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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sexual Predators seem to have declared an Open season on children in Lincoln

A week or two ago a man who's family admitted he had a past record (Juvenile) of molesting children was arrested after he made advances to an elementary school student in the bathroom of the school.

He had evidently traveled cross town, using the public transit system, from the "Group home" he was living at to effect his crime.

Another man, with a documented history of sexual predation was arrested yesterday near a local elementary school with a young boy in his car. His arrest ended a nearly month long operation by the Lincoln Police Department. Essentially the police knew who they were looking for as the suspect was using the same modus operandi that he used before he was caught and convicted several years ago. The suspect was driving around the school waving money out the window attempting to entice young boys into his car.

Also Yesterday a 52 year old man was arrested after he was caught fondling the breasts of a sleeping 15 year old girl. The man was caught by the girls mother who took up a decorative sword in defense of her daughter. In a struggle for the blade the mans thumb was cut and chased by the protective Mom he fled the domicile where he was subsequently arrest by Lincoln's Finest.

The Police spokesperson stated that the Mother was not arrested.

I have just one question; Why the hell should she have been arrested?

She was in her own home defending her daughter from the likes of a sexual predator, why should anyone even consider having her arrested let alone qualify the public statement with "The woman was not arrested".

She should have had a gun instead of a sword.

I am not sure how superstitious I really am but things certainly do happen in threes don't they.

Update: While enroute to pick up one of my precious Grand daughters from school, (She is a first grader in one of the afore mentioned schools by the way) I heard a news report on KLIN 1400 AM that the Mom of the Arnold School child has filed a million dollar law suit against the Lincoln Public School system. Said School system has 6 months to respond. (posted: 5:08 Oct 5 2K5)


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