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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Stooges Stand up for Ben

In a recent Lincoln Journal Fish Wrapper Jeremy Nordquist, Heath Mello, and Jane Kleeb pulled their collective heads out of Nelsons ass long enough to place the blame for the Healthcare debacle on the backs of Mike Johannes and Lee Terry.

Where the hell have you three ignorant know-nothings been for the last three months?


You don't remember the locked door do you?

The only non Democrat that had any input at all was Olympia Snow the RINO from Maine and they kicked her sorry ass to the curb with a sharp towed boot after they got the one "If I don't like the final bill I'll vote against it" go ahead vote from her.

Ben Nelson seems to stupid to realize that Reid will throw his Cornhusker turncoat ass under the bus as soon as Nelson casts his vote for this atrocity.

Just one question Benny; This isn't about your thoughts on abortion, what does Reid have on you and/or what have you been promised under the table?

What ever it is it better be good because I don't think you can get re-elected dog catcher in Nebraska right now. You know that a majority of Nebraskans do not want this yet you seem determined to shove it up our ass and break it off.

We hired you to vote they way we tell you to not the way Reid orders you too. Go ahead Ben turn your back on your constituents Ben, we fired Bobby and we can fire your turncoat ass too.

My guess though is that you have already decided your not going to run in 2011. If by some small chance you do we will remember Ben.

What makes this even worse is Don Walton appears to be a dumb ass for letting those statements go unchallenged. Way to go Donny it speaks volumes for your "Journalistic Integrety" or should I say lack there of?


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