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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And now for the reach around

I can understand Olympia Snowe bending over for Emperor Reid as 57% of Maine voted for the current administration and its political agenda. She voted the way a majority of people in her state wanted her too. That is the way it should be.

No KY Jelly for Nebraskans

Conversely Benedict Nelson betrayed the 57% of Nebraskans that voted against the current administration and its political agenda.

For those that claim that this legislation won't cost the taxpayers any extra money forget, aren't aware or just don't care that much of this atrocity is unconstitutional. As soon as it is signed into law a very large number of state Attorneys General are going to challenge it in court. Especially the "special dispensation" Nelson got for Nebraska.

Still no KY Jelly

Taxpayer funds on both sides of this issue will be spent on lawyers over the next several years. The only ones who will ever benefit from this, is not the young, elderly or sick, it will be the attorneys that spend the next however many years fighting this out in court.

These legal b/millions are only a small portion of what this bill will cost taxpayers.

Now Benny wants to give us a reach around

If Benny really really believed what he did was the best right thing he could have done for Nebraskans then he would not need to schedule television time during a Nebraska football game.

Who are who trying to stroke with this reach around Ben? The left that turned on you or the 57% of Nebraskans you betrayed.

Ben most Nebraskans want you out of office ASAP, ruining their bowl game with your pathetic whining is only going to piss them off even more. People from both sides of the political aisle watch sports to escape politics for a short time. We don't need you interrupting our celebration to explain why you bent us over without lubrication.

Ben you took an oath to follow the Constitution and represent the will of the people; This point you have done neither and it is going to cost us millions in just legal fees alone.

Ben, we know what you did, we know why you did it.

Just when the 150 million dollar offensive odor of Nukegate was about gone you crapped in your own backyard again Ben. We are going to have to put up with the stench of your vote selling for a very long time.

Since it is likely our money being used to fund this game day abomination keep your reach around Ben, we don't want.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Stooges Stand up for Ben

In a recent Lincoln Journal Fish Wrapper Jeremy Nordquist, Heath Mello, and Jane Kleeb pulled their collective heads out of Nelsons ass long enough to place the blame for the Healthcare debacle on the backs of Mike Johannes and Lee Terry.

Where the hell have you three ignorant know-nothings been for the last three months?


You don't remember the locked door do you?

The only non Democrat that had any input at all was Olympia Snow the RINO from Maine and they kicked her sorry ass to the curb with a sharp towed boot after they got the one "If I don't like the final bill I'll vote against it" go ahead vote from her.

Ben Nelson seems to stupid to realize that Reid will throw his Cornhusker turncoat ass under the bus as soon as Nelson casts his vote for this atrocity.

Just one question Benny; This isn't about your thoughts on abortion, what does Reid have on you and/or what have you been promised under the table?

What ever it is it better be good because I don't think you can get re-elected dog catcher in Nebraska right now. You know that a majority of Nebraskans do not want this yet you seem determined to shove it up our ass and break it off.

We hired you to vote they way we tell you to not the way Reid orders you too. Go ahead Ben turn your back on your constituents Ben, we fired Bobby and we can fire your turncoat ass too.

My guess though is that you have already decided your not going to run in 2011. If by some small chance you do we will remember Ben.

What makes this even worse is Don Walton appears to be a dumb ass for letting those statements go unchallenged. Way to go Donny it speaks volumes for your "Journalistic Integrety" or should I say lack there of?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Are you a Member of The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association?

Well you ought to be!

Officially organized one year ago the NFOA accomplished more legislative change in the first six months of existence that I thought could be done in 10 years.

Even before LB454, the bill that became Concealed Carry law, passed I pointed out what I saw as a number of problems with it. I also felt that it would take years to make the necessary changes that would bring Nebraska in line with concealed carry laws in most of the other states.

During the past legislative session members of the NFOA convinced the Unicameral to enact the following changes;

Reciprocity/Recognition of other states CCW permits/licenses

State pre-emption that put an end to a patchwork of local laws

Range Protection Act - a law that the Issac Walton League had been trying to get through for a decade. In thier magazine the "Ikes" recognized that the efforts of the NFOA was what it took to finally get it passed.

Military exemption from having to switch residency from home state to apply for a concealed carry permit.

Mandating the State patrol has 45 days to complete the process of issuing a permit. Previously the Patrol could take as long as they wanted.

Since the NRA has had to go global in their fight to protect the Right to keep and bear arms it has left a vacuum that is being filled by long standing organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation, The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Gun Owners of America and others.

Grass roots 0rganizations like The Nebraska Firearms owners Association, The Virginia/Arizona Citizen Defense leagues and many more have also formed and stepped up to fill the vacuum.
If you live in Nebraska and are not a member of the NFOA you should be. Check out their website Here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

If LPD is so concerned about Crime why do they encourage Child Abuse?

Recently LPD officers told a women that if her physically abusive, drug addicted felon for an ex husband Stephen Williamson shows up for a court ordered visitation she must MAKE the 8 and 9 year old girls go with him.

Even though they are in physical and mental fear of him.

Female LPD Officer; " Even if Mr Williamson forcibly abducts them and drags them kicking and screaming him to his car we will do nothing to stop him and you can be arrested if you interfere with his visitation."

Even Judge Steven Burns agrees, telling the mother that she will be jailed for contempt if she does not make her Children go with him. Even after Williamson told the Burns that he saw nothing wrong with his kids being around his drug abusing friends while they are using.

Saying that children, "Must be made to do things they don't want to". Burns went on, "It is like taking your children to the doctor for a shot".

Judge Burns has twice refused this womans application for an order of protection in the last 7 years. LPD investigated an incident in 2002/3 when he left death threats on her cell phone. The investigating officer told her she didn't think he was serious and as far as I know LPD did not even take a report on it.

Of course that was coupled with the fact that he showed up at the girls day care making threats to both her and her mom. Day care staff had to move the remaining children to safety when Williamson made comments, in front of his daughters about hurting her and saying of the ex wife's recent appendix removal surgery, "I hoped that she would have died".

Nope this was not a good enough reason for a protection order; Hell it was barely enough for LPD to strain themselves with a disturbing the peace charge that may have been dismissed anyway.

For years organizations like LPD has cautioned our children on "Stranger Danger" telling them not to go with anyone they do not know.

Talk is cheap when you tell a concerned mother that she must make her daughters go with a physically abusive drug addict that likes young girls.

This Wife beating drug addict has seen the children once since 2004 (Christmas 2008) and that was a very unpleasant experience for them. He picked them up and then left them for a day or so with relatives they had never met so that he could go bar hopping.

In fact the last time they saw him prior to that was on Easter weekend 2004 from the back seat of an LPD patrol car. They had been placed there because LPD was conducting a drug raid on his apartment. This was after his 16 year old girlfriend was arrested for driving his car with drugs in it.

A few months ago Williamson again made threats to harm His ex wife and members of her family in person and on cell phone voice mail. The above photo is Stephen in act of making some of those threats.

LPD's response, "He is only saying that because he can't see his kids and you will be arrested if you interfere with him physically forcing them into his car."

Again Judge Burns refused to issue an order of protection stating that there was no grounds.

Nebraska Child support refuses to do anything about this punk being $42,000.00 dollars behind in child support. Burns didn't even give him a slap on the hand for the guilty of contempt plea for 42G's and he won't even address the fact that Williamsom sat in his court and refused to maintain health insurance on the girls when Burns ordered him to do so.

Is Judge Steven Burns, Nebraska Child Support and the LPD, guilty of child neglect/abuse?

I think so!

One has to wonder why LPD and Judge Burns is bending over backwards for this dirtbag;

Since Williamson has served less than 7 months total time locked up for all of his crimes (all of that was pre-trial incarceration BTW) I believe that he is a snitch for LPD and they are whispering in Burn's ear about the favors they owe him.

Either that or his lawyer Eddy Rodel has something on Burns and offered to make it public if Burns didn't give him the decision he wanted.

But then what could that something be?

Rumor has it that there is more than coffee in the mug Burns brings to the court room.

The rumor angle may be true but that does not explain the complicity of LPD, Nebraska Child Support and Judge steven Burns in the matter.

Regardless of the reason for the "special treatment" it is my contention that LPD, led by Tom Casady, the State of Nebraska and Judge Steven Burns are all guilty of child Neglect and abuse.