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Monday, February 25, 2008

Am I smarter than the average Harvard Graduate?

I took this civics quiz and scored 70%,

You answered 42 out of 60 correctly — 70.00 %

but I am over 50 years old, have not attended formal education classes since the mid 80's and then it was not civics. It was statute, commercial, property and case law. Oh and I took a couple of computer tech classes at the time too.

If I remember correctly 70% is something like the lowest point considered to be a C-.

Considering that Freshman and Seniors of some of this countries most "prestigious" academic institutions took this test and;


I'd say I did fairly well.

The highest Mean Senior Score of 69.56% was achieved by Harvard University by the way.

Don't get me wrong this post is not so much what this quiz says about me, as what it says about the quality and focus of an expensive college education.

According to the summary, 5 pages of major findings and 3 pages of additional findings posted on the Intercollegiate Studies Institute website by their National Civic Literacy Board, college seniors know astoundingly little about America’s history, political thought, market economy and international relations.

In fact the report points out that to a certain degree after four years of college Seniors were dumber than when they started.

In other words Obama voters. (Sorry I apologize, I couldn't help myself)

So much for that Ivy League Education.


Although the average college senior outscored the average college freshman by 3.8 points overall on the American civic literacy exam, seniors were especially less likely than freshmen to correctly answer questions about major themes in American history.

That's not all folks, the National Civic Literacy Board survey tables also points out that;

  • More expensive schools like Yale (49), Duke (48), and Princeton (46) ranked in the bottom 10
  • Less expensive schools like the University of Mississippi(10), Mississippi State University (6) and Eastern Connecticut University (1) ranked in the top 10
  • Of schools that ranked in the top ten for Resident salaries, 6 scored in the bottom 10
  • Of schools that ranked in the bottom ten for resident salaries, 3 scored in the top 10.
  • Heavily subsidized schools like Yale (49), Duke (48) and Princeton (46) ranked in the bottom 10
  • Less subsidized Schools like Iowa State (9), Connecticut State (1), and the University of Mississippi (10) ranked in the top 10.

The ISI's National Civic Literacy Board lists several more conclusions about the tested colleges if your in the mood for some statistical reading and have an hour or so of free time check it out.

If you are a student or parent of a student that is going to be heading off to the hallowed halls of higher learning in the next year or two, and cost is a factor, I would encourage you to take a hard look at some of the lower tuition schools that rank real high on this survey. It might be less money better spent.

Take the test - I double, no I triple dog dare you.

No you don't have to share your results, but you might learn something about yourself.

How can that a bad thing?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cranial Rectal Inversion

Any time I read an article that starts out;

Let's get this out of the way. I am a gun owner and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment but....

I can almost recite word for word the rest story without even reading it.

So it goes with another one.

John E. Rosenthal's latest rant; Had enough Gun Violence? in The Christian Science Monitor is just such a piece. Rosenthal is the cofounder of Stop Handgun Violence.

When that organization wasn't getting anywhere he tried the classic divide and conquer technique;

He cofounded the American Hunters and Shooters Association. This worthless organization is nothing but an anti-gun wolf wrapped in sheep's clothing or a Trojan horse if you will.

I wrote about this bogus organization over a year ago. It was registered by the Democratic Leadership Council, an organization that is heavily influenced by Hillary Clinton.

In his diatribe Rosenthal errantly makes the statement that;

In the wake of a horrific campus shooting at Northern Illinois University, where 21 students were shot, we're reminded again that national gun laws must be strengthened.

Johnny, what part of Illinois has some of the most strict firearm acquisition and possession laws in the Country don't you understand? Far stricter than at the Federal level by the way. The Murdering Bastard that shot up NIU apparently had a psychological condition that was essentially below the radar the whole time. Even with all of the laws that f/emasculated metrosexuals want to pass would have not stopped him from legally purchasing the four firearms he used.

John then goes on to say;

Sadly, gun laws have only been weakened since the massacres at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech. To be sure, these headline-grabbing mass shootings may not have been preventable.

Well Duh!!! If a single individual decides to murder as large a number of people of as possible in the shortest time possible he or she likely won't be bragging it up at social gatherings. Of course they can't be prevented. Take every gun from everyone the world over and they still will not be prevented.

If someone is bent on that kind of destruction lack of a firearm will not stop them. As has been shown in countless other cases they will resort to other means. Knives, ball bats, lead pipes and bombs.

Whoa now there is a thought.

If some miscreant murdering bastard can't get a gun he'll grab a bunch of stuff from under the kitchen sink and blow your ass to hell at the mall or university of your choice instead of maybe only wounding you with a bullet.

The Rest of the Story

Rosy goes on ad infinitum about how this or that is needed to prevent the tragedies all the while saying they can't be prevented.

By putting guns into the hands of terrorists, criminals, and the mentally ill, the policies the NRA helped create a society where defense by guns becomes mandatory.

First off no one is rushing out offering any of these types a firearm. A murdering bastard bent on this kind of destruction is not going to give up the quest simply because he can't purchase a firearm legally.

No John, they are not even preventable. They can however be minimized by one or some of those present that have had the fore thought to be prepared for an event like that.

The murdering bastard that shot up the Van Maur Mall stole his.

From the day the first European set foot on this Continent defense by gun has been mandatory. From the first day there were at least two people on this planet defense by a weapon of some sort became mandatory.

Note to Christians;

Even God doesn't blame the tool. He didn't ban rocks or what ever flint tool Cain used to slay Abel. He dealt with the person.

Any time a women is set upon by a rapist, a mugger accosts a jogger or a thug tries to hi-jack your motor car with your kids in it is a time in our society when defense by gun becomes mandatory.

The only way to stop the "gun becomes mandatory dilemma" is to identify these murdering thug bastards at birth and then perform radical surgery on their baby brains in such way as they will be compliant slaves for the rest of their lives.


How many times can a woman be violated by two rapists before the Police to respond?

The world is a dangerous place. It always has been. What you metrosexuals fail or are too cowardly to understand is that it is not the "Nanny State" that is responsible for you and your children's continued existence on this planet.

It is yours.

But no, too many of you are so gutless that you will stand around and watch your kids murdered without lifting a finger. But no, to many of you are so spineless you will watch your wife, mother or daughter be savagely raped without lifting a finger. But no, too many of you are so "let them have what they want" brainwashed you will simply watch some thug drive your children off to a certain death without lifting a finger.

Kind of lets the world know how much you really love them doesn't it.

You learned how to drive so you could get them to their soccer games. You learned a few things about first aid so you can bandage a skinned knee. You put smoke alarms in your house so you can get them out in case of fire. To bad you failed the most important test.

The one they count on you most for.

You failed to learn and practice the defensive measures necessary to protect them from rape, robbery and murder. And in failing to learn those things to protect your own children you have failed to teach them the same skills they need to survive on their own on a dangerous planet.

It may not be necessary for you or your children to ever have to use those skills, but you have failed your grandchildren as well.


As many times as they want, because they probably weren't able to be called in the first place.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

About the Northern Illinois Tragedy

Like all the others that have come our way my heart is heavy for the loss.

There is nothing I can say that I haven't already said about all the other tragedies like this.

People wonder why. As if the answer will somehow prevent events like this from occurring again.

There is no amount of control or law that will prevent tragedies like this. None. If the deranged individual is so bent on mass murder lack of a particular tool will not be a hindrance for them to carry out their mission. As seen in so many other incidents the perpetrator will resort to other tools. Some more lethal, some less.

No, tragedies like this can not be stopped from ever beginning but many of them can, with individual awareness and preparation, most certainly be abated before the numbers of dead manifest themselves into double digits.

I morn your loss.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

If you own a firearm bookmark this site.

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

Chris has finally become a Blog author. Welcome to the dark side Chris.

I have known this new Blogs author Chris Zeeb for several years and have even written about him in the past. For those that don't know Chris is a certified Glock Mechanic, Nebraska Concealed Carry Instructor and the architect of the "Rock Your Glock Competition".

The emphasis of his creation is explained in the title of his Blog, Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety. There is no one I know in this area that is more qualified to pen missives on firearms safety than Chris.

Chris's Blog is solely dedicated to doing one of the things that I always wanted to get around to do more of here on this Blog. Yes, I have touched on it here and there in the past but never to the depth I wanted or hoped to that Chris will.

Hurray for Chris.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I genuinely mean that, Hurray for Chris. I am looking forward to reading his posts. I want to read his posts. Don't keep us waiting Chris as we will all benefit from it.

Chris has three posts up already; His introductory post, an intended topics list post and a trigger finger post.

One of the pleasures of having your own Blog is the freedom to address the content of other Blogs on your own instead of the comments section on the Blog/s in question.

So here goes.

In his first post Chris issues the following observation;

I've been shooting for ____ years, I know the safety rules you might say... Well it has been my experience that those who have the most years of experience, often tend to get the most complacent with regards to firearms safety rules. We can all benefit by taking the time to review and follow all of the firearms safety rules.

I have made this observation in the past and absolutely, positively agree 100% and plead guilty.

Here is what I had to say about it back in October of 2006;

One of the things that I have always imparted to my children is;

"Yea, when you get tired of the old man repeatedly telling you how to do this or do that you cop the "I know Dad I know attitude". I understand. When it comes to firearm safety however please don't ever get tired of hearing about it or cop an attitude. There is not one of us that could not benefit from an occasional reminder concerning safe firearms handling. When someone reminds you about something concerning firearms safety take it to heart and tell them thank you no matter how many times you have heard it."

If nothing else this has been one axiom that they have indulged the old Gunscribe in. In fact over the years they have prodded me with a reminder or two as well and yes I said thank you.

Yes I have been guilty and likely will be again. We all will. Thank you Chris for pointing it out again. I may get a little red faced at the time but I promise I will not get tired of, or offended at, hearing it.

The other thing I would like to touch on comes from Chris's post on Keep your Finger OFF the Trigger!!!;

Glock pistols have 3 internal safeties (more on these another time). Revolvers don't have safeties. However the best safety for any firearm is KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

I have over the years since the inception of Gaston Glock's pistol heard many, especially old time revolver shooters, express the notion that the Glock is unsafe because it does not have a safety device like the 1911, Browning Hi-Power etc...

As Chris points out the Glock does in fact have three safeties that he will discuss in future writings.

The one feature that the Glock has in common with any revolver that is not a single action is it goes bang when you pull the trigger.

How a person used to revolvers can claim that a Glock is any less safe than their favorite wheelgun is beyond me. To paraphrase Chris;

"If you keep your booger hook off the bang switch it ain't gonna go off".

Again I am looking forward to what Chris has to say and I hope the rest of you are as well.

Don't ever get tired of hearing about firearms safety, if someone needs correcting have the balls to correct them, you may save a life.

If you are the one being corrected it is okay to get red faced and pissed off about it, but you should be pissed off at yourself, not the person correcting you - they may have just saved your life or prevented you from negligently taking someone else's.

If you are the corrected one here is my advice to you;

"Suck it Princess" and say THANK YOU

Yes it is that serious. That is why Chris's Blog is so necessary.

Thank you Chris.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What is Nebraska Firepower?

Nebraska Firepower is the brainchild of Jay and Kim Hobscheidt. They have put together a website that deserves serious attention from any firearms owner in Nebraska.

Jay & Kim explain why they founded Nebraska Firepower;

Nebraska Firepower is dedicated to all firearms owners in Nebraska. While we strive to stay abreast of legal issues facing gun owners, we strongly believe that educating the general public is just as, if not more important, than going before lawmakers.....

Do you own Firearms?

The Nebraska Firepower website and forum is a growing concern already stocked with lots of good information for any firearms owners of any discipline. Your missing out if you don't check them out and become a part of what they are trying to accomplish.

They even have T-shirts available with the Logo, motto and website info on them if you like their concept and want to help support Jay and Kim's much needed efforts.

Inherit the Tradition

If you had someone take the time to teach you about firearms as a youngster or have children you will be instructing when they come of age I'll leave you with another quote from the website;

..... Whether in downtown Omaha or the outskirts of Valentine, we are here for the firearms owners of Nebraska, and we pledge to do everything in our power to insure our children will be able to enjoy the right to firearm ownership that too many of us have come to take for granted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Call 911 and Die

Subtitle: Victim Disarmament Zone Kills Again and Again and ....

Yea you have heard it before, but it just won't sink past that anti self defense fire wall from the Brady Bunch Software Company your pathetic cranial hard drives have downloaded.

Reality Check

Remember that shooting at Lane Bryant in Tinley Park, Illinois a few weeks ago?

Guess what!

Store manager Rhoda McFarland, made the 911 call from the back room Feb. 2 after she and the other five women were bound with duct tape, one source said.

The Murdering Bastard heard the call being made and instead of running away with pee running down his leg smelling like fresh poop like you liberal Metrosexuals tell everyone is going to happen, he shot the women in the head killing 5 and wounding one.

I can hear you now

"Oh wait that is not suppose to happen, they did everything the Million Commie Mommies told them they were suppose to do. They did not resist and they called Government sponsored Dial-a Prayer just like they had been brain-washed to do by head Commie Mommie in charge Sarah Brady."

Well there my f/emasculated Metrosexual brain dead low life liberal friends, I hope your happy, cause your ideals have just killed 5 more decent people. How many has your anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-fight back mantra murdered in the last year?

Hmmmm .... let's see ... there was 30 some in Virginia .. and ahh what nearly a dozen in Nebraska just for starters.

I hope you namby-pamby chicken shit low life scumbags are happy.

Go ahead hold hands and dance in their blood calling for more gun control... you do it every time, and every time you are proved wrong. The problem is you are either to stupid or too thoroughly brain-washed to see it.

It is all but illegal to own any kind of firearm in the Chicago area and the "nobody needs a gun kumbya" runs deep in Obama Country, so the victims were totally defenseless. (Just the way you want them to be) That is why they were duct taped face down on the floor with panties over their head.

It really is too bad that you stupid asses can't wake up, because until you do your filthy excrement is just going to keep on killing innocent people.

You got the blood of 6 more in Tinley Park, Illinois to dance in. I know it's only a fifth of what you had after Virginia, and only half of what you had after Nebraska but maybe you'll get lucky in 2008. The year is young yet.

I know your hoping.

(hat tip to Deb for this one)

One last note:

I bet you are really pissed off that a private citizen in Colorado cut that count short aren't you?. Heaven knows how some of you must have wished for a tally larger than Virginia. And to further rain on your lust for blood boot, scoot and boogie it was a woman with a concealed carry permit that stopped the Murdering Bastard too.

Ohhhh that had to hurt. I can hear the brain cells sizzling all across the internet.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Victim Disarmament Zones kill again

Kirkwood, Missouri

It has pretty much always been against Missouri law for nearly anyone except authorized government employees to possess a firearm in a government building. Enactment of the Concealed Carry law did not change that.

That did not stop a disgruntled Murdering Bastard from shooting up a Kirkwood, Missouri City Council meeting after shooting two Peace Officers on the way in.

Portsmouth, Ohio

In Ohio it was virtually impossible for a private citizen to legally carry a firearm in a school building and/or possess a firearm while being the subject of a restraining order even before the Buckeye State enacted a concealed carry law. It still is, the concealed carry law did not change that. It did not stop another Murdering Bastard from entering an Elementary School in Portsmouth, Ohio, who then shot and stabbed his estranged wife. The wife is not dead, but another woman that the Murdering Bastard stabbed on the way to kill his wife is.

May Never Know

Who knows if any of the citizens at the Kirkwood Council Meeting or the Teacher in Ohio with the restraining order would have been armed if they could do so legally.

What we do know is that none of the laws forbidding the possession of a firearm in government buildings or schools and at least one restraining order stopped either of these Murdering Bastards.

Again law abiding citizens were left defenseless while criminals, whose job description is to violate the law, wantonly ply their trade.

In light of the mass murders at Virginia Tech, the Van Maur in Omaha and other places in the last year or so many have expressed the notion that "introducing a another firearm into the situation will only make it worse."

I don't know where that kind of idiotic thinking comes. If you think that what your really saying is;

Even if it could be stopped immediately I would rather see a Murdering Bastard continue killing 5, 10, 20, 30 more people than to have a private citizen with a legally possessed firearm end the killing spree at any point during the rampage.

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you that you would rather see multiples of people murdered than have one of your fellow citizens save lives?

It is disgusting to think that;

  1. People find it morally superior for a woman to be raped, beaten and strangled to death with her own panty hose than it is for her to explain why she shot her attacker.
  2. People find it morally superior for a murdering bastard to kill 32 people than it is for a legally armed citizen to stop the killer at victim two, four, twelve or at any point of the rampage.

What your telling me is it is more preferable to you that 30 people needlessly die than for one citizen with a firearm to end it, so I'll ask again;

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you?