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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Editorial Staff Lack Education

What kind of education is being taught at the University of Nebraska; A total brainwashing of common sense and reason?

Are The students being educated or indoctrinated?

Recently a number of brain dead martyrs calling themselves Editorial Staff, showed just how little education they have received at the Big Red institution of higher learning.

Concealed Carry on Campus Unnecessary

That's why this editorial board is glad concealed firearms are banned on University of Nebraska campuses. We understand the need to protect students and everyone else; we just don't see how students running around with concealed handguns will ever actually solve a problem.

I guess these guys haven't been paying attention or they failed to grasp the concept of research or they would know that there have been several school shootings stopped because students and/or faculty had access to a firearm.

I'll give you a hint kiddies, try looking up the Appalachian Law School. Look up Mississippi and Pennsylvania while your at it. You might learn something.

They also don't seem to grasp a concept that is understood by anyone capable of rational thought;

The truth is, police and military undergo an incredible amount of firearms training - to the point that they are ready to distinguish targets and exercise proper discipline when shooting.

Okay kiddies pay attention, I'll explain this one in terms that even your feeble skulls full of mush can understand;

Military and Police undergo an incredible amount of firearms training because they must respond to situations that they know nothing about. Police are tasked to make vehicle stops not knowing if the driver just robbed a bank or did a drive-by. Police are tasked to serve warrants on buildings housing people they already know are dangerous.

The private citizen on the other hand has no duty to perform any of these tasks. Pay attention here kiddies because there will be a quiz;

How much training do you think you need to determine that the thug/s standing there demanding your wallet, car keys, or vagina is not there to hold hands, eat a bowl of granola and sing Kumbyah with you?

Maybe some of you are to stupid to tell the difference, but the average person will know instantaneously that unless they do something they are will suffer severe bodily harm or death.

Now just because you think you need incredible amounts of training to know that your about to be raped or car jacked with your kids in the back seat it doesn't mean the rest of us do.

We want to see campus environments where staff, students and faculty act quickly to help troubled individuals when they encounter situations that could lead to violence. In many situations, obviously, we can't see the violent outbursts coming - but how would students and professors carrying weapons help?

I should think with all that money you are spending on that Big Red education that you would have at least learned what projection is. Come on kiddies it is Psyc 101 stuff. You know where you project your insecurities and short comings on to everyone else so you can feel better about yourself.

Why don't some of you ask any of the students or faculty that had concealed carry permits at Virginia Tech how they could have helped. If they had not OBEYED the law any number of them have stated that they could have stopped the murdering bastard before he wiped out 30 some people.

But you won't do that will you? No because you are afraid of the truth. Oh and it it wasn't widely reported in the mainstream media either because if students and faculty could stop tragedies like this they wouldn't have anything terrible to report.

And even if someone did have weapon nearby to try and stop the attacker, the worry comes back that that person wouldn't have the expertise and practice that we would see in a UNL police officer responding to the scene.

Quiz time:

How much training does a person need to know beyond a doubt that a maniac with a gun shooting people is not recruiting for the Home Coming bon fire?

Police responding to the scene?? I guess you weren't paying attention when the police response times were reported for all of those tragedies were you?

With a response time that crowds ten minutes on a good day how many more people will die in the next minute let alone the next 10?

What the editorial staff is saying is that they would rather see 30 of their fellow students murdered than for one of them or a faculty member to save lives.

Some of you level headed students at UNL think about this.

If a tragedy were to occur several of your friends would rather see you dead than for some one to save your life.

All you female students at UNL realize that many of your fellow students would rather see you raped, beaten and strangled with your own panty hose than for you to fight back with the proper tools or have someone rescue you with those same tools.

Is this in the Student Handbook?

Proper College etiquette for a rape or shooting;

Don't fight back. Don't even think about fighting back. Don't even wish you had a means to fight back. Just lay back and enjoy it or stand there and take the bullet knowing that the police may be on their way to recuse those that haven't yet been attacked.

If it isn't it should be because that is what the editorial staff is telling you.

It's understandable that some students and faculty would feel better carrying handguns - they would feel like they had the power to prevent a tragedy.

They wouldn't have that power.

Well Duh!!

No one has the power to prevent a tragedy, but someone with the proper tools can stop it from becoming even worse.

Laws that ban firearms from campus have killed more students and faculty than they have saved.

Why do you think these murdering bastards pick malls and schools?

Because they know there won't be anyone to shoot back at them for the better part of fifteen minutes. Your fish in a barrel and the more of you he/she shoots before they commit suicide the more fifteen minutes fame in death they will garner in the mainstream media.

They pick those places because they know they won't be stopped until they are ready to be stopped. Why is that so hard for someone in college to understand??


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