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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Been Awhile

For all of my regular readers (all 3 of you) I am still around. The much shortened trip to Oklahoma was a success and I will have a post about it sometime soon.

Personal Updates

It seems that the local Gendarmes have yet to locate the Hit & Run Driver or the motorcar.

I recently turned the big 50.

The War

I often wonder how many of the deaths suffered by our Military can be laid at the laptops of the American News Media and how many more will have to die at their hands.

This is a war. Wars are not Sunday church socials. Send the Media home on the next transport and let the Military do what it has been trained to do ....... Kill people and break things. I believe we would be a whole lot farther along and a lot less American Soldiers would be dead or wounded if it were not for the Media.

Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

What part of WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON US do some people not understand? We have no choice but to fight. Is that so hard to understand? If we were not fighting them over THERE, we would have to fight them HERE.

The Mayor

Coleen Seng had been insistent on appointing a new Fire Chief before her term ends in a few short days. I am sure she saw this as part of her legacy. Thankfully there was enough pressure exerted from all sides of the political spectrum demanding that she hold off and let the new Mayor make that choice. Grudgingly I am sure she agreed not to appoint a new chief.


If you thought Jimmy Carter was bad watch what happens if this guy gets the office.


Has she ever had to answer a tough question about who she is and what she stands for?


Can he keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to give a State of the Union Speach?


A longshot with the right idea on border security.


Well I have had plenty to say about him in the past.


Would be a good president but has a lot of baggage I think.

Well enough for now


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