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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lincoln Mayors Race

With Ken Svoboda and Chris Beutler announcing their bid for mayor I offer the following observation;

All we are doing is trading a dress for a three piece suit.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gun Rights Policy Conference

As some of you noticed I haven't posted in the last week.

The wife and I just returned from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina where I participated in panel discussions on the state of CCW in the Cornhusker state.

We were able to renew acquaintances with friends we haven't seen in way too long. Yes we have kept in touch via email or phone tag, but it was great to sit down again and talk face to face with Bob Barr, Dave Kopel, Alan Gottlieb, Phil Van Cleave, and a host of others.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mari Thompson founder of the Second Amendment Sisters (and several other SAS members), a lady with who I have been trading emails and phone calls with for quite some time. I'm not sure but I get the impression that Mari and the wife were conspiring future plans that ...... well I don't know yet ..... but I am sure I will when the time comes.

Additionally I was pleased to finally meet Kenneth Blanchard. Kenn and I have been corresponding for years and to have him personally sign his book Black Man with a Gun was an honor I won't soon forget.

I also met, shared a panel with and spent a lot of time talking with Kansas State Senator Phil Journey. Phil is largely responsible for getting CCW pushed through in the Red Leg State legislature. We are going to be staying in touch on CCW issues and the wife and I will likely be traveling to visit Phil in the near future.

For those of you that favor open carry and are not aware there is a message board dedicated to the furtherance of open carry. I have been a posting member there for awhile and got to meet the founders of that site. Check them out at Thanks guys ya'll hosted a primo reception Saturday night ... made me proud I am a member of Open Carry dot Org.

Our after conference extended trip took us to Atlanta and Smyrna, Georgia where we had a chance to see the Glock factory and have my two second generation G-23's gone through while we went to lunch. Everyone we met at all the different parts of the factory were friendly to a fault and made us feel special for being there. The armorer that handled my firearms spent nearly an hour after he was done talking to us about Glocks.

During a discussion on after market parts for Glocks such as buffers, recoil springs, guide rods etc.. the Armorer (who asked that his name not be mentioned) told me;

"We test all of the after market parts that are out there, consider that Gaston Glock has a 3-5 million dollar a year R&D budget, if he thought his pistols worked better with a shock absorber type guide rod don't you think they would come with one?"

Yea I agree

He did say though that for those of you that insist on shooting lead bullets in your tactical tupperware KKM and Firestorm barrels are good replacements for the factory barrels.

For the record; All of my Glocks are just the way they came out of the box except for certified Glock parts replaced for wear or updates.

While in Atlanta we were also able to have dinner with friend Scott , his lovely wife Ashely and their bundle of energy Charlie. Thanks for the wonderful time guys Bar-b-cue is always good.

In the next weeks and months I hope to post much concerning the conference and how CCW may shake out in the next session of the Unicameral.

I am also hoping to make some changes to the site as well. During a cocktail party conversation on the internet and Blogging Dave Kopel suggested that I look into adding RSS to From the Heartland. When I get it figured out it I'll get it running.

Thanks Dave ..... I think!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's just eliminate Primitive Firearms Seasons altogether Part 3

In part one I explained how and why primitive huntings seasons came to be and the current threat to the continuance of them.

In part two I exposed an individual that appears to have no concern for history or may not even realize that his actions could bring an end to the primitive hunting seasons that many of us enjoy.

It is my opinion that Toby Bridges is a useful idiot for the big money that is modern in-line muzzle loading and has no concept for the consequences of his actions.

The whole concept of primitive hunting is to;

Do it the way they did it back then.

It is/was not to provide a bunch of modern minded people that won't learn to hunt an opportunity to take game at hundreds of yards.

Now that most people are using muzzle loaders that are as capable of taking game at 250 yards as the 30-06 many states will likely eliminate primitive hunting seasons all together.

Who is behind it?

It is not necessarilly the modern day Daniel Boone neverwillbes that are really behind this though. They, as I see it, are just dupes to the advertising used by modern muzzle loading manufactors.

There are some that have resisted buying an In-line. The reasoning? Why buy a firearm that you will never be able to realize the full benefit of?

To realize that full benefit one needs to mount a telescopic sight on the firearm. In-line shooters can't do that in states that do not allow scopes during the primitive seasons.

There is nothing stopping them from using these high-tech firearms with scopes during the regular firearms deer seasons in most states by the way.

I can put a scope on one of my caplocks and use it during the cartridge gun deer season if I want to.

In an effort to increase their profit margin one company is perpetrating an all out assault on history.

Read the following very carefully and understand that;

I have never objected to and still don't to the use of an In-line Muzzle loader during the primitive firearms season. As I have stated before the basic concept has been around since 1822.

My objection is that Toby Bridges with the primary finacial backing of Knight Rifles is trying to hijack the tradition of primitive hunting for their own selfish reasons..PROFIT.

Knight is not the only profit center that is lending their name and money to the cause. Scrolling down Bridges page they are conveniently listed with the appropriate links.

I will never buy a Knight product because of their support of this action.

In July 2006 Toby conducted a poll that is far from scientific. It surveyed his websites viewers, a group of like minded readers thus skewing the process.

While 58% of those who responded to the poll indicated that they ONLY owned, shot and hunted with a muzzleloading rifle of modern in-line ignition design, a full 40% said they enjoyed BOTH the old-style muzzleloaders of the past and the modern, high performance in-line ignition rifles.

Note the use of the words responded and enjoyed.

Just 2% of the poll responders claimed to ONLY shoot and hunt with rifles of very traditional design.

Note the use of the word claimed. As if Toby thinks they are lying.

Toby himself "claims" to have used traditional muzzle loaders in his past;

Depending on caliber, and powder charge, round ball loads from any of those old-style rifles were pretty much 60 to 75 yard maximum range effective loads.

Well Duuuuuhhhh Bridges that is what it is all about. That is why primitive seasons were created in the first place.

What part of "your using the 30 pieces of silver from your sponsors in pressuring state game departments to allow 300 yard guns with varmit scopes will cause them to end the special seasons altogether" don't you understand?

Get this through your head Toby;

Muzzle loading is not about performance. Muzzle loading is about history. It is about doing it the way our ancestors did it using the tools and equipment they had at that time.

Nebraska only allows the use of a clearly manufacturer marked ONE power telescopic sight on muzzle loaders during the primitive hunting seasons. There were scopes of this sort in use during the Civil War, so it is not out of the realm to allow a tool that was in use at that time.

Other states do not allow scopes at all. Their take on primitive hunting predates the use of scopes. Their laws are geared toward the late 1700 to early mid 1800's time frame. The hey day of the Mountain Man era.

Specifically in Nebraska Toby there is no prohibition on using any scope on your In-line that you want to if you hunt during the regular deer hunting seasons.

Primitive seasons were set to allow people that wanted to the opportunity to hunt with a limited range firearm. Toby and his minions do not have limited range firearms. They have rifles that are every bit as effective at hundreds of yards as most of the average deer cartridges.

In a number of states, very traditional organized state muzzleloading associations have managed to maintain control on the effectiveness of the modern in-line hunting rifles by forcing state game departments to enact regulations that dictate the use of bullets, powders and sights that make a modern in-line little more effective than a traditional side-hammer percussion rifle.

Good for them Toby, they are PRESERVING the sport the way it was intended. The key words in that statement are modern in-line hunting rifles.

Performance and effective are Toby's buzz words. That is the foundation on which he is putting his reputation and the base in which he is making his money.

And there are thousands of you in this boat who have grown weary of this traditional control of regulations that prevent you from shooting and hunting with the loads and accessories you want. Fortuantely, there is now change in the wind.

Yea Toby thousands that have no conceince for why primitive seasons were created in the first place. Thousands that have no concern for those that went to a lot of hard work to create a season where those that chose to could hunt in the manner of their ancestors. Thousands whose actions will put an end to the primitive seasons that many of us enjoy.

Toby states that he responds to all correspondance that is derogatory to his cause with (in part);

So, ask yourself, will the game department in your state side with a very small, niche group of fanatical traditional muzzleloading hunters who want it all for themselves...and chance losing $5...$10...$15 million in Federal funding every year...or to adopt muzzleloading regulations that embrace ALL muzzleloading hunters, traditional and modern, allowing ALL muzzle-loaded hunting rifles, traditional and modern, shooting ALL variety of hunting projectiles, traditional and modern, and fitted with ANY suitable hunting sight, traditional or modern?

You forgot one option Toby, the most important one;

When you threaten people they tend to dig their heels in and fight back back.

Instead of maintaining the standards that is primitive hunting or caving to your whiney ass cry baby for profit temper tantrum the States can simply choose to eliminate muzzle loading seasons all together.

That is an option I suspect that some will take.

Lastly Toby writes;

Traditional or Modern? That should be entirely the choice of the shooter and hunter...not mandated by a very small faction of the sport that seems to be stuck in a time warp. - Toby Bridges

Hey Toby wake up your dreaming what part of TIME WARP is the reason for the seaon DON"T YOU UNDERSTAND?

Well heres to you you Toby, whether you realize it or not you are doing more harm to the sport than you can ever hope to imagine.

Toby I reject your premise that denying scopes for those with tired old eyes is an act of discrimination. If you adhered to the limited range concept that established the seasons in the first place this would not be an issue. You just want to amke a ton of money for Knight Rifles in hopes that you will benefit financially as well. Thirty pieces of silver is never enough is it Toby.

This is all about you Toby using the disabilities act is just a tool to further your own reputation and bank account.

You make you living on writing about effectiveness and performance at long ranges. The mores states that you can threaten into submission results in more revenue for you and your sponsors.

As I stated before my sight is not what it was when I wore a younger mans clothes either, but I still have no problem using my traditional muzzle loaders with open sights at the ranges that they were desighned for.

It is my opinion that you are a self serving pompous ass that wants what he wants and to hell with everyone else. I think you are doing this for your own selfish reasons the primary being greed.

Yours is just a publicity stunt perpetrated as a shill for Knight Rifles in order to increase the profits for that company and all others that contribute to you travisty.

A publicity stunt that will result in many states eliminating separate muzzle loading seasons altogether.

Friday, September 15, 2006

If that is all they have to cry about let them eat cake

I have heard a lot of whining and crying lately about elected members of the Unicameral and the Lincoln City Council having other jobs and some how that smacks of a "conflict of interest".

Well whoop tee do da day!!! Get Over it!!

When the annual salary for a State Senator is slightly more than $12,000.00 and that of a Lincoln Council person is around $24,000.00 it is not hard to understand why these people have other sources of income. After all the positions they are elected to are considered par time employment.

I for one would like to see everyone, including my elected officials exist above the poverty level. No I would rather my City Council person not have to reside at the City Mission.

If our elected leaders could not avail themselves of other income opportunities who would we have respresenting us? Spouses with a working husband/wife? Retirees?

I for one do not care in the least that some of these representatives have other income, even if it comes from tax payer dollars.

So what if Republican Ken Svoboda's (City Council) company has a mowing contract with the city. So what if Democrat Chris Beutler (State Senator) works for the Parks & Recreation Department.

Doesn't anybody think if Svobodas connection were a problem elected Democrats would be all over it. Doesn't anybody think that if Beutlers "double dipping" were a problem elected Republicans would be all over it.

The lack of consternation from members of the opposition parties tells me that this is and always has been a non-issue. If Jon Camp, Patte Newman, Annette McRoy, Dan Marvin and Gramma Seng are not making a public fuss about it then why should I?

If it were a problem anyone or all of these people would be shouting it from the top of City Hall. To my mind this is one of the checks and balances.

No our Government isn't perfect, but I know if it really were a problem we would know about it.

In Continuum

while I am at it, the current tax revenue problem is not solely the fault of city management either. Yes it began in Council Chambers at the behest of the citizens but it ultimately ended up on the ballot for a public vote.

Your damn right I am talking about the Smoking Ban. This is a side effect of the bitter pill the city coffers had to swallow when the zealots of Lincoln cut their nose off to spite their face.

You voted to eliminate millions from the city budget, yet you expect the same level of service and whine like a little baby cutting teeth when it appears that your property taxes are going up.

Where do you think the money for all this comes from? Can you Tax Payer?

Get a grip people. Please don't give me the impression that the citizens of Lincoln are that stupid that they don't realize that when one form of tax revenue is eliminated or drastically cut other forms have to be increased to maintain the same level of service.

There were plenty of us that were vocal about what was going to happen if a Smoking Ban went into effect but we were ignored or poo poo'd as doom sayers.

Well now that it has come back to bite you on the ass don't whine and cry to me that the city has to eliminate some services, employees and raise your taxes.

You people that voted for it are getting just exactly what you asked for. The problem is you drug all the rest of us that knew the consequences beforehand down with you.

You dumb asses that voted for the smoking ban are the iceberg and the city of Lincoln is the Titanic. And now you cry when the Mayor and Council try to keep it afloat by raising taxes.

Tell me what the hell did you expect?

You didn't really think there wouldn't be financial consequences when you voted to eliminate millions of dollars from the tax base did you? Please tell me that you are not that naive. Or stupid.

I am just a passenger on a big ship of state that is going down.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Redneck Survival Center eliminating Layaway service

It has just come to my attention that Wal-Mart is planning to discontinue offering Layaway services. The "Target" (pun intended) date for implimentation of this corporate wide policy is November 19th.

If you use Wal-Marts layaway service to get your Christmas shopping done you might keep this in mind and get your gifts on layaway before that date.

I have no idea what prompted this move but as consumers it may not be too late to let Wal-Marts corprate managers know how you feel about it.

It would seem that this policy would alienate the people that Wal-Mart relies on most; lower and middle income shoppers. The fact is the only way many can afford larger ticket items such as TV's, Computers and the like is on a payment plan like layaway. Without access to a service like layaway, these consumers are likely to look alse where for these items.

If it is true that Wal-Mart is discontinuing this service, and I have no doubt it is, I see it driving many of their customers to "Rent to Own" businesses or the vary least other stores that still offer a layaway plan.

Note to Wal-Mart Bigwigs: Yes I have a relative that works for Wal-Mart. But that relative has, for the last few weeks been on sick leave. To my knowledge said relative is not even yet aware of the November 19th change in policy. The information for this article was not gleaned from that source. The truth is I probably found out before that Wal-Mart employee (relative) has. I will be asking about that later today.

UPDATE 9/15/2k6 1043 hrs: Okay folks pardon me while I feel just a wee bit smug.

I scooped the Journal Star.

And let me add just one more tidbit; The powers that be at Wal-Mart are also considering putting their employees in uniforms.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Rock your glock wraps for the year, literally !!!

Saturday was the last of four Rock your Glock matches this year. Note the bags on the targets.

About midway through the event the cardboard targets had to be wrapped to keep the from being rain soaked. And yes there were many humorous references to condoms and safe Glocking.

If it ain't raining you ain't training

Yes it was a cool day, yes it was raining, yes we got wet, but the comraderie of safe, responsible firearms afficianados far outweighed the water. Not once did I hear anyone complain about the weather.

Quite the opposite. In fact most everyone had a worse weather story. I'm not sure I heard the exact phrase;

"Why this ain't nothing, I remember back in etc...."

That thought did hang in the moisture laden air though as,

Martin regaled us again with a previous bowling pin match held on a cold day in the dead of winter with snow deep enough that dropped magazines had to be searched for and Guy mentioned at least one match he had been to in which the rain was far worse.

Yea we had a blast anyway.

Especially Dave Griffith winner of the Glock model 17 9mm pistol that Rock your Glock had been selling raffle tickets for at the matches this summer.

Congratulations Mr. Griffith

Basic Information

The Rock your Glock matches are held at the Lincoln Izaak Walton League shooting range. Competitors need not be a member of the "Lincoln Ikes" to shoot in the matches and the entry fee for one gun is only $10.00.

Important Information

Chris Zeeb and all of the Range Officers (RO's) do not realize one penny of revenue from this. It was Chris's brain child but he and everyone one of the RO's volunteer their time to make it the successfull event that it has become in two short summers.

The match runs from 8:00am - 12.00pm with volunteers arriving well before that to set up and staying long after most of the shooters have gone back home to families to clean up. These guys compete too trying to squeeze their shooting in here and there all the while working hard to ensure a good time is had by all.

Thank You Volunteers

I tried to make sure that I thanked each one individually for donating, at their own expense their time and experience so that we could have safe well run events in which to compete. They have families too and most certainly could have been somewhere else doing something a lot less stressful than running a shooting event.

These guys and at least two gals make it the successful fun time that all of us enjoy. Thank you too, to the families of these volunteers. Without your support they would not be there to run these matches.

Words alone can not express my gratitude for these people whom I do not know all by name. Please accept my heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you that takes time away from family to provide us with the fantastic venue that is "Rock your Glock".

And thank you Chris for making it a reality.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mary S. Jones you are Remembered

On this the 5th anniversary of the tragedy on September 11th, 2001, Bloggers from all over the internet have come together and taken the name of one of the nearly 3,000 fellow human beings that was cruelly wreched from us that day.

We without hesitation signed up to singly remember and honor each one those 2,996 people with a tribute on our Blogs.

I am not sure I ever knew anyone personally that perished on that fateful day in September of 2001. I have never read the entire list of names of those that were so savagely murdered by Islamofacist Scum.

Mary S. Jones is mine to remember and I take heart felt solice in knowing that I am not the only one that will be keeping her in memory. I know she had friends and family that remember her as well.

Mary worked as a Mailroom clerk for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in one of the World Trade Center Towers and her passing is one of those confirmed.

Mary Jones was 72 young at heart years of age when she passed from this world. A long life yes, but still cut needlessy short.

Some of the people that did know Mary thought enough of her to offer written praise.

Carlos A. Cabrera Jr., Former Port Authority GM wrote;

My Dear Mary, Thank you for the great mailroom memories! You're the best! You will never be forgoten. You were a very special person. The time we spent working together at the mailroom was great. I will always remember the way you made us laugh. Thank you for the fond memories.

Another who knew her Brenda Lee in part wrote;

I had not seen you in years. You were one of the first people I met when I came to the Port Authority. You are truly a memorable person. You made a lot of people very happy regardless of the type of day they were having. May you be at peace. Thank you for having blessed my life in knowing you.

Even with just these bits from two of the people that knew her one can paint the picture that Mary was a delightful person to know and be around. That Mary touched the lives of Carlos and Brenda and made them better for it is expressed in thier own words. We will never know the countless others that were made better for having known her but there must be many.

Her photograph makes it easy to see why she was highly thought of.

That mischevious smirky grin, the cocked in confidence head, the I've got a secret facial expression wrapped around all seeing and knowing eyes, are features that speak of a self assured woman who was comfortable with herself.

People like that tend to bring out the best in others, I have no doubt that Mary was like that and I truely would have liked to have known her.

Not knowing her personally I could not find much else about her on the web. I will remember her though, and I hope that these few words I offer in honor and tribute can in some small way do justice to the life that she lived.

I remember, honor and offer this tribute to Mary S. Jones.

Mary may you forever rest in peace.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chain Ranch redeux or Redemption is at hand times two

Back in January I wrote an entry about a hunt my wife and I had at the Chain Ranch in Canton Oklahoma. My Brother was there as well and I closed the piece with the promise that I would post about his success as well.

Jim and I had been to the Chain Ranch before and he had failed to connect on a Hog he deemeed worthy of his effort.

This time he was out for redemtion with a capitol R.

From Thursday afternoon the wife (She Who must be Obeyed) and I had hunted together from the same blinds until we both harvested the game we were after on Saturday morning. The rest of that morning and part of the afternoon I spent butchering my Fallow deer and getting the hide and backstraps off of her hog.

Early Saturday evening I was told by the wife I needed to spend more time with my brother elected to go out to the blind with Jim while the wife stayed at the lodge and cooked some of "Sizzleen" (Yes she named her pig, see previous post here).

We interrupt this story to bring you the following

My brother is right handed and left eye dominant so he shoots southpaw. Due to the price of left handed guns he had for years put off buying a suitable firearm for someone so afflicted with this malady. Like many he just used a right handed firearm from his left shoulder.

In phone conversations prior to our hunt I had extolled the virtues of my Mossberg SSI-Ones and being a break action rifle it is reasonably suited for left or right hand shooters. He dutifully checked them out and was impressed to the point of aquiring one in 30-06. Topped with a Leupold 3-9 telescope he now has a firearm that works exceptionaly well for him.

We now return you to the regular scheduled story

We were dropped off at the same blind that the wife and I had both scored from that morning. After getting things in order we, in hushed conversation, caught up on things brothers who haven't seen each other in a while catch up on when the "wimmen folk" ain't around. Since this was probably his last evening to hunt there was also a bit of tension as to whether he would have to go home empty handed again. As with his last hunt he had seen a lot of hogs, just none that he wanted to harvest.

It was getting near dark when a herd of pigs broke out into the open and began feeding. We judged their size and Jim decided at least one of them was big enough for him to harvest. As he slowly eased his virgin Mossberg SSI "thutty aught six" out one window in the blind I was watching with fingers stuffed tightly in my ears out of another window at the hog I thought he was going to shoot.


At the sound of the shot and thinking he had some how missed a sixty yard shot I watched the hog run off apparently unharmed.

"He's down, he's down I got him".

Leaning farther to the side for a better view there was indeed a big black hog sprawled on the ground. He hadn't shot the one I thought he was going to.

It was then the unthinkable happened;

That big pig got up and started to run off. Instantly my mind began to reel with the panic induced images of me, flashlight in one hand and pistol in the other, tracking this hog through thick brush in the dark. Two seconds later my chest heaved an involuntary sigh of relief as the old boar piled up stone dead at the very edge of some thick cover.

"Yea that's what I am talking about".

We were elated. Trading high-fives and grinning ear to ear we began to notice that the herd of hogs was apparently unphased at the crack of Jim's now proven rifle. We got settled back down and watched as they slowly began returning to the field to feed. One pig which was as nearly as large as the one he just shot went to Jim's now deceased pile of pork chops and started rooting at it.

It was at this point the following hushed conversation took place;

He; "I am going to shoot that one too."

Me; "If you do I'm not cleaning that one, you can do it yourself or pay Newly to do it".

Note: I had agreed to clean and butcher ONE hog for him if he got lucky.

He; "I gotta get another one, it is redemtion for the last time".

Me; "Okay go for it, but I'm still not cleaning it, I might butcher it though ...maybe".

Jim drew down on the the second pig that was rooting at his first, as I plugged two fingers back in my ears, and fired.

Climbing the Stairway to Hog Heaven

The pig he shot did the sharpest military about face I have ever seen and took off running. When it had gone about thirty yards it appeared to run right into a ladder and began climbing it. Its front feet came off the ground as if it were trying to climb the stairway to Hog Heaven. When it reached the full apex of height it simply toppled over backwards and lay still.

Two down and dinners done

Voluntarily skunked for lack of size the first time he was at the Chain Ranch Jim properly redeemed himself by taking two pigs of about 200 pounds each in about two minutes with two shots from a new rifle on his last night to hunt.

Mean while back at the Ranch

When we got back to the Lodge the wife came out and asked if he had gotten a pig.

She was momentarily crest fallen for him when said;

"No I didn't get ONE".

(Insert lengthly pause for effect here while we supressed the giggles)

"I got two".

At that she went over and gave him a brotherly-in-law punch in the arm for the short lived deception and a hug for his success.

Good Bread Good Meat Good Gosh let's eat!!!

After we got the meat hung we cleaned up and sat down to a wonderful meal of fresh pork backstrap, potatos and vegetables lovingly prepared by Mrs. Gun while we were out being brothers.

While we ate one of the ranch hands field dressed and skinned the bigger of the hogs. After dinner Jim and I went out and did the same to the other one. The rest of the evening was spent sitting around the lodge imbibing just KeyStone or two and refining our tales of the hunt for future telling.

Now the Real Work Begins

Sunday Morning dawned early and it found me with knife in hand reducing the rest of the wifes pig and Jim's two into cooking size portions. All of the usable meat was then vaccuum sealed and put on ice for the trip home by about one in the afternoon.

Taking a Picture Break

Yes I brought a vaccuum sealer with us. The packages were dated and marked with the cuts they contained so that all we had to do when we got home was put it in the freezers.

The Ranch has a hoist set up right out side a meat locker and butcher room. It is available for the hunters to use in processing their own game or the ranch hands will do it for you for a fee. The meat locker comes in handy if one hunter lucks out early and has to hang around a day or so for a companion to bag his trophy.

The Chain Ranch

I have had a great time at the Chain Ranch in the past and expect to again in the future. If you are looking for a reasonably priced Hog hunt I suggest you get a hold of;

Property Owner Newly Hutchison (580-886-2910) or

Ranch Manager Jerick Henley (405-820-4056)

They also have Whitetail and Mule deer hunts as well as any number of exotic animals on the ranch, so if you can't afford that trip to Africa the Chain Ranch may be the answer to your bagging some of the game from the Dark Continent.

Note: I haven't gotten any freebies or any thing else for hyping the Chain Ranch on my web site. We have been paying full fare on all our trips there. I have had such good times at the Ranch that I am delighted to write about it on these pages. Newly and Jerick do know about this site and check in here from time to time.

Do me a favor though, if you call for information or to book a hunt tell them you read about it here.

Let them know word of mouth advertising works.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let's just eliminate Primitive Firearms Seasons altogether Part 2

This is Part 2 of a dissertation on why separate Seasons for Muzzle Loaders may not be necessary any more and why some states might opt discontinue them altogether.

Read here for; Part One

and here for; Part Three

Where I am going with this


High Performance Muzzle Loading is a well funded group of selfish, snotty nose, wet-behind-the ears, Johnny-come-latelys, led by Toby Bridges, who are slapping the face of tradition and jepordizing the future of Black Powder huntings separate seasons.

How you ask?

Toby Bridges is bringing law suits against many states in an effort to change the separate season regulations. It is Toby's goal that all of the states allow the use unlimited use of Telescopic sights on Muzzle Loaders.

What really disgusts me is that no where on Toby's website could I find anything that even alludes to the history that is Muzzle Loading. Quite the contrary, it is repleat with photos of muzzle loading firearms made of NASA induced space age materials topped with the latest in long range telescopic sights that resemble any one of two dozen modern centerfire arms.

Let me pause for the umpteenth timeto re-interate; I have nothing against in-line muzzle loaders. What I have a problem with is a group of people who mostly happen to be In-line muzzle loader shooters lobbying to eliminate a sport I happen to take part in.

Yes I said eliminate

Separate Seasons for Black Powder were created because the firearms had an average limited range of about 70 yards. Modern development of the In-line has extended that range 3 fold and now so called hunters want telescopic sights on their "Primitive guns" (Ha ha that was a sarcastic joke) that will allow them to slaughter game that far.

(Note I did not say hunt. Hunting implies seeking something rather than sitting in a tree and waiting for it to walk by two football field distant while the camera rolls and Toby waxes eloquant about what a great hunter he is.)

When Toby and his minions set themselves before the various game commissions DEMANDING that the regulations be changed they may be in for a rude awakening.

Since Toby's modern "Primitive guns" (Haha there is that joke again) shoot just as far and hit just as hard as a 30-30 when the bullet gets there, many Game Commissions may just conclude that there is no longer a need for a separate season for Muzzle Loaders.

Why Should there be?

Muzzle Loading hunters are no longer at a disadvantage. They have firearms that will out shoot a 30-30. They don't need a special season anymore since the equipment they use is equal to or better than any number of centerfire cartridges that hunters have been using since the turn of the last century.

So you want to use that modern made space age singleshot front loading firearm topped with a 1000 yard scope for deer?

Well guess what Bucko, you got use it during the regular gun season because of technological advancements of the equipment Game Commissions no longer see a need for a separate season.

You are not shooting from a disadvantage anymore, your guns are more than up to the task of a regular season.

Peformance Performance Performane it's all about Performance

The web site reads like a guy selling peanuts at a football game;

"Performance here, We got Performance, Get your Performance here."

It appears as though they have absolutely no respect for history or why Primitive Hunting seasons were established in the first place.

Possibly they just don't care.

It is my opinion that these people are thieving from those of us that use real primitive type firearms for sport. Their whiney ass cry baby tactics are right out of an ACLU playbook and represent a serious danger to separate season for Black powder Hunting as a whole.

Toby wants to take a concept that is rooted in the very fabric of this country and twist it into his own image.

All hail Toby the Conquering Hero

No where on Toby's site can I see any reference to tradition or reverance for history. No quite contrary it screams;

"To hell with the past, who cares about history, we don't give a crap why these separate seasons came to be in the first place, we are a bunch of greedy modern day shooters that just want to hijack what many of you worked so hard to get and transform it into what we think it should be."

They see it as building on a concept. That has already been done. Back in time our forefathers hunted with what we now call primitive firearms because that was all they had. Through a process of evolution in firearms design the firearms they used were replaced by what we know as the modern centerfire rifles.

In creating the separate seasons for Muzzle Loaders we took a step back in time to celebrate the past and become closer to our ancestors. We do that by doing things the way they did with a respect and reverence for history.

I don't see any of that on Toby's site.

Now there are certain people amoung us that want to fast forward that that into a more modern concept. A concept that negates the whole purpose of having the separate Muzzle Loading season in the first place.

Again in essance what Toby and his followers are saying is;

"We don't give a shit about history, we don't care how they did it then, all we want to do is take your hallowed celebration of the past and turn it into a modern shootfest where we can kill as many deer as we can at as long of a range as we can with the latest and greatest in precision equipment. Oh and by the way we are going to use your seasons to do it."

Warning ACLU tactic ahead

Playing the Cripple Card

Toby is espousing equal rights under the Disability Act for in his effort to force the states to bend to his will.

His Mantra;

People with limited vision are excluded from the sport because they can't see the sights well enough to shoot something at 200 yards with their Muzzle Loaders.

The single biggest change they want is for states to allow variable power telescopes on Muzzle Loading rifles.

To hell with actually hunting, now that some of the Muzzle loading manufacturers build Muzzle Loaders that shoot nearly 3 football fields.

Their main point is that there are folks who, or want to, hunt with Muzzle Loaders whose vision is such that they cannot participate in the sport if they can't see what they are shooting at from a quarter a mile away.

Well Whoopty flipping do dah day Toby, I am an almost 50 year old Disabled Veteran. I have a busted up back, two ruined knees and wear glasses with bi-focal lenses. I can't see to shoot a deer with open sights on any of my guns at 250 yards either. The truth is not many people ever can.

Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa

If your looking for sympathy from me you will find it in the dictionary between shit and syphillus.

But you know what Toby? I can still shoot my open sight Muzzle Loaders very very well at 100 yards or less.

The Seasons were created for hunters to take deer and other game at 100 yards or less.

News Flash: You don't need a 300 Magnum centefire or a 300 yard 45 caliber Muzzle Loader with a 4 x 16X Varmit telescope to do that.

Getting as close as possible to harvest game is a skill we call hunting, you should try it sometime.

End Part 2 (There will be a part 3)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yes we went to see Kansas

The finally concert of the 2006 Nebraska State Fair featured Kansas.

Note to the vertically challenged,

Do not attend a concert at the open air auditorium and have the expectation of being able to see the stage. It was not built with enough slope top to bottom for decent viewing when everyone is seated let alone standing.

Standing everyone does it, even me

Yes everyone stands at concerts, I stand at concerts, it is something people excited at seeing a favorite band do. I don't have a problem with that at all. But please have some consideration for those around you; If everyone else is seated then plunk your overage ass down on your seat.
We want to see the band not some nearly geriatric deadhead gyrate like he/she is 18 again.

Viewing at that venue is so bad that a some of the shorter adults and children took to standing on the bench seats just to be able to see. These weren't tall people trying to get a better view, these were people that were just trying to see in the first place. Most of them when standing on the seat were no taller than those around them standing on the ground.

They were not hurting anyone and they certainly were not blocking anyones view anymore than anyone else that was standing flat on the ground.

This of course did not go over big with event security.

"Oh No We can't actually have everyone having a good time.... this is Nebraska for Pete's sake."

"Hey Dickless Tracy, who can we intimidate the hell out with the least threat to our own physical well being?"

" Hey Deputy Fife I know, let's make the short people suffer, their mostly wimmen & kids anyway, if they give us a hard time surely we can kick their asses. We don't want to make big people mad we might get hurt."

For most of the concert, in our section and all others I reasonably presume, rent-a-badge wannabe sour faced Dickless Tracy's and Barney Fife's huffed, puffed and chugged their way up and down the ailses telling short people to get down from the benches.

If everyone was doing it or didn't need to I wouldn't have a problem with it, but the people that availed themselves of standing on the seats were acting out of a desire just to be able to see in the first place.

If because of rude people and overzelous security types one is forced to only listen to a live concert they are being cheated out of their experience. There must not be very many Cornhusker fans that are also Kansas fans, because I did not see one inkling of the courtesy that Husker fans take pride in and are noted for in evidence.
I did see a lot of Husker Red though.

As for the concert itself, it was an even worse rerun of the Three Dog Night concert we attended last week.

Instruments too loud for vocals and vocal microphones too distoted to understand most of the lyrics.

The band also had their fog machine going.

To the naked eye this created a wonderful visual effect. For pictures it sucked. Because of the lights refracting off of the smoke I did not get one usable picture.

Of course the band saved their trade make "Dust in the Wind" And "Carry on Wayward son" for the obligatory encore. I will say that Kansas did a fantastic job with "Wayward son". The instument/vocal balance was just right and it was a pleasure to see it done live. If they can do it for one song why not the entire concert?

I was disappointed in their rendition of "Dust in the Wind" though. It is one of my all time favorite songs and it seemed to have been done as an "Well okay if we really have to we better do this one for you too" afterthought.

I am not alone in my thoughts on these two concerts either, everyone I have talked to has made the same comments in regards to performance.

So what if it's substandard it's free ain't it?

Concert goers paying admittance to the fair do not incurr any addittional charges to attend the concerts so they are billed as "free entertainment".

What they don't realize is that some people only attend, paying the 6 or 8 bucks entry fee to see the concert. Many do not even check out the rest of the fair, they go in see the concert and leave.

Whether I incurr any addittional cost or not the band is paid to be there. Do these bands put on a better concert when the seat prices are 25 bucks or more? Are they just slacking off at the fair because they know the audiance is there at a cut rate? Did they cut their rate to do the show so they are then entitled to give a cut rate performance?

It may not have cost them any extra dollars to attend, but I did see a large number of people express their dissatisfaction with their feet. In the section we were in I noted no less than 25-30 people get up and leave during the concert. It was obvious they too were disatisfied with the entertainment as they headed out shaking their heads with negative expressions on their faces.

When you pay cheap prices you get just exactly what you pay for; cheap entertainment.