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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Judge says; No common theme in sex case

Where's Bill "I'm looking out for you" O'Reilly when you need him?

Twice in two weeks now a judge has made a horrendous decision involving sexual crimes against children.

Last week a judge in the western part of the state gave probation to a a diminuative sex offender because she didn't think he woud survive life in the Greybar Inn.

This week a Lancaster County judge refused to merge two cases pending against former State Police Major Billy Hobbs. Sexually assaulting a minor and generating child pornography.

Judge declines to combine sex crime prosecutions

If I recall Hobbs was not former State Patrol Officer when he was arrested. He was still actively on the job when he was charged with having intimate relations with a 14 year old girl for the last two years. Yes she was only twleve when an active duty State Police Major allegedly began assaulting her.

After his arrest the authorities seemed to have found over five hundred pictures on his computer of various persons believed to be minors. He was susequentely charged with generating Child Pornography.

The Judges reason for not combining the two cases?

Only one perent of the pictures are of the girl. Only 20 percent are of the girl and her sister. The other 79 are other males and females.

The Judge does not think that the cases are related to each other; there is no common thread or theme between the sexual assault of a 12 year old girl and pictures of her on the alleged purpetrators computer.

Tell me Judge how many pictures would it take before you see a connection?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pet Peave

I have a pet peave and I am going to vent about it.

On occassion I peruse the on line auctions Gun Broker and Auction Arms. There are certainly some good deals to be had from time to time and I have purchased through both sites.

The bone I have to pick is with those sellers that let's say set a starting bid of $50.00. Ok that is cool, but then they also have a hidden reserve price of let's say $150.00. On top of that they have a buy it now price of again let's say $200.00.

I have no problem with starting bids, reserve bids, or even buy it now bids, it is how they are used in combination with each other.

I mean why have a 50 dollar starting bid if your hidden reserve bid is 150 bucks. Is there some kind of jolly to be gotten having people spend their time bidding and bidding and bidding just to get to the lowest price you'll really accept for the item anyway.

If you won't accept less that 150 bucks for what ever it is your selling then start the damn auction at 150 bucks. Quit jerking people around.

Sellers that do this must realize sick perverted satisfaction that I don't understand.

I see a lot of buy it now prices that are at least a third to more than double what the item is really worth, but hey I don't have a problem with that, if you can get some sucker to pay that much more power to you.

I just think the drastic difference that some people set between the low starting and high reserve bid is a waste of time and an insult to the intelligence of the people that you want to buy your stuff.

Okay I am done venting now.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Some Bloggers blog under their given name while others choose to remain anonymous and blog under a screen name.

In the past I have been taken to task for blogging "anonymously".

Allow me to explain why I do.

Only to a certain extent am I anonymous. For the most part the people that I write about, such as the Mayor of Lincoln, the Chief of Police, Members of the city council and several state senators including the Honorable Ernie Chambers know me personally and know that I publish this website. Whether they read it or not is another matter altogether. As I mentioned in the previous post the Chief reads this blog.

Most if not all of those mentioned not only know my name, they have my address and phone number as well. I see several from time to time at public or social functions.

Even before I began this blog I was what might be considered a semi-public person. I have at least two award certificates that hang on the wall of my office, along with my instructors credentials, that were presented to me by the Mayor and the Chief of Police. Although I don't ever intend to, I have been approached and asked to consider running for the State Senate or County Commission.

Many of my local readers know me personally as well, heck we all show up at a lot of the same shooting contests.

When I started this Blog I chose to use a screen name because I didn't know if it was something I would maintain for any length of time. I was also aware of the inherent dangers of making ones identity know on the worldwide web. Yes I am concerned for the safety of my family, and rightly so.

In the nearly two years that I have been publishing this blog the response with one notable exception has been tremendous. As to the one notable exception I cannot comment on that at this time. Suffice to say that another person I know has an ongoing civil action (restraining order) for stalking against the noted exception. In this instance the use of a screen name has given me a certain level of comfort, and thankfully has also prevented me from having to take the same course of action.

Given all of that I believe I made the right choice when I started this Blog and still believe it is the right thing for me to do. I have decided that at some point I will have my name on my blog, but that day hasn't come yet.

I am proud of what I have done on this site and hope to continue for some time to come.

I know I have been very critical of some people in my writings and believe me they know who I am and what I have said whether they have read it here or not. That they know who I am is what is important to me.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Chief Casady Reads this Blog

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Police Chief Tom Casady. As I have indicated in the past the Chief and I converse on a semi-irregular basis anyway.

We were able to discuss a number of issues, reloading, bird hunting, our mutual appreciation for the Smith & Wesson Model 37 and yes CCW.

No I didn't change the Chiefs mind, and he didn't change mine either, but I truley understand why the Chief feels the way he does on the CCW issue.

Chief Casady genuinely cares for the people of the city of Lincoln and wants this city to be safe and rightly or wrongly he is concerned about the types of people that will be able to get a permit.

One of his points is hard to argue with;

When the Chief was still an officer on the beat he was in a confrontation with a person that had a long list of misdemeanor convitions. That night the perpetrator was in posession of a WW I Knuckle duster. (Brass knuckles with a knife blade) In the Chiefs own words "He had a choke hold on me and I was literally seconds from passing out when I was saved by a Univerity Police officer". The offender was charged with a major felony that was barganed down to a simple misdemeanor. That person, if he was still alive would be eligible for a CCW because, even with a long misdemeanor record he had not been convicted of a crime that disqualified him from owning a gun or being issued a CCW permit. (I saw the file on that case BTW)

The Chief told me that he knows a large number of Lincolnites that fall into that catagory to one degree or another. People that were originally charged with a serious felony/s only to have it plead down to a simple misdemeanor. That is a pretty persuasive arguement for sure.

I reminded the Chief that those situations are created by the Prosecuters and Judges and as deplorable as they are even if people like this are eligible for a permit they are already carrying guns and probably wouldn't apply for a permit anyway.
The Chief reads this Blog and in his own words, "I read your Blog Gunscribe and I don't think we are as far apart on this issue as you might think." (Yes he said Gunscribe. The rest of the time he used my real first name)

The Chief and I are on opposite sides of this for our own personal reasons and probably always will be, but we understand each other and from now on I will not be as hard on him as I have been in the past for his thoughts on CCW.

As I have posted in the past, other than CCW, I think that the Chief has done one hellofva job. He has done more with less than a lot of chiefs around the country that run larger departments.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Judge takes Pity on Child Molester

Judge Kristine Cecava Sentenced 50 year old Richard Thompson to 10 years probation because she didn't think the diminuative alleged pervert couldn't survive in prison.

Child Molester to little to do time

His crimes deserved a long sentence, Cecava said, but she expressed concern that the 5-foot-1 Thompson would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

Thompson will only be electronically monitored for the first four months of his decade long sentence.

It is amazing that these stupid bastards wondering why we want to ability to protect our own families, when they won't even lock up the sickening criminals that prey on our children.

Yea sure the cops arrest them after the fact, but it is sometimes only a matter of hours before the slimeballs are back on the street looking for another child to destroy.

Not to worry though, the cops kids are safe, they get to carry concealed off duty to protect their families and to hell witheveryone else and their children.

Oh don't worry they proclaim if you or your children are viciously robbed, raped, or beaten we will do our best to apprehend the assailant, and by the way on the rare occassion that we actually catch the perpetrator your suppose to live happily ever after.

Having said all of that

There is some legal basis for the Judges decision. There have been countless court cases where the authorities have been sued for failing to protect an individual member of society. The courts have consistantly ruled that police officers have no duty to protect individuals when no special relationship exists. The courts have even held that no special relationship exists with a person who has a protection order against another.

The courts have further defined "special relationship" to mean those in custody, such as Richard Thompson.

In essence as sickening as it sounds the Judge in this case is fullfilling the requirements of protecting a person the government has a "special relationship" with.

Update 5/27/2k6

1. I guess even the liberals are incensed by this. State Senator Ernie Chambers is having public temper hissy about it.

2. The state Attorney General is appealing the sentence to have it made stiffer.

Now if only Bill O'Reilly reads this blog maybe he will bloviate on it too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jeanne Combs Bails out on CCW

Gene Tysons heir to the CCW throne, Jeanne Combs succeeded in getting an almost worthless concealed carry bill through the unicameral and now she is bailing for greener pastures.

Combs will withdraw bid for re-election

Not that all of her hard work isn't appreciated, and I don't want to sound like I am blowing my own horn but I met with her last year when the first printed draft of LB 454 came out and pointed out, in writing all of the flaws. Flaws that are now manifesting themselves in the form of municiple bans. I not only spoke with her early on, I also spent time with several of the other sponsors of the bill, to no avail.

Here are a couple of links to my blog posts at the time. All of the things I wrote about was provided to Jeanne Combs and several other Co-sponsors.

January 28th 2005

February 9th 2005

April 23rd 2005

Granted I never liked this bill, but there is a large number of people that believed in it and I worked to get it passed, so maybe I am as responsible as anyone else for POS454 that went to the Governors desk.

The most oft comment I heard was "Tone it down a bit Gun the NRA is happy with this bill" and "since it is better than nothing we can work on getting it fixed in the next few years."

Yea you read that right the NRA was tickled to death with this bill as is.

And that was after I spent time with the NRA Rep pointing out the flaws to him as well.

So now for the second time in two years we will have to find another Senator willing to take on the racist tantrums of Ernie Chambers. And that is no small order.

Now that the real work needs to be done we are left hanging out to dry.

I wish Jeanne all the best and hope that what ever she has planned comes to fruitful fruition. I can't blame her for moving on, especially if it is for something better. It just gripes me that she's leaving with so much undone. I really do in a way feel abandoned and just a bit responisible. I had assurances that my concerns would be addressed if I would just lend my support to LB454.

I did my part.

Unless she can find a strong replacement to carry on it is doubtful that any changes at the state level will be made in the next few years.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Again: Where are the Assault Weapons?

I did a post a year or two back that asked the Question "Where are the assault weapons?"

Well guess what I am asking it again.

Where are the dreaded Assault Weapons in NYC?

It seems that the records for the five boroughs of NYC show that, as it did in Philidephia that the prefered firearm of choice among the "bad guys" is a Smith & wesson 38 spl.

At the bottom of the list, and the only "long gun" is the Mossberg 12 guge shotgun.

60% of the firearms involved "criminal posession of a weapon".

Well golly gee I thought that criminal posession of a weapon was already against the law at the federal level, along with every state and municipality in the country. For the life of me I can't understand that, I mean if it is illegal for a criminal to own a firearm they why are they willfully and knowledgeably breaking the law?

See, I thought all of those gun laws were supposed to stop all of that and save us law abiding citizens from being victims of crime. The world is suppose to be a safer place with all of these laws in effect?

Sarcasm off

Dear Dumbass anti gun a&&holes,

The laws you got passed don't work, there are more people raped, robbed, beaten and murdered every year because you are to stupid to see the folly of your actions. If by posessing a firearm; one woman could have stopped her rape, one man could have prevented his murder, one woman prevented the car jacking that led to the murder of her children, then their blood is on your hands.

By preventing law abiding citizens from carrying a firearm that they could have used to save their life or that of a family member you are just as responsible for that death as the perpetrator that killed them. If I had my way you would be charged as an accessory before the fact and have a seat at the same defendants table.

The only people that obey you assinine laws are the people that are law abiding and not inclined to commit crimes anyway. A criminal by definition is someone that doesn't give two hoots at a Million Commie Mommie March about the law. Their job description is to ignore the law.

By enacting the ill thought dumbass laws that you have you made it easier for the criminals to ply their trade on you and your familes.

What part of law abiding citizen don't you understand?

What part of criminals don't obey your dumbshit laws anyway don't you understand?

What part of assault weapons have never been a problem don't you understand?

Two cities with some of the toughest gun control laws in the country have released confiscation data in the last two years and assault weapons are not even mentioned.

Guns are not a problem in the hands of law abiding citizens, criminals do not obey the law anyway, and the Brady Bunch has been pumping lies up your blackberries for years.

If you would just cut the apron strings that tie you to Sarah Brady, open your eyes and do your own research you might find that you have been used as a pawn for those that want to control every aspect of your life.

Sincerely yours,


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busting Another Urban Myth

This is getting to be a habit but here goes.

One of the many reasons those opposed to CCW cite for their cause is;

Private Citizens are not qualified to carry a gun because they do not have the hours of training that certified Police Officers have.

Disclaimer; Before I get started on this diatribe I want there to be no mistake. I am not bashing cops in anyway, shape or form, I am only pointing out the differences between a Private Citizen with a concealed firearm and the men and women in blue.

The comparison between what training a Police Officer requires to peform thier job and what is helpful for a Private Citizen to be responsible for their own safety is apples and oranges.

Police Officers

Police Officers have a tough, under paid and often times unappreciated job. To effectively perform their duties they require the requisit amount of training that the academy provides.
They are dispatched to shades of grey they know nothing about, and then they are expected to sort through the witnesses and evidence establishing who the good guys and bad guys are. The training they recieve is only the start, it takes years of experience on the street to hone the skills needed to be safe and effective. That is why the hours upon hours of training they recieve is so important and required.

Private Citizens

Private Citizens on the other hand know instantly what is happening. It does not take hours and hours of training to determine that the low life scumbag/s demanding a wallet, automobile or a piece of ass is a threat. Criminals prey upon Private Citizens when they are alone or vulnerable.

In these cases Private Citizens only need to know the laws pertaining to the use of deadly force, how to safely handle and maintain their firearm and be proficient with it. For the purposes of self defense a law abiding citizen can become more quickly competent with the required CCW training and regular trips to the range than the martial arts that is so hyped by those opposed to Private Citizens taking responsibilty for their own safety.

Private Citizens, unlike the Police Officers that will eventually arrive, know immediately in bright living color when their ass is on the line, who the perpetrator is and what their harmful intent is. It doesn't take thousands of hours of training when your only options are comply or fight back.

That it takes little more than a Kindergarten education to understand these differences is cause for resounding DUH!!!!

The questions are;

How much training does a guy in a suit need to recognize when a lowlife wants his wallet?

How much training does a Soccor Mom need to recognize when a scumbag is jacking her car with her kids in the back seat?

How much training does a College Student need to recognize when some dirtbag sexual predetor wants to throw her down, rip her panties off and rape her?

To suggest that a Private Citizen needs the same training as a Police Officer to carry a firearm is assinine. The difference is as plain as night and day.

Conclusion - Myth Busted

Friday, May 05, 2006

Urban Myth Busted

No I'm not Jamie or Adam, but it doesn't take the Myth Busters to bust this myth wide open;

A cell phone can save you from being a crime victim.

In a recent letter to the Lincoln journal Star police Chief Tom Casady made the following observation;

Cell phones, in my opinion, have done more to protect people than concealed carry — and more to provide peace of mind.

I only wish that were so but I and most knowledgeable people that are familiar with the dynamics of crime know that is utter and complete bullshit. Chief Casady most assuredly knows it too. Most Rape, robbery and assault victims are unaware that they are going to be attacked until the perpetrator/s are standing there with a weapon or they are being body slammed to the ground.

How in the hell is anyone going to make a call under those circumstances? I suppose the Chief has seen to many Husker games and would recommend you try calling a time out;

"Oh please mister attacker can we have a time out so I can call for help on my cell phone?"

Even if you could get 911 dialed and get the phone to your ear it will not deter your attack. The first thing that is going to happen is the low life scumbag is going to bitch slap you up side the head sending your "self defense tool" flying.

Maybe you were able to tell the dispatcher where you are but even with that you assailant will still have 5-10 minutes to rape, rob or murder you.

Any knowledgeable person with at least a 1st grade education knows this. Relying on a cell phone for protection is some of the most dumbass advice I have ever heard and anybody that suggests a Samsung instead of a Smith & Wesson cares little for your safety and well being.

Maybe your willing to risk your daughters life with a cell phone Chief, that is your choice, but you have no standing what so ever to require me to trust my daughters life to a battery operated, call dropping electronic leash.

The fact is my daughter lives in another state that allows CCW and YES she has her permit and she carrys a concealed firearm virtually 24/7.

She loves her kids to much to rely on a cell phone in the hopes that she could actually get the call through, tell the police where she is at, what is happening and that the police will get there in time to rescue her and my grandchildren.

We have to ask why the Chief would recommend something as rediculous as a cell phone when he knows damn well you are unlikely to be able to make a call in the first place and that his officers will not arrive in time to save you in the second place.

Don't kid yourself he knows it.

The proposed ban that is being pushed by the Mayor and the Chief has nothing to do with your safety. It has everything to do with power and control. When you are able to provide for your own safety you do not have to rely on the government for protection that won't arrive in time anyway. Gramma Seng and the Chief recognize this and are not willing to relenquish any power that they perceive is theirs and theirs alone. They think they know what is best for you and by God you will submit to their authority or else.

Seng and Casady are under the dilusion that we are under their thumbs and that they control us. They seem to have forgotten that they are Public Servants, that are required by oath to do what we tell them we want done, not the other way around.

This is a power play being engineered by the Mayor and the Chief, it is not about concealed carry it is all about control. Control of the people by a couple of low level Public Servants that have forgotten their station in life.

Hey you want to take the Chiefs advice and only carry a cell phone, please do, more power to you I hope it works for you. You want to waste 20 bucks on a 3 hour class some Saturday at the YWCA so you can feel prepared to save your kids lives, by all means go for it. You can do anything you want except;

Tell me what I have to do under the same circumstances.

Protection Orders are not Bullet Proof

I just got done reading a post over at the TFS Magnum Blog that really pissed me off. I have been reading her blog for nearly two years now and have never know her to be anyless than spot on with advice. Thank you Deb for bringing up the subject of Protection Orders again.

Deb references an article about the recent shooting of three people in Florida and takes exception to one item of advice advice offered by a domestic abuse help center.

Her advice to "one of the best things you can is learn self defense" is to get a gun. I whole heartedly agree with her. The quickest form of effictive self defense to learn is getting a firearm and learning how and when to use it.

By their own admission a Protective Order is not worth the paper it is written on;

According to, a domestic abuse center, they say a restraining order is not always helpful. It's often ignored by the abuser and can only be enforced after it's been violated.

Sometimes when an abuser finds out about the order, they may feel humiliated or rejected, and then turn angry and violent. Just obtaining a restraining order may increase the chance of violence against the victim.

Do you understand that, just obtaining a restraining order may increase the chance of a violence against the victim.

Protection Orders are not bullet proof, knife proof or even fist proof. Yes you can sign up for all of the YWCA karate classes you want, but any one that practices the martial arts will tell you that 20 bucks and 3 hours on a Saturday will not give you the skills to defend yourself. Anybody that thinks otherwise is only deluding themselves.

The police are not under any extra obligation to protect you and there is no way they could get to you in time even if you could complete a call on your cell phone.

The only way to adaequately insure your safety is to aquire a suitable defensive firearm and the instruction necessary to legally defend yourself.

UpDate 5/5 1500hrs - It seems a similar situation manifested itself in Omaha in the last few days as reported by Channel 6 News. Would a firearm have saved this woman? We will never know. But what we do know is that a Protection Order is not bullet proof. Laura had a legal protection order for over a year. The law is explicit, while bound by the terms of a Protection Order Eric was forbidden from owning or posessing a firearm.

Who wants to bet on the outcome of a $20.00 3 hour self defense seminar, a Protection order and a cell phone vs. a firearm?

Seng and Casady becoming National laughing stocks?

The current debate in Lincoln concerning the proposed ban on CCW is beging to make the rounds of the internet.

Jeff Soyer author of the Blog Alphecca has comments on and a link to the Journal Stars Letter from police chief Tom Casady.

Police Chief against CCW

Jeff and I have had links to each others Blogs for a long time and since he has a much wider reader base than me, I am always glad to see when he posts something that is Nebraska related. Jeff is also a regular contributor to the Cam Edwards NRA News Show. I hope the situation in Nebraska is one of the topics that Jeff and Cam discuss.

I have also noted some mentions of Lincoln on other Blogs and there have been several threads relating to the same subject on the two most popular message boards;


All in all the proposed ordinance by the Mayor and Police Chief is gaining a lot of very negative attention across the country.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The CCW Debate Cornhusker style

There has been much ballyhoo about the proposed concealed firearms ban by Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng and Police Chief Tom Casady. So much so that the debate is raging in the pages of the Lincoln Journal Star.

The Lincoln fish wrapper has comment sections at the end of these articles, opinion and letter to the editor pages. Since many of the commentors have expressed many of the same opinions as I would write here I'll spare you the diatribe.

Rather than launch into a long and redundant waxing of eloquance I will just provide links to some of the various Journal articles and letters and comments texted by the citizens of the Lincoln community.

Journal Star editorial Opinion

Chief Casadys letter to the Star

Letter to the editor