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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Shooting Blanks or Paying Homage to the Moron?

The most recent edition of the Nebraska Universities Campus paper The Daily Nebraskan features an article penned by Senior physics and chemestry major Adam Scheer.

In his opinion piece entitled "Shooting Blanks" Student Scheer shamelesly pays homage to Michael Moore, by basing his diatribe entirely on "facts he gleaned from the movie "Bowling for Columbine".

"Facts" that have been credably proven false time after time since the release of Moore's "documentry".

I am not even going to bother to fisque his rant, it is not worth re-writing what has already been written by countless other legal scholars like David Kopel, et al.

Whether Scheer took the easy way out and just sat down with a laptop, a bowl of popcorn and the movie or whether he has had his head stuck so far up a test tube for so long that he didn't know that the entire movie had been seriously debunked is a moot point. The point is that Adam seems to get all of his current events education from the box office.

What's next Adam? Should we appeal to the Jedi High Councel urging them to send Obi-Wan to settle the Iraqi problem? Or maybe the situation is so desparate that Yoda himself must go.

Adam is there anything pressing that we need Jason Bourne for?

The Daily Nebraskan does have a section where readers can submit their comments. After they have been approved by the editorial staff they will be posted under the article in question.

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