concealed carry laws. Many of those states have enacted those laws in the last 20 years. In all of this time there has never been the problems that you profess in any of those states. Can you get that through those young skulls of liberal rot? NEVER

Since it has not ever been a problem in any other state what in God's good world makes you think it is going to happen here? Do you know something about our fellow Nebraskans that I don't?

What we have here is a handful of idiots that have absolutely no concept of what is going on in the real world.

Axel, the facts are out there if you care to check them don't just take my word for it, 48, count them 48 other states have concealed carry laws and there are not shootings over parking spaces, there is no shoot first mentality.

To get a permit to carry a concealed firearm applicants will have to undergo fingerprinting, background checks by the State and Federal governments, and successfully complete an State Patrol approved training course.

In short you snivelling braindead Duncan MacLeod wannabes only the most law abiding of Nebraskans will qualify for a concealed carry permit, let alone actually apply for one.

But for now I guess you can stroll around campus rattling your sabers content in knowledge that that no one will take your heads.

There is nothing in them that anyone would want anyway.

Being an actor has eliminated his sense of shame. He can do anything in public.

Sense of shame? Why don't you do something in public that means something; like getting an informed education?

Although I guess as an actor you think your headed for Hollywood and want to get a jump on how those robotic script readers conduct themselves out there when it comes to politics.

Swordsmen my ass, it is a good thing those blades are only stage props, they are as pretend as you are.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How many tax dollars will be wasted because LB454 is bad law??

The passage of LB454 has raised a firestorm of debate whether Representitives of Political Subdivisions in Nebraska have the "Home Rule power" to "opt out" of or regulate concealed carry. The prevailing thought is that the Representitives Political Subdivisions in Nebraska will be able to either ban or regulate CCW in their jurisdictions before State Representitives can enact a state wide pre-emption. Assuming of course that they would be inclined to do so.
It appears in all likelyhood that before the Unicamerals next session (Spring of 2007) Nebraska will become a patchwork of areas where CCW will be banned by local ordinances, a situation that was ongoing in our neighboring state of Colorado a few years ago. A situation that resulted in a state wide pre-emption that includes the following language;

(1) The general assembly hereby finds that: (a) A person carrying a weapon in a private automobile or other Private means of conveyance for hunting or for lawful protection of such Person's or another's person or property,..(c), may tend to travel within a county, city and county, or municipal jurisdiction or in or through different County, city and county, and municipal jurisdictions, en route to the Person's destination; (b) Inconsistent laws exist in local jurisdictions with regard to the Circumstances under which weapons may be carried in automobiles and Other private means of conveyance;(c) This inconsistency creates a confusing patchwork of laws that Unfairly subjects a person who lawfully travels with a weapon in or through One jurisdiction to criminal penalties because he or she travels within a jurisdiction or into or through another jurisdiction; (d) This inconsistency places citizens in the position of not knowing When they may be violating local laws while traveling within a jurisdiction or in, through, or between different jurisdictions, and Therefore being unable to avoid committing a crime.

(2) (a)Based on the findings specified in subsection (1) of this Section, the general assembly concludes that the carrying of weapons in Private automobiles or other private means of conveyance for hunting or For lawful protection of a person's or another's person or property while Traveling into, or through, or within, a municipal, county, or city and County jurisdiction, regardless of the number of times the person stops in A jurisdiction, is a matter of statewide concern and is not an offense. (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no municipality, County, or city and county shall have the authority to enact or enforce any Ordinance or resolution that would restrict a person's ability to travel with A weapon in a private automobile or other private means of conveyance FOR HUNTING OR for lawful protection of a person's or another's person or Property while traveling into, or through, or within, a municipal, county, Or city and county jurisdiction, regardless of the number of times the person Stops in a jurisdiction.

It is doubtful that Nebraska will be able to avoid the same fate. In the next several months any number of localities will enact or attempt to enact ordinances that will prohibit concealed carry creating the patchwork that has existed in other states. It is also unlikely that the Senators will do anything to correct the problem in the next session of the Unicameral either. Since the law goes into effect only dys before the 2007 session starts many of the Senators will likely take the position that enough time has not passed to get a good measure of how the law will turn out.

Some Cities already have local ordinances on the books prohibiting the carry of a concealed weapon. Omaha is one of those cities and as rumor has it one of the coucilmen is planning on introducing an ordinance that will make it legal for those with permits to carry in Omaha. Whether it passes by a significant majority or not, it surely stands to be veto'd by the Mayor. There are also many smaller communities in the state that are considering a "opt out ordinance" as well.
All of this hyperbole is a result of Nebraska Statutes that established a Home Rule power allowing Political Subdivisions to regulate the carrying of concealed weapons by local ordinance.

As has been noted previously on these pages until 1988 the Constitution of the state of Nebraska had no delegation of any power to the elected representitives to regulate firearms. This is important for several reasons; The first being that the Constitution is the hallmark on which all legitimate laws are to be passed, Representitives in the Legislature are bound by oath to enact laws that are not contrary to the Constitution, and Reprsentitives of the Legislature certainly cannot delegate a power to Representitives of a Political Subdivision that they themselves have not been given by the people they have been elected to represent.

In the late 1980's several concerned citizens crafted a petition to change the Constitution. When it was voted for by a majority of Nebraskans that voted in in that years election the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" officially became part of the Constitution for all lawful purposes and it fobade the state and it's Political Sudubdivisions from denying and/or infringing the right.

Political Subdivisons that have already enacted CCW bans have done so under the auspicies of Home Rule. This is the same alleged authority that all the other communities that pass an anti CCW ordinance will use. Should the State Representitives pass a pre-emption law, I am sure there will be a slew of very costly and time consuming law suits by any number of Political Subdivisions. Think it unlikely? It has happened in other states.

Sadly what ever happens is going to cost a lot of tax dollars. Either the State will be filing suits against the cities to enforce the pre-emption or the Political Subdivions will be suing the state for violating their powers under the Home Rule statutes.

What needs to be done is to have the portions of the Home Rule statutes that give power to Political Subdivisions to ban concealed carry declared unconstitutional.

The truth is that they are unconstitutional, because Representatives of the state cannot confer to Representitives of a Political Subdivision powers that they themselves do not have.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

People that pissed me off this week

I know I haven't posted in quite some time. There are probably two reasons for this; One I have had other things to do and two there just hasn't been anything in the news that affected me enough to write aout it.

That changed this week. The more I listened to the news the madder I got.

On the National scene all of the crap being spouted by the liberals about the President and the eavesdropping that the security agencies have done on phone calls made by people that have sworn to kill as many Americans as possible.

Deep down how can these liberal bastards not know that the targets of these phone bugs have been identified as terrorists or terrorist sympathyzers. From everything I have seen the phone calls intercepted were to and from areas where the United States has troops on the ground being shot at and/or bombed. The scumball liberal slimeballs that are spouting their crap about impeaching the President are doing so simply becase they hate the man in the White House.

They are a danger to the secuirty of the United States. Their hatred for the man runs so deep that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of not just our American soldiers but the lives of every man, woman and child in this country as well.

Simply put these left leaning tree hugging panty waist red doper diaper babies could care less about America. They are pissed that the sleeping giant woke up over the past years and fired their nasty asses at the ballot box.

The second thing that pissed me off Nationally this week is all the garbage that the same aforementioned individuals have been shovelling about immigration. The brain dead mind numb lefist robots refuse to admit that the terrorists that have sworn death to every American could come to this country by crossing the border with Mexico. Despite the fact that there have been positively identified terrorists that have been apprehended coming across the border, they and some sorry ass middle of the road conservitives are hesitant to do anything about the borders. They don't want to hurt the feelings of any of the folks that broke the law to be here.

Closing down illegal entry on our nations borders has nothing to do with racism; it has everything to do with security. It isn't just Mexicans that are illegally coming into the United States. The safety of the American people must take precidence over everything else. If a few illegals get their feelings hurt too damn bad, we need to build a wall and build it now.

Homegrown stupidity

On the local level it is our own homegrown left leaning liberal slimeballs that pissed me off. A concealed carry law was passed this week and is headed to the Governors desk. Yes he said long ago that he would sign it.

Nebraska is now the 48th state to enact some type of concealed carry law and you'd think that the liberals would have learned a thing or two over the last 20 years as one state after another has passed CCW laws.

But Nooooooo, even though there has not ever been blood in the streets or shoot outs for parking spaces in any other state that has created CCW laws, our local liberal politicians and their brain dead minions think so little of the Nebraskans that they have been elected to serve that they are sure we will be the exception to the rule.

Hey libs I know you have heard this before, but let me tell you again; 1 the bad guys are already carrying guns. 2 The requirements for issuance of a license are so strict that only the most law abiding Nebraskans will be able to aquire a permit. 3 A firearm is, just like the computer you are reading this on is private property, Nebraska law allows for residents to aquire and use property pretty much as they see fit as long as it does not intefere with anyone else.

Guess what; Me or anyone else walking down the street with a concealed firearm does not and will not interfere with you in anyway, so suck it up and get over it. I have no responsibility to you to not do something because you have a child like cry baby phobia about it.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean I have to not do it. It is my private party and I will do what I am legally able to with it.

Your immature child like fear of firearms is the result of your being spoon fed misinformation by people like the Brady Bunch and the Million Commie Mommies. Grow up you whiny ass left leaning liberal cry babies and get over it.