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Monday, November 14, 2005

City Council - 7 Citizens Rights - 0

In a very short segmant of the City Council Meeting on the 14th of November every single member of the Lincoln City Council voted to drive another wooden stake through the hearts of their Constituency.

It has been painfully obvious for a very long time the Members of this City Council have absolutely no respect for the individual rights of the citizens trhey are suppose to serve.

In a unanimous vote the Council created, at the request of Field Marshall Police Chief Tom Casady, an Ordinance that allows City Police Officers to "Legally" tresspass on private property and write citations for something that is not even a crime.

Since there is no law that states a vehicle kept on Private Property must be registered, the Lincoln City Police Department now has the power to enter on private property without a warrant and issue a citation for NOTHING.

A valid registration is only required to operate said motor vehicle on public thourogh fares. In order to obtain a conviction for an unregistered or faulty registered vehicle the burden of proof is on the municipality to prove that vehicle is being operated on public streets. Again I say, the Lincoln City Police Department now has the power to enter on private property without a warrant and issue a citation for NOTHING.

The danger here is that while "Legally" on that private property they can use the "Doctrine of plain sight" "Discover" other potentially illegal activity.
This is just one in a long string of travesties that has been perpetrated on the Lincoln Community by "Tommy Boy" Casady and aided and abetted by the incompetance of the Lincoln City Council. It seems like every time "Tommy Boy" blows smoke up the City Councils chimney they wipe the soot from their eyes and give him what he wants.

Incompetence ?? Yes I said that. The members of this Council are so swollen up with themselves and their perceived power that they either routinely ignore their duty to the State Constitution and Statutes or they simply do not care and vote to violate that sacred document with impunity.

I doubt seriously that it would do any good to remind these sloppers at the public trough of their oath of office and what it really means to SERVE the people that elected them.


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