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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CJ's Lincoln Extreme Sports - A rip off? You decide!

I have an ATM?Debit card account that I keep a minimal amount of money in (usually $100.00 or so) for online and local purchases at places I do not usually shop.

During the first week of September I allowed my son to make a $20.00 purchase at CJ's Lincoln Extreme Sports located at 1075 N 33
Lincoln, NE 68503, 402-464-2769.

The person on duty had trouble with the card machine and the transaction appeared not to complete so it was tried 4 mores times without a transaction approved showing on the screen. During the time the clerk was attempting to process the card he kept fumbling with the phone cable connection saying that because of the cable being loose it (the machine) did not work sometimes.

My son left without the merchandise.

A number of days later I checked the status of that account while at my bank doing other account business. I was informed that my account (the one referenced above) was over drawn by nearly 100.00 dollars. The teller provided me with a copy of all the transactions on the account for the previous two weeks.

In reviewing the transactions it shows that CJ"s debited my account for 5 separate transactions of $20.00 each totalling $100.00 all at nearly the same time on the same day. It also showed the action by CJ"s produced 2 overdraft charges.

No matter how you add it the account would not have been over drawn had it not been for CJ's faulty equipment.

CJ's was contacted and blamed the "error" on the card company stating that their (CJ's) machine was bad and a new one was on order. I was also told face to face in the store by a female clerk that my card was not the only one to have problems with their broken machine. I was given the impression that it was happening quite frequently.

I produced a copy of my bank statement that showed all of the transactions made on that account leading up to and after CJ's tried to use their broken machine to ring up $20.00 worth of merchandise.

CJ's kept that copy of my statement saying they had to fax it to the card company and on receipt the card company had supposedly told this female clerk that they would refund the $100.00 and reimburse me for the overdraft charges.

It took nearly a week before the $100.00 was refunded to my account. The reimbursement for the overdraft charges was not posted.

Again CJ's was contacted and I was told that they (CJ's) would contact the card company and get it taken care of.

As of today I contacted CJ's and was told by the Owner/Manager that it was they (CJ's) that refunded the $100.00, not the card company, and that he was not responsible for paying the overdraft charges, that he was not going to pay them and I could just go pound sand.

I think two months to make it right is plenty long enough.

I provided documented proof that they are responsible for those charges and they have admitted to using faulty equipment to conduct legitimate business.

It is my opinion that CJ's Lincoln Extreme Sports is a disreputable business, in that they refuse to stand up and admit when they are wrong and refuse to make it right when it is proved beyond any doubt that they are responsible.

In response to the service received by this customer I have taken the following actions;

1. Crafted this narrative for this website so others will know of my experience should they choose to use this business

2. Filed a consumer complaint with the Nebraska attorney generals office.

3. Given (based on my experience) appropriate ratings on online websites that track and monitor things like this.

Shop there if you want to, but be warned by my experience. It is my opinion that CJ's does not care for their customers, nor will they admit their mistakes let alone correct them when they are exposed.

My son tried to spend $20.00 there, CJ's charged $100.00 for merchandise that was never received. When this was proven to them they did refund the $100.00 but refused to be accountable for the overdraft charges they caused with their faulty equipment.

It is my belief that CJ's intentionally ripped me off.

They know they did by using equipment they knew to be faulty. They admitted they knew the equipment was faulty at the time of the transaction and refuse to correct the problem caused by the faulty equipment even when it was proved by a bank statement that they were responsible.

Shop there if you want to but beware my experience when you do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time on the range

"Get out from under foot husband"

It was Saturday October 11 at 1000 hrs, 71 degrees, over cast and the wind was gusting out of the south 15 to 20 mph when "She Who must be Obeyed" threw me out of the house and told me not to come back for at least three hours. In fact her exact words were;

"I bought you a year membership at the Horse Thief gun range now go use it, I have an afghan to lay out and finish. I don't want you in my way."
My response (as I headed out the door rifle, ammo and range bag in hand);

"Yes Dear, your the Boss Dear, anything you say Dear."

Note: Yes this is another Mossberg SSI article.

After signing in I tossed a target board in the back of the Bow Tie P/U and drove over to the west to east 300 yard range. After planting the stand in the 200 yard holder I set up the rest and sand bag. Pausing to clear my head I thought;

"Damn that is a long poke and you ain't shot that far in a long time."

Slipping a 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt round of 30-06 ammunition into the chamber and closing the action I pressed the butt stock into my cheek and shoulder. Finding the target with the 9 power setting of the Leopold scope I tried to settle the cross hairs on the center of the target and decided it wasn't going to happen with the wind gusting out of the south the way it was.

When the gusting died down a few moments later I steadied the hairs and squeezed of the first round.

30 caliber holes are hard to see at 200 yards even on 9 power so I ejected the spent brass and moved to the next bench where my 45X spotting scope sat focussed on the target. The wind had picked up again wobbling the scope making it difficult for me to see the hole in the paper a few inches low and a tad to the left.

Back to the bench with the rifle on it. I loaded the 2nd round and after letting the wind abate sent it down range. For some reason I was able to see it through the Leopold. It had landed dead center about an inch low. I verified it in the spotting scope before launching the 3rd bullet. Number 3 hit about half way between 1 & 2.

Hopping in the Bow Tie I drove (your damn right I lazy) down and eye balled the target numbering the hits with a Sharpie in the process.

Back at the firing line I put shots number 4 & 5 on the paper.

Nobody was more surprised than I when I saw that the last three shots I fired made one ragged hole that could be covered with a quarter.

An off the rack Mossberg hunting rifle with a low end Leopold scope and Remington factory hunting ammo produced a sub MOA group at 200 yards. Okay I am impressed.

If I can shoot this rifle with this barrel (30-06) and the .223 bull barrel (yes the one with the 25 year old Simmons 3-10 44 mag scope) I have for the same receiver as well as I do with factory ammo, I can't help but wonder how good the combinations could be with meticuously reloaded rounds.

I have no doubt these tools are capable of more accuracy than I will ever be able to record with them.

I acquit myself pretty well on the longer ranges but I will be the first to admit that, especially with the gusting wind, today was an exceptional day for me.


  • Rifle - Mossberg SSI 30-06 -24 inch 1 in 10 inch twist barrel
  • Scope - Leopold Rifleman 3-9x40 LP- 56160
  • Ammo - Remington 150 grain Soft point Core-Lokt
  • Range - 200 yards
  • Wind - From the South 5+/- mph - gusting to 20mph
  • Temp - 71 deg & overcast

Why 200 yards and not the full 300?

If memory serves correctly before today I have only taken one shot past 100 yards in the last 3 years (Re: This past Late Decembers Hog hunt when I took one at 175 yards with the .223 barrel. In fact that is why the 5 shots pictured are about 2 inches low; That barrel (30-06) is sighted in at 100 yards and that is all the further I have ever shot it. All game I have harvested with it has been 80 yards or less.

As time and reloading permits (ain't factory ammo getting high dollar?) I intend to put both those calibers on paper out to at least 300 yards. For now though I'll keep the century zero as I do not anticipate having to shoot any farther than that during any of the hunting trips I have planned through the end of the year.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Open Carry American dimed out by Self Righteous CCW'er

Legal open carry of a sidearm leads to arrest for Disturbing the Peace

There is a lot of conversation on a number of websites as to whether Noble was legal or not. The majority, with which I concur, consensus is that he was breaking no law and that Peace Officers at the scene overstepped the authority given them by "We the People".

Hopefully Noble will prevail and not only be awarded punitive damages from the responsible organization but from each of the officers personal bank accounts as well.

What really galls me is that it was one of our own that instigated the travesty that befell Noble.

Meet the back stabbing Judas thug John Atkinson Sr. (My Opinion)

Prosecutors called John Atkinson Sr. of Vanport Township, the first person to spot Noble in a crowd of about 300 people standing in Beaver’s McIntosh Square. Obama, Biden and other Democratic leaders were speaking less than 100 yards away in Quay Square. The parks are at the center of town.

Atkinson said Noble had a semiautomatic 9mm handgun holstered on his right hip and was carrying a Bible. Noble crossed under a police tape cordoning off the park and began distributing literature.

Atkinson, who has a license to carry a concealed weapon and has been a gun owner most of his life, said he immediately hailed a sheriff’s deputy and pointed out Noble, who was arrested on the spot.

“He had every right to (have the gun), but in my opinion, this was a presidential rally, and that isn’t the right time or place to carry a firearm,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson, in my opinion you are a no count backstabbing traitorous to the "Gun Rights Movement" low life scum bag Bastard with a capital B. A. S. T. A. R. D.

Atkinson, you must be one of those politically correct "I don't care if it is legal" you can't do that here Obama supporters.

If possible I would like to see Noble sue your pompous ass for everything you have, as your actions have probably caused the "Guns Rights Movement" more harm than Nobles did.

You are a prime example that the divide and conquor tactics of the egg sucking dog liberal left are working. How does it feel to be a useful tool thug for those that want to strip us of all our 2A Rights? I hope your proud of yourself

So Johnny what was it that really set you off?

Did the sight of a gun send warm piss running down you leg causing you to hide behind the cops?

Was it the Bible?

Did the Good Book remind you of your sinful existance and cause an involuntary release of excriment in your BVD's?

Or maybe your so indoctrinated to the liberal left way of thinking that you just can't stand to see someone exercise a God given Right.

I would hazard a guess that it is because you are too much of a whiny cry baby candy pussy to do what Noble did; Stand up and be an American so you had to knock him down a peg or two.

Mr Atkinson, you can go straight to hell.

Tip of the ole Gunscribe 10 gallon hat to Friend Alphecca for this one.

Thanks Jeff

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Life Got in the Way

I know, I know it has been months since I have posted.

Let's just say that it has been a roller coaster of a summer.


When we relocated our business to Nebraska in 1994 we were not planning on making the Corn husker state our permanent home. We knew that the day would come when we would be moving away. Since I retired at the end of 2000 we began looking for the place we wanted to live out our days.

This will Explain my almost trademark OU ball cap

In 2003 we found that place; Oklahoma. Since that time we have been putting things in place to make that a reality. Even though there were a few we had shared that information with we, for the most part, played it pretty close to the vest.

A Devastating and Unexpected Loss

For those of you that know us personally you are painfully aware that we lost our youngest son in May. Many of you had known or met him and shared in some degree our loss. Kevin was 24 years old and used a firearm to end his own life.

That we had already planned to accomplish several things this year has been a saving grace in that we had a focus that has helped us get by and deal with our loss.

Recognizing hard work

It was also my pleasure on behalf of Alan Gottlieb and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to present a number of involved Nebraskans with Certificates of Appreciation for your hard work in making concealed carry a reality in Nebraska a few years ago and the utter defeat of Senator Ashfords atrocity this year. For many years I felt like I was the only one championing the cause. I have been delighted more than mere words can express the work that more and more of you are doing for the issue of "Gun Rights" in Nebraska. Take note that you have been successful and your hard work has been noticed and appreciated by several national organizations.

We have been very busy this summer

When Mrs Gun retired last November we knew 2008 would be the year. We have looked at several small ranch/farm type of properties in the Sooner state this summer and anticipate closing on one of them sometime during the winter months.

We had also had several trips planned this summer to visit family and friends around the country

Not counting the several trips to the Boomer Sooner state we have traveled to Ohio, upstate New York, Vermont, Philadelphia, Pa and our hometown of Horse Thief, New Mexico. With all of this traveling we had literally taken up residence in our 5th wheel travel trailer.

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2008

We also spent last weekend at the Gun Rights Policy Conference; Where we were able to re-acquaint with old friends and meet a few new ones. A lot is always learned from the many panel discussions, but the best time is always sitting around in the evening after the days discussions talking with friends like Dave Kopel and Jeff Knox. Friend Bob Barr, Libertarian Party Candidate for President, was there for the Saturday evening reception. During some of the private moments that Mrs Gun and I had with Bob we made plans to get together when we are in Georgia later this year.

One other thing we had been planning for sometime was to give the snow bird life a try

In fact I am writing this missive on my laptop from the kitchen table of our fifth wheel RV. Yes, thankfully many RV parks now have WiFi. We are comfortably located in an RV park near our hometown of Horse Thief. In addition to spending quality time with family we have rarely seen in years, I have already got to the range with one of and had coffee with another of the guys I shared an Indentured Servitude to Our rich Uncle with.

Yes we will be back in Nebraska from time to time and look forward to visiting with many of you while we are there. I am also not finished with this Blog. There are many more things I feel need to be addressed and as time permits I will be posting them.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Employees trained to die quietly

Joe, over to the Crabby Shack is reporting on a fiasco of moronic proportions.

It seems that one of the most vocal opponents of allowing concealed carry on their premises spent Sunday evening holding hands with the Omaha Police Department and singing Kumbyah.

The end result is that Robert Batt, vice president of Nebraska Furniture Mart is what war veteran, retired welder and all around curmudgeon Walther would call a Dumbass and the Omaha Police Chief should be fired for wasting the taxpayers money.

Crisis Training Drill my ass.

The scenario consisted of a disgruntled man who came into the store to confront his ex-girlfriend. The ex-boyfriend simulated shooting a security guard and taking several people hostage.

Quiz time;

When was the last time any of the Murdering Bastards you read about in the media took hostages?


They don't Dumbass. They walk through the door and open up on the unarmed security guard and keep shooting until they run out of ammo, cap their own sorry ass or get righteously gunned down by a private citizen with a gun because the responding Gendarmes never ever get there in time to do anything except cordon off the area and process a crime scene.

Observation for extra credit

An unarmed security guard is like a canary bird in a coal mine. When the bird/guard topples over dead the others are suppose to run like hell.

Oh I bet those NFM fish in a barrel valued employees feel all warm and fuzzy about working there now don't they? They just got done with a training exercise where they learned that Bobby the boss wants them all herded to one place before a murdering bastard punches them off the life clock.

It is really simple, if management can convince the Serfs valued employees to co-operate enough that they are all murdered in one small area it will save the company thousands in clean up costs. Wouldn't want blood all over that discount furniture would we.

Doesn't anyone else see that this is just making a murdering bastards job that much easier?

Train the employees to be herded up like cattle going to slaughter instead of fighting back or running like hell. Saves the murdering bastard time and ammo doesn't it?

Robert Batt, vice president of Nebraska Furniture Mart, said his company approached Omaha police with the idea of conducting the drill to better prepare employees for a crisis.

Prepare my ass. I doubt Bobby's got your best interests at heart. He is looking out for the bottom line.

50 of Omaha's finest participated in this simian driven football PR experience and no mention is given on the simulated response time. Wanna bet that it was realistic? I'll give you 2-1 it wasn't.

"We don't want to be in the avoidance mode," Batt said. "I hope we are going to do this again. . . . My hat's off to the police and fire and the people who make us safe. We need to be proactive in any kind of incident training. That's why we run these training exercises."

Maybe you believe that bovine excrement Robby but I don't. Me thinks you need to change your VP title to something that more honestly reflects your true position; Sheeple Farmer
Police and fire DO NOT make us safe. They don't even KEEP us safe.

They do their job;

The Sheeple Herders Police get a phone call that we are in deep shit. They respond. Sometimes they arrive while the crime is still in progress. Most of the time they don't. They arrange medical service for the survivors, homicide investigations for those that obeyed company policy and they write reports.

How the hell is that making us safe?

They come to our place of business and lecture us on how we need to allow a wolf some murdering bastard to herd ourselves, like farm animals, into one small area so that it will be easier for them to run a crime scene without traipsing blood, brain matter and fingerprint dust all over Bobby's best furniture.
Oh and as Joe relates;

What about the signs?

You know the No Gun Allowed signs. I thought that was suppose to prevent an occurrence like this from happening.

Is this training drill an admission that they don't work? You mean only law abiding citizens obey those no gun directives? Say it ain't so.

Why I thought those signs were the cure for everything including STD's and the common cold.

Now I really am depressed.

(Hat tip to Joe's Crabby Shack)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gun Rags - Why I don't buy them

As if I didn't need any reassurance of why I seldom do it, I bought a current issue of one of the firearms periodicals.

Now I know I am not the most knowledgeable of scribes when it comes to shooting, reloading, bullet casting, ballistics and all around gun stuff. I can however hold my own with my betters on most of the referenced subjects.

I am not going to embarrass the authors by mentioning the periodical.

Note to Author #1 - It is obvious that you do not have even the most basic understanding of MOA and therefore have no business writing an article explaining it to anyone else.

Note to Author #2 - You were doing good until you sought to explain how sights are adjusted. I didn't even finish the article. I tossed the magazine across the room while grabbing my earlobes and repeating the phrase "Woosaw, woosaw, woosaw".

As expected the rest of the rag was even more uninspiring.

Okay so you guys had the opportunity to shoot some new guns sent to you by the manufacturers. Been there done that, so far so good.

And for the readers benefit - No you don't get to keep them unless you want to pay for them. They get sent back to the factory so the same gun can be sent out to some other scribe so he can add his stamp of approval to the makers advertising essay.

And for you aspiring outdoor writers there is generally a six month lead on material. Meaning Magazines staffs are setting the layout for the September - November hunting season issues right now. Unless it is something spectacular enough for them to change the layout if it isn't submitted in the next month or so it will be too late for this year.

The Trifecta

Gun writer gets a gun from one company around the same time as he/she gets a scope from another company. They he/she either gets ammo from or convinces an ammo company to send some for testing.

Writer puts test scope on test gun and heads to the range with test ammo. During the "test" pictures are taking with an eye toward at least one article on each product.

When done the writer has completed one day of testing with sellable material for three different articles to three different publications (unless they are on exclusive contract and most are not).

Of course in the furtherance of "job security" the article on the scope will mention the rifle and ammo. The article on the rifle will mention the scope and ammo etc....

How about some originality

Since they sent you the gun the least you could do is come up with something original instead of rewording or doing a cut & paste from the website. Why the hell should I have to pay the better part of ten bucks to read something I can read for free in the makers press release?

So much for these publications being educational and written by experienced people that know what they were talking about.

I know they are not. Never really have been, but in years past at least there was the facade of "we're doing it for our readers".

The articles are getting shorter, less informative and those that are suppose to be informative seem to be written by folks that barely have a clue as to what they have been assigned to write about.

Oh and if you have been reading these "rags" as long as I have you will note how much of what is published is simply a reprinting of articles written over the last 25 years. Sometimes they change it to make it more current, sometimes they don't.

Oh and lets not forget that all of these magazines exist for one reason and one reason only;

To make a profit.

I know that comes as a shock to many of you that so and so didn't publish that article because he/she genuinely cares that you learn something. That may have been the writers intent, but the only reason that story got printed in the first place was because there was something in the article they could use to sell advertising space.

Read any of these "rags" and notice the advertising that is paged with or close to the subject of the article. No it's not a coincidence.

Phone conversation;

Advertising sales associate;
Hey Joe this is John Adman with "Guns Be Good Publications". We are thinking about running a very positive article R. Shooter wrote on your new bolt action double barrel belt fed single shot semiautomatic rifle for our September issue. Hehe just in time for the "buy a new gun for deer season sales" ole buddy. Can we count on you for a full page ad?

Gun Maker;
No problem John, just send me the bill.

Guess what!

If the maker doesn't buy the ad space the article never gets printed. Bet that surprised everyone.

Make your own decision on the magazines but understand that every single article you read will be published with the intent to sell advertising and may have been written by someone that knows little about what the hell their writing in the first place.

Oh and for those that think I am "BSing" here is an actual conversation I had with an editor back in 2001.

Editor; Acme Express is just down the road from you and the Ad execs here think they would be a good fit for our publication.

Okay ???????

We need you to write a positive article about their Xyz. You know businesses are more apt to cut the check if they get a good product review story to go along with it.

Me; I am already familiar with the piece of junk Xyz and my literary skills aren't good enough to make a silk purse out of that sows ear.

Long story short - Someone (not me) did the story and they sold a full page ad.

Yes I have done a few product reviews on these pages and I plan on doing some more, but rest assured that what I write about a product good or bad comes from my personal experience with it and will not be based on whether it generates any kind of revenue for this website.

Moral of the story

I have learned my lesson yet again. No matter how good the teasers are on the cover just about any "Gun Rag" I have bought in the last 10 years has been published with one thought in mind - Sell Advertising.

They don't even pretend anymore.

Rest in Peace

Chuck Heston
October 4, 1923 - April 5, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Editorial Staff Lack Education

What kind of education is being taught at the University of Nebraska; A total brainwashing of common sense and reason?

Are The students being educated or indoctrinated?

Recently a number of brain dead martyrs calling themselves Editorial Staff, showed just how little education they have received at the Big Red institution of higher learning.

Concealed Carry on Campus Unnecessary

That's why this editorial board is glad concealed firearms are banned on University of Nebraska campuses. We understand the need to protect students and everyone else; we just don't see how students running around with concealed handguns will ever actually solve a problem.

I guess these guys haven't been paying attention or they failed to grasp the concept of research or they would know that there have been several school shootings stopped because students and/or faculty had access to a firearm.

I'll give you a hint kiddies, try looking up the Appalachian Law School. Look up Mississippi and Pennsylvania while your at it. You might learn something.

They also don't seem to grasp a concept that is understood by anyone capable of rational thought;

The truth is, police and military undergo an incredible amount of firearms training - to the point that they are ready to distinguish targets and exercise proper discipline when shooting.

Okay kiddies pay attention, I'll explain this one in terms that even your feeble skulls full of mush can understand;

Military and Police undergo an incredible amount of firearms training because they must respond to situations that they know nothing about. Police are tasked to make vehicle stops not knowing if the driver just robbed a bank or did a drive-by. Police are tasked to serve warrants on buildings housing people they already know are dangerous.

The private citizen on the other hand has no duty to perform any of these tasks. Pay attention here kiddies because there will be a quiz;

How much training do you think you need to determine that the thug/s standing there demanding your wallet, car keys, or vagina is not there to hold hands, eat a bowl of granola and sing Kumbyah with you?

Maybe some of you are to stupid to tell the difference, but the average person will know instantaneously that unless they do something they are will suffer severe bodily harm or death.

Now just because you think you need incredible amounts of training to know that your about to be raped or car jacked with your kids in the back seat it doesn't mean the rest of us do.

We want to see campus environments where staff, students and faculty act quickly to help troubled individuals when they encounter situations that could lead to violence. In many situations, obviously, we can't see the violent outbursts coming - but how would students and professors carrying weapons help?

I should think with all that money you are spending on that Big Red education that you would have at least learned what projection is. Come on kiddies it is Psyc 101 stuff. You know where you project your insecurities and short comings on to everyone else so you can feel better about yourself.

Why don't some of you ask any of the students or faculty that had concealed carry permits at Virginia Tech how they could have helped. If they had not OBEYED the law any number of them have stated that they could have stopped the murdering bastard before he wiped out 30 some people.

But you won't do that will you? No because you are afraid of the truth. Oh and it it wasn't widely reported in the mainstream media either because if students and faculty could stop tragedies like this they wouldn't have anything terrible to report.

And even if someone did have weapon nearby to try and stop the attacker, the worry comes back that that person wouldn't have the expertise and practice that we would see in a UNL police officer responding to the scene.

Quiz time:

How much training does a person need to know beyond a doubt that a maniac with a gun shooting people is not recruiting for the Home Coming bon fire?

Police responding to the scene?? I guess you weren't paying attention when the police response times were reported for all of those tragedies were you?

With a response time that crowds ten minutes on a good day how many more people will die in the next minute let alone the next 10?

What the editorial staff is saying is that they would rather see 30 of their fellow students murdered than for one of them or a faculty member to save lives.

Some of you level headed students at UNL think about this.

If a tragedy were to occur several of your friends would rather see you dead than for some one to save your life.

All you female students at UNL realize that many of your fellow students would rather see you raped, beaten and strangled with your own panty hose than for you to fight back with the proper tools or have someone rescue you with those same tools.

Is this in the Student Handbook?

Proper College etiquette for a rape or shooting;

Don't fight back. Don't even think about fighting back. Don't even wish you had a means to fight back. Just lay back and enjoy it or stand there and take the bullet knowing that the police may be on their way to recuse those that haven't yet been attacked.

If it isn't it should be because that is what the editorial staff is telling you.

It's understandable that some students and faculty would feel better carrying handguns - they would feel like they had the power to prevent a tragedy.

They wouldn't have that power.

Well Duh!!

No one has the power to prevent a tragedy, but someone with the proper tools can stop it from becoming even worse.

Laws that ban firearms from campus have killed more students and faculty than they have saved.

Why do you think these murdering bastards pick malls and schools?

Because they know there won't be anyone to shoot back at them for the better part of fifteen minutes. Your fish in a barrel and the more of you he/she shoots before they commit suicide the more fifteen minutes fame in death they will garner in the mainstream media.

They pick those places because they know they won't be stopped until they are ready to be stopped. Why is that so hard for someone in college to understand??

Monday, February 25, 2008

Am I smarter than the average Harvard Graduate?

I took this civics quiz and scored 70%,

You answered 42 out of 60 correctly — 70.00 %

but I am over 50 years old, have not attended formal education classes since the mid 80's and then it was not civics. It was statute, commercial, property and case law. Oh and I took a couple of computer tech classes at the time too.

If I remember correctly 70% is something like the lowest point considered to be a C-.

Considering that Freshman and Seniors of some of this countries most "prestigious" academic institutions took this test and;


I'd say I did fairly well.

The highest Mean Senior Score of 69.56% was achieved by Harvard University by the way.

Don't get me wrong this post is not so much what this quiz says about me, as what it says about the quality and focus of an expensive college education.

According to the summary, 5 pages of major findings and 3 pages of additional findings posted on the Intercollegiate Studies Institute website by their National Civic Literacy Board, college seniors know astoundingly little about America’s history, political thought, market economy and international relations.

In fact the report points out that to a certain degree after four years of college Seniors were dumber than when they started.

In other words Obama voters. (Sorry I apologize, I couldn't help myself)

So much for that Ivy League Education.


Although the average college senior outscored the average college freshman by 3.8 points overall on the American civic literacy exam, seniors were especially less likely than freshmen to correctly answer questions about major themes in American history.

That's not all folks, the National Civic Literacy Board survey tables also points out that;

  • More expensive schools like Yale (49), Duke (48), and Princeton (46) ranked in the bottom 10
  • Less expensive schools like the University of Mississippi(10), Mississippi State University (6) and Eastern Connecticut University (1) ranked in the top 10
  • Of schools that ranked in the top ten for Resident salaries, 6 scored in the bottom 10
  • Of schools that ranked in the bottom ten for resident salaries, 3 scored in the top 10.
  • Heavily subsidized schools like Yale (49), Duke (48) and Princeton (46) ranked in the bottom 10
  • Less subsidized Schools like Iowa State (9), Connecticut State (1), and the University of Mississippi (10) ranked in the top 10.

The ISI's National Civic Literacy Board lists several more conclusions about the tested colleges if your in the mood for some statistical reading and have an hour or so of free time check it out.

If you are a student or parent of a student that is going to be heading off to the hallowed halls of higher learning in the next year or two, and cost is a factor, I would encourage you to take a hard look at some of the lower tuition schools that rank real high on this survey. It might be less money better spent.

Take the test - I double, no I triple dog dare you.

No you don't have to share your results, but you might learn something about yourself.

How can that a bad thing?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cranial Rectal Inversion

Any time I read an article that starts out;

Let's get this out of the way. I am a gun owner and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment but....

I can almost recite word for word the rest story without even reading it.

So it goes with another one.

John E. Rosenthal's latest rant; Had enough Gun Violence? in The Christian Science Monitor is just such a piece. Rosenthal is the cofounder of Stop Handgun Violence.

When that organization wasn't getting anywhere he tried the classic divide and conquer technique;

He cofounded the American Hunters and Shooters Association. This worthless organization is nothing but an anti-gun wolf wrapped in sheep's clothing or a Trojan horse if you will.

I wrote about this bogus organization over a year ago. It was registered by the Democratic Leadership Council, an organization that is heavily influenced by Hillary Clinton.

In his diatribe Rosenthal errantly makes the statement that;

In the wake of a horrific campus shooting at Northern Illinois University, where 21 students were shot, we're reminded again that national gun laws must be strengthened.

Johnny, what part of Illinois has some of the most strict firearm acquisition and possession laws in the Country don't you understand? Far stricter than at the Federal level by the way. The Murdering Bastard that shot up NIU apparently had a psychological condition that was essentially below the radar the whole time. Even with all of the laws that f/emasculated metrosexuals want to pass would have not stopped him from legally purchasing the four firearms he used.

John then goes on to say;

Sadly, gun laws have only been weakened since the massacres at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech. To be sure, these headline-grabbing mass shootings may not have been preventable.

Well Duh!!! If a single individual decides to murder as large a number of people of as possible in the shortest time possible he or she likely won't be bragging it up at social gatherings. Of course they can't be prevented. Take every gun from everyone the world over and they still will not be prevented.

If someone is bent on that kind of destruction lack of a firearm will not stop them. As has been shown in countless other cases they will resort to other means. Knives, ball bats, lead pipes and bombs.

Whoa now there is a thought.

If some miscreant murdering bastard can't get a gun he'll grab a bunch of stuff from under the kitchen sink and blow your ass to hell at the mall or university of your choice instead of maybe only wounding you with a bullet.

The Rest of the Story

Rosy goes on ad infinitum about how this or that is needed to prevent the tragedies all the while saying they can't be prevented.

By putting guns into the hands of terrorists, criminals, and the mentally ill, the policies the NRA helped create a society where defense by guns becomes mandatory.

First off no one is rushing out offering any of these types a firearm. A murdering bastard bent on this kind of destruction is not going to give up the quest simply because he can't purchase a firearm legally.

No John, they are not even preventable. They can however be minimized by one or some of those present that have had the fore thought to be prepared for an event like that.

The murdering bastard that shot up the Van Maur Mall stole his.

From the day the first European set foot on this Continent defense by gun has been mandatory. From the first day there were at least two people on this planet defense by a weapon of some sort became mandatory.

Note to Christians;

Even God doesn't blame the tool. He didn't ban rocks or what ever flint tool Cain used to slay Abel. He dealt with the person.

Any time a women is set upon by a rapist, a mugger accosts a jogger or a thug tries to hi-jack your motor car with your kids in it is a time in our society when defense by gun becomes mandatory.

The only way to stop the "gun becomes mandatory dilemma" is to identify these murdering thug bastards at birth and then perform radical surgery on their baby brains in such way as they will be compliant slaves for the rest of their lives.


How many times can a woman be violated by two rapists before the Police to respond?

The world is a dangerous place. It always has been. What you metrosexuals fail or are too cowardly to understand is that it is not the "Nanny State" that is responsible for you and your children's continued existence on this planet.

It is yours.

But no, too many of you are so gutless that you will stand around and watch your kids murdered without lifting a finger. But no, to many of you are so spineless you will watch your wife, mother or daughter be savagely raped without lifting a finger. But no, too many of you are so "let them have what they want" brainwashed you will simply watch some thug drive your children off to a certain death without lifting a finger.

Kind of lets the world know how much you really love them doesn't it.

You learned how to drive so you could get them to their soccer games. You learned a few things about first aid so you can bandage a skinned knee. You put smoke alarms in your house so you can get them out in case of fire. To bad you failed the most important test.

The one they count on you most for.

You failed to learn and practice the defensive measures necessary to protect them from rape, robbery and murder. And in failing to learn those things to protect your own children you have failed to teach them the same skills they need to survive on their own on a dangerous planet.

It may not be necessary for you or your children to ever have to use those skills, but you have failed your grandchildren as well.


As many times as they want, because they probably weren't able to be called in the first place.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

About the Northern Illinois Tragedy

Like all the others that have come our way my heart is heavy for the loss.

There is nothing I can say that I haven't already said about all the other tragedies like this.

People wonder why. As if the answer will somehow prevent events like this from occurring again.

There is no amount of control or law that will prevent tragedies like this. None. If the deranged individual is so bent on mass murder lack of a particular tool will not be a hindrance for them to carry out their mission. As seen in so many other incidents the perpetrator will resort to other tools. Some more lethal, some less.

No, tragedies like this can not be stopped from ever beginning but many of them can, with individual awareness and preparation, most certainly be abated before the numbers of dead manifest themselves into double digits.

I morn your loss.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

If you own a firearm bookmark this site.

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

Chris has finally become a Blog author. Welcome to the dark side Chris.

I have known this new Blogs author Chris Zeeb for several years and have even written about him in the past. For those that don't know Chris is a certified Glock Mechanic, Nebraska Concealed Carry Instructor and the architect of the "Rock Your Glock Competition".

The emphasis of his creation is explained in the title of his Blog, Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety. There is no one I know in this area that is more qualified to pen missives on firearms safety than Chris.

Chris's Blog is solely dedicated to doing one of the things that I always wanted to get around to do more of here on this Blog. Yes, I have touched on it here and there in the past but never to the depth I wanted or hoped to that Chris will.

Hurray for Chris.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I genuinely mean that, Hurray for Chris. I am looking forward to reading his posts. I want to read his posts. Don't keep us waiting Chris as we will all benefit from it.

Chris has three posts up already; His introductory post, an intended topics list post and a trigger finger post.

One of the pleasures of having your own Blog is the freedom to address the content of other Blogs on your own instead of the comments section on the Blog/s in question.

So here goes.

In his first post Chris issues the following observation;

I've been shooting for ____ years, I know the safety rules you might say... Well it has been my experience that those who have the most years of experience, often tend to get the most complacent with regards to firearms safety rules. We can all benefit by taking the time to review and follow all of the firearms safety rules.

I have made this observation in the past and absolutely, positively agree 100% and plead guilty.

Here is what I had to say about it back in October of 2006;

One of the things that I have always imparted to my children is;

"Yea, when you get tired of the old man repeatedly telling you how to do this or do that you cop the "I know Dad I know attitude". I understand. When it comes to firearm safety however please don't ever get tired of hearing about it or cop an attitude. There is not one of us that could not benefit from an occasional reminder concerning safe firearms handling. When someone reminds you about something concerning firearms safety take it to heart and tell them thank you no matter how many times you have heard it."

If nothing else this has been one axiom that they have indulged the old Gunscribe in. In fact over the years they have prodded me with a reminder or two as well and yes I said thank you.

Yes I have been guilty and likely will be again. We all will. Thank you Chris for pointing it out again. I may get a little red faced at the time but I promise I will not get tired of, or offended at, hearing it.

The other thing I would like to touch on comes from Chris's post on Keep your Finger OFF the Trigger!!!;

Glock pistols have 3 internal safeties (more on these another time). Revolvers don't have safeties. However the best safety for any firearm is KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

I have over the years since the inception of Gaston Glock's pistol heard many, especially old time revolver shooters, express the notion that the Glock is unsafe because it does not have a safety device like the 1911, Browning Hi-Power etc...

As Chris points out the Glock does in fact have three safeties that he will discuss in future writings.

The one feature that the Glock has in common with any revolver that is not a single action is it goes bang when you pull the trigger.

How a person used to revolvers can claim that a Glock is any less safe than their favorite wheelgun is beyond me. To paraphrase Chris;

"If you keep your booger hook off the bang switch it ain't gonna go off".

Again I am looking forward to what Chris has to say and I hope the rest of you are as well.

Don't ever get tired of hearing about firearms safety, if someone needs correcting have the balls to correct them, you may save a life.

If you are the one being corrected it is okay to get red faced and pissed off about it, but you should be pissed off at yourself, not the person correcting you - they may have just saved your life or prevented you from negligently taking someone else's.

If you are the corrected one here is my advice to you;

"Suck it Princess" and say THANK YOU

Yes it is that serious. That is why Chris's Blog is so necessary.

Thank you Chris.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What is Nebraska Firepower?

Nebraska Firepower is the brainchild of Jay and Kim Hobscheidt. They have put together a website that deserves serious attention from any firearms owner in Nebraska.

Jay & Kim explain why they founded Nebraska Firepower;

Nebraska Firepower is dedicated to all firearms owners in Nebraska. While we strive to stay abreast of legal issues facing gun owners, we strongly believe that educating the general public is just as, if not more important, than going before lawmakers.....

Do you own Firearms?

The Nebraska Firepower website and forum is a growing concern already stocked with lots of good information for any firearms owners of any discipline. Your missing out if you don't check them out and become a part of what they are trying to accomplish.

They even have T-shirts available with the Logo, motto and website info on them if you like their concept and want to help support Jay and Kim's much needed efforts.

Inherit the Tradition

If you had someone take the time to teach you about firearms as a youngster or have children you will be instructing when they come of age I'll leave you with another quote from the website;

..... Whether in downtown Omaha or the outskirts of Valentine, we are here for the firearms owners of Nebraska, and we pledge to do everything in our power to insure our children will be able to enjoy the right to firearm ownership that too many of us have come to take for granted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Call 911 and Die

Subtitle: Victim Disarmament Zone Kills Again and Again and ....

Yea you have heard it before, but it just won't sink past that anti self defense fire wall from the Brady Bunch Software Company your pathetic cranial hard drives have downloaded.

Reality Check

Remember that shooting at Lane Bryant in Tinley Park, Illinois a few weeks ago?

Guess what!

Store manager Rhoda McFarland, made the 911 call from the back room Feb. 2 after she and the other five women were bound with duct tape, one source said.

The Murdering Bastard heard the call being made and instead of running away with pee running down his leg smelling like fresh poop like you liberal Metrosexuals tell everyone is going to happen, he shot the women in the head killing 5 and wounding one.

I can hear you now

"Oh wait that is not suppose to happen, they did everything the Million Commie Mommies told them they were suppose to do. They did not resist and they called Government sponsored Dial-a Prayer just like they had been brain-washed to do by head Commie Mommie in charge Sarah Brady."

Well there my f/emasculated Metrosexual brain dead low life liberal friends, I hope your happy, cause your ideals have just killed 5 more decent people. How many has your anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-fight back mantra murdered in the last year?

Hmmmm .... let's see ... there was 30 some in Virginia .. and ahh what nearly a dozen in Nebraska just for starters.

I hope you namby-pamby chicken shit low life scumbags are happy.

Go ahead hold hands and dance in their blood calling for more gun control... you do it every time, and every time you are proved wrong. The problem is you are either to stupid or too thoroughly brain-washed to see it.

It is all but illegal to own any kind of firearm in the Chicago area and the "nobody needs a gun kumbya" runs deep in Obama Country, so the victims were totally defenseless. (Just the way you want them to be) That is why they were duct taped face down on the floor with panties over their head.

It really is too bad that you stupid asses can't wake up, because until you do your filthy excrement is just going to keep on killing innocent people.

You got the blood of 6 more in Tinley Park, Illinois to dance in. I know it's only a fifth of what you had after Virginia, and only half of what you had after Nebraska but maybe you'll get lucky in 2008. The year is young yet.

I know your hoping.

(hat tip to Deb for this one)

One last note:

I bet you are really pissed off that a private citizen in Colorado cut that count short aren't you?. Heaven knows how some of you must have wished for a tally larger than Virginia. And to further rain on your lust for blood boot, scoot and boogie it was a woman with a concealed carry permit that stopped the Murdering Bastard too.

Ohhhh that had to hurt. I can hear the brain cells sizzling all across the internet.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Victim Disarmament Zones kill again

Kirkwood, Missouri

It has pretty much always been against Missouri law for nearly anyone except authorized government employees to possess a firearm in a government building. Enactment of the Concealed Carry law did not change that.

That did not stop a disgruntled Murdering Bastard from shooting up a Kirkwood, Missouri City Council meeting after shooting two Peace Officers on the way in.

Portsmouth, Ohio

In Ohio it was virtually impossible for a private citizen to legally carry a firearm in a school building and/or possess a firearm while being the subject of a restraining order even before the Buckeye State enacted a concealed carry law. It still is, the concealed carry law did not change that. It did not stop another Murdering Bastard from entering an Elementary School in Portsmouth, Ohio, who then shot and stabbed his estranged wife. The wife is not dead, but another woman that the Murdering Bastard stabbed on the way to kill his wife is.

May Never Know

Who knows if any of the citizens at the Kirkwood Council Meeting or the Teacher in Ohio with the restraining order would have been armed if they could do so legally.

What we do know is that none of the laws forbidding the possession of a firearm in government buildings or schools and at least one restraining order stopped either of these Murdering Bastards.

Again law abiding citizens were left defenseless while criminals, whose job description is to violate the law, wantonly ply their trade.

In light of the mass murders at Virginia Tech, the Van Maur in Omaha and other places in the last year or so many have expressed the notion that "introducing a another firearm into the situation will only make it worse."

I don't know where that kind of idiotic thinking comes. If you think that what your really saying is;

Even if it could be stopped immediately I would rather see a Murdering Bastard continue killing 5, 10, 20, 30 more people than to have a private citizen with a legally possessed firearm end the killing spree at any point during the rampage.

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you that you would rather see multiples of people murdered than have one of your fellow citizens save lives?

It is disgusting to think that;

  1. People find it morally superior for a woman to be raped, beaten and strangled to death with her own panty hose than it is for her to explain why she shot her attacker.
  2. People find it morally superior for a murdering bastard to kill 32 people than it is for a legally armed citizen to stop the killer at victim two, four, twelve or at any point of the rampage.

What your telling me is it is more preferable to you that 30 people needlessly die than for one citizen with a firearm to end it, so I'll ask again;

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heads up Nebraska College Students

I know your out there

I know I have a few readers that attend Doane, UNL and South East Community Colleges. I hope you will do something with this.

I received an E-mail from Michael Flitcraft, Second Amendment Ambassador and Liaison for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus this morning.

Rather than wax eloquent I'll just post the E-mail;

- Because everybody has the right to self defense.


SCCC is happy to announce that we will be performing another national empty holster protest (EHP). The Spring 2008 EHP will be held from April 21st to April 25th. Campus leaders are encouraged to contact the organizers about other activities to hold on their campus to make the EHP even more successful.

Please sign up at our event page, which can be found here: FaceBook

We should have a press release out shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!!

I hope this is of interest to some of you Students at Nebraska's Institutions of higher learning.

Check out the links and sign up.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mossberg SSI-One: My thoughts

Since anyone that reads this Blog knows I have an affinity for the Mossberg SSI and it seems to be one of the main search topics that bring people to this site I thought I needed to do a more extensive post on it.

Cell phone pic of Jr. on the 30-06 when the Simmons 44mag still topped it

Brief History

In the late 1990's Mossberg offered for sale a single shot interchangeable barrel rifle, with the model designation of; SSI-One. I'm sure it was meant to compete with the Thompson Center Encore and/or the Ruger Number 1/3. In design it resembles the Ruger and in operation it breaks open like the Encore. Since I was more concentrating on sidearms during the early 2000's than any other type of firearm, I don't believe I was even aware of the SSI-One until sometime in 2003 or 4. Since then I have acquired 3 actions and a total of five barrels.

.223 with Simmons 44mag 3-10 scope

The SSI stands for "Single Shot Interchangeable" and according to my source at Mossberg it was not the commercial success they hoped it would be and discontinued it in, I believe the spring of 2006.

Availability and Calibers

On-line firearm auction sites GunBroker and AuctionArms each generally seem to average 3-4 complete firearms listed at anyone time, some purported to still be "new in box". Both sites will occasionally have just the barrels new and used in various calibers.

While caliber selection was not as prolific as the TC Encore, Mossberg provided 24 inch barrels in some of the most popular calibers. Possibly other caliber selections would have been added if the firearm had been a success.

The following is a list of the entire line as I know it to be;

.223 in sporting (tapered) or heavy barrel
.22-250 in sporting (tapered) or heavy barrel
.243 in Sporting barrel only
.270 in sporting barrel only
.308 in sporting barrel only
.30-06 in sporting barrel only

Mossberg also manufactured two 12 gauge barrels for the SSI-One.

One is is a ported rifled barrel for slug hunting big game.

The other was designated a "Turkey" barrel. The turkey barrel is similar to the Mossberg 835 in that it is a 12 gauge chamber with a 10 gauge bore. The thought there and research has bore out that allowing the shot to expand into a larger barrel and then choke it made for tighter patterns at longer ranges. This is not a new concept and is reminiscent of the "jug chokes" common in some muzzle loaders clear back to 1800 give or take a decade. The SSI "Turkey" barrel uses the same Ulti-choke tubes as the 835.

Both 12 gauge offerings are chambered to accept 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2 inch shotshells.

Each barrel also comes with its own fore end. For the heavy and shotgun barrels the fore end is flat to the front end. On the sporting barrels the fore end is of the Schnabel type. (An example of this can be seen in one of the pictures that accompany this article.

Note Schnabel fore end knob of the rifle on the left.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The SSI-One is not without a few very insignificant draw backs.


As previously mentioned the SSI is the same type of break action as used in the TC Encore, the difference being on the Mossberg the lever must be pulled down instead of squeezed up as the TC requires. It that regard it is not as handy to open for loading.

The "Mossy" SSI 12 gauge rifle broken open

It has been my experience that this has only been a minor irritation at the range. In the field rarely have I ever had the opportunity for a follow up shot so rapid reloading in a hunting firearm has not been a problem for me. The hunted species either fell where they were or even had I possessed a semi-auto they had bounded into thicker cover almost immediately thus negating any kind of follow up shot anyway.

Trigger Pull

Many SSI owners have complained about the trigger pull being overly heavy. It seems the main contribution to the trigger weight may be a result of the tang mounted safety. When the SSI is broken open it automatically engages the tang mounted safety and resets the trigger and firing pin. Apparently the combination of parts that create those actions have an effect on the trigger pull. (I have not had any of my SSI's apart to verify that, I am relying on what some others, who have delved into the innards, have had to say.)

On all three Mossberg SSI actions that I own I find that the trigger pull is a bit stiffer than it may could be. Having said that I do not find them unbearably so in fact the two that have the most range time have significantly better triggers. This suggests to me that there may be a "break in factor". The SSI was never meant to be a "Sniper" or target rifle.


For many The SSI is a heavy gun. Too heavy to carry when hunting for hours on foot in uneven terrain. On this I will agree. My SSI actions with a scoped sporting barrel installed tops out at just over 8 pounds. Replacing the sporting barrel with a scoped .22 bull barrel and the SSI will weigh in at just over 10 pounds.

Weight is not something I am concerned with as a rule. My hunting does not consist of stalking up, down and around the countryside elevations as I did in the spring of my youth. Now days I hunt mainly from a stand so weight is just not the issue for me it once was.


None of the SSI-Ones come with nor are they drilled and tapped for open sights. This I am sure can be remedied by a competent "Gun Mechanic" for a fair price. Instead every SSI, even those bored for 12 gauge, comes from the factory drilled and tapped for and with a Weaver telescope base. On the rifle calibers the base is of standard mounting. On the 12 gauge rifle barrel that I have the telescope base is "welded" or soldered directly to the barrel. I can only surmise this is to keep the base from being "shot loose" by the recoil effects of 3 and 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge rounds.

The Mossberg is not without it's advantages


The original MSRP for the SSI as I recall was nearly 500 dollars, with additional barrels checking for 279 to 300. I have never seen a complete firearm or barrel go for that much. I have 3 receivers and 5 barrels. Two are 30-06, and one each .223 heavy, .270 and 12 gauge rifled. If MSRP had been paid it would have easily totaled over 2000 dollars tax included. I shopped around and I have less than half that invested in the inventory listed above and 2 of the complete firearms and one of the barrels was "New in the Box unfired".


In all my shooting of the SSI and the writings I have read by others that own or have experience with the firearm accuracy has not been a complaint. As stated before it is not a target gun and it most certainly was not designed to be a military grade sniper rifle.


Most shooters, myself included have not only been able to keep 3 to 5 shot groups under 1 1/2 inches at a hundred yards on any given day, we consistently shoot groups an inch or less. I have yet to fire my .270 barrel but my 30-06 sporting barrels and .223 heavy barrel from a solid bench rest all shoot under an inch at the century yard mark. Others have reported like experiences with their SSI's as well.

Any firearm can be more finicky that a house cat when it comes to what they will digest. Having only shot Remington Express Core-Lokts with the 125 grain Reduced Recoil, 150 and 165 grain bullet offerings in the 30-06 barrels I assume that I was fortunate to find an excellent round for my SSI's right from the start. I am especially great full as I prefer Remington Core-Lokts over any other factory loadings I have tried. They are available virtually any where, I have used them for years and simply put; They get the job done.

Remington advertises the Reduced Recoil round as having the same energy at 200 yards as the 30-30 does at 100 with the recoil of a .243. Considering that we have only shot about a box and a half (30 rounds) of the 125 Grain Reduced Recoil loads and they do not seem to shoot as tight as the 150 and 165 grain. They tend toward the 1 1/2 mark from the 1 in 10 inch twist 30 caliber barrel. Not bad for a mass produced off the rack hunting rifle.

From the 24 inch .223 heavy barrel, with a 1 in 9 inch twist, I have found that the 67 grain Hollow Point offering from Ultra (50 rd boxes from Cabela's) will put all rounds touching or in one ragged hole at 100 yards. Due to the rate of twist I have not had that success with any of the 55 grain FMJ factory offerings. The 55 grain leans hard toward 1 /1/2 to 2 inches at the same distance.


I initially used 2 3/4 inch Remington 1 ounce Copper Solid slugs to sight in the 12 gauge Rifle barrel. Although I thought they did extremely well for a "shotgun", I felt the firearm was capable of better accuracy than what I was seeing. Since the barrel is chambered for 3 1/2 inch shotshells I reasoned that the slug on leaving the shorter hull "wobbled" a bit before it entered the throat and rifling. This jump from the end of the hull into the rifling can and does effect accuracy.

After stepping up to the same slug in the 3 inch offering, to reduce or eliminate the "jump" I consistently experience 3 shot groups around the 1 1/2 inch or smaller mark at 100 yards.

Ne Years day 2007 my buddy Brad in Oklahoma shot one of my SSI's with the 12 gauge barrel and from a benched rest had 3 shots touching at 100 yards with the 3 inch Copper Solid 1 ounce slugs the very first time he shot that firearm.

I have had suggestions of other brands of slugs to try that may or may not be more accurate and one day I might even try a box (5 rounds) of Remington's 3 1/2 inch Copper Solid. I am not recoil sensitive, but I am not a glutton for punishment either, I just do not think there is any gainful advantage for justifying the extra cost of those mini mortar rounds. At the time of this writing a 5 round box of 3 inch Copper Solids goes for 12-14 dollars a box. The 3 1/2's are even more.


Not to be confused with accuracy, shootability is how comfortable a firearm handles and comes to shoulder. The SSI for me is a better fit than many more expensive factory or custom long guns I have been fortunate enough to own or shoot. The length of pull is perfect for me and when I shoulder the SSI's it comes to my cheek exactly where I want it to be.

As my brother James is right handed and left eye dominant, the Mossberg SSI is truly an ambidextrous rifle. Since the action works exactly the same from either side the tang mounted safety is simply frosting on the cake.

Holding Zero

At this point all I can speak from is my experience and my experience alone. I have swapped barrels on my SSI-Ones and found that they will hold their zero no matter which action I put them on. I believe this is because the telescopic sights are rigidly mounted directly to the barrel. Where the barrel points so does the properly mounted and adjusted scope. Once the scope is zeroed for the barrel it is on it will shot to that point of aim, plus or minus a click or two, on all 3 receivers/actions unless something breaks or gets banged around pretty hard.

Note: I generally always sight my hunting rifles at 100 yards and a click or two at that distance is never more than a one inch adjustment sometimes a half inch depending on whether the scope is one click = 1/4 or 1/2 inch at 100 yards.

What I won't do however, is take to the field without double checking any barrel change on the range. I do not suggest anyone else do it either. The harvesting of a living thing is much too important not to insure a properly sighted firearm. As safe ethical hunters we owe it to the creatures we pursue to take them as quickly and humanely as possible.

In the field

Since I have began "collecting" the Mossberg SSI I have had the opportunity to use it in the field on numerous occasions. So far I have taken 3 deer with the 12 gauge rifle barrel and a wild hog with the 30-06 barrel and one with the.223 barrel.

Two of the deer were harvested in my home state of Nebraska. The third was a Fallow deer taken in Oklahoma. I know the 12 gauge, especially the 3 inch copper solid, is a bit much for the diminutive Fallow, but it was what I had at the time.

The wife and I were out looking for wild boar and she was fortunate enough to bag a nearly 300 pound boar. While we were waiting the customary half hour to go into the thick brush after it a herd of the spotted deer happened by our blind. I guess I could have taken it with her Model 94 30-30, but it didn't occur to me at the time and the delicious little beast fell to the copper solid slug.

Last year in Oklahoma I harvested a boar that weighed in at about 200 pounds. I used a 30-06 barrel to issue a 165 grain Core-Lokt invitation to the Gunscribe dinner table from about 60 yards away. The boar received the request in his left ear and was so overwhelmed with the honor he feinted away dead on the spot.

As noted in a previous post this year I took slightly smaller hog at triple last years distance using the .223 with the same result.

The Mossberg SSI is a sturdy well made accurate firearm designed to withstand the rigors of field use.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Chain Ranch Canton, Oklahoma at Years End

It was Cold

The Sooner dawn broke crisp and cold on four inches of new snow as we loaded our gear into the truck for another annual Oklahoma hog hunt. We had arrived at the Chain Ranch the afternoon before early enough to do some scouting and glassing.

Warmed by hot coffee and some spicy homemade venison jerky Jim and I drove from high spot to high spot glassing and regaling each other with tales of hunts past and initial ideas for hunts future.
Encouraged by the size and numbers we saw by mid morning we drove back to the bunk house for more coffee and hot oatmeal. From there we elected to head to the firing/archery range the ranch has set up for guests to check sight their chosen hunting tool.

From the bench

I broke out my Mossberg SSI topped with the heavy .223 barrel and a 23 year old Simmons 3-10 power 44 Mag model telescope. Jim opened up the case on his SSI in 30-06 topped with a Leupold 3-9 power Rifleman scope. Sitting down at the bench I fired once at 100 yards and made a one windage click right to left adjustment. Since the temperature was still rather cool I allowed a only a couple of minutes between each of the next three shots for cold bore sighting. All three 67 grain hollow points formed one ragged hole at the century mark and I was good to go.

(Yes that is my M-4gery laying on the bench if the fore ground. )

While I was sighting the .223, Jim checked his ought six at 50 before moving out to 100 yards. His "Mossy" had previously been sighted in for 165 grain Remington Core-Lokts and with the 150 grain Remington Core-Lokts he was using this year it required a tad bit of windage adjustment but with 5 or 6 rounds he was dialed in as well.

Coyotes Galore

I really wasn't planning on taking a hog that early in the hunt and not with the 22 caliber barrel either. I had my 30-06 barrel along for that. It is topped with the same Leupold Rifleman scope that is on Jim's SSI thanks to Mrs Gun. She had shot his and when I removed the Simmons to put it on the .223 barrel she bought the Leupold for the ought six. I was at that point hoping for possible chance shot at one or two of the nearly out of control population of coyotes. Over the next couple of days we saw at least six during broad daylight and weren't even looking that hard. They were all several hundred yards away and and quickly increasing the distance by the time we spotted them.

After lunch we headed back out.

About mid afternoon we spotted some sizable hogs through an over grown windbreak of mature trees. They were clear on the other side of the meadow at what we estimated to be 200 yards. Taking up the only long rifle I had (.223) with me we eased through the trees to the inside of the break. Initially I only taken the rifle for a better look at them on the 10 power setting.

I figured that we had closed about 25 of the 200 yards and that was as close as we were going to get without spooking them. Luck dealt a good hand by providing a suitable shoulder height branch in just the right location. Even standing off hand this was an absolute solid rest. I decided I was going to take one of them and hand signaled to Jim that I was going shoot. Settling the cross hairs behind the right ear of the chosen one my finger eased back on the trigger.

Okay I'm going to be bragging now

Recoil with the .223 in a 10 pound rifle is virtually non-existent. When the trigger broke I watched through the telescope lens as the targeted hog immediately went down rolling over in the process. Jim kept his eye on the prostrate pig as I reloaded a single shot rifle about as quickly as a break open single shot can be reloaded ... just in case. After a minute or so we decided that a follow up shot was unnecessary and we cut back through the break to the truck. During the half mile drive around the other side of the field Jim asked me were I had aimed. With an index finger I indicated a spot behind my ear.

When we got to the hog we located the entrance point. At 175 yards standing from a solid rest that little 67 grain HP impacted within one inch of where I was aiming. There was no noticeable exit point and only pieces of the bullet were recovered when we autopsied the neck area.

A shot at that distance with a center fire twenty two is not something I would normally consider taking on a wild hog, but I had just shot that gun on the range. I know the trajectory of that round and and the remaining energy at that yardage. I also am very familiar with that firearm. It was a shot, under those conditions, I knew I could make.

Why brag about that?

All of my previous shots on hogs have been less than 80 yards. One was between 15 and 20 yards. I have done a lot of long distance shooting on firing ranges, (as in hundreds of yards) but in over 40 years of hunting all over North America and Alaska I can't ever remember taking a shot at game beyond 100 yards. Additionally I have taken several deer with bows and muzzle loaders. I had always been able to get close enough for the limitations of my equipment or they came in range of a blind.

More for another post

Jim bagged a 500 pound cow Elk the next day and before it was all over with we ended up with a late season whitetail doe as well. Since I have been back home I have processed over 60 pounds of the meat into breakfast, Italian and summer sausage. 12 pounds of elk and three pounds of fatty wild pork make a heck of a summer sausage I'll guarantee you that. The same ratio of deer and wild pork makes some of the best eating Italian sausage I have ever had as well. Thirty plus pounds of the pork was equally made into breakfast and Italian sausage.

Chain Ranch Outfitters

My family and I have been hunting on the Chain Ranch in Canton, Oklahoma for years. We do not get any freebies or discounts from my writing about our hunts there. Yes they know I write about our experiences there. On their own they discovered them on line nearly a year after I had written the first one We pay what ever the going rate is for lodging and trophy fees.


All in all a hog hunt at the Chain Ranch is an affordable experience. It runs fifty bucks a day per person to stay in the lodge and you provide your own food. Both the lodge and the bunkhouse (which I prefer) have full kitchen facilities that include a microwave and coffee maker. Each also has its own washer and dryer.

The trophy fee for taking a hog is a flat one hundred bucks. It does not matter if it is a 40 or 400 pound animal. The Ranch also has an efficient cleaning station and meat locker. For an extra fee they will skin and quarter your harvest, or you can freely use their facility and equipment and do it yourself.


The Ranch also has several exotic species that include a number of different species of rams, fallow deer, elk and buffalo. Trophy fees for these vary from 300 bucks on up.


They also book and guide firearm, muzzle loader and archery trophy hunts for whitetail bucks on the 100,000 plus acres they control in north west Oklahoma and south central Kansas. These hunts are a bit pricey for my wallet, but I have never been "horn hunter" so I abstain from counting my own opinion.


The Chain Ranch also offers guided hunts for waterfowl. Pheasant, Quail and Dove populate the property as well and hunters have the option of using their own dogs.

If your looking for an affordable hunting opportunity check them out. All of the contact information is on their website. Included are pictures that I have taken and freely given them permission to use on their site and in presentations that they do at Sportsman's Shows around the country.

Lastly if you would please do me a favor;

This website gets a lot of traffic (30 - 50 hits a month) directed to it from people surfing the net looking for information on hunting the Chain Ranch. If you book a hunt or just call them concerning a hunt tell them you read about it here on From the Heartland.