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Monday, November 29, 2004

Yea I know I haven't been around much

But hey with the holiday and all it just felt good to take a few days away from the keyboard. It wasn't planned, it just happened. Thanksgiving was great. Over the years we have worked out a system of preparing the big meals so it was all pretty laid back and stress free.

Two of the relatives had to work that day, but we were able to fit the meal in between the work shifts with plenty of time for everyone.

We spent most of Friday just laying back and enjoying life. Saturday and most of Sunday we had the house to ourselves. The wife and I spent Saturday evening on into Sunday morning sitting at the kitchen table playing cribbage. I have to admit that I have never been beaten so badly so many times in my life. I never even used to loose like that to my Grandfather and he is the one that taught me how to play. We played 12 games and she won 9 of them.

Well anyway enough about me for now and thank you all for checking in over the weekend. I hope your holiday was as safe and rewarding as ours was.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


As we make the preparations for our meal of thanks, I have been in reflection for all I am thankfull for. As I dwell on these thoughts they come to me in two catagories. First are the things that have been continuous and are constantly on going in my life. Secondly are individual events and occassions of this past year. The latter are recent and therefore fresh in my memory. Beyond that attending gatherings with long not seen family and friends has a sentimental impact that is not soon forgotten.

First and foremost I am thankfull for a kind and mercifull God. Many times I feel so undeserving and humbled at all the blessings the Creator has bestowed on me in the almost fifty years of knowing him. With out him none of the things I am thankfull for today would have been possible.

Beyond words I am thankfull for the almost twenty nine years of companionship granted me by a kind and loving wife. May God allow me at least another twenty nine years with this wonderfull woman. For the largest part of our life she was by choice a stay at home mom. Now that the children are grown I am thankfull that she has the energy, and fotitude to now persue a long delayed college education.

I am thankfull for three intellegent children making their own way in life. I give thanks for the respect and manner with which they conduct and express themselves. I am thankfull that they still ask their Mom and I for advice and opinion. Because my career required exclusive travel, that they have turned out so well is much more a credit to their Mother than me.

I am thankfull for five (so far) lovely, wonderfull and healthy grandchildren. Three girls and two boys.

I am thankfull that I had the opportunity to have served my country. My own service has imbedded within me a deep and abiding respect for those that choose the military or public service as a career. I am thankfull that there are Americans that voluntarily put their lives on line for the safety and security of of our great nation. I am thankfull that I had the blessing to be self employed in more than one career field. I am thankfull that I was able to retire in my mid forties, with the ambition to now do many of the things we dreamed about during the child rearing years.

This past year has given me many things to be thankfull for as well. This past spring we attended the high school graduation of a nephew in the southwest. Combining this with a vacation I am thankfull for the long overdue re-aquaintances with friends, family and the many new aquaintances we made. At the conclusion of that trip I am thankfull that we got to see a Colorado Rockies home game. A game in which the Rockies trounced San Fransisco.

I am thankfull for the opportunity I had to attend a conference with people I have met before and or have exchanged thoughts and ideas with. Among those attending were Congressmen Bob Barr, Massad Ayoob and authors Jeff Snyder, David Kopel, and Alan Korwin. I am thankfull for the positive influence these people have had not only on this country but me as an individual.

I am thankfull for visiting my wifes family in Philadelphia. At ninety three her grandmother is still a sharp, active and intellegent woman. I am thankfull for being able to attend my own grandmothers ninetieth birthday. Another sharp, active and intellegent woman that is still capable of driving her own car. I am thankfull for the opporunity to spend time with cousins and other family I have not seen in much too long.

There are so many more things I have to be thankfull for, these are just the ones that seem to be foremost in my mind today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grow up and fend for yourself

A city of cowards and sheep
There has been two stories coming out of Omaha that just have me seething. While I sympathize with the victims of these incidents, I can't help but wonder where the hell they left their backbone.
The modern essence of mahood
In one instance a 44 year old man with one leg, broke into the home of an 83 year old woman and raped her while her 47 year old son cowered in his bedroom and, If I read this correctly the perpatrator is also the subject of this news release.

Her 47-year-old son told officers he had opened his bedroom door to find a man with a knife. The man threatened to get a shotgun from his car and kill him if the son didn't stay in his bedroom, according to police reports. The man also took the son's wallet.

What would that mans father have said to this Mothers son?
The man was after his mother and this guy gives the rapist his wallet and hides. What has this society succumed to when a full grown man will not even take up for his elderly Mom who is about to receive the most horrofic treatment any woman can endure and live through. I can hear the liberal cries as I pen this; "The man had a knife what was he suppose to do?" (Well how about getting a gun and shooting the bastard down like the marauding predator he is?) Or the old standby; "If he/they fought back they might get hurt." (Well gee, one of them did get physically hurt and mentally scarred in the worst way for the few years of life she has left, while the other one ....)

I don't know about anyone else but I just can not fathom the thought of hiding under my bed cringing like a pantywaist panzy and allowing my mother to be raped. This is the classic example of what passes for the "bastion of manhood" in a socialist society. There is so much more that I want to vent about this incident and her cajones' deprived offspring, but it would be redundant.

911= Government sponsored dial-a-prayer
In the second instance a woman that left her garage door open was scared witless when someone began knocking on the inner door. She is distraught over the fact that it took police officers 45 minutes to answer her 911 call.

Ok let me repeat this just in case you didn't get it the first untold times you have heard it. The police are under no legal obligation to respond for your individual pleas for help. There are dozens of court cases that have ruled in that manner. Get over it. Suck it up and take some resposibility for yourself.

I am not knocking individual officers in the least. As I have said before I do not know a single police officer that would not respond to a citizens call for help. In order to respond they have to be dispatched first and this call was prioritized to be dispatched after shift-change.

Omaha police spokesperson Sgt. Teresa Negron said the call came in as a suspicious party who may have left. That's not considered a life threatening situation and was put on hold until after shift change. If classified as a crime in progress, it would have received a higher priority.

In other words it was a management decision on whether or not this lady required a response.

An emergency communications director said the 911 operator did a good job after learning no cruisers would be immediately available, keeping Nicole on the line until she told him she could no longer hear the knocks or see any feet from under her door.

Ok someone explain this to me. The operator kept her on the line until the operator (who was not there) felt the emergency had passed. What if it had not passed? At what point would the operator (safe and sound in the call center) have upgraded the serverity of the call? Would the sounds of splintering door frame over the phone line helped? Or the screams of the woman and her child being assaulted changed the ranking of the call? Fear not though the entire event, until the thug ripped the phone from the wall, will be forever enshrined on a tape that might be used at trial, assuming said thug was apprehended.

In reality it doesn't matter what did or did not happen. The plain truth is that the police can not be every where all of the time. In any event they would never arrived in time to assist this young lady and her child. At that moment in time she and only she was responsible for the safety and security of herself and her baby.

Nicole only saw the shadowy feet of a stranger banging on her door, who left without hurting anyone. "It's a what-if situation and it shouldn't be that way. I mean if I didn't sound serious enough on the 911 call, then I'll remember that the next time."

So the next time she will exagerate the circumstances in order to gain the response she feels she is intitled to? It doesn't end there however, one of the local city fathers felt a need to strut and posture about the necessity for more police on the streets to ensure shorter response times.

Councilman Marc Kraft listened to a recording of the 911 call. "It's an example of the need for more police officers, the need for timely response."

Marc it is not an example of a need for more cops, it is the example of a need for people to stop expecting the government to wipe their noses everytime they get the sniffles. It is an example the need to get some backbone and stand up on your own to hindlegs.

"At this time we do not have any officers available in the area, but we'll note you called back," said the operator. "What in the hell are my tax dollars doing?" asked boyfriend Rob Olson.

Rob, Your tax dollars were doing what they were suppose to be doing, paying police officers to patrol the public streets responding to incidents and crime that effects society as a whole. You know like automobile accidents and gang activity. Here is some advice that is worth exactly what your paying for it, buy her a dog, buy her some pepper spray buy her a ..... oh well never mind the gun.. you live in Omaha.

The idea of having a police department has never been to maintain a publically funded array of armed servants who's sole mission it to lay in wait for a call to assist a private person on private property in a personal matter. If someone is on your property or in your house, by all means notify the police, but understand that they can not respond fast enough in most cases to be of any assistance. If nothing comes of the event prior to their arrival all well and good, no harm no foul. If things turn bad however and they still have not arrived you will have to deal with it yourself. Get used to it. Learn to deal with it. Suck it up and get a backbone.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Police Luncheon

A little over a month ago I posted about a planned luncheon to honor the service of retired Lincoln, Nebraska Police Officers. That luncheon was finally held this Saturday afternoon past. From all accounts it was a successfull gathering.

The brainchild of Bob McAtee in rememberance of Officer Dick Miller, was held at the Knolls restaraunt in Lincoln. 132 officers attended the function from all over the country, many bringing family members.

Again I ask "What can one say about something like this?"

With all of the events taking place on the world stage it is refreshing to hear about local people taking the time to show their appreciation for the public servants that have sworn to protect and serve them for so many years.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

FreedomSight Declares D-Day on Germany. Jason Germany that is.

Freedoms his name and fiskings his game. Jed set his hard drive to lock-n-load and lined his litirary crosshairs up on Germany, Jason Germany. Before begining his anti-gun manifesto Germany is carefull to cloak himself in the Red, White and blue by citing that he is a past member of the military service. Probably hoping that will either lend credibility or legitimacy to his ramblings or stave off an assault on his his patriotism. Either way Jed takes him to the literary woodshed.

Hey Jed. Golly good show old chap.......

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The original Gun Control laws were racially motivated and still are

From the begining
From the earliest days of the United States as a country, segments of the ruling elite and "concerned citizens" sought to and did bar the posession of firearms from minorities and the economically challenged. By using blatantly racial legislation and high taxes on the purchase of firearms, the right to keep and bear arms was effectively denied to those that needed it most. What is even more suprising is the perpetuation of that racist mindset today by the leaders of virtually all minority movements and organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Coloed People. In many areas of America today, the people most in need of the ability to protect themselves are still being routinely denied that right.

Actual court documents and the public record are repleat with bonafide accounts of this very behavior. These published accounts can be read in the opinions of such august bodies as the courts of numorous states and even the Supreme Court of the United States of America itsself. The SCOTUS decision in Dred Scott (1857) is most telling in that, in addittion to the court ruling that minorities were not citizens, the court recognized that persons that were in fact citizens had the right to keep and carry arms wherever they went;

"In Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857), Chief Justice Taney argued if members of the African race were "citizens" they would be exempt from the special "police regulations" applicable to them. "It would give to persons of the negro race...full liberty of hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went."

"Aside: There has been much debate in the courts as to the meaning of "bear arms" as it applies to "keep and bear arms". It would seem that the issue was settled one hundred and fifty years ago. The key words there are "CARRY" and "WHERE EVER THEY WANT".

The Dred Scott case was decided a few short years before the dark days of the "War between the States". Prior to and after the war many states and localities passed legislation that were commonly called "Black Codes". These local laws were explicit in that they were created specifically to keep firearms from the hands of freed slaves.

A short nine years after the Dred Scott case a reunited Congress passed the Civil Rights Act 1866.

"The CRA of 1866 did away with badges of slavery embodied in the "Black Codes," including those provisions which "prohibit any negro or mulatto from having fire-arms." [CONG. GLOBE, 39th Congress, 1st Session, pt. 1, 474 (29 Jan. 1866)]

It was not without opposition as Democrat William Saulsbury, Senator from the northern state Delaware added before voting against the bill;

"In my State for many years...there has existed a law...which declares that free negroes shall not have the possession of firearms or ammunition. This bill proposes to take away from the States this police power..."

Throughout the reconstruction era government entities turned a blind eye or outright aided and abetted the in the persecution of the freed minorities. In U.S. v. Cruikshank SCOTUS ruled that the federal government had no jurisdiction cocerning civil rights violations of the 14th amendment. The individuals were, in that decision, required to turn to the state for a remedy. The crux of the case involved KKK member Cruikshank being charged with violating the rights of two black men to peaceably assemble and bear arms.

The Court held that for protection against private criminal action, individuals are required to look to state governments. "The doctrine in Cruikshank, that blacks would have to look to state government for protection against criminal conspiracies gave the green light to private forces, often with the assistance of state and local governments, that sought to subjugate the former slaves and their descendants... With the protective arm of the federal government withdrawn, protection of black lives and property was left to largely hostile state governments." (GLJ, p. 348.)

The Century Turns
The begining of a new century and the conclusion of World War I did little to change the status quo.

"After World War I, a generation of young blacks, often led by veterans familiar with firearms and willing to fight for the equal treatment that they had received in other lands, began to assert their civil rights. In reaction, the Klan again became a major force in the South in the 1910's and 1920's. Often public authorities stood by while murders, beatings and lynchings were openly perpetrated upon helpless black citizens. And once again, firearms legislation in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas made sure that the victims of the Klan's violence were unarmed and did not possess the ability to defend themselves, while at the same time cloaking the specially deputized Klansmen in the safety of their monopoly of arms."

Gun control does not stop at the doors of the minorities either. Between 1879 and 1907 several states enacted laws that economically effectively placed the purchase of firearms, specifically handguns, out of reach of minorities and the low-income.

In 1911 the city of New York enacted the "Sullivan Law" that even the New York Times and the American Bar Association supported.

"Of proven success in dealing with political dissidents in Central European countries, this system made handgun ownership illegal for anyone without a police permit."[43] The New York City Police Department thereby acquired the official and wholly arbitrary authority to deny or permit the possession of handguns; which the department used in its effort to disarm the city's Italian population. The Sullivan law was designed to strike hardest at the foreign-born element . . . . As early as 1903 the authorities had begun to cancel pistol permits in the Italian sections of the city. This was followed by a state law of 1905 which made it illegal for aliens to possess firearms 'in any public place'. This provision was retained in the Sullivan law.[44]"

It is interesting to note that the "Sullivan Law" still exists today despite it's obvious racial and economic discriminations.

"New York's infamous Sullivan law, originally enacted to disarm Southern and Eastern European immigrants who were considered racially inferior and religiously and ideologically suspect, continues to be enforced in a racist and elitist fashion "as the police seldom grant hand gun permits to any but the wealthy or politically influential."[65]"

It should be noted that New York City does issue some permits though;

"New York City permits are issued only to the very wealthy, the politically powerful, and the socially elite. Permits are also issued to: private guard services employed by the very wealthy, the banks, and the great corporations; to ward heelers and political influence peddlers; and (on payment of a suitable sum) to reputable 'soldiers' of the Mafia . . . .[66]"

Since 1911 citizens of all walks of life have been subject to even more stringent acts of gun control. Notably amoung them is the Firearms Control Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the The Semi-Automatic Weapons Act of 1994. It has to be remembered that the key word in any of these restrictions by the government is control. A firearm is an inanimate object, as is a hammer or chainsaw and does not require control. By themselves they do nothing. Despite that truth, there are those that feel that people must be controlled or deprived of certain inanimate objects for their own good. The reasoning is that "certain people" can not be trusted or "allowed to posess arms because they will immediatelly use them for illicet purposes. These people, in their minds need to be controlled for their own and societies protection. As has been documented by competent record the entire scheme has been and still is a means to excert control over the population, especially that of the economically down-trodden and minorities.

Another Century Turned
An article penned by Ana Radelat has recently been circulating the blogs that was conducted with Dr. Condoleezza Rice in the last few days. Dr. Rice grew up in the south during the desegregation of the 1960's. When asked about her thoughts on gun control;

Rice has said memories of Birmingham's racial turmoil shaped some of her core values. During the bombings of the summer of 1963, her father and other neighborhood men guarded the streets at night to keep white vigilantes at bay. Rice said her staunch defense of gun rights comes from those days. She has argued that if the guns her father and neighbors carried had been registered, they could have been confiscated by the authorities, leaving the black community defenseless.

Speaking of the same time period Dr. Rice told George Will in the fall of 2000;

"I am," she answered crisply, "a Second Amendment absolutist." Growing up in Birmingham, Ala., in the early 1960s, when racial tensions rose, there were, she said, occasions when the black community had to exercise its right to bear arms in self-defense, becoming, if you will, a well-regulated militia."

Given the history and purpose of gun control it should be inconceivable that anyone would support such blatantly discriminitory legislation. The sole and entire reason for such laws has been to control minorities and the poor. The groups statistics show are the most likely to be victims of crime and oppression. People in charge of all levels of government have made it plain that the average person can not be trusted with the means to protect themselves. The biggest fear is that if a minority or poor person has access to a firearm they will instead use it to commit crimes.


Gun Control and Racism - Stefan B. Tahmassebi

The racist roots of Gun Control - Clayton Cramer

The Racist Origins of U.S. Gun Control - Steve Ekwall

I had this mostly written sometime ago but a special thanks to Geek With A 45
for giving me the impetus to actually finish it.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Straight up & hold the sugar coating

I haven't blog on the "War against Terrorism" even though it can and does effect Nebraska. There is just so much being reported in the MSM and on the blogs everyday that I haven't felt a need to add to all of that.

As a disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force I too follow what is going on, and I probably do so with a rather prejudice eye. I support our President and what he is doing. I support our troops and what they are being tasked to do.

Peace is good. I like peace. But in order for there to be peace ALL sides must want it and agree to some commonalities. What some people just will not understand is that certain factions in this war do not want peace, they never have and they never will. They have sworn death to all Americans and no amount of pantywaisted "I feel your pian" negotiations will talk them out of it.

Another thing to understand is that in their eyes we are all infidels. What this means is that any promise of peace they make is not worth the handshake or the paper it is written on. Their religion tells them that there is no heavenly consequence for any deals made with non believers of their faith. Even if you do get a peace arrangement with them there is nothing in their faith or belief that makes them honor bound to abide by it. That is why with all of the past efforts there has not been any kind of lasting peace between Palestine and Isreal. The only thing they understand is superior power and they will fight that to the last breath as well. Unlike you these extremists are not afraid to die. While you are cowering under your bed like a frightened child these people are out looking to be martyred. This is what they want, this is what they believe folks. They are willing to die for their beliefs, are you?

I realize that is hard for some people to understand, but it is the truth. If you are attacked by a wild-eyed frothing at the mouth dog there is no time for "Nice doggie, roll over doggie, here's a bicuit doggie, play nice doggie". You either shoot that damn dog until in it's tracks or you die. Those are your choices KILL OR BE KILLED. You can NOT negotiate with these people, any more than you can talk to that dog, for two reasons; 1) They see it as a sign of cowardace and will kill you for that reason alone, 2) They do not want to be negotiated with, they have their mission and will see it to it's bloddy end. An end that includes making you a corpse. You either shoot those damned terrorists until they stop their tracks or you die.

Then you do like that Marine did and shoot them agin. That is why they are called "security rounds". It IS NOT that the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist, it is because if they have the strength left to pull the pin on a grenade they will pull it as a final act of Martyrdom. Our troops know that, because they learned it the hard way. By watching members of their unit die in that manner. It is too bad that so many of the embedded "journalists" have not been able to grasp that concept.

You have a choice to make, support that war as it is taking place over there, or we bring all our troops back and have the Jihadists follow them home. I hope you can see the consequences of the latter.

Certain groups of people on this earth have decreed that the streets will run red with blood. George Bush has decreed that if the streets must run red with blood it will be their streets and their blood. The United States of America has no choice, a war has been declared on us, we either win that war or we cease to exist as the nation we are.

I really don't anticipate addressing the War very often, I said what I have to say and stand by it. If you want straight talk and regular updates on what this war is really about add Froggy Ruminations to your daily reading. He is point on and there is no sugar coating what he says.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Free Jewelry and a cell phone for Sex Offenders

Electronic monitoring Proposed
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this proposal. Senator Chris Beutler of Lincoln is proposing that the states Registered Level 3 Sex Offenders be outfitted with an ankle bracelet and a belt pager while on probation and/or parole. The ACLU brands this as an unnecessary infringement on personal rights.
I believe that sex offenders are a predatory lot and I am glad there is a registry where the citizenry can identify them and where they live. As a herd of sheep needs to be aware of the wolf in their flock, human beings need to be aware of the vile that seeks to prey on our offspring as well.

I also know that professional studies have proven that Sexual Predation is one class of crime that some consider incurable and the recidivism rate amoung convicted sex offenders is exceptionally high as compared to other crimes. The plain truth is generally "They did it one, they'll do it again". In this regard I have no problem with Beutler's proposal.

What about after the monitor comes off?
My concern comes after the probation and or parole has been terminated. I'm sure this program will work exceedingly well for the duration of the time the offenders are required to be electrically monitored. Although there must be one out there, I have yet to see a study done on the recidivism rate for sex offenders while they are on parole. How hard is it for offenders to wait until they are no longer monitored before re-offending? In a lot of cases this does not appear to be too difficult as it is sometimes years between offenses.

On the surface I support the Beutler proposal, mine concern is after they are off the leash so to speak, what then? Other than a phone call to the High Sheriff or a look up on the internet no one has any idea that these animals are amoung us or where.

Most of us Just don't seem to care
The sad truth is that most of us are so apathetic that we have no idea how many registered sex offenders live in our own neighborhoods, or at least in the same postal zip code area. All states now have a registry and for most states it is available on-line. The Nebraska State Patrol web site contains the Sex offenders registry for the entire state and can be found here. Have any of you ever checked it to see who is lurking in your nieghborhood? Prepare to be suprised.

And some of us just don't get it
And a final note to Tim Butz, executive director of Nebraska's ACLU. What part of "the horribly traumatised and in many cases physically scarred victims that are often children" do you not understand? The low life scum that perpatrates this kind of terrible travisty on children, and other defenseless people deserve to be branded or made public in some manner. Most of them are a very high risk to offend again and again and maybe it will be your daughter or grandson next time. Think about that. Preserving human rights for those that deserve it is one thing, but there is nothing human about what these vile creatures inflict on the weak and defenseless. To object to measures designed to safeguard our children and society as a whole is tantamount to aiding, abetting and condoning the next attack on a child or helpless adult.

When a segment of our population by their own conduct has demonstrated that they are a continuing danger to the community, they forfit the rights and priviledges associated with membership in that society

6:30pm Update: Thinking on the comments I made about not having seen a recidivism study. (ed... probably because I have never really looked for one) I did some checking and found this link to a Bureau of Justice Satatistics study from 1994 to 2K3. It is an informative and enlightening read.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Nebraska Law on Firearms revisted

In past months I wrote a series of dissertations concerning the State Constitution, and firearms laws or lack there of in Nebraska. For the benifit of any new readers, that do not have the time to read back the entire blog (ed... I don't either) I am posting the links to the series here.

As I have noted in past entries, there are any number of people in Nebraska that believe, and can articulate that the Cornhusker state, like Vermont, has always had legal concealed carry without the requirement for a license or permit. Some of these people are passionate in their belief to the point that they have testified against concealed carry in Unicameral hearings on the subject.

No Ernie Chambers (D-Oma) is not the only obstacle to CCW. It takes 25 votes to pass a bill in the state house. CCW legislation has generally had at least 26 co-sponsors. It takes 33 votes to bring cloture to a Senator Chambers filibuster. There has generally been a maximum of 32 votes for cloture. Of the 48 members of the Unicameral that leaves 16 counting Senator Chambers. Clearly one third of the legislative body does not support the measure or are reluctant to cross Senator Chambers in fear that he will target one of their pet bills.

In regards to the latter, that sentiment has been expressed on more than one occassion by more than one Senator. Have no doubt that Senator Chambers is a very influential representive. His knowledge of Parlimentary Procedure and how to wield it is second to none. It is well known that if Senator Chambers is not content with another Senator, said Senator is guaranteed considerable difficulty in advancing legislation. Make what you want of that, but that is the way it is.

Here are the links to the previous posts. Read them at your own liesure and form your own conclusions.

The Truth about Concealed Carry in Nebraska

A Follow up and a Challenge

What part of Don't have the Power Don't they Understand

The City of Lincoln is not in Compliance

Omaha's Nebraska's Municipal Code Violates the Constitution

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rock around the Glock

No this is not about a new dance craze or fad music style. Well I take a little bit of that back, the sound of a firearms on the firing line is it's own form of music. It sounds like American Freedom.

If you have been waiting for or wondering when a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) type competition would come to Eastern Nebraska, wait or wonder no more. A local shooter and certified Glock Mechanic is putting the finishing touches on a series of shooting matches based on the GSSF format.

All dates are tentative at this point as they are still being co-ordinated with the Izaak Walton League in Bennet, Nebraska. Chris is still working to build a web site, Rock Your Glock, that will have all of the pertinent information as it develops.

Don't own one of Gaston Glock's creations? Fret not, you are still more than welcome to compete. Bookmark Chris's site, there is a lot of information already up there and stay tuned here for updates.

Rock on Chris, here's to a successfull first year and thank you for bringing this about.

11/18/2K4 UpDate: I recieved an e-mail from Chris and he asked that I clarify that these matches are not sanctioned by Glock. I had known that in talking to him and used the word TYPE COMPITITION. I can see however that I should have been clearer. Glock was contacted and declined the invitation as they have no interest in Nebraska at this time. (ed.... I wonder if this has to do with the lack of CCW in Husker Land?) Addittionally if anyone wants to e-mail Chris (address is on his website) about their interest it will give him a heads up on how many can be expected to participate. (Chris consider this my e-mail for the whole (6 of us)family whom who know personally anyway.)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Ahhhnold for President

Just heard it on the top of the hour news on the radio. It is probably somewhere on the net too, but I'm not going to look for it. I'm sure it will be all the headlines soon enough.

Demolition Man

Future year 20?? in a make believe movie.

Cop: Yes The Ahhnold Swartzenegger Presidential Library

Stallones Character: Huh?

Cop: Back in 19?? the Constitution was specifically changed so that Ahhnold could run for President.

Latest news from the Left Coast
Fast rewind to present day in real life California

There is a movement afoot in California to amend the Constitution so that...... you guessed it Ahhnold can run for President at some future date.

If Nebraska is attacked

I got this from Froggy Ruminations who linked The Forest for the Trees blog for it.

An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden
It seems that an annonymous denizen of Blue city Seattle, distraught over Kerry's defeat, has called upon bin Laden to target specific points in the Heartland.

Some of Annonymous's suggestions include the use of Cesnnas, truck bombs and anthrax.

Laugh or doubt if you want to, but some of your fellow citizens actually feel this way about you and the country you call home. The United States of America.

Now you'll know who to blame

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Crime Statistics

Zendo Deb at TFS Magnum has an enlightening piece on the National Crime Victimization survey of 2003.

Deb is one of the latest addittions to my daily reading. She has been blogging some of the same things I have and her passion for the subject makes it extremely worth reading.

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Note: Some have Suggested that I add the trackback function to the blog. Consider it done. And thanks for the suggestion. I hate working with HTML and/or java script, but I can get it done...... eventually. I just need to be prodded abit to undertake the task.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Prosecutor can not prove it wasn't self defense

As far as information released or writes in the press go this story has been one abstract after another. A short story here or a short story there, it has been parcelled out in bits and pieces. Even this article is brief and abrupt.

The gist of the story, as has been reported in the Lincoln Journal Star is that the deceased 19 year old Lerodrick Johns was a passenger in an automobile being driven by his elder 25 year old brother Kevin Johns. The Elder Johns pulled his automobile into a driveway and shot at 18 year old Jemaine Sidney.

Sidney returned fire with the bullet stricking the younger Johns in the chest. Prosecutors apparently charged Sidney with the death of Lerodrick Johns, but have since drops these charges.

Prosecutors said Wednesday they decided to dismiss the charge against Sidney because they believed they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not shoot in self defense.

Nebraska law affirms the use of deadly force when the actor believes it is necessary. If the actor states the belief that he/she acted in self-defense he/she does not have to prove it was self-defense, the state has to prove it wasn't. This same principal also applies when the actor comes to the aid of another.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

A New Yorker speaks down to Nebraskans

In a Guest View article in the Lincoln Journal Star, Philippa Stasiuk, a former Lincoln East High School graduate chastises Nebraska voters for their part in the re-election of Geaorge W. Bush as President. As she so aptly puts it; However, in the wake of the election results, I have begun to wonder if Lincoln, if not Nebraska entirely, has fallen victim to the fact-avoiding nationalistic fervor that has gripped so much of this country since Sept. 11, 2001.

The article in and of it's self is just too ridiculous to fisk. I will address two of Stasiuk's points though.

Consider this: In the last two years, the membership of al-Qaida has increased from less than a thousand members to hundreds of thousands, with new recruits joining daily from countries all over the world, including those once considered our allies. As these numbers increase, the capability for tracking members and thwarting possible terrorist action diminishes.

I'm sure membership in al-Quaida has increased, any intellegent person would have expected that. Consider however, who these recruits are. They are thugs that are predisposed to this type of activity anyway. Many of them have been active in terrorist or terrorist like activities in their own countries. Just because they reside in a Countries that once was considered us a friend does not mean that we are not now friends with those Countries. Nowhere in this world do I see entire countries changing their nationalities to al-Qaida. It is only natural that ineffectual rebel rousers in one country would align themselves with those of other countries.

I also refute the concept that it will be harder to track and thwart future activities. Quite the contrary now that these thugs are coming under one umbrella there will be more contact between these groups making it easier to identify and deal with them. The truth is we generally know who most of these groups are already.

This isn't merely a popularity contest that we are losing; this rising hatred of the United States results in increased terrorist recruitment rates everywhere. Think of your own justified outrage on
Sept. 11, when our country lost 3,000 people. Now consider that Iraq has lost many times that number since the invasion in March of 2003. As reported in the conservative Economist, estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths range as high as 100,000 people, more than 30 times the number of civilians we have lost in the war on terror. What will those young Iraqi men whose families were killed by U.S. bombs turn to? If you lost your entire family, would your views be moderate?

The survival and safety of our Country should not be a popularity contest in any form. The rising hatred stems from the groups that we are having to deal with and the countries that support them. Specifically it has been proven that the Governments of France and Germany have been secretly supporting a large portion of these types of activities in clear violation of United Nations sanctions for years.

100,000 "civilians"? This begs the question; What is the Econimist's defintion of a civilian? Would that be anyone killed that was not wearing a uniform? How much intelligence does it take to realize that terrorists do not wear uniforms. Oh there may be some that wear parts or pieces of uniforms, but the terrorist we are having to fight are not part of a regular Military Service. They are not issued uniforms as part of their recruitment. I would dare say that a very large portion of the 100,000 were killed while engaged in active combat against U.S. or Coalition Forces. As to how the surviving young men feel about it, it is probably them that have been killed engaging Coalition Forces in combat and not their entire families.

It is readily apparent why Ms. Stasiuk feels they way she does. She holds a Masters Degree in international policy from the Monterey Institute of International studies. The Institute is aligned with with the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) and The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) and provides an education (ed.. read indoctronation)in European, Russian and East Asian studies. It would seem that Ms. Stasiuk has been indocronated and forgotten what it is to be an American.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Eschliman announces a bid for at-large City Council Seat

Robin Eschliman, a local broker announced that she will be seeking on of the three at large seats that are up for election next May.

Judging from her thoughts, as reported in the Lincoln Journal Star, on what needs to be done in and for Lincoln Robin could be the breath of fresh air this community needs.

Glenn Friendt has decided not to run for re-election and one can only hope he chooses to run for Mayor again. Ken Svoboda will be running to keep his at-large seat too.

Terry Werner has expressed a desire to run a campaign to keep his seat as well. Many see Werner as a brick wall to many of the things that need done concerning Lincoln.

This is something I will be watching.

Women and self-defense continued

In past postings I have been taken to task on my thoughts concerning women and self defense. A few have said they do not feel they need to employ some of the methods I recommend. I completely understand that. To defend ones self from violence is a personal choice that each one of us, man or woman, needs to make for ourselves.

I realize that I am a male of the species and therefore possibly not as vulnerable to some types of assault as women are. My advocations have always been for women to learn what ever means of defense they are comfortable implimenting. And learn it well. The firearm is absolutely not for everyone and I would not recommend one to anyone that doesn't feel comfortable with the concept. Many people put their complete trust in pepper spray not realizing how ineffective it is on some people. Others put their hopes for safety in a cell phone. Why these people think that they will be able to call 911, talk to an operator and have the police arrive before they are assaulted, raped or robbed is beyond me. The cell phone is a good tool in that, if it is not taken from you, it can be used to report the attack AFTER it has happened.

Recently I became aware of a blog TFS Magnum authored by Zendo Deb. This gal is from Florida and has her head scewed on most properly when it comes to issues concerning women and self defense. I have added her to my daily reading and hope you do as well.

Two of her most recent posts include Women Fight Back and Self-defense.

Anti-gun advocates in America constantly bombard us with tales of how successful gun bans and control have been in Great Britain. Deb is on top of this too. As she points out in several of her posts crime has become so rampant since the Brits have been denied the right to self-defense that a large portion of the public and several goverment officials are petitioning to have the bans and controls recinded. Gun control is a failed institution and there are mountains of evidence that supports that.

If you don't want to believe me let Deb tell you about it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rolling Rolling I'm Finally BlogRolling

Woo Hoo I finally got it worked out and I now officially have a blogroll.

More will be added in the future, right now these are the blogs I read and reccomend.

Again a special thanks to Publicola for pushing me into this, Jed at Freedom Sight for the links early on and to Uncle for giving me the info I needed to get it started. Sorry it took so long to get it figured out Uncle.

Hunting season is upon us here in Nebraska

With the onset of Nebraska's November regular firearms hunting season just days away there are a few reminders that always bear repeating. Handling a firearm safely is paramount. When a person takes posession of a firearm they also take posession of all of the responsibilities go with it. Hunting is also a critical tool of wildlife management and successfull hunters owe it to the game harvested both ethically and legally to process the meat for human consumption and see that it gets used as such. If you are not going to ensure that the game will be consumed either by yourself or through donation you have no business hunting.

Firearms Safety
Handling a firearm safely is the single biggest hallmark of a responsible hunter. As with all tools there are some simple rules that if followed will prevent all but the most unusual accidents or incidents. There is nothing that is foolproof and firearms are mechanical devices that can, like any other inanimate tool break.

For all other situations involving firearms there are five simple to the point rules that everyone should follow religiously. Most importantly "treat every firearm as if it is loaded all the time". Many times there are reports of accidents or incidents where the phrase "I didn't know it was loaded" is uttered by the person responsible for the errant discharge. Always handle a firearm as if it is loaded and this should never happen to you.

"Never, ever point a firearm at anything that you do not want to see killed or destroyed". It does not matter whether it is a paper target, in season game, Uncle joes radiator or Aunt Mae's refridgerator if you do not want to shoot it do not point a firearm at it.
"Do not place your finger inside the trigger guard or on the trigger itsself until you are ready to take the shot. Actuation of the trigger is the action that fires the gun. If you finger is not on it it won't fire.

"Always be sure of your chosen target and what is beyond it". All knowledgeable responsible hunters are constantly aware of their surroundings. They are aware of what directions are safe lanes of fire and will wait for their quary to be in a position for a safe shot.

"Always maintain control of your firearm". If it is not needed to be available for immediate use, unload it and if necessary put a lock on it. Even if you are certain that you unloaded it when you put it away check it again when you get it out. (remember the responsibility concept in the first paragraph?) When accepting a firearm from someone else do not accept a firearm that has an action you are not familiar with. Have that person explain how it operates before you take on the mantle of responsibility for it. Never take anyones word that a firearm is unloaded. NEVER. Always check it for yourself.

Wildlife Management
Wildlife populations in the early 1900's were so low that some species were to the point of extinction. There were three primary reasons for this. While market hunting was certainly one of the three, residential and commercial development had an equal or greater effect. At this time the Federal and State Governments began a program of wildlife habitat restoration and management.

These management programs have been so successfull that all of the concerned species have not only recovered from near extinction but have reach levels of over population in some ares. This is where hunting becomes an essential part of wildlife management. To understand this fully we need to know the definitions Habitat and Carrying Capacity.

Habitat is the essential things that all species need for survival. They are food, space, water, shelter and companionship. Every living thing needs to eat, have water to drink, shelter from the elements and predators, space to move about and others of the species for procreation. Whether it is the human race or animals of the wild these are the things we need to remain alive.

Carrying Capacity is the number of a species that can survive in a given habitat on a year round average without damage to the species population or the habitat. This number is generally taken during late winter, the hardest time of the year for survival. Given the nearly one hundred years of records compiled by wildlife managers clearly illustrate that principal.

What this means to hunting can be outlined in the following scenario.
Consider an area the size of which supports a herd 3000 deer yearly without damage to the herd or the habitat in which they live. Sex ratios in many areas are generally two or more females for every male. Female deer will usually bear from one to three offspring. This means that in the spring aproximately 2000 females will give birth to aproximately 3000 fawns effectively doubling the population the habitat can legitimately support.

Because the spring brings more water and farmers plant new crops these addittional resouces help support the now doubled herd. Natural plantlife and shelter once again becomes prolific and the habitat may for a time support the now 6000 in number population. But only for a time. As the year progresses into the fall some of those deer will have already perished from depredation by predators and automobile crashes. Still there remains an excessive population that can be supported by the decreasingly available habitat. The fall harvest of most available food sources and the loss of foliage leaves the population competing for the naturally dwindling resources. This lack of food and shelter is also drastically effected by the onset of winter. During the course of the average winter the population in excess of the established 3000 will perish as a result of starvation, disease and the cold. Hunting offsets this kind of horrifying death.

Hunting is necessary for the health of wildlife
Wildlife managers use hunters as a tool to keep the species in balance with the habitat in which they live. A certain number of animals are permitted to be hunted for the health, benefit and survival of the species. Hunting removes a portion of the over population that is not expected to survive the average winter anyway. It is emminately better that the average be removed and used to sustain life than be allowed to suffer a long languashing death due to natural causes. Understand that these deer will die anyway. In fact if hunting is not used as a method of population control, disease from malnutrition and immune deficeincy has wiped out entire herds, not just the excess the habitat will support.

Regulated hunting has not and never will result in the extinction of any species. If the population of a species became such that hunting would be a threat, then hunting would be stopped for that species.

Take it home and eat it or don't hunt it
Nebraska as most states do has laws that require a successfull hunter to remove the harvested game from the field and ensure that it is processed for human consumption. Over and above these laws it is the ethical responsibility borne out of respect for the game that we hunt that we do this. Game does not taste like beef, pork or chicken, each species has it's own unique and disctinct flavor. This flavor can be preserved by the proper handling of the meat once it is down. Theoretically a hunter should already be familiar with this process before venturing afield. Sadly many are not and for those please find an aquaintance that is or deliver the harvest to a profession for processing.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Blogs I read

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I know that a few of you have graciously linked my blog on yours and for that I am gratefull. As soon as I can get it worked out I will have one. Until then the following list of blogs are ones that I read regularly and recommend. I apologize in advance it I have missed anyone that does have From the Heartland on their blogroll as well. Possibly I do not even know that you do.

Here they are and not necessarily in any order of preference either.

I owe a special thanks to Pub as he is the one that insisted I start my own blog. If you don't like what I'm doing take it up with him. Hehehe!! Thank You Publicola for the encouragement.

Uncle has been a help to me as well, but I still can't get the blogroll to work.

The Smallest Minority

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The Bitch Girls

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I owe Jed a special thanks too, toward the begining of this endevor he had the Weekly fusillade going and kindly accepted many of my most important ( me anyway) missives for his Saturday Morning Round Up. Thanks Jed

The Spoons Experience

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Hugh Hewitt

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Guys When I get things figured these will be some of the links on my blogroll, until then just know that I do read and recommend your blogs and appreciate the past links you have given me in the past.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Went to the range Sunday

Several posts ago I mentioned a Rifle that I had inherited from my Uncle. Thankfully he is still amoung the living and I hope he is for many more years to come. It belonged to his father (my Grandfather) for more years than anyone cares to remember, and it was given to him by his Uncle.

A bit of History
The rifle is a Winchester Model 94 with a long half octagon barrel that was manufactured in 1907. The caliber is Thirty-two Winchester Special. For those of you familiar with the Thirty-thirty, it is essentially the same cartridge case except that it is thirty-two caliber instead of Thirty. The .32 W. Spl. was the first smokeless powder cartridge developed.

As a young boy this is the first center-fire rifle I ever fired and successfully hunted with. Even though it always maintained a place on my Grandfathers gunrack, it was a firearm I grew up with and longed to shoot many years before I was deemed mature enough to do so. Today the rifle just doesn't seem as big, long and heavy as it did to a twelve year old boy all those years ago.

From the Firing Line
Arriving at the range feeling more than just a bit sentimental I uncased the rifle and a twenty round box of ammunition. Starting out at 25 yards I guestimated where to set the adjustment on the Lyman tang peep sight. Firing three rounds I was amazed that this firearm could still shoot that well. All three shoots produced one ragged hole that could be covered with a nickel. Being that it was only hitting a tad high and a bit to the left I decided to try it out on a one hundred yard target. Shooting four rounds the group opened up a bit and shot a little more to the left. This was to be expected and I did not make any further sight adjustments. I do not plan on hunting with this firearm this season anyway. If I were I would have taken more ammunition and spent more time sighting it in. Even so it shot a group that measured less two inches. Not bad for a rifle that will soon be celebrating it's one hundredth birthday.

Five Generations
Accompanying me to the range were my oldest son and his father-in-law. They shot the old rifle as well. When my son shot the rifle, five generations of this family have now handled and fired this gun. I have no idea how many meals this rifle has put on the table, but I do know it has been in the family since before the Great Depression. That said I know that it has contributed to the survival and sustanance of my family through some desperately hard times.

It truely is a family hierloom. It is not one that needs to be cleaned and put away, only to be brought out just for conversation, infrequent target shooting or reminicing over. I fully intend to take this rifle to the field and hunt with it again. I also hope that some of my Grandchildren are equally fortunate enough to shoot and hunt with this rifle long after in passes it's century birthmark.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

When the Man Comes Around

Failure is not an option.

This says it all

UPDATE 11/11/2K4 Link no longer works. It appears that it has been taken down or changed.

Reach across the aisle?

Now that the election is over the loser are putting forth the usual "The winners need to reach across the aisle to us". They just don't get it. The citizens of this country voted and in a majority made it clear what they want and expect from the public servants that they elected. What is across the aisle to reach for? Failed social welfare programs? Higher taxes? Loss of personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution?

Why should the American worker support programs paid for with tax dollars that encourage people to not work and breed more like them. Absolutely some people ocassionally need assistance and I don't have a problem with that, but when there are several generations of the same family, Moms, daughters and grand daughters, that grow up and get themselves on the public dole there is a problem. People are tired of seeing their money taken from them and given to others that won't work.
All of those social programs require money. That money comes from the American taxpayer and they are getting tired of busting their buns only to have money taken from their paychecks to pay someone elses rent and buy their groceries because they are to lazy to work or get the training to get a job.

The tax system as it stands is not fair. A person that makes twenty thousand dollars a year may pay only a ten percent rate of income tax. Conversely a person that makes a hundred thousand a year may pay a rate as much as fifty percent in income tax. One person make 20 grand and gets to keep 90% of their income, while a person that makes 100 grand is lucky to be able to keep half of it. How is that fair? It is not and it never will be.

The current system should be completely scrapped for a flat tax program. If every one paid the same rate then it would be fair, and the people that make more would still be paying more. At 10% the 20 grand income would owe 2000 dollars, and the 100 grand income would owe 10 thousand dollars. How is that not fair?

Another thing that Americans understand is the personal freedom to keep and bear arms. This right is not granted by the constitution, nor should it be legislated from the bench. It is a right given by our creator and affirmed by the Constitution. Listen up IT IS AN IDIVIDUAL RIGHT and it is non-negotiable. Just like freedom of speech and the others that are numbered in the Bill of Rights.

We have seen what is on the other side of the aisle and there is nothing there worth reaching across for. NOTHING. The American worker is tired of being used and they have made that plain on Noveber 2nd. Get used to it and Get over it.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I couldn't hit the ground with a handfull of rocks, but that's not the point.

Getting up Way to Early
After going to be at 11:00pm I arose at the deplorable hour of 3:00am. Contemplating the days hunt over a cup of coffee and a Quacker Oatmeal bar I loaded the necessary accoutroments into the 4 wheel drive.

An of driving later hour I met my hunting partner at the pre-arranged truckstop. Since it is by this time nearly 5:00am we tarried not for a sitdown breakfast and headed out to the duck blind, which was still another 40 miles from away. Parking nearly a half mile from the blind we trudged our separate armloads of gear to our carpeted pallet home for the day.

Settling into the blind, we donned our insulated cornfield camo and loaded the shotguns and assumed our roles as predators. A few opportunities soon presented themselves and representing myself not so well the migratory mammals proceeded unscaythed. That would be the progressive story of my day as far as the shooting went. At one point I even trudged back to the truck and exchanged the Mossberg 500 for my Red Label thinking that it (the Mossberg) must have had a bent barrel or something. It just couldn't have been me. Well if the "Mossy" had a bent Barrel the Over/under has two of them. It didn't help.

It is not about Killing
Despite popular belief, amoung anti-gun/hunting people it is not the killing that makes the hunt. Bringing game to bag and enjoying it as table fair is secondary to the experience. Sitting in that blind we witnessed the sights and sounds of nature at it's finest. It started with the birth of a new day. The transition of pink tentacles shooting across the morning sky, to the west running blast of red ribbons dragging a yellow sun above the horizon. No street lights. No sounds of traffic. No other people but us. Two hunters huddled in a drafty duck blind on a cold morning. With thermos cups of rapidly cooling, but still steaming coffee temporarily warming our hands we sat in awe at the miracle that is nature. It is always this way for me. What would life be like if we ever stop being amazed at the wonders of nature.

Time to Eat
Slowly it began to warm and there in the blind we broke out breakfast. Cooked over a Coleman stove we scarfed down slices of fried bacon and over easy cackleberries. (Eggs for those of you trapped in political correctness). If we weren't going to seriously harm the population of the indiginous migratory waterfowl a choloric assault on our own digestive systems seemed to offer the next best level of satisfaction. A better breakfast you'll never have.

The Experience
A cold morning, a duck blind, a thermos of coffee, a large portion of cholesterol and a good hunting bubby to share it with, it just doesn't get much better than that. Some how I just don't think Starbucks, bean sprouts, Creme of Wheat and a creme cheese bagel would garner the same feelings.

About mid morning other predators began to appear. A couple of Red-Tailed Hawks flew out of the trees and soared over the fields in anxious search of their own sustanance. Swooping occassionally the distance made it was hard to tell if they were successful in their individual quests for survival.

The Glory of America
The crowning moment of the morning was the wide black wing span that suddenly appeared down out of the altitude of space. As the bird turned in the sky the sun flashed of the bright white head of an American Bald Eagle. The representitive of American freedom, independence and self reliance was on the hunt. Watching this graceful bird patrol the skies reminds us of what it is to be an American. When needed we can and should swoop down into the fray of defending or our families and country. Yes occassionally we still need to get our claws bloody fighting for our survival. Or to feed our families. Through it we will always majestically rise above it all.
On into the late afternoon the Whitetail deer materialized like ghosts from out of the shadows. Ever vigilant, these creatures ears twitching gathering in all sounds, eyes darting seeing all that is active moved along the edges sating their own desires for food and water.

A memorable Day
As the sun slid toward the far horizon beckoning the darkness we gathered our gear and began the too short trek back to civilization. I didn't wake up to see the sunrise today. Instead I stumbled into the kitchen and after brewing a carafe of breakfast coffee, cooking a pot of real maple syrup flavored oatmeal (We bought several gallons in Vermont last month) and smearing a toasted bagel with creme cheese I made my way to the office. No today is not yesterday, it never will be, but I will always have the memories of yesterday. The ducks, the geese, the hawks, the deer, the company and most of all the American Bald Eagle. Oh yes the cholesterol and the two shotguns with three bent barrels.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Morning After

Up Until Five this morning
Yes I was up until five o'clock his morning. In a previous post I wrote what would make my day. At the time I finally went to bed I knew that Carol Hudkins was still my Senator. That was a no brainer as she was running unoposed.

Jeff Fortenberry had also received a concilliatory call from Matt Connealy and became my Representitive to Washington.

Lancaster County had some trouble getting a final vote count out last night, but Hudkins and Heier were leading their democratic challengers Dolan and Boles. This morning it has been confirmed that the incubents keep their Commission seats.

In the final race that would make my day Daschel called and conceeded to the South Dakota Race to John Thune before I called it a night.

The Presidential Race as predicted came down to Ohio. At five this morning the Kerry campaign still felt that the outstanding provisional ballots could still make the difference. To my mind this was extremely wishfull thinking. It now appears that The Kerry camp has seen the writing on the wall and Kerry has made his concession speech to the President.

Clean Sweep
At this point all of the races that I wanted won were won, so why don't I feel like celebrating? I did a lot more work for this election than I have for any other in the past. I know that there are a lot of people out there that worked as hard or harder for their candidate and lost. That is one heck of a let down and I can appreciate how down those people are today.

Despite what I have had to say about some of the candidates, I know that their supporters believe in them with all their heart and soul. I know how these people are feeling for them this morning and I genuinely offer my heart felt condolences to them for their loss.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I have officially cast my ballot

We have spoken

For the very first time We (my wife, son and I) had to wait in line to cast our votes. Yes it was only about 10 minutes and I didn't mind at all. In fact I was pleased at the turn out that is taking place in my precinct. I would not hesitate to say that during the time we were there we probably saw a total number of people as usually votes in our our precinct at any given election.

Plans for the evening

I have not doubt that this is going to be a very late night. So having voted we are heading out to one of the casinos in Coucil Bluffs for dinner. This is about a two hour round trip, which with dinner (and a little gambling) should put us home just about the time it really starts heating up. As a side note this may be one of the last times we have to leave our state to enjoy the great buffet spreads that the casinos put out.

I haven't decided how much live blogging I may do yet if any, but I will be watching the returns on into the wee hours of the morning.

For those that didn't vote shame on you, for those of you that did thank you.

Two, Eric, Sylvia, Sean, Fortfan, Phat it's down to today it has been fun guys, I'll buy the coffee if you guys want to have a post election whatever.

What would make my day

President - George Bush

Nebraska Congrssional District 1 - Jeff Fortenberry

Nebraska State Senate Distict 21 - Carol Hudkins

Lancaster County Commission - Larry Hudkins & Bernie Heier

South Dakota Senate - John Thune

As of Monday night it appears that Bush was up by 2 points over all, Jeff Fortenberry by five and Carol Hudkins is running un-opossed.
Both Hudkins and Heier have been leading in their polls as well
I want Thune to win the South Dakota race. Daschel has been such a partisan obstructionist in Washington that he needs to be replaced.

Please Do not forget to Vote

Party affiliation matters not. Voting is an American birthright that so many of us take for granted. Make every effort to attend to your civic responsibility today.