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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Roger Larson gets it wrong

Roger Larson provides commentary for local AM radio station 1400 KLIN. In a recent diatribe Larson disgorges an unusually large amount of bovine excrement even for him.

Hey Larson get your head out of your ass.

It is not the bill of needs.

What part of Right do you not understand?

One would think that at your age you would have a modicum of understanding concerning the Constitution and the Original ten amendments the "Bill of rights".

Roger let me educate you in some basic facts of history.

1. When the Constitution was penned there was no such thing as a "Sportsman" for the purpose of owning a firearm.

Sport hunting became a popular activity thanks primarily to the efforts of Conservationist and President Teddy Roosevelt in the late 1800's. Gee golly huck huck Roger that was 125 years after the Second Amendment was written wasn't it.

2. At that time every male of age (16 or older) was required to acquire at their own expense, maintain, become proficient with and report for duty with a firearm of suitable size and caliber.

Um ... ahhh ... Roger this may come as a shock to your delicate senses but "required to report with a firearm of suitable size and caliber acquired at ones own expense" would be an .... can you say ... assault weapon?

3. The only real organized "target shooting events" were held when the men were required to muster on the village green one Sunday afternoon a month.

4. Hunting was a necessity for survival, if a person didn't hunt his family didn't eat.

Roger put down the Kool-aid. Roger step away from the turd laden punch bowl.

Pay attention closely here Roger;

The Second Amendment had absolutely nothing to do with target shooting, hunting, or other sports type activities that require the use of firearms.

Taught in School

The purpose of the Second Amendment was not only for the people to serve their town, state and federal government in time of need, but to take up arms against that government should it deteriorate to a tyranny.

Roger do you understand that? I know they were teaching that when you went to school. They were still teaching that when I graduated from school more than 30 years ago.

Because they are

As for the "new" Firearms ownership Rights group you are touting there is a reason that the NRA is calling them a left-wing subversive group.

As for tying them to former President Clinton's attempt at banning some guns, well Roger you did that yourself when you pointed out that this new group makes the statement "No one needs an assault weapon."

The American Hunters and Shooters Association was exposed for the fraud that it is a long time ago Roger. Even a cursory check on the internet will inform even an "anti-gun keyboard kommando" of your ilk that the founders of this organization all come from anti-gun backgrounds.

I am not going to go into in-depth detail about the founders of this group and their backgrounds, that has adaquately been done in the past.

David Zincavage gives us the following admonition Don't be fooled.

American Hunters and Shooters Association head John E. Rosenthal founded the anti-gun group Stop Handgun Violence before he apparently "saw the light".

John Lott had the low down on this group well over a year ago. Before covering their tracks it was revealed that this group was started through the Democratic Leadership Council.

As a final note Larson ends his diatribes with "I'm Roger Larson, and that's the way I see it.

Well Roger I would suspect that if you instituted a cranial/rectal inversion, participated in a 12 step program for Kool-aid addiction and remember what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights really means you might see it differently.


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