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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Chuck Story

No not Hagel this time, Daniels.

Since Charlie Daniels was performing we attended the Nebraska State Fair for what was probably only our fourth visit in the last six years. We did go twice last year for the Three Dog Night and Kansas concerts. Experiences that I waxed eloquent on in previous From the Heartland pages.

A great time was had by all.

Well maybe not exactly all by the number of people that appeared to walk out at two points during the performance.

More on that in a bit.

As I noted last year both concerts started late and the sound was atrocious. This by the way is not just my opinion. I have conversed with several people in the last year that attended either or both and they had the same disappointing things to say as I did.

Not so with the aging Long Haired Friend of Jesus Country Boy.

Charlie Daniels started on time and for the most part the blend of vocals and music were a pleasure to listen to. There were one or two very brief instances where the scripted high notes intruded on the vocals, but that occurs sometimes even on professionally produced soundtracks.

Unlike last year one didn't need to know the words to the songs to understand what was being sung.


I can only surmise that the drastic difference between what we saw last year and this is respect for the audience and professionalism.

I know there are valid reasons why an act may not start at the proscribed time and I can allow for that.

I just can't get over how atrocious the two acts were last year especially when you contrast that with what we witnessed on the last night of the fair this year.

One heck of a concert

Charlie Daniels and his entourage were on stage and ready to perform minutes before the the appointed time and when they did perform it was nearly as well as listening to one of their albums at home.


At two points during the concert I was struck by the number of people that walked out. If it had been but a few I probably would not have noticed, so I am referring to significant numbers here.

No I did not count and it was not one or two headed for a refill at the beer wagon. What I am referring to are whole apparent families or groups of people that never returned to their seats.

The first walkout occurred minutes into the concert.

Support the troops

Mr. Daniels spoke of his and the CDB's numerous trips to the Middle East in support of the troops and that despite our differing views on political leadership it is an American duty to support our brave men and women in uniform.

Yes people got up out of their seats ne'er to return when Daniels spoke those words.

The second time a large number of people departed the open air theater was when Charlie offered up and began to perform a selection from one of the CDB's Gospel albums.

Yes people got up out of their seats ne'er to return when Daniels sang about Jesus.

As I previously noted I probably would not have noticed this exodus if it had only been a few wayward souls or a "drunkard that wants another glass of wine".

Believe me there were significant numbers (I had an aisle seat and it was enough to be a distraction from the performance) that left open blocks of seating available for those that were standing at the back.

Okay! So you are an atheist and don't support the troops. I can hang with that you are entitled to your opinions and I don't disparage that.

I can only ask what rock have you been living under?

Anybody that has even remotely heard of the CDB in the past few years has to know that Charlie Daniels is vocal about his Patriotism and has always believed in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why would you be surprised, shocked, offended when he expresses these views from his "Pulpit"?

Do you think that exercise in free speech is reserved only for the likes of "Guns kill people like spoons make Rosie Fat" O'Donnell, Tim Robbins or Mr. Madonna" Sean Penn?

It was one heck of a concert and this "Long Haired Military Veteran Friend of Jesus Country Boy" is glad he went.


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