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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rock your Glock Schedule for 2007


Nebraska has not had a sanctioned Glock Shooting Sports Foundation event. Anyone wanting to compete in these venues must travel to Colorado, Missouri or Minnesota.

Several years ago Chris Zeeb a local certified Glock armorer and competition shooter approached GSSF about sponsoring an event in the Cornhusker state. GSSF was not interested.

Undaunted by this rejection Chris started up the event we know as Rock Your Glock. This will be the third year that Chris and a myriad of volunteers will host the matches at the Lincoln Izaak Walton League shooting range.

Unlike the GSSF matches the Rock Your Glock competition a competitor is not required to shoot a Glock. As I have mentioned in previous posts Sig's, Hi-powers, 1911's and a host of other firearms are welcome.

This Year

In fact last year Chris modified the rules so that single stack magazine sidearms no longer have to compete against the normal capacity semi-automatics. Going a step further Chris even created a class for revolvers.

The Rock Your Glock events are a fun way to spend a weekend morning. They normally run from 7:30 AM to about Noon. In fact you do not even have to be there at 7:30 AM to sign up. You can show up anytime prior to the noon hour sign in, shoot the courses and leave. The scores will be posted on the Rock Your Glock website that evening.

In the past two years all of the events have been on Saturday mornings. That changes this year as two of the events will be on Sunday.

If your interested in Rocking your Glock (or other make of sidearm) Check out the Rock Your Glock website and come out and safely enjoy your firearms.

The schedule this year is as follows;

Saturday - May 12th, 2007

Sunday - June 10th, 2007

Sunday - August 12th, 2007

Saturday - September 8th, 2007


Please be reminded that with all shooting sports there are rules that need to be adhered to for the safety of all participants. It is the responsibility of all competitors to be familiar with them.

Besides a safe firearm a shooter will be required to have appropriate eye and ear protection.


It takes 100 rounds of ammunition to complete the three courses of fire. Having more than that is beneficial should a stage/s need to be re-shot should the timing equipment malfunction.

It is also helpful, but not necessary for semi-automatic shooters to have 3-4 magazines that hold at least ten rounds for their firearm. Revolver shooters should consider having 3-4 speed loaders, but again it is not a necessity.

Directions to the Lincoln Ikes can be found on the Rock Your Glock website. Hope to see you all out there.


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