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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Awwww I have been infected with a dreaded Meme

Jed over at FreedomSight Meme'd me. This infestation would remain on my Blog until I posted my responses to the 7 X 7 Meme that he sent me. I know this is a fun thing thing and I thank Jed for thinking enough of me to pass it my way.

It has taken me awhile to complete it, because I had been thinking of some of these things as of late and see this as an opportunity to post my thought out and meaningful answers to the Meme.

Here goes;

Seven things to do before I die (not necessarily in any given order)

Hunt the Water or Cape Buffalo
Celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary
Return to Alaska to Fish
Catch a Marlin (the fish not the gun)
Win the Lottery
Hunt for a full curl Ram
Get to know my Great Grand Children

Seven things I cannot Do

Tolerate the liberal mind set
Stay away from the firing range
Make a decent pancake
Violate a confidence
Speak Chineese
Bungy Jump
Think of one more thing for this list

Seven things that attract me to .... (the outdoors)

The Sunset
The Moon
The Sunrise
Fresh air
Wild Game

Seven things I say most often

Yes Dear
As you wish Dear
In a minute Dear
Get your ass outa my chair
That's a car not a phone booth your driving
Don't threaten me with a good time

Seven Books (or series) that I love

John Grishams Lawyer Novels
John Axlers Death Lands Adventure Novels
Ann Colters How to Talk to a Liberal (If you must)
Bob Barrs The Meaning of Is
Shotgun News
Bill Jordons No Second Place Winner
Massad Ayoobs In Gravest Extreme

Seven Movies I watch Over and Over again

Quigley Down Under
The Outlaw Josie Wales
Hard Target
Hearbreak Ridge
The Shootist
Rooster Cogburn

Seven Suckers I want to infect

TFS Magnum

Thanks Jed I only hope the people I infect are as greatfull as I am.


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