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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


On Kerry - How many times can one man change his mind on any given subject? In history past, a time before political correctness, it was always said that "It is a womans perogative to change her mind". It would seem to any casual observer that Candidate Kerry is genuinely in touch with his feminine side.

On Bush - On the surface it would seem that the President really cares for the secuity of this nation. There are organizations in this world that are bent on our destruction and want the streets of Hometown USA to run red with American blood. President Bush took the necessary measures to insure that, if streets run red in will not be in this Country. It would seem however that much more could be done to stem the tide of illegals that cross our borders. Yes hundreds of American Servicemen/women have made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country in the past year. But ask yourself how many more American men, women and children would be dead right here in the Continental United States had we not taken the fight to them.

Haliburton - The one company that specializes in and was fully prepared to support and follow our Military into war. Why shouldn't they benefit from their preparedness? Yes the Bush and Cheny families have been invested in Haliburton for years before this war? Sounds like intellegent investing to me. How many remember a Democratic President (Lyndon Johnson) that took this Country's Military overseas for personal gain.

Marriage - Marriage is a word, it means something, it has always ment something. Changing the meaning of marriage is akin to changing water to mean gold, because it wants to be worth four hundred dollars an ounce and look good on someones finger. Do not construe this as any kind of position on the topic of homosexuality, as that is not the point. The point is it is better to coin a new word than to redefine an old one.

Illelegal aliens - The key word there is illegal. People that want to improve their station in life and are willing to work for it have always been welcome in this Country. So much so that there are legal avenues they can travel to do so. It is common knowleadge throughout the world that the United States has immigration laws and that it will be treated as a criminal offense for someone to enter within the borders without going through the proper channels. Why is this so hard to understand? What is hard to understand is the lacadasical attitude of the Federal Government in enforcing the immigration laws on the borders.

Iraq - In the early 1990's Iraq (Saddam Hussien) invaded the Country of Kuwait. This was an afront to the free world and a coilition of forces, lead by the United States, from Countries all over the globe responded. An overwhelmed Iraq agreed to cease and desist and signed a treaty to that effect. In the ensuing years Iraq (Saddam Hussien) broke every condition of that treaty. Because the United States had led the coilition to end the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the administration then in power was viewed to be doing nothing to continue enforcement, American was viewed as weak by her enemies. This led to attacks on American citizens, soldiers and property abroad, cumulating with the World Trade Centers on Semptember 11th 2001. To Countries and organizations of the world that views the United States as an enemy this lack of enforcement was seen as a sign of weakness to be exploited. And exploit it they did, remember the USS Cole, several Embassy bombings to name only a few. It was not WMD's or anything else, it was simply a matter of Honor that the United States enforce the terms of a contract entered into with Iraq. As a people the citizens must stand for their word, live up to the agreements (treaty's) and enforce that compliance on those that America does business with, otherwise the enemies will consider this Country weak and continue to harrass, kidnap, maim and kill Americans at will. It is a matter of HONOR.


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