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Saturday, October 30, 2004

John Kerry has stolen more than Honor

I have to say it.

In my last post I said I didn't need to rehash the myriads of information about John Kerry that has flooded the net. Call it thereputic if you want to, and i apologize, but there are some things I need to write concerning my thoughts on John Kerry.

Stolen Honor

Ken Cordier, Jack Fellows, Ralph Gaither, Paul Galanti, Carlyle "Smitty" Harris, Gordon "Swede" Larson, Tom McNish, Robinson Risner, Jack Van Loan, James Warner, Ron Webb, Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Leo Thornsness and George "Bud" Day.

All true American Military heroes, all POW's in Southeast Asia. These men spent years in captivity receiving unimaginable sessions of torture at the hands of the North Vietnemese.
Every single one of them has something else in common. To a man these American Heroes firmly believe that the actions of John Kerry prolonged their captivity by YEARS. Yes YEARS.

These heroes recount that during the physical torture their interogators berated them with the testimony John Kerry gave at both the sham "Winter Soldier Hearings" and in Senate testimony. These men were there, they know what they saw, felt and heard, they talk about it. Watch the film "Stolen Honor", look in their eyes and tell me they are lying. Even after thirty years they still posess the "thousand yard stare". John Kerry doesn't have it and never will.

John Kerry knew or should have known that his actions would be used against American Military soldiers still held as POW's. That he proceeded anyway demonstrates that he is truely without heart, feeling or caring for anyone but the furtherance of his own career. How much pain and suffering did not only the POW's endure, but that of their friends, families and loved ones as well?

I care What john Kerry did and is doing

Maybe John Kerry doesn't care, but I do. I have know these people, I know first hand what John Kerry did and the effect it had. No I was not a POW, but I did serve my Country and I wake every morning with the painful reminders that when you hunt men for a living they damn sure hunt you back. Yes I get a check for it every month, but that check does't help me play with my grandkids the way other Grandpas do. It doesn't allow me to do a lot of things that I would like to do. No I'm not a hero, I'm not trying to brag either, I am just giving some incite into where I am coming from. I volunteered and I served, just like millions of other Americans since the begining of this great Nation, there is no more or no less than that.

It is no different today, John Kerry is still disdainful of the Military and the brave young men and women that serve our Country. His assertion, that the administration is somehow responsible for munitions that were removed BEFORE we even invaded the Country of Iraq, is maligning the actions of the brave soldiers that were and are on the ground there. Ken Dixon knows the munitions weren't there, because he was there.

Despite evidence to the contrary John kerry still asserts that our brave men and women are derilect.

Tora Bora

Another baseless criticisim being promulgated by John Kerry is the "outsourcing" of the hunt for bin Laden at Tora Bora. America's best was there, America's best did their job. Recently David Limbaugh received an email from an Air Force Major that flew B-52 support missions over Tora Bora. The man that wrote that letter was there he wrote what he saw, heard and did, not what was prepared for him to say in a thirty second sound bite.

Despite evidence to the contrary John Kerry still asserts that our brave men and women are derilect.

Prolonging the wars
John Kerry's conduct gave courage and energy to the enemy and prolonged the conflict in Southeast Asia by a number of years and cost the lives of innumerable American servicemen. That is without question.

John Kerry's actions and comments concerning the current war are giving courage and energy to the enemy to hold out until he is elected President. The election in and of itsself is costing lives. What needs to be done George Bush cannot do and hope to be re-eleected. That he has to soft pedal certain actions to insure, not his re-election, but John Kerry's defeat is an affront that is necessary. John Kerrys own track record in public office shows what kind of leader he will not be. We had eight years of Bill Clintons devastation of American foriegn policy, we could not survive a Kerry Presidency and be the the Free Republic our Founding Fathers gave us to safeguard and keep. This is prolonging the war and costing American lives. That is without question.

All of these events are orchastrated by and for John Kerry so that he can further his own personal and political agenda. An agenda that, for him started long before he ever enlisted in the United States Navy. John Kerry is a character in a movie of his own making. He has writen, directed and starred in this quest for fame, money and power. He has heartlessly funded that extravaganza with the blood, sweat and lives of countless American citizens.

Say no to John kerry on Tuesday, as a Nation we cannot afford the sequel. He is way over budget now.

Friday, October 29, 2004

My thoughts on the Presidential race

With Just a few days left until the election, I have to say I have been more involved in this one than any other. No I have not been an operative for any party or candidate, although I do know some of the candidates personally.

This election came on the coattails of the demise of "the failed to do anything but penalize law abiding citizens semi-automatic weapons law". I spent a lot of time in the last year or so making phone calls, disseminating information and penning articles to ensure that it was not permanately renewed. I have always followed politics and candidates positions to a certain degree and always voted. When the "AWB" was defeated I continued to channel the remaining energy into the politics of the people I know and support. In some ways this was relatively easy, as these candidates have very public track records, that I, for the most part agree with.

Concerning the re-election of George Bush, I had some reservations. I Have always felt that more could and should be done about securing our borders than was being done. I favor legal immigration and feel that it has a tremendous benifit for our nation. Most all of us are decendant of immigrant ancestors. There are people that do enter the United States illegally. I know that many of them want what we all want, to work for the betterment of our families. There are a number of these illegal individuals that come here for criminal intent. Our borders need to be more secure to prevent them entry. No I know we can't stop them all, but we must stop more than we do.

I also have not had as much faith in the President concerning firearms issues as many others have had. I was encouraged when he didn't press the re-authorization of the "AWB".

Concerning John Kerry, there has been plenty written on the web about him and I won't re-hash all of that. I have my own experiences with Senator Kerry. I have been around for more than a few decades and know the real John Kerry. I begin by remembering his anti-American diatribe of the early 1970's. I remember because I was wearing a United States Military uniform at that time. I know the effect his words had, I felt them first hand. The soldiers, sailors and airmen that I served with were the men and women he was slandering. Since Kerry has been an elected politician his views and attitudes have not changed. John Kerry's voting record proves that he still does not support the men and women that fight for his right to say and do the things he does. I knew the shallow depth of Kerry long before I read John O'Neils book "Unfit for Command". I don't know how anyone that has military service or family in the military could vote for this man. There never was a doubt in my mind, I would not be voting for John Kerry, I just for a time was not sure I would be voting for George Bush either.

John Kerry does not deserve the vote of anyone that truely understands what it means to be an American.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The YWCA is teaching women to die

Recent attacks by one of more serial rapists in the Omaha< Nebraska area have prompted women to seek out self defense methods for personal protection.

Judy Williams with the help of a few volunteer Airmen from Offutt Air Force Base charge women 35 dollars for a self defense class where they "learn" to take a gun or a knife away from a street corner thug.

The techniques that these women "learn" can not be completely taught or absorbed in a single afternoon session. Classes like these set women up to get seriously hurt or die, because very few if any of the participants PRACTICE what they have learned in the days, weeks and months after the session. Even if they go home and practice this stuff with friends relatives and family who is going to determine if they are still doing it right in the days months and weeks after the initial afternoon?

Training like this calls for the student to constantly perform the moves in front of a certified instrucotr UNTIL they have it ingrained in their mind and body. If you have to think about what you were taught when it comes time to use it you will get hurt or die. Tactics like this have to be applied naturally without the "If the guy holds the knife here the teacher said do this" or "If the attacker is holding the gun this way I need to do this". In a violent encounter there is no time to remember you have to act, act now or lose. It's great to learn how to do it in an afternoon and by the end of class most women can perform the task pretty well.

How about a year from now when that woman is about to be raped and facing a gun or a knife? The techniques that Williams teaches require CONSTANT PRACTICE. How many women, or men for that matter are willing to devote several hours a week to rigorously maintaining an acceptable skill level? Anyone man or women that takes one of these Sunday afternoon Matinee courses thinking they are going to be safer as a result are deluding themselves.

As an introductory session to a very physical future of regular weekly or bi-weekly training and practice, these Weekend warrior classes provide a wonderful insight into what a person needs to work toward.

These classes should taught with the understanding that the demonstrations participated in are what people can become capable with months or years of dedication. No these afternoon tea parties show a few Bruce Lee moves and send the students on their way with a certificate pronouncing them trained to stop a rapist in his tracks.

If a person wants to get an idea of how much training is involved and what can be done with the martial arts then these classes are a good start, but you cannot learn and noone can teach you how to survive an assault, mugging or rape in one afternoon for thiry five dollars.

Friday, October 22, 2004

What the county races boil down to

Dolan seeks to avenge Steward
The two seats up for grabs on the Lancaster County Commission boil down to an act of retribution. Mike Dolan has stated he is running against incumbant Bernie Heier, because he blames the Commission for Cecil Steward not being reappointed to the City/County Planning Commission. What Dolan doesn't say is that Steward asked to only serve two years of a six year term.

Stirring up Controversy where there is none
Dolan further asserts that Heier has a conflict of interest serving on the Commission. Heiers family has been developing some of their holdings outside of the city. As I have reported in the past anytime an issue of Heiers development comes before the Commission he recuzes himself not only from the panel, but from the room as well. No one has ever successfully accused Bernie Heier of a conflict of interest. There is none. This doesn't stop Dolan from "thinking" that Heier continues to use the board for his own personal gain. Dolan, they've looked it just isn't happening, get over it.

The City takes Presidence over the County
Dolan like Wayne Boles, who is running against incumbant Commissioner Larry Hudkins think that the County should revolve around the wants and needs of the city. The city comes first to these people and they think that for the benifit of the city they should have a say in what happens in the whole rest of the county.

They don't care what the voters have said
They have also done nothing but whine and cry that the entire make up of the Commission is Republican. According to Dolan the party make up in Lancaster County means that there should be at least two Democrats on the Commission. Well how do you suggest they get there Dolan? Should we just scrap the electoral process and let two Democrats of your choosing take a seat on the Council because you say that it needs to be so.

Their efforts are frustrated by what the voters want
Dolan, have you ever heard of free elections, the ballot box, or the people have a say in who represents them? Maybe there are five Republicans on the Commission because the people you want represented prefer it that way. There are five Republicans because this is America and the county held free elections and a majority of people elected them. Sorry to dissapoint you Dolan but it is the people that decide who will represent them not you. If you don't like the fact that the people don't or won't vote your way get over it, it probably means they don't agree with you.

They don't recognize the County Contribution now
Dolan and his running buddy Boles, like the people they are seeking to avenge Carlson and Steward think that the County and everyone in it should revolve around and kowtow to the wants and needs of the city. They seem to think that the County would not exist it it weren't for the city and it's money.

They are some of the people that think that people that live in the County and work in the city should pay extra taxes to the city for the privilige of working in the city. What they can't seem to realize is that a very large portion of the income these people make is also spent right here in the city. How can they not know that people come to Lincoln from all over the county to buy groceries, clothes and Husker Tickets. The people of this county support this city by spending the money they earn right here in the city.

Dolan ignores the Real Issues
There are so many more issues and concerns in Lancaster County. That Candidates like Dolan and Boles can only attempt below the belt attacks on Hudkins and Heier and one issues speaks volumes about their character. They are only running to put a democrat in office. Any Democrat, as long a Democrat wins. Why? Because they have profiled the party make up of the county and can't just assume the two seats they believe belong to Democrats. They don't that the citizens have a say with their vote, they really do believe that there should be two Democrats on the Commission based on the population of Democrats in the County.

This election is about power and revenge. A few select people in the city want the power to force their plan on the city and effect the make up of rural development as well. They are upset that their co-horts Jon Carlson and Cecil Steward have been rebuffed.

The Turtle Lady runs for Office

Wow I can't believe it, we have an honest to gawd valley girl running for the district 29 legislatvie seat. Angelika T.L. Byroth, (well maybe she's from Martha's Vineyard instead) Was asked three questions about the issues her answers sound like something Chrissy would have said on Three's Company. I have seen more intellegent answers recorded on the pages of the Weekly Reader (you know that paper we got in school that we ordered books from). But this is the same woman that legally change her middle name to the Tirtle Lady. Yes that is what the T.L. really does stand for.

Question: Should the state allow citizens to carry concealed weapons? Why or why not?

Answer"No. I am a citizen. I would want to have visible notification that I could be in harm's way so that I could opt to get out of harm's way, and in a hurry if need be."

Angelika's answers to the other two questions are not much better. It seems her solution to just about everything is that it is the responsibility of the federal government to take care of.

What does Ms. Byroth plan on doing if she is elected? Insist that the Unicameral pass nothing but resolutions that will be forwarded to the Washington D.C. commanding them to do something?

It is obvious that this candidate knows very little about the history of the United States it's Constitution and those of the states. Her solution to all that is wrong with nebraska is insist that the Nanny State respond.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am not a smoker

City Council passes reasonable smoking Ban In Lincoln
Until earlier this year Lincoln did not have a ban on smoking in public places. That all changed when the City Council passed what amounted to a 60-40 law. This allowed any business that derived sixty or more percent of its income from the sale of alcohol to continue to allow smoking if they so desired. Some liked the new ordinance others didn't, the general consensus was that is seemed fair for all concerned.

City Councils Repeals New Ban for total ban
Some weeks later, however, the same City Council met and repealed the previous ordinance and instituted a complete and total ban in its place. As I understand it even cigar or smoke shops can no longer allow a buyer to sample a product in the store either.

This is the same City Council, by the way, that recently scheduled a special 75 million dollar bond election, because they didn't want such an important issue on an already crowded November ballot. That was the supposed reason, but more than one came right out and said; "It was set for a special election because voter turnout is usually low. Things like this pass easily during a special election as usually only voters that support it will vote. If we put it on the November ballot we knew it would get voted down. The voters did turn out and voted it down by a 2-1 margin.

Outrage leads to Ballot Initiative
Public outrage over this action morphed itsself into a campaign to gather signatures for a ballot initiative. On November second the people of Lincoln have a choice. That choice is not whether there will be any kind of local smoking regulation at all. The choice voters have is between the newest action by the City Council or the new-old action by the City Council.

We rule this fifedom, ye shall submit
Essentially it goes like this; We the City Council of the City of Lincoln have decreed that ye must submit yourselves to our will. There will be a smoking ordinance. We are not going to let your uppity attitude of challenging our authority with a ballot initiative get in our way. Since we get to write the language that goes on the ballot it is our decree that on November second ye shall have but two choices, and they are as follows:

1) You can vote the way we want you to for the total and complete ban or,

2)You can vote to repeal our total ban ordinance, but you will still be subject to the 60-40 ban that we enacted in the first place.

You will not as a citizen of Lincoln have the opportunity to vote for an either "yes we have a ban of some kind" or "no we will not have a ban of any kind". We have spoken.

We don't trust you to know what is best for you
We have already decided for you, (it's in your own interest, because we know more what is best for you than you do) that there is going to be a ban of some kind.

It's your vote
Vote how you want to, but if my City Council pulled that on me (ed.. oh wait they did) I'd most certainly vote against what ever it was they were trying to shove down my throat.

The funny part
The thing is, if the voters of Lincoln had a choice between a reasonable ban and nothing at all, the reasonable ban would win out by a comfortable margin, even some of the smokers I do know would vote for it.

That brings us to this point, by and large most smokers respect the choices made by non smokers and go out of their way to not be a nuisance. Contrast this with the attitude of a large number of non-smokers and their in-your-face-attitude.

Elections should be about choices and when it comes to the smoking issue the voters of Lincoln really don't have any. The City Council has made it plain it will be law, the only thing that is up in the air at this point is which law.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just a note

Posting may be sparse over the next few days as I have a class to teach and must attend to those duties.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What can one say about something like this except, Thank you Officers?

In todays Journal Star, Andrew Nelson writes about one man's crusade to show his appreciation for the front line civil servants of the Lincoln community. His efforts have culminated in a dinner in their honor.
B.C. "Bob" McAtee wanted to do something for the police officers as a way of saying thank you for their years of service. His inspiration was the "cop on his block" in the late 1940's Former Lincoln Police Officer, and now sadly deceased, Dick Miller.

Dick Miller sounds like every kids cop, or at least the kind of cop every kid should have in his/her life. I remember mine, I just wish I could remember his name. As kids, in the summertime, after morning chores we would head out from our respective homes and meet up with our .22 rifles and fishing poles. Our sojourns along the creek included fishing, getting wet, and pot shooting tin cans or squirrels in season. In the fall with shotguns sans fishing poles we would jump shoot ducks and geese. The creek meandered into and along the edge of town. When we got that far we trapsed over to the general store for a cola and a candy bar. No one gave a second thought to four or five, twelve to fourteen year old kids moseying up the store carrying guns.

Pop and a candy bar only a nickel each

In the store the guns, fishing poles and creels were stashed in the corner and we'd plunk dimes down for a bottle of pop and our choice of chocolate.

Cops, kids and guns
It also wasn't unusual for the State Trooper assigned to that area to either be there or stop in for a patrol break. When we were ready to go or when the clerk gave the trooper the secret high sign (ed ...just speculation on my part) that we'd been around long enough, the Trooper would open up his patrol car and all us guys would stow our rods and rifles in the trunk of his car and pile in the seats. Stopping off at each house in turn our policeman friend would get out open the trunk so a gun and fishing pole could be retrieve, if there was parents or any other family around the trooper waved or spent a few moments talking to a Dad.
When all of us local "miscreant" youths had been safely delivered back to our respective folds the Trooper would resume his patrol patterns and we would get to doing the afternoon chores, "If'n we wanted any dinner".

A Norman Rockwell moment
As it was in "Bob" McAtee's and Dick Millers day it was a different time. Everybody knew or knew about everybody else in the county and it didn't scare people to see a few country boys wandering around carrying guns. They never thought twice about it, it just made sense, it was part of the scenery.

That Trooper was my boyhood cop, we trusted him because we knew he really cared, we knew he was there for us, not against us. We knew it, not because we were told that, we knew it because we could feel it. That Trooper trusted us to do right. Not a single one of us would have risked being ostrisized by our own little band or dissappointing that cop and the trust he had in us, by doing something we knew was wrong. It just wasn't going to happen. He was our friend and you didn't turn you back on your friends. You just didn't.

I just wish I could have known Dick Miller too. I wish I could remember that Troopers name.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of Dick Millers out there, I don't know them, I only know of the profound effect one State Trooper had on this boy's life.

My sincere heartfelt "Thank you Officers" as well
In a time when police officers seldom hear the "Thank You Officer" that they so richly deserve for the good things they do, "Bob" McAtee puts on a dinner for them. Thank you Mr. McAtee what a wonderful heartwarming idea. My best wishes go to "Bob" and all of the attendees that evening may the warmth of your gathering be felt all over the city.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Muzzle Loading is as much a social activity as it is a sport (for me at least)

Less Nostolgia or More Hunting
Jed has an interesting article at Freedom Sight on Muzzle loaders. He cites the increasing popularity of the "modern in-line" over the "traditional" muzzle loading firearms and wonders if more people are "into" the sport for the separate hunting season and not the nostalgia of "doing it" the way our fore fathers did.

My own History
I have been shooting muzzle loaders since about 1970. Back then the only black powder firearms generally available were the originals, replicas of military arms and real rotten egg smelling black powder. We spent many Sunday afternoons after Church and dinner, out behind the house, either ours or a neighbors shooting black powder guns. It was a predominately male oriented social event that included the women folk and children if they wanted to. No one was excluded from the fun unless it was by their own choice, but usually the women were content to socialize in the kitchen drinking tea and conversing. It wasn't sexist, it was what they chose to do.

It was truely a social event where conversation was possible between reloading and waiting a turn to shoot. Challenges were issued back and forth to see who could hit the smallest the farthest, or who could fire the most shots in a given time. At that time though a don't think anyone of us ever considered hunting large game with a muzzle loader. Sure someone occassionally used one to bag a garden bunny, or varmitous woodchuck but that wasn't what you would call hunting.

Over the ensuing years I have introduced more than a few people to the socialization of muzzle loading. I even began to hunt with them when the special seasons began to be scheduled. To this day I still use and hunt with a Thompson Center Renagade caliber 54 caplock that came to me as a kit in 1985 or 86. Both my sons shoot caplock 50 calibers as well. The only inline in the family belongs to Jr.'s father-in-law and that is a 50 caliber too.

Stop and smell the powder burning
The thing I find most enjoyable about muzzle loaders is the slowness of it. There is not the load up a kajillion round magazine and see how fast you can spend your money emptying it. A person with some free time, a muzzle loader and a few friends can spend an enjoyable afternoon for a couple of bucks. Shooting as few as 10 rounds each in an couple of hours is quite a contrast to 10 rounds each in a couple of seconds, and much, much cheaper as well. If there is one thing muzzle loading firearms teaches us it is patience.

Who shoots black powder
In the last several years I have met, as Jed suggests, a number of people that are getting "into" it for the extra season. Even this group of people is divided on their reasons for participation. Some enjoy the total experience of hunting and use a muzzle loader to spend even more time in the great outdoors. Others have spent years harvesting their game with a high powered rifle and seek to put "some challege" back in the hunt by using the smoke pole.

There is another group of people that choose the black powder option as well and I can readily identify with them. Some former rifle hunters are over whelmed by the numbers of regular firearms users in the woods and want a season where and when the woods are not so populated. In addittion to the nostalgia that Jed mentions this was my primary reason for focussing on muzzle loaders as a way to fill the freezer. Although nostalgia played/s a big part in it. Possibly that is why I still shoot and hunt with a caplock, instead of an in-line.

Not just for Hunting either
It is just not the hunters that enjoy the benifits of black powder. There are non hunters that own and shoot front loading, pistols, shotguns and rifles for fun and competition matches.

What is tradition
In the hunting fratenity, however there are those that consider themsleves purists and look down their noses at at "them citified shooters and them dang modern in-lines". I always wondered where that would end, the caplockers disdain for the in-lines, the flintlockers disdain for the caplocks, the long bowyers disdain for anything that goes boom and makes smoke.

I have always thought that traditional was defined as more than a specific single period in history. Tradition is being true to that period of history you wish to portray, represent or have an interest in. If you are the flintlock type then be true to that era in your equipment and methodology. If you are more into caplocks then the same thing goes there as well.

Much has been said with in the fraternity about in-lines not being traditional and shouldn't be allowed during the special seasons. While I can see a good portion of that arguement, let me relate a couple of reasons why I disagree.

First and foremost a bit of history.
Flintlocks were used up and into the War between the States. (1860's) The Caplock was invented by an English preacher about 1808. It didn't catch on because frontier folk realized that should the caps get wet they were then permanately useless. Out in the wilds of frontier America a man or woman without a firearm was in trouble. If a person was armed with a flintlock and their powder got wet it would dry and could still be used and since the flint is just a piece of rock it was just wiped dry.

Disspelling the notion that the in-line is some new fangled invention note that the first patent for an in-line firearm was awarded in 1822. As with all things it takes awhile for a change to catch on. The advent of the insurrection in 1860's hastened the development of the cartridge gun. Had it not been for the North/South skirmesh the in-line was the next logical step in the advancement of the firearm. The necessity of the war dictated the brass cartridge however, and the rest is history. Except that as a footnote, the inline fully came into it's own a hundred and twenty years later than it would have.

No, I personally don't hold any disdain for in-line shooters, I am a traditioanlist and I focus my efforts on being traditional to the time period that most interests me. In reality there may be an in-line in my future if for no other reason than just to have one. Isn't that reason enough?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Movies you won't see on the big screen: The entire Bush trilogy as a special boxed set

Avaiable, for a limited time only this is the special collectors edition you have been waiting for. This boxed set contains all three exciting made for the big screen episodes of the Bush Chronicles. This set will sell fast, get yours while you can. Look for the Bush trilogy at a vendor near you. I bet you don't find it though.

The Bush Identity
This film sets the stage for a guaranteed sequal. In the begining see how a young George Bush, in search of his own identity, embarks on a series of drunken escapades, college pranks and shadowy National Guard service that will set the stage for the rest of his life. The movie ends with our now reformed hero slaying the deplorable Ma Richards at that ballot box to become Governor of the state of Texas.

The Bush Supremecy
This is the long awaited sequal to the still popular Bush Identity. Now President, George Bush must contend with cleaning up the foriegn policy debacles of his predesessor. Before he has a chance to get a firm grasp on the situation, Bush finds he must masterfully use every tool at his disposal to blaze a firery trail of victory and retribution across the burning deserts of the Middle East. Rivaling even Lawrence of Arabia, the generals under Bush's command formulate and execute a plan that will insure the future safety of not only the United States, but the entire free world.

The Bush Ultimatum
The third and final movie in this Bush series finds the President seeking re-election. Starting out slowly with his free ride trough the primaries, this movie picks up the pace as it speeds toward the general election. Relentlessly hounded by his competitor and his allies, watch how Bush skillfully deflects cheap shot after cheap shot. The excitement builds as the plot thickens will G.W. get the re-election he so richly desires? This one is a nail biter right down to the wire. You'll just have to stay for the credits, I'm not letting this one out of the bag.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Self defense has never been just for men

It never was just a "Guy Thing"
The idea of self defense and personal protection has always been more than "just a guy thing" or the "man of the house's" responsibiltiy. In many homes there only a single parent and that is not an adult male to do "the guy thing". There are also many single women that live alone.
Don't get me wrong, I do not believe for an instant that a woman needs a guy around to protest her. Far from it, personal protection is one area where, with the right tools a woman is every bit the equal of any man. The truth is in many instances men require many of the same tools to protect themselves.

Size does matter
Consider a 150 pound male senior citizen set upon by a couple of youths that could be part of the Dallas Cowboys front line. Without the proper tools to protect himself the hapless gentleman has very few choices. One, he can comply, risking life or injury. Two, he can try to run away, only to get chased down and beaten and possibly killed for his actions. Three, he could try to call 911 on his cell phone before it is slapped out of his hand by one of the miscreant youths. Four he can try to defend himself. No this aged American really doesn't have any really good choices does he? What is the answer? That is for him to decide at that moment, based on the sum total of his life's experiences and no one elses.

Or consider a woman in the late night parking garage set upon by a serial rapist as she enters her car after working a late shift. What choices does she have? How much of a cell phone call will she get to make?

Can anyone of us have the audacity to tell another human being in these situations that they have no right to fight back or posess the necessary tools to defend themselves?
Do they need a gun? Maybe, but that should be their choice not ours. A gun is most definately not the answer to every situation and should only be a tool of last resort in any case. It is only one of the tools that people may avail themselves of in todays modern world. There are many other tools that are less lethal options as well, but like all tools there is no one tool that is the right toll for any and all situations. Unfortunately many of these other tools such as, pepper spray, Kubatons and sharp instruments are also illegal in many localities.

What they are really saying
The most common available advice to citizens by "powers that be" is, give the attacker/s what they want, comply with the demands don't fight back and you may not get hurt. Translated that means; Hand over everything you got, if it is a robbery or Just lay back and enjoy it if it is a rape, and then call us. We'll come out and take a report and investigate it.

The "if you resist you might get hurt" montra is a wash. I guess the people that espouse this nonsense have never been raped or do not believe that the resultant psycological trauma is a serious enough injury. How many of todays rapists use a comdom and how many have some type of venereal disease and/or aids. In today's society a rape, could very well be a death sentence.

How on this earth can any compassionate person tell a woman that her "best defense" against rape is to let the attacker have his way. I am not a woman and I have never been raped, I know some that have. Many of them have said NEVER AGAIN. These are the people that have been there done that, these are the people we need to be listening to when it comes to advice on what to do.

No Duty to Protect
Why should you, I or anyone be concerned about protecting ourselves, our families our children? Isn't that what the police are for? In some situations yes, but courts have just about always held that the police have no duty to protect us as individuals, only the community as a whole.

The Police can only be in so many places at once
I am not trying to take anything away from the good and decent cops that patrol our streets, theirs is a tough lot and mostly a thankless job, and I do not know a single one that wouldn't help if they could. Cops can not be everywhere all the time and in the majority of crimes, that they handle, it is after the fact. They arrive to take a report and conduct an investigation. The police have to know there is a problem before they can help and in the frightenly brutal moments of a crime you are NOT going to be able to alert them.

That does nothing for the victims of the crimes themselves.
Rarely are cops able to stop a robbery, mugging, beating, rape or other crime while it is IN PROGRESS. Again this is in no way the fault of the police, it is just the dynamics of life. If you are the victim of one of the aforementioned crimes you are on your own for your safety and survival.
The choices you make in these situations are yours and yours alone. Some people will just submit and hope for the best, others will fight back tooth and nail, and still others may do something between the extremes. The point is, man or woman, you will probably be alone with no one to rely on but yourself. Have you ever thought through what you would do or not do in moments like these?
Since the dawn of the internet there have been websites addressing self defense and personal protection issues, the majority of which have been aimed at the male population. In recent years that has changed, and for the better. There are and have been several groups that are run by women, that are about self defense and personal protection for women. Some of these groups have a presence on the internet and they are not all about guns. There is a lot of valuable information that can be gleened from these organizations that may help you be and feel safer in todays world. Maybe you do feel safe already and don't need any advice offered by other women. That is good and I applaud you for that. For many that is not the case and I offer the following links for those that wish to persue the subject in more depth.

Effective self-protection for intelligent women who want help, not hype, Pepper spray, persuaders, stun guns, firearms. What works, what doesn't? AWARE is a non-profit group dedicated to your safety.

Women Against Gun Control
Women are concerned about becoming victims of crime. Guns give women a fighting chance against crime.

Mothers Arms
Mothers Arms teaches women how to protect themselves and their children from assault and aggression in a dangerous world.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Only teachers can own books

Suppose the second amendment actually said the following.

A well educated populace, being neccesary for an intelligent electorate, the right of the people to own and read books shall not be infringed.

Would anybody argue that the second amendment only applied to public libraries and persons publically employed as professors or teachers?

Cadidates go to your podiums and come out debating

The Debate
I had the pleasure of attending the Fortenberry/Connealy debate this evening. It was held at the Embassy Suites, in downtown Lincon, Nebraska and sponsored by AARP. In large part it was a rehash of things both candidates have been saying all along. Fortenberry did, I think have answers that more directly addressed the questions than Connealy, in a way that is not much diferent than what we have seen in the national debates. The two major differences between the candidates really seems to be in the areas of medical costs, coverages and stem cell research.

We have heard it all before
I won't bore you, by laying it all out here, suffice to say we heard the same thing from the Presidential debate the other night. I am sure Fortenberry and Connealy genuinely believe the positions they espoused, but it was essentially party line politics on both of these issues and we have heard it all before.

After the debate
I got to speak briefly with Jeff, we didn't even mention the debate just a little small talk, "Hey hows the family?" Great and yours?" "Real busy" "Yea I know the feeling me too" kind of stuff.

I also spoke to Jessica (his campaign manager) and Josh one of his communications people, about getting a chance to sit down with Jeff to answer some questions for the blog before the election.

This one's for you Two
I also had a few moments with Matt Connealy as well. I mentioned that I was concerned with his voting record on the 2nd amendment and his positions on firearms issues. Matt started to give me the I'm a sportsman and a hunter spiel, before I came back at him with the 2nd amendment is not about hunting and what were his thoughts on the recently deceased "Assault weapons ban". Matt flat out and straight up told me didn't want to see it go, BUT now that it is gone he would not vote for any kind of renewal or any anti-gun legislation that may come up if he is elected. "It didn't work", He said. "It needed to go" Yes I believe him, I just got the feeling that this is not a subject Matt is comfortable discussing.

Concealed Carry
He then explained why he has voted against the concealed carry law in Nebraska. Yes he has voted several times to advance it out of committies, but he has/would not vote in favor of it in it's final form as it has not had a training requirement. This last part is simply not true, I have read the bills (ed..and they have been posted on the internet I'm just to tired/lazy to get a link right now) that have been introduced in years past. The lack of a training requirement was a sticking point several years ago and a requirement has been a major part of the bill for at least the last three years. In fact it mandates the State Highway Patrol to adopt the standards of training if/when the bill passed. So Matt didn't fair to well with me on that one.

In Sumation
In closing, the candidates have been at it long enough that they have heard just about all the questions that can be asked of them and each has developed their own canned answers to them. From both sides this is what it sounded like tonight. Jeff Fortenberry was a bit more smooth with his presentation, but I think this is a product of being younger and having been better groomed for the part. The Kentucky Derby Favorite if you will. Matt Connealy on the other hand gave a lot of his answers in classic coffee at the local diner style. And there ain't nothing wrong with that at all. The ole plow horse if you will. And there ain't nothing wrong with that either.

If it were any other election or if Connealy felt just a little bit different a bout a couple of the issues I could vote for him. But I have cast my lot with Jeff and saw nothing this evening to sway me away from that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blog description

I have made a change to the description block on the blog. I am by no means changing the focus of what I write, I just feel the new description more accurately represents what I am doing.

I would also like to thank everyone of the readers that is a part of this. All of your comments are welcome and as has been seen, I try to address them. There have been a few spirited exchanges and for me that is what it is all about.

With that said thank you all very much.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Local Cops crash Legal Block Party? or Chief Casady's SOP strikes again?

10/15 1100hrs UPDATE: Since I originally posted this I have learned that there is more to this story than what was said in the letter by Ms. Collins. (ed.. I indicated there was probably much more in the first paragraph) No one seems to want to talk about it or explain what that more is. Since this block party has been an annual event for several years and the organizers had a permit from the city to hold it, I still maintain that the situational evaluation was not handled in away that reflects well on the Department. This was a gathering of long time friends families and neighbors with children and grandchildren out for an enjoyable evening. This was not a "drunken bikers rally", "a drug bust" or "an unorganized, unpermitted protest march". Doesn't Community Relations mean anything anymore? As/if I am able to find out more I WILL post it here, no matter what that more is. END UPDATE

I probably should have waited until I am not so seething mad to write about this, it's my blog, I don't have to and I simply don't want to. True I don't know the whole story and have no idea how much more there is to it, but that is not the point. The point is, and I'm not going to mince words, some overzelous Lincoln Police Officer went off the deep end. ( that hasn't happened before)

This event occurred while I was out of town so there may have been something in the "printed on real paper edition" of the Lincoln Journal Star, I didn't find anything in a quick search of the on-line edtion archives. This acticle unfolds from a letter to the editor that appeared in todays Journal Star, and was written by someone that was at the block party in question.

For several years running the residents of Harwood Street between the 18th to 20th cross streets have had an annual block party. And yes horror, of horrors the law abiding organizers have even secured the proper city permits.

This years friendly neighborhood gathering took place on September 25th and started at 4:00PM with games for all the kids and grandkids. By six the hotdogs and burgers are done and served with the wide array of side dishes provided by the residents. For the third year in a row the Rock'n roll band started playing promptly at seven.

Food, families, fun, neighbors all out and getting along peacefully ....... OH no this can't be... Oh No not in Chief Tom Casady's Lincoln, Nebraska .... How could we have let this go on for so long?

Oh boy now their in for it.. 8:30PM almost right on schedule, Barney Fife shows up in a Lincoln Police Officers Uniform. (ed...well it would be Barney Fife if this wasn't so serious) Officer Rambo gets out of his car calls for back-up and then charges the band stand. Without so much as a, "Who gave you people permission to use my city streets to have a good time?" This badge heavy Lincoln Cop tells the band if they play another note, "They will be arrested for disturbing the peace."

The residents of this community were dumbfounded at the rude confrontational behavior exhibited by this Jack Booted thug with a badge and a gun.

There are alot of questions unanswered in this womans letter, such as did someone make a complaint, was the music too loud etc.. NONE OF THAT MATTERS THOUGH.

What matters is that they had a permit. What matters is the city approved that permit. What matters is that ALL of the Officers on duty that night should have been informed that the function had a permit and it was a legally sanctioned event. What matters is that the Officers should have had the names of the responsible parties in the event of a problem. What matters is if there was a genuine complaint the responding officer should have contacted the responsible parties before going on a tirade that is reminicent of the FBI siege at Ruby Ridge.

But no, Officer Rambo, unlike cops who in past years stopped by for a hot dog and cheezy taters, No this Over blown dictator with a gun has to barge right into the middle of a peaceful permitted block party and start throwing his badge around.

I find it abhorent that a paid servant of the people could commit such agregious and threating actions toward peaceable citizens having a neighborhood get together on a weekend evening. There are just too many other ways this could have been handled. But then this is typical of the men under Chief of Police Tom Casady.

The author of this letter to the editor poses the questions; Is this behavior normal and is this normal police procedure?

Yes it is Ms. Collins, in Lincoln, Nebraska, the answer to both questions is YES IT IS. I can cite instance after instance where these kinds of things or similar occur with regular frequency in the Capital City. This is not just a lone incident, I have been around more than a few of the local cops that espouse that kind of behavior and/or mentality. Last Friday evening, a city police officer told me that people in Lincoln do not have the right to defend themselves if they did or tried to they would share the same jail cell as their attacker, or at least be cited, as it wasn't his job to sort that crap out that is what judges are for. (ed... Yes I really was told that)

The sad part is the city of Lincoln has a written plan in place for events such as this or the "binge parties" that college towns are notoriously noted for. Was this plan followed? If I read it correctly there ain't no way in east Lincoln it could have been.

So the question is do we have a case of one out of line officer or do we have a department where a blind eye is turned by the administration led by one Tom Casady? As more time goes by and as I here about more incidents like this I sadly must admit, as a former officer myself, that it is the latter.

Now on a personal note to the Officer involved; I realy hope you are proud of yourself. This was not a "biker rally" or a college "binge party" that you raided in classic drug bust fashion. This was a gathering of Parents and Grand parents with their children and grandchildren having a peaceful evening with friends and neighbors that you took a sworn oath to protect and serve. How many of the children at that block party now have a very real fear of police officers? Because of your actions is that fear justified? YOUR DAMNED RIGHT IT IS! But don't let that keep you up at night, I'm sure you were "Just following orders/procedure. (ed ...oh wait where have I heard that one before... oh yea Neurumburg) I guess it would be to much to ask you as an adult to actually think for yourself for once instead of blindly persuing policy. If your fellow officers have any doubt as to why the Lincoln police department is held in such low regard and why there just doesn't seem to be any public support for the needs of the department they only have to look across the locker room at YOU and officers like you.

If Wayne Boles is so commited to the city, why is he running for a county seat?

Some time ago, when I noted that Wayne Boles had been tapped to replace the "Wanderer" Todd Paddock as candidate for County Commssioner, I promised to have more on the subject.

Wayne Boles, has Planning Commission member Jon Carlson actively campaigning for him. This puts him tightly in the back pocket of said commission and Boles own statements prove it. Carlson, is and has been at odds with the County Commissioners on several issues, has a personal agenda in seeing Boles elected and makes no apparent bones about it.

At a recent campaign appearance Boles took a cheap shot at his opponent Larry Hudkins for developing some of his own property. Said property is within the city limits of Malcolm, Nebraska and not necessarily the concern of Lincolnites and the planning Commission.

Boles attempted to imply that, as a developer Hudkins was using the board for his own personal gain. One of the major dissagreements between Hudkins/Heier and the Planning Commission is the use of land in the county proper. The city of Lincoln has a state statutory say in everything that is done within a 3 mile area OUTSIDE of the city limit. The Planning Commission tried to impose a 180 acre county wide rule on development.

In essesence this mean that only one family structure could be erected on any property that is 180 acres or less. If you have raised your children, own a farm and want to build a house on that farm for the off-spring that will be working the farm with you, you would not have been able to do that had the Carlson Planning Commission gotten it's way. Hudkins/Heier fought that proposal down to a slightly more acceptable 20 acres. I hope you can see here why the planning commission/Carlson want Hudkins/Heier ousted.

Wayne Boles who, if elected will represent the entire county, by his own admission cares only for what happens in the Capital City.

Boles said that he accepted the invitation to run in the general election because of his "interest in being a part of the crucial issues which will be addressed in the State's capital city during the next four years."

Is that plain enough? Want more? The truth is Boles had no interest in running for commissioner until he was talked into it after Paddock took his powder.

Boles claims he is interested in history, it is apparent however that he is not very knowledgeable of it. He either doesn't know or is unwilling to admit that the people are the boss and further states that you as a private citizen have no powers until he bestows them upon you. This is not someone who has a firm grasp on what public service is or should be.

In a Democracy, the citizens empower officials by electing them. The elected officials, then, empower the citizens, by listening to them.

No Wayne we elect you to do our bidding and listen to us, all the time, everytime. We are not empowered because you grant us a token few minutes to speak at a commission meeting before you vote the way, Carlson wants YOU to anyway Wayne.

"All citizens who live in Lancaster County," Boles commented, "have a stake in the capital City's orderly growth. For instance, those of us who live in Malcolm, Raymond, Agnew, and Emerald, along with the other communities of .......... and the convenience of all the departments of state government."

That is what it is all about for Wayne Boles, and Jon Carlson, the Capital City and the CONVENIENCE of Government. Well guys I don't want my government representitives to have convenience, I want my government representivies to have to work hard, very HARD to convince me that what they want to do is fair and CONSTITUTIONAL. Convenience for the government means loss of liberty and unneccesary intrusion into the personal lives of all citizens and it should be abhored by anyone that calls himself a citizen.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Chancellor Perlman to Nebraska: Go Ahead vote me off the Island.

The University of Nebraska is home to the newest Reality television show. Harvey Perlman, Chancellor, recently agreed to a deal with NBC that allows them to use the Lincoln campus as the background for an abusive, ex-drug addict rockin' roller (Tommy Lee) turns good guy TV show. Perlman sent the following email out to all staff AFTER the deal had been inked.

10/07/04 05:09 AM
From Chancellor Perlman: Reality TV

Dear Colleagues:

By now, the few of you who may have still thought otherwise, are probably convinced I've lost my mind. A reality television show on our campus? Tommy Lee? I'm sorry I was unable to brief you in advance before the recent news articles but we were bound by a confidentiality agreement with NBC.

Yes Harvey, there are a bunch of us that know you have lost your mind. The confidentiality agreement was in place so NBC could get the deal signed before the public found out about it and raised a fuss. Have you forgotten that you work for the people Perlman?

It is true we have allowed them to film on campus. We have done as much due diligence as we could including weeks of meetings with producers; we're satisfied that the show will not portray the university in a bad light.

Due Diligence is right, you had to make sure that the 30 pieces of silver was going to be enough to offset the criticism of your decision. The very fact that you agreed to such a thing puts you and the University in a bad light Chancellor.

The essence of the show is that a rock star, with a questionable past, seeks redemption through higher education. We believe the effort will be serious. We think that is a good message and one with which the university can associate.

The essence of the show is a washed-up rock star with a deplorable past seeks recognition and money, and is using our institution of higher learning to get it. It is a good message alright but you didn't need Tommy Lee, we already have a washed-up football coach here for the same reasons. Recognition and money.

Beyond the message, our campus will be featured in a prime time show on a major broadcast network. While few of us may put reality television shows on our top ten programs to watch, they are popular with students whom we are trying to recruit to the university.

Prime Time is right Harvey, now everyone in the country will know about Nebraska and the students you want to recruit; Abusive, drug addicts and the fans that adore them. No Chancellor there is no beyond the message, that is the message; If your a drug addicted abusing good time rockin' roller head on up to Harvey's Crack House. (Formally University of Nebraska Lincoln)

There are of course some risks here as well and we recognize them. On the other hand, the potential for this exposure seemed worth the risk. We think the depiction of our campus environment, the faculty, and students who are featured will be positives for us.

I don't think you have thought through the risks, or you just don't care Chancellor as long as the 30 pieces of silver was not conterfit. If you don't think, they are portraying the University in a good light Perlman at what point and how will you stop them? They have a signed contract and a license for artistic expression.

We have turned down a number of reality opportunities. I would be more concerned if this were being produced for cable. But we believe NBC is a responsible network and the show will be responsibly produced.
Turned them down until they came up with the silver, I'm sure. I guess it depends on what your definition of responsible is?

The producers are also making efforts to engage some of our students as interns and to give them experience in making a major television production. And, the buzz and energy of having this activity on campus are also positives.

Ok so the brass at NBC had to agree to a few token extras to sweeten the deal, I can hang with that one. It is definately a good experience I won't short change any student on that one. But yea when you got a good time rockin' roller cruising the campus BUZZ would be the right word to use. Although that is not an activity I would like to see on Campus.

We understand the background of Tommy Lee. We do not approve of some of his past conduct. On the other hand, education is one of the ways a person can redeem himself for past mistakes.

You understand his background and you still agreed to this? Or were you just hoping for a shot at meeting Pamela Anderson? Sorry to burst your bubble Harvey but they broke up a long time ago. Redeem his past mistakes? Ok so is Tommy Lee going to be a real student, enrolled in real classes, earning real credits for one whole semester, or if he actually gets good grades will this be a continuing series? Can we vote him off campus??

He will be living off campus. He has agreed to abide by the Student Code of Conduct while he is in Lincoln. He is open to participating in some activities, off camera, that will benefit the university and its students.

Of course he will live off campus, so he can keep a well stocked bar and a refridgerator full of beer. Does participating in in off camera activities include hosting all the beer bashes at his high dollar town house? (Where ever that may be) Other than a few bucks in someones pocket and the very valid experience very few of the students will get in media production, I have yet to see any benefits. Well unless you count the Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson porn videos and the free beer out to the Lee mansion.

Again, in the end, while recognizing the risks, we decided the potential for our recruiting efforts was worth it. I hope that turns out to be the right judgment. I am tempted to say something like, "if it doesn't work you can vote me off the island" but I've already used that line. (ed ...sounds like an off hand way of telling us your the boss and we can all to go to hell if we don't like it.) All I can say is join me in keeping your fingers crossed.

Actually it doesn't matter what you recognize at this point Chancellor, you have signed all that away in NU red, and it won't be the Island we vote you off of if this fiasco doesn't work out. You HOPE it turns out to be the right judgement? Cross your own fingers Harvey it sounds like you have doubts of your own and STILL signed the deal. Is that the same thing as saying you HOPE that hiring Callahan is/was the right judgement? Like I said 30 pieces of silver. Twice over.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon, Family, Firearms and Fun.

Just got back from a trip to the range. We were out doing a little practice for the bowling pin shoot next weekend.

Mrs. Gunscribe made the finishing adjusments to the sights of her Walther P22. It is a new firearm and this will be the first competition for it. She has it dialed in to the point that she was popping clothespins off the top of the target backing at 25 feet.
(Shooting those little clothespins at 25 feet is good practice for pin shooting. After a few rounds of clothespins, bowling pins look HUGE in front of the sights.)

Jr. spent most of his time looking over the sights of a .41 magnum in preparation for next weekends contest. Toward the end he just couldn't help but show off a bit by shooting the clothespins one handed in the duelers stance.

His father-in-law worked the target board and pins over with his Ruger Redhawk in 44 magnum. Dang nice gun in my opinion, but the trigger reset is to long for me, when shooting it double action. You gotta let it allllllllllll the way forward.

Our youngest son spent the afternoon getting used to a recently aquired Star BM that he wants to try on pins. It is one heck of a fast shooting little gun and accurate beyond what you would expect for a 9mm Spanish 1911 clone. (I would not hesitate to carry this gun as a ccw piece, and I am not that easily impressed when it comes to firearms. Hell I just started shooting Glocks two years ago.)

As for me, I just kept plugging away with my Glock 23. I was trying some new loads in 180gr. I am hoping that the 180's will clean the table a little more reliably than the 155's I have been using for carry ammunition. I was pleased to note that no sight adjustments were neccesary. I shot thirteen rounds from a bench rest at the 25 foot distance (to check the zero) and had one very ragged hole dead center point of aim.

The highlight of the afternoon was when the Mrs. borrowed the 44 mag. Our two sons had never seen their mother shoot any handgun that big before. (ed...I have..hehehe) I watched them as they winked at each other when she stepped up to the line. The smirks and grins turned to saucer size eyes and dropped jaws when this petite five foot one inch woman put six for six in the paper bowling pins we were using for targets. There is two male adult children who will go to bed tonight with a little more respect for their mother than they had when they woke up this morning.

All in all it was the most wonderful of days. Family, Fun and Firearms, I'm telling yuh, it just don't get much better than that. Oh yea I all most forgot and a six pack of O'Douls after the firearms were secured and the range cleaned up.

Friday, October 08, 2004

When a right is not a right or don't open carry in Nebraska even if it is legal.

Many of you have read many or all of my previous dissertations submitted to Freedomsights weekly fussilade, and I graciously thank Jed for including them on his site.

More to Come
I am by no means finished with the issue, but want to take a few moments to revisit A Follow Up and a Challege. One of the reasons that several of our state Senators will not vote for a concealled carry law is because as they profess "We don't need one, open carry is legal, if you want or need to carry a gun just put it on, there is no need to hide it."

It Just Ain't there
While I can find nothing in the Constitution or state statutes that recognize or state that open carry is in fact legal, every public official I have ever talked to has assured me that it is legal.

As a talking point it may be legal, but as practically applied I have heard from too many of our local men in blue that it is not legal in a practical sense. Every local police officer I have spoken with has to a man/woman has told me the same thing.

Disorderly Conduct
If you are so bold as to exercise the right to carry a sidearm openly in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska you will most likely be cited for disorderly conduct. All it will take is one frantic phone call to the police that there is a person with a gun. If that call is made you have disturbed someones peace and will be cited, period end of discussion.

I have been taken to task on this issue in the past, the implication is that it is an urban legend more suitable for scarey tales around the campfire. Or "Yea they tell you that just to scare you off from open carrying, the cops can't give you a ticket because your conduct is legal it would get thrown out of court, there is no cop will would waste his time on crap like that."

Welcome to Reality
I have just this evening returned from a municipal function where I was engaged in conversations with several of our local finest. Again it was reaffirmed to me that while open carry is legal don't do it. I was informed that there have been a few instances where officers responded to a man with a gun call, only to find the individual was legal. When the complaining party was told that nothing could be done as no law was being broken the complaintant then stated that the "offender" pointed the gun at them. At that point the person was arrested for an assault charge and had to fight it out in court.

Out of deference to the officers involved and my relationship to them I will not name names. Suffice to say that I believe them when they articulated what happened. I also believe them when they say it has been directed that a reason be found to charge any and all persons that dare to exercise a right that everyone from the Governor and down to the County Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police claim we have.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Recognition/Reciprocity/Honor as it applies to Concealed Carry Licenses

In the past I have read and heard a lot of missinformation regarding varying states acceptence of other states concealed carry license/permits. Different states have different laws regarding what licenses they will accept from other jurisdictions and how they are accepted.

This is not going to be a list of this state does this or that state does something else for all 50 states. It is simply an explanation of the terms as they apply to concealed carry among the various states.

There are any number of websites that keep a comprehensive list of what licenses/permits are valid in other states. To my mind the best and one most kept current can be found at Gary Slider an administrator for that site does a truely fantastic job of keeping that information up to the minute.

Hopefully the following will shed some light on the definition and usage of the terms recognition, reciprocity and honor.

Some states laws require a document be executed and signed by legal representitives of each state thereby establishing a formal agreement in writing before a license is valid in the other state. Florida is one example where that state's law requires a written agreement be executed with another state before they accept that states license.

There are several states where the law pertaining to what out of state concealed carry licenses/permits they accept simply states (or something similar), "that we recognize all licenses/permits legally issued by a govermental authority." States such as these recognize all legally issued permits/licenses regardless of where they are issued. This is why, in Indiana for instance, a license/permit from New York or California in valid. On the other hand the Indiana permit/license is not accepted in New york or California, as these two states (among others) do not have any legal provisions to accept any other states license/permit.

Written into law in some states is the phrase (or something similar) "The state of XXXXXX will honor the license/permit of any other state that recognizes ours". What this means is that, we will recognize a permit from state XXXX if state XXXX recognizes our permit. New Hampshire is one of the states that appear to subscribe to that type of system, as their state statute Title 12-159:6d indicates "The state in which such person is a resident provides a reciprocal privilege for residents of this state."

In summary reciprocity requires a written agreement between states before permit/licenses are valid between states. Recognition simply means that we accept all valid and legally issued permits/linceses whether ours is accepted or not. Honor is just another way of saying "If ours is good there then theirs is good here."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Gun Owners of America have already rated Connealy

It seems Matt Connealy's reputation preceeds him.
It is still 20 something days until the election and already the Gun Owners of America has given Matt a rating. An "F". Apparently they see the same things in his State Senate voting record that I have articulated here. Also note that Fortenberry is listed as "NR" (not rated). Jeff has not had any opportunities to vote on firearms issues as yet, and the GOA has only his campaign rhetoric to rely on, as do all of us voters do.

I am not a campaign or Republican insider as some have alleged, but I have spoken with Fortenberry on these issues and he has looked me in the eye and shook my hand while telling me how he feels on the subject. I am willing to give anyone a chance, and Connealy, in my mind squandered his with his voting record in the state senate.

Firearms owners and hunters in the Cornhusker state would do well to heed Connealy's rating by the GOA as an omen of things to come should he be elected.

10/07 1600hrs UPDATE: Even the NRA already has Connealy's number, well a letter anyway. Matt scores a "D".

Dolan/Boles sling mud hoping they will look good by making their opponents look bad

Democrats pin hopes to last minute candidates

In the past I have commented on the Lancaster County Democratic Party and it's attempts to run a suitable cadidate that has a chance of unseating Republican County Commissionor Larry Hudkins. First it was "The winds of activism and academia blows me where ever" Todd Paddock. The winds blew him out of town and off the ticket long before the general election. Now the County Democrats have, as they did with Paddock, slipped their second string candidate, Wayne Boles, in the last seconds of the election.

Democratic Desparation in local election

While I was out of town for the campaigning at the monthly meeting of the Lincoln Independant Business Association I was not suprised when I heard what took place. Both of the Democratic challengers assailed their Republican opponents with charges they could never hope to prove, while saying little on how they would do things different. If you have no ideas or record to run on tear down the accomplishments of your opponent, even if you have to lie about them. That is acceptable modus operendi if the results get a Democrat elected.

It must be a Democratic strategy from the top down Re: Kerry/Edwards/Dean. If you have no record or plan of your own attack the opponents character, after all since it is Republican candidates being trashed character matters. It is only when the politician is a Democrat (can you say Bill Clinton?) that character doesn't matter.

Character only matters if the subject is a Republican
It is a matter of public record that Bernie Heier has been developing some of his property. It is also a matter of public record that when the county has to address issues concerning Heier's developments, Bernie recuzes himself from the board. For the duration of discussion and voting on any of his development dealings Heier is not even in the meeting room. He does not participate in, vote on, or influence the remaining board members in anyway on anything that he is involved in.

Nothing but forthright
Larry Hudkins and Bernie Heier are and have been above board and forthright in everything they have done whether it has been on county time or their own time. For their opponents Dolan and Boles to suggest otherwise is disingenuous and mudslinging at its dirtiest.

Another prospective
Van, at the website Vans Opinion comments on much the same thing and sums it up by saying that Dolan, Boles and Planning Commissioner Jon Carlson need to PUT UP or SHUT UP.

Say anthing Do anything
Anybody can say anything they want to and political opponents are fair game in an election cycle, but Dolan, Boles and Carlson, it is a reflection of your character when you so wrongly smear your opponents to further your own political agenda. Carlson has a personal axe to grind in this simply because he is at odds with Heier and Hudkins over planning issues that Carlson would like to see implimented.
Maybe someone should ask Jon whether he really supports Dolan and Boles or is he simply on a campaign to avenge his differences with Heier and Hudkins.

Van says: Dolan, Boles and Carlson PUT UP or SHUT UP?
Gunscribe says: I second that.

Hunting & Shooting in the Lincoln Area

I was recently asked in the comment section of one of my posts about shooting/hunting clubs in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. This has not been the first time I have been queried about that, so maybe it deserves more than a reply in the comments section.

Lincoln Trap & Skeet Club
In the city of Lincoln itsself there is the Lincoln Trap & Skeet Club. This is a very well run and equipped club. I am not a member there every year as I don't shoot a lot of clay pigeons. (Some of the people I hunt with probably think I should spend more time there, but hey I bag my share of birds) The Lincoln club has liberal open shooting hours and has league shooting just about year round. The people I have met and shot with there are all great people.

Izaak Walton League
Just outside of Lincoln to the Southeast is the Izaak Walton club and shooting range. They also have a trap and skeet facility. In addition to that they have a 100yrd rifle range, an archery range, a 7, 25 and 50 yard pistol range. The "Ike" is host to a large number of events every year as well. These include metalic silhouette shooting for centerfire and rimfire, bowling pin shooting and many other contests. The open shooting hours for members is generally sun up to sundown 7 days a week unless there is a contest on a specific range.

Weeping Water
Also in the area is the Weeping Water shooting facility, in truth I have not been to this range yet but I fully intend to. Although I do know some of the people involved in the management of it. Weeping Water is a membership club as well and hosts any number of contests involving the various shooting diciplines.
(ed.... I have already been told by the wife that we will be participating in the bowling pin shoots there next summer)

Heartland Hunts
Run by Brent Nisley, Heartland Hunts is a quality experience in bird hunting. I have known Brent for several years now and have hunted with him and his champion dogs. If you do not own a dog and are looking for an affordable
hunting experience this is the place to go if you are in the southeastern Nebraksa area.

Salt Valley Hunts and Kennels
I'm not sure if Joe has a website or not but his listing can be found on the page at Sporting Nebraska and the author of this article at the Outdoor Lodge writes about his experience there. I have known Joe for a period of time and have hunted with him and his dogs as well.

A quick internet search will reveal other hunt club/shooting ranges, but these are the ones I am familiar with and personally know the reputation of the people that run them.

Update 10/08: I originally wrote this post to answer a request made in the comments section of another entry. The request was for shooting/hunting club information and that is what I wrote about. Thinking back to what I did write I wondered if readers would get the idea that the only hunting and shooting allowed in the area was a club activity.

That is not the case. There are acres upon acres of public land within a few miles of Lincoln that is available for fishing, hunting and shooting sports. In fact several of the State recreation areas have archery and trap ranges on them. Use of the trap ranges requires you to bring your own thrower and clay pigeons, but other than having the yearly park permit there is no cost for usage.

Also any number of property owners in the area will allow access to their lands if permission is asked. The single biggest violation Conservation Officers ticket in Nebraska is for trespassing. State law requies anyone to obtain permission from the property owner BEFORE entering upon private property.

Why I will be re-joining the NRA

For many years I have not belonged to the NRA because I felt that they were more about compromise than actually defending the status quo.

Wayne La Pierre, a dynamic and engergetic speaker, was one of the speakers at the Gun Rights Policy Conference last week.

From listening to him speak I have formulated the following observations and opinions.

It appears that the NRA is going global. This is not new news to anybody that pays attention to these things, afterall there is now an NRA presence in Great Britain and Austrailia. The thing that interests me is that the NRA leadership has indentified how much of a threat the United Nations is becoming to the private ownership of firearms in America.

For some time now La Pierre has been engaging Rebecca Peters in a series of debates concerning firearms ownership in America and other countries. Ms. Peters had a very big hand in the gun control laws that were enacted in Australia. George Soros, the money behind and several other anti-Bush, anti-American 527 groups, arranged for Peters present position at the United Nations to pursue global gun control (confiscation).

Finally taking a no compromise position the NRA ala La Pierre is standing up to this threat to our American liberties and fighting it tooth and nail.

It is my observation that the NRA will still maintain the Eddy Eagle, Firearms Instruction certifications and all of the other functions that they now sponser, including a lobby presence in our Nations capitol.

In large part part though it seems that the NRA is, to an extent, passing the torch to some of the other grassroots organizations to carry on the fight for firearms owners in the Nations Capitol and the individual states.

As I said this is only my observation that I have fomulated from listening to speakers and talking to some prominent people in the last few weeks. In truth I hope I am right on this, because until I heard Wayne speak on the subject I didn't realize how critical it was. It is definately a role that needed assuming and I am glad the NRA has shouldered the mantel.

Note I'm not sure if some of this is what GeekWithA45 is alluding to or not, I hope it is and I hope he will be able to say something about it soon.

It appears, in my opinion, that the NRA has found a niche that needs to be filled and they are implimenting a full bore take no prisoners attitude in dealing with it. There is no doubt that it needs to be done and for my money (literally) I hope they succeed.

This is why I have decided to renew my membership in the NRA

UPDATE 10/7 2:10 AM It seems that the Rebecca Peters/Wayne La Pierre debates are going pay for view, according to a post made to in the last few hours.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back Home again

Has been a great trip, but I am really glad to be back home.

In the last two weeks we have visited Justin in Ohio, attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference in DC, visted with friends Wayne & Chad in Virginia Beach and met a rather subdued Hurricane Jeanne.

Update: My apologies to Alex in NY, I didn't mean to leave you out.

We also had a wonderful, but too short time with the wife's relatives in the Philly area.

On our trip through Vermont, as I have already written, we spent time with my old High School chum Bryce Towsley.

The highlight of the trip, for me at least, was to upstate New York for my Grandmothers 90th birthday party. In addition, I actually got to spend time with cousins I grew up with and have not seen in over 30 years. Many thanks, Donna, Debbie, Diane and Hubert. It was also great to see Aunts Irene, Maxine, Barbie and Ruth, along with Uncles Paul, Don, Dan and Lee. I promise it won't be so long next time.

As a final note, about the trip, I was humbled to receive from my Uncle Paul a Winchester Rifle that was given to him when his Dad, my Grandfather passed away almost 30 years ago. Granddad got it from his Uncle Roy and I am proud to be the fourth generation in my family to take posession of this family heirloom which will some day belong to my oldest son. I have pictures of my Grandmother standing with me and Uncle Paul as he presented the keepsake to me. Thank you again Uncle Paul.

Lastly I especially want to thank all of my readers for hanging in there with me while I was away. It was hard to get or make time to get on line and keep things up on the blog. Thanks Fortfan for the plug, Two for the blog link, Eric and all the others out there that I don't even know by name. (Yes Thank you to my annonymous detractors too, all of you are what makes doing this blog enjoyable)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Vacation and Politics do mix

Since the comments on the debate I made this morning I had the distinct pleasure of having coffee with an old high school chum and noted fellow outdoor writer Bryce Towsley. (Yes, for those of you that don't know I am a published outdoor writer as well)

After renewing an old aquaintace and catching up on family affairs we got down to gun talk. (I haven't talked to Bryce in a couple of years) Bryce had just returned from a caribou hunt in Alaska. Since I used to live and hunt in Alaska so we had plenty of notes to compare. Winchester is apparently about to release another of their short magnum calibers, this one is a 325. Bryce indicated that it worked really well on caribou out past 400 yrds. Look for his articles on it in the forth coming months.

Our conversation eventually turned to the potential for repeal of the Washington DC gun ban and the sunset of the AWB. Not suprisingly, I guess, we pretty much agreed on what the future holds. If the Democrats win big in November it will be back there is no doubt about that. We also discussed the possibilty that should the Democrats lose really big in November they will be hell-bent on trying to get a renewal through before January 20th. I can almost see the deal offered up by the democrats now.

Dems: "We'll give you the DC gun thing if you give us the AWB back."

Reps: (After checking with the NRA) "NO DEAL"

Dems: "Ok you give us the AWB, and we'll give you the DC gun ban and let you keep the Hi-cap magazines."

Reps: (after running it by the NRA) "Ok Deal"

Ok OK it may not happen quite like that or it may not be those exact issues, but knowing how politics inside the beltway work, I can see something LIKE THAT coming down the pike.

I hope I am wrong but I don't think so.

The debate

I did have a chance to see the debate last night from the hotel room here in Vermont.

It seemed to me that Kerry could have had early access to some of questions, either that or he was really prepared with "canned" answers. He was just to quick with a response at times and there were several questions that he did not answer.
Instead of telling us what he would do, he spent two minutes telling us how the president got it wrong.

From what I saw he dodged any real answers to the tough questions by deflecting his lack of a plan or position.

The President was not as strong as I had hoped he would be with his answers, but he did have specific answers to the specific questions. It was also obvious that he was speaking from the heart and ment what he said.

For style I would give it to Kerry. He must have learned a thing or two about acting from his Hollywood buddies. For sincerity and substance I have to give it to the President.

Question: Am I the only one that thinks Kerry through his appearance and certain mannerisms tried to emulate former President Reagan at times?

Internet Connections

My sincerest apologies for not posting lately, but dial up is not working on the laptop and a hotel with high speed access is hard to find in New England.

I will be back at the office no later than Wednesday, and hopefully things will be back to normal after that.