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Monday, November 27, 2006

This has been a strange weekend, really strange

I spent the weekend watching 6 or 7 Football games

Why is that strange?

To set the record straight I have not WATCHED a complete start to finish televised football ball game (Nebraska Bowl games excepted) since the 78-79 Super Bowl, (if I'm remembering the years right) when the Dallas Cowboys whumped the tar out of the Denver Broncos. In that time I have seen portions of games here and there, but I never had the urge to follow a team let alone watch a game.

Yes I was a Dallas Cowboy fan

About that time our little 5 person Sunday football click pretty much all received another overseas assignment different countries.

Bob was headed to Germany and got side tracked to Turkey, Tony went to Korea, I went to Alaska. It has been to long for me to remember where the rest ended up.

So much for the "whose turn is it to host the Dallas game this week rotation". It seemed that without some one to share the "thrill of victory and/or the agony of defeat' it just wasn't worth watching. By the way the wife and I watched that Dallas/Denver game alone after home roasting a few pounds of peanuts.

Go Big Red

Hell yes I root for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We have only ever been to one game though (Neb. V. Ks. - kajillion to nothing Nebraska). I rarely watch them on TV unless its their bowl game. I do follow their season and hear portions of the games on the radio. No I do not even own any Husker apparel.

Who knows why I did it? (rhetorical)

Maybe it was because of all the instate rivalry games. Maybe it was just because I didn't feel like going hunting. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to stay in bed all weekend .... Yer damn right I did, got to get some time share use out of that big screen wall mount Mrs. Gun got for her Birthday too. (Yes she had to work this weekend) Maybe after a quarter century I was just jonesing for some football.

Notes on Nebraska v. Colorado

The most glaring thing that jumped out at me was how the two defenses differed. I was thinking at the time that Nebraska was playing pantywaist football. When the Cornhusker defense tackled a Buff they seemed to pull them down gently or they gave them a sissy type push out of bounds.

Conversely when a Buff took out a Nebraska player they hammered them. Watching the Huskers getting up after taking a Buff hit I could here the words of former President Clinton echoing in my head ... "Ah feel your pain".

Nebraska did open up on them late in the game and trounce them soundly.

Notre Dame v. USC

Was a good game to watch. There has been a lot of gnashing about who gets to face Ohio. Some say Michigan, but I think USC earned it.

NE Patriots v. "Da Bears"

For awhile I thought I was watching a tennis match.

Stereo typical example;

The Pats go 3 and out, Da Bears go two and fumble, the Pats go two and toss an interception, Da Bears go 3 and out, the Pats go 2 and fumble .. on and on back and forth.

The Patriots are my brothers favorite team so I am glad they pulled it out. That is about the only Pro game I paid any attention to but I find one thing interesting though;

Both teams seem to be playing the "pantywaist" type football I saw Nebraska playing.

Callahan was a Pro team coach and I can only speculate as to why it is probably a better way to play than the "hit them like a freight train" method. When you consistently hit somebody that hard you not only wear them down quickly, you wear yourself down just as fast. You also not only increase the likely hood of injury to the opposing player, but to yourself as well.

Keeping the troglodyte urge in check allows for more endurance down the stretch. And it was down the stretch that Nebraska opened up on Colorado.

Some final thoughts

I was in the Solich needed to go camp, I just did not like the way it was handled, especially the timing. I was also hoping that Bo Polini would get the job. Having said that I think that the Callahan decision was ultimately a good one. Very few college players get the chance to go Pro, but it would seem to me that with a winning record and 4 years of tutelage from a former Pro coach Nebraska Cornhuskers might have a leg up on a lot of other players when it comes to the draft.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have a lot to be thankful for

I started a post the other day about Thanksgiving and all that I have to be thankful for.

It was full of wishy washy sentimentalism and read like a script for a "Chick Flick" movie. So I decided to trash it and offer the following instead. I'll try to keep it simple and to the point.

I truly have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful to have acquaintances like Jim, Chris and Dan. I am a better person for knowing them.

I am truly blessed and thankful for 3 grown children that are educated and embarked on their own careers. Two of them have with God's grace given us 6 healthy grandchildren (and one on the way).

I am forever great full for the 30 plus years companionship of a loving wife, friend and Mother to our children.

As most of you know I am a disabled Veteran and I am thankful for the health that I still have. In the grand scheme of things I am still in pretty good shape. I have no complaints in that regard.

I volunteered.

I was as aware as a 17 year old could be about what I was getting into. I am thankful that I was born an American and had the opportunity to serve my Country. It is no more,, nor no less than thousands that came before me, or followed after me have done.

I am thankful to be an American.

I am also thankful to fellow Bloggers that think enough of my writing to link it on their websites.

I am thankful to all of you that read this Blog and leave comments whether you agree with me or not.

As we sit down to celebrate the holiday, I ask everyone that reads this to take a moment to reflect on what it is you have to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jihad on the Infidel Whitetail

Sub Titled: Why I haven't been posting

In a recent post my buddy (real life) Vinnie who writes the Vince Aut Morire Blog issued a Fatwa for all members of the BWP (Brothers of the Woodland Pursuit) to don the holy raiments of the hunt, venture forth, and Jihad upon the infidel Whitetail and Mule deer.

Not being one to sit home and Blog when issued such a challenge I prepared to do battle with the wily Whitetail.

Full color high definition memories of past outings kaleidescope across the television of my mind as I carefully honed my cutlery and prepared my equipment in anticipation of a successful jihad. On the morning of 11-11 (Opening Day of Deer season) I rose early and adorned myself in the sacred garments of the hunt. (Real Tree Camo and Hunter Orange) I then laid hands on "Thor's Hammer" and went forth to do battle with the infidel Whitetail.

For over three days the battle of wits raged as the crafty Whitetail remaining unscathed.

On the 30 some degree morning of the fourth day the Moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.

Snugged into the base of a large Cedar tree I was barely cognizant of the cold gusting Northwest wind as it buffeted the large lower branches that sheltered me. I was watching carefully when the unsuspecting but edgy and alert infidel Whitetail fatefully eased into the open of the small Glen I surveyed as my temporary domain.

Raising "Thor's Hammer" to my shoulder I settled the optical cross hairs behind the shoulder of my prey 80 yards distant. The deer paused as I recalled the axiom "Aim small, miss small". Pressuring the trigger I called down the thunder sending a Remington 3 inch copper solid 12 gauge slug on its way. Recovering from the recoil I watched as my quarry made a few short leaps into the hereafter.

(End of parody)


I am not what you would call a Trophy Hunter. I enjoy the table fare that venison provides and seek to do my part in bringing balance to the Whitetail deer population in Southeast Nebraska.

On most years unless I buy a Archery or Muzzle Loading tag I will be hunting with an antler less only license/s.

There has been a severe over population problem in Southeast Nebraska for many years. This has not only increased the number of deer/automobile confrontations it has threatened the health of the entire herd that must compete for a limited amount of food. The result is a population of under sized animals that are extremely suseptable to the vagaries of winter.

Vinnie the Great White Hunter

This not the first time brother Vinnie has called upon his fellow hunters to jihad upon legal game animals of the woodlands.

At the end of August, in response to a sad saga emanating from the UK Vinnie pledged to bagged no less than 29 rabbits this season. One for each year of age John Freeman had attained before succumbing to rabbit flu.

I figure this goal is a tad lofty, and as a BWP I pledged to do my part to help Vinnie realize his quest. At noon last Friday I bagged my first bunny of the year and hereby donate the tally of one to the 29.

Fret not there will be more.

I would also implore the effervescent Merri to peruse her extensive collection of Rachel Ray Cookbooks for bunny recipes.

Note; As I write this it seems that Vinnie himself has been less than successful in his own jihad on the infidel venison. Seems Merri's Pappa was successful though.... using Vinnie's blind.

Better luck this weekend Bro.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shopping Cart Courtesy; A pet Peave

Rant Mode On

In a recent letter to the editor in the local Bird Cage Liner, Amanda Wright waxed eloquent on the inconsiderate low life scumbags that are apparently too lazy to return their shopping cart to the front of the store or any one of a number of cart corrals located in the parking lots.

Note; Amandas letter is the last on the page and by the tone of commenters there are plenty of people that feel the same way. Way to go Amanda!

This has been a sore spot for me for a long time. numerous times over the years I have encountered parking spaces blocked by carts. There have been untold numbers of times when it is obvious that someone left a cart against my vehicle while I shopped. I have also found carts bumped up against my car that had to have rolled into it from a distance with enough force to at least scratch the paint.

Those carts are provided by the merchant for our convenience. And no they do not do it for free. Yes the cost of purchasing the carts is reflected in the price of merchandise sold at that location. The payroll for Cart Wranglers and repair for broken or damaged carts is also included in the the cost of the products as well.

Many people do not realize that businesses spend thousands upon thousands of dollars every year to maintain that fleet of carts. When rude, inconsiderate and otherwise lowlife shoppers abuse the system it will always result in price increases.

What it boils down to is respect.

People that do not return a cart to the store or place it in a corral are demonstrating that they have no respect for someone else's property.

As a side note it would seem that these lowlifes as always, are thankfully in the minority. Yes the parking lots are strewn with the graffiti (re: shopping carts) of the rude and inconsiderate but there always seems to be far more carts in the corrals than are scattered around the parking lot. This would indicate that there are far more considerate shoppers than there are rude inconsiderate lowlife scumbags.

Yes I really do think that those who refuse to properly handled their carts are rude inconsiderate lowlife scumbags.

Over the years I have seen more than one "handicapped" person take their cart back to the store front or to a corral, so I know there is no excuse for any apparently healthy person not to do likewise.

And While I am in Rant Mode

Another thing that really ticks me off to no end is the use of profanity in public places.

Just recently Mrs. Gun and I were dining at one of our favorite spots when 3 young men (late teens/early 20's) came in and sat near us. It did not matter which of the 3 spoke, their conversation could be heard by everyone in the place and every third word started with "F" and ended with "ed" "er", "ing" and/or was prefaced with "mother".

There were several elder citizens present and many were clearly uncomfortable with the situation. This of course did not phase these stalwart young Lincolnites, either they didn't care or did not notice.

I have no objection to the language that one chooses to use except that one should be considerate of the audience where those words are uttered.

Yes I do

Yes I have and do on occasion vocalize any number of epithets. There is a difference between the "back row of a truck stop" and a family diner though.

As a measure I figure if it is not something I would say in front of my Grandmother it is not anything I want to say in public in front of anyone else's Grandmother either.

Again it is a sign of lack of Respect

People that chose to regale us with their limited and vulgar vocabulary demonstrate that they have no caring or compassion for those around them and are not deserving of the respect they think they are cultivating.

I also think it is indicative of little education.

No it is not only the young among us are not the only culprits either. Over the years I encountered any number of older men and women that orate with a vocabulary replete with obscenities.

What is really laughable about this is that these purveyors of profanity think they are impressing those around them with all of their creative uses of the "F" word. They fail to realize that a majority of people within ear shot of their foul mouth think just the opposite.

No people not only do most of us not want to hear how many times you can creatively use the word in the same sentence, you cease to have any credibility on anything you are discussing even if you have a PhD. on the subject.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yes they do want to ban your "Bullets"


In the previous post I mentioned the renewal of the "Clinton Gun Ban". Most intelligent people know that the original law really didn't "ban" any firearms, well maybe with the notable exception of a Gawd awful ungangly and ugly short barreled shotgun.

What it really did was prohibit certain cosmetic features or combinations of features that some found objectionable; Pistol Grips, Flash Suppressors, Bayonets and limit magazine capacities to a maximum of 10 rounds.

There was no compelling reason for the number 10 as to magazine capacity, it was a number the gun grabbers thought they could get passed without much difficulty. It has also been rumored that the number 10 was the brain child of Bill Ruger, Head of Ruger Firearms.

As a side note the law seemed to be effective in one way,to my knowledge during the entire ten years it was in effect there was not one single drive-by bayoneting.

Bullets and Body Armor

Some time ago I penned a treatise on a proposed ban on a specific firearm; the Five-seveN.

In that article I pointed out that the fine print of the law would also ban any ammunition capable of being used in a handgun that would penetrate Body Armor.

To protect the Nation's law enforcement officers by banning the Five-seveN Pistol and 5.7 x 28mm SS190 and SS192 cartridges, testing handguns and ammunition for capability to penetrate body armor, and prohibiting the manufacture, importation, sale, or purchase of such handguns or ammunition by civilians.

The above language is the statement of intent as to the scope of the law. Note that the first part of that statement creates an outright ban on the Five-seveN. It is the second part that should have the hackles up on every single gun owner in the United States. It calls for testing of ALL handguns and ammunition. Any of those handguns and/or ammunition that are found to penetrate body armor will be banned from manufacture, sale and purchase by CIVILIANS.

That ban would have included just about every single rifle cartridge used by Big Game Hunters in the United States.

Section 3 Armor Piercing Ammunition, calls for an expansion of the definition of armor piercing ammunition to include;

(iii) a projectile that--

(I) may be used in a handgun; and

(II) the Attorney General determines, pursuant to section 926(d), to be capable of penetrating body armor.'.

(b) Determination of Capability of Projectiles to Penetrate Body Armor- Section 926 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: ............

Think not?

How many of the Thompson Center Contenders barrels have been chambered in rifle calibers? The Contender is considered a handgun and interchangeable barrels in calibers like the .223, 22-250, .243, 7mm08, 30-30, 45-70 to name just a few have been around for years.

According to that proposed law it doesn't even have to have ever been chambered in a handgun, only that it could.

Do you understand that? If the AG decides it can penetrate body armor you can't have it.

I defy anyone to show me a rifle caliber that has not already been used or could be determined by an anti-gun Attorney General as a "may be used in a handgun" cartridge.

Understand this, body armor worn by Police Officers and the Military for that matter was not designed to stop high power center fire rifle ammunition. Most of the armor worn by cops and soldiers will stop most handgun ammunition but it was never intended or designed to stop rifle rounds.

Ted Kennedy's Ammunition Ban

A few years ago in an action separate from the Five-seveN fiasco the esteemed Senator from Massachusetts Ted Kennedy tried to push a law through the Senate that would prohibit from sale and possession any caliber of ammunition that would penetrate the body armor worn by our Nations Police Community.

That prohibition would have and was intended to (and will when it is revived) include the most popular deer hunting cartridges on the market today, the 30-30, 308, 30-06, 270, 7mm mag, 300 Win Mag and all those fancy new Winchester Short Mags that a lot of you own and swear by.

Did I call out your favorite caliber there? No?

Don't worry even if I didn't don't think your safe. If it has the same power rating or higher of any of those that I did mention you may be able to keep your firearm, but you most certainly will not be able to buy any more ammo for it.

Okay now some of you will screw your empty little airheads a little deeper in the sand and tell everyone the Ole Gunscribe is off his rocker and crying wolf just because the Libs now have the majority in both houses.

Ask yourself this and answer it honestly;

These proposed laws are real and a matter of public record. The anti-gun grabbers wrote and tried to pass when they held the minority in both houses.

What in hell makes you think they will not resurrect these measures now that they have the majority?

The truth and every one of you that reads this knows it; is that the anti-gun grabbers will bring these proposals back and they will do their damnedest to make them law.

Unless all firearms owners en masse put and keep pressure on our Federally elected Officials some if not all of these proposals will become law.

He said he Would Sign It

subtitled: Pelosi's first one hundred hours

A few years ago when we were all waxing eloquent on the Clinton Gun Ban and the anticipated expiration there of one of the topics of heated discussion was the Presidents statement that he would sign if the re-authorization reached his desk.

If you have not yet acquired the firearms you wanted that were covered by the Clinton fiasco now would be a good time to do it.

The Clinton (Hillary)/Pelosi Gun Control act of 2007

I would imagine one of the first things our new Senate and House will try to do now that they have the votes is push through an even tougher version of the old law. I would even go so far as to predict there will be an even bigger push for inclusion of a National ban on 50 caliber firearms.

Take it for what it is worth but I am guessing that by April a "new and improved" ban will be placed on the Presidents desk.

Will he sign it??? He said he would didn't he??

Monday, November 06, 2006

Trick or Treat ......... it is Election Eve

I have not had much too say about politics during this years election campaign I linked to and let Street Sweeper over at Leavenworth Street do that and he has done a very good job of it as well.

It doesn't take much guess work to know which candidates that I support, but I want to mention one in particular that I think has done the job we hired him to do.

John Gale

John Gale is seeking re-election as Secretary of State. No one seems to pay much attention to that office until there are elections or controversial ballot measures, then the Office of Secretary of State is front and center.

With the Kate Whitek controversy and the gambling fiasco that office and its occupant John Gale have been front and center for several months now.

During that time Secretary Gale has had to make several very controversial decisions. To say the least and depending which side of the issue you are on they have not necessarily been popular ones.

That aside there can not be one person that can say that John has made these decisions lightly.

I had the pleasure of John Gales company this afternoon and we discussed some of the ballot issues he has had to deal with. I am convinced that Secretary Gale and his office fully researched the Constitution, State Statutes and Case Law in determining his decisions.

No they were not popular with everyone, there is no way they could have been but Secretary Gale issued decisions that were consistent with Nebraska State Law.

As far as I am concerned John Gale has done an outstanding job and tomorrow I intend to do my part in seeing that he is re-elected.

As most of my readers know I have not had the kindest words for Senator Chuck Hagel in the past but I was able to speak briefly with him this afternoon as well. There is some middle ground we can agree on though and this election some of that ground.

I have been torn all year as to who I would vote for;

Nelson or Ricketts.

As much as I respect the job that Ben Nelson has done as Senator there were things he did as Governor that I just can not lay to rest. Yes Ben Nelson has done a pretty fair job for Nebraska in the Senate, but he is still beholding to the Democratic Party. Ben Nelson is first and for most a Democrat and I do not want to see Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader.

This has not been an easy decision for me but Pete Ricketts will get my vote.

I also spent a few moments with John Brunig, whom I supported in his last election and after some discussion we agreed that we need to meet and discuss some of the firearms issues that are current event news in Nebraska.

As to most of the rest of the ballot;

Jeff Fortenberry - Representative District One - I have known Jeff for a number of years and think he has done a very good job.

Dave Heineman for Governor

Jim McClurg for NU Regent - I met Jim for the first time today but learned that we have some mutual acquaintances in common. Acquaintances that I respect enough that on that alone Jim would get my vote.

Mike Foley for State Auditor

Shane Osborne for State Treasurer

There are others of course but seeing these people attain or keep office would make my day.

As for the ballot initiatives I likely won't vote for;

1. 421 Video Keno Gambling - There just seems to be too much out of state pressure on this issue and I am not comfortable with that.

2. 423 State Spending Limit - Not that I think this is a bad idea, again I am not comfortable with all out of state pressure and interest.

As for Referendum Measure 422 I support the repeal of Legislative Bill 126 that forced many smaller schools to merge into larger districts.

Background - There were 26 students in my high school graduating class, in fact there were only 250 kids in the entire 7 through 12 grade school. As a product of one I truly understand the value of smaller school districts.

That wraps it up folks, as I mentioned earlier I have been relatively silent this year but being the eve of the election I felt compelled to speak my piece.

"There are 230,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats in the state of Nebraska, if we can not get our candidates elected then as a party we have failed them and we have failed ourselves" .... Chuck Hagel, Lincoln, Nebraska November 6th 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

With a Straight face too

In the last post I mentioned KLIN 1400AM Jane Monnichs report on Mayor Sengs demand that her constituents we lowly peons bow down bend over and kiss her ring ass for asking Fire Chief Spadt to resign.

The Journal Star finally got around to reporting it;

When asked during a Thursday news conference whether she bore any responsibility for the situation, Seng said, “No. I think I should be thanked quite a bit because I fired the fire chief.”

Politicians that aren't all swelled up with themselves are as rare as hens teeth, but "Gramma Sengs" egotistical self importance takes the cake.How she can face her constituents with a straight face and tell us that she has only been aware of the situation since January takes a lot of brass and audacity. (Kind of ironic that "Honest Abe" is looking over her shoulder isn't it?)

The only thing missing is the Royal purple robe and crown. She is short a court jester though. (She asked one of them to resign)

Madam Mayor what part of;

Dennis Klein and Vince Mejer TOLD YOU before the trucks were ever built that there were and would be problems


So the Her Royal Highness is a football fan. Yes Mayor when all else fails drop back forty yards and punt.

When asked whether she stood by her decision to take Mejer off the case, Seng said people can always look back and do Monday morning quarterbacking.

Monday morning quarterbacking consists of evaluating a variety of what ifs after the facts Mayor. Mejer had a job to do. Mejer had a reputation of doing that job very well. You chose to ignore his advice and experience by taking him out of the loop. There is no what ifs here even the Police Chief gets it.

Although Chief Casady in wrapping up his departments investigation did not directly disparage the Mayor one of the statements he did make is rather telling;

Casady said earlier this week that it was his opinion that if city purchasing agent Vince Mejer hadn’t been taken out of the process during the bidding process, “I don’t think we’d be here.”

To my mind that statement by the Chief cuts right to the heart of this whole thing. In case anyone needs help in deciphering what the Chief said, the way it reads to me is;

This is entirely the Mayors fault. If she had let Vince Mejer do his job in the first place we would not be hundreds of thousands of tax dollars deeper in the hole.

“If I’d known everything I know now, I probably would’ve fired the chief (sooner),” she said.

Madam Mayor you did know about it sooner, you knew about it from day one. Instead of trusting the competent and capable people whose job it was to handle these things you deferred to a "Department Head" that could hand you the union votes needed to get re-elected.

But then this action is typical of a Liberal Democrat Politician;

Pass the blame, it is always someone else's fault. I guess you have no concept of the axiom "The Buck Stops here" do you Mayor?

I could go on and on but two post in row on the same subject is enough.

The bottom line is that the Mayor did know all along and chose to do nothing about it until it became a public embarrassment for her. Then she sacrificed scape goat Spadt on the alter of "it wasn't my fault don't blame me". Yea Spadt needed to go so it was no great loss there Mayor, but owe you our gratitude we do not.

You owe us an apology Mayor, an apology that we would be happy to accept in the form of a letter of resignation.

Note photo courtesy of the Journal Star

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lincoln Mayor seeks Gratitude for firing Spadt


All day yesterday (Wednesday) I heard Jane Monnich reporting on 1400 KLIN words spoken by Mayor Coleen Seng to the effect that;

We should be thanking her for her decision to fire ask Fire Chief Spadt for his resignation.

Apology due

Well Pardon me all to City Hall Madam Mayor but I don't think it is us that should be thanking you. It should be you apologizing to the citizens of Lincoln for what could be considered your malfiesence in allowing it to ever happen in the first place.

You should be apologizing for the massive waste of Lincoln tax dollars expended because you chose to ignore the experience of Purchasing Agent Vince Mejer.

Seng can not deny she did not know

City officials were warned of possible problems by the fire department’s Deputy Chief of Maintenance, Dennis Klein, and the city’s purchasing agent, Vince Mejer, before the trucks were even built.

You were aware of the problems during the first round of the bidding process because Vince Mejer, whose job it was as Purchasing Agent made you aware of it.

But Seng took Mejer out of the process during the second round of bidding, in part because EDM officials felt Mejer was biased against their company.

By all accounts Vince Mejer is one, if not the most stalwart stewards of our tax dollars that serve the people of Lincoln;

Mejer is well aware of his reputation, but the way he sees it, he’s advocating for taxpayers.

“I’m very particular and I’m very in tune with doing things per the law,” he said. “There’s a lot of people that think they can do purchasing because they buy things for their home, but we have laws and regulations that we have to follow. And so I’m very picky on that.”

Police Chief Tom Casady speaks highly of Vince Mejer;

Mejer is the city’s most experienced purchasing employee with a “well-earned reputation as a stickler for specs and adherence to contracts,” Casady said.

Asked in an interview Monday whether he thought the firetruck purchase would have gone better if Mejer hadn’t been taken out of the loop, Casady said, “I don’t think we’d be here.”

“Obviously some of his concerns in the first bid process really did happen,” he said. “I think Vince was trying to look out for the best interest of the city.”

“Some people find Vince difficult to deal with,” Casady said. “I don’t personally.”

Doing the Job he was hired to do

From the very start of this as he always has Vince Mejer was doing the job he was hired to do. A job he has earned a reputation for doing very well. Mayor Coleen Seng purposely took him out of the loop in deference to a Chief Spadt;

Casady noted, however, that Seng was relying upon the advice and judgment of her department head, Spadt.

A "Department Head" that did not have the knowledge and experience of purchasing contracts and the associated law. A "Department Head" that did not have the reputation and knowledge of Vince Mejer.

No Mayor Seng we do not owe you one iota of gratitude.

Ok I'll try;

Madam Mayor,

Thank you so very much for ignoring the reputation and experience of Vince Mejer. Thank you for defering to Chief Spadt and EDM and removing Mejer from the process and allowing them to sell the city a "Bill of Goods". Thank you oh so very much for allowing hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to be wasted on a flawed process and inferior equipment. Thank you for all of the dollars that have been spent by the Police Department to investigate the situation.

As a side note Mayor there is probably a reason that EDM doesn't like Mejer and think that he is biased against their company.

In March, EDM President Jeff Mellen objected to Mejer being allowed in on a meeting, saying in an e-mail, “Vince has been disruptive and argumentative toward my company not only on this deal, but on every single fire truck and ambulance purchase in the 12-year period since 1994.”

If as Mayor a potential contractor told me that my best purchasing agent was baised against them I would suspect that they did not have the best interests of the people at heart. If Mejer was/is biased against EDM it is with apparent good cause.

Sincerely Yours,

What did Mayor Seng know and when did she know it?

What did the Mayor have to gain by not only discounting Vince Mejer's experience and reputation but removing him from the process entirely?

One possible explanation for the Mayors decision rests in the past.

Former Mayor Don Wesley allegedly appointed Spadt Fire chief as a reward for delivering the firefighters vote in his bid for Mayor. (Spadt was head of the firefighters union at the time.) Possibly Spadt was poised to "deliver that vote" to Seng should she have chosen to run again.

Another nagging question that needs to be answered and has not because Spadt invoked his rights under the fifth amendment and refused to be interviewed is;

What did he (Spadt) have to gain by allegedly working outside normal channels to allow Emergency Vehicle Dealership EDM to deliver substandard equipment at the expense of Lincoln tax payers?

Whether he committed a prosecutable act or not it seems apparent that for unknown reasons Chief Spadt conspired with a private contractor to provide the city with inferior firefighting equipment.

Now that he is unemployed one can only wonder if EDM will offer him a job, a job that could have been promised to him upon his retirement from the Department in the first place.

The persons we should be thanking are Vince Mejer for his commitment to the Citizens of Lincoln and City Coucilman Jon Camp for his persistence in making this fiasco public.