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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Employees trained to die quietly

Joe, over to the Crabby Shack is reporting on a fiasco of moronic proportions.

It seems that one of the most vocal opponents of allowing concealed carry on their premises spent Sunday evening holding hands with the Omaha Police Department and singing Kumbyah.

The end result is that Robert Batt, vice president of Nebraska Furniture Mart is what war veteran, retired welder and all around curmudgeon Walther would call a Dumbass and the Omaha Police Chief should be fired for wasting the taxpayers money.

Crisis Training Drill my ass.

The scenario consisted of a disgruntled man who came into the store to confront his ex-girlfriend. The ex-boyfriend simulated shooting a security guard and taking several people hostage.

Quiz time;

When was the last time any of the Murdering Bastards you read about in the media took hostages?


They don't Dumbass. They walk through the door and open up on the unarmed security guard and keep shooting until they run out of ammo, cap their own sorry ass or get righteously gunned down by a private citizen with a gun because the responding Gendarmes never ever get there in time to do anything except cordon off the area and process a crime scene.

Observation for extra credit

An unarmed security guard is like a canary bird in a coal mine. When the bird/guard topples over dead the others are suppose to run like hell.

Oh I bet those NFM fish in a barrel valued employees feel all warm and fuzzy about working there now don't they? They just got done with a training exercise where they learned that Bobby the boss wants them all herded to one place before a murdering bastard punches them off the life clock.

It is really simple, if management can convince the Serfs valued employees to co-operate enough that they are all murdered in one small area it will save the company thousands in clean up costs. Wouldn't want blood all over that discount furniture would we.

Doesn't anyone else see that this is just making a murdering bastards job that much easier?

Train the employees to be herded up like cattle going to slaughter instead of fighting back or running like hell. Saves the murdering bastard time and ammo doesn't it?

Robert Batt, vice president of Nebraska Furniture Mart, said his company approached Omaha police with the idea of conducting the drill to better prepare employees for a crisis.

Prepare my ass. I doubt Bobby's got your best interests at heart. He is looking out for the bottom line.

50 of Omaha's finest participated in this simian driven football PR experience and no mention is given on the simulated response time. Wanna bet that it was realistic? I'll give you 2-1 it wasn't.

"We don't want to be in the avoidance mode," Batt said. "I hope we are going to do this again. . . . My hat's off to the police and fire and the people who make us safe. We need to be proactive in any kind of incident training. That's why we run these training exercises."

Maybe you believe that bovine excrement Robby but I don't. Me thinks you need to change your VP title to something that more honestly reflects your true position; Sheeple Farmer
Police and fire DO NOT make us safe. They don't even KEEP us safe.

They do their job;

The Sheeple Herders Police get a phone call that we are in deep shit. They respond. Sometimes they arrive while the crime is still in progress. Most of the time they don't. They arrange medical service for the survivors, homicide investigations for those that obeyed company policy and they write reports.

How the hell is that making us safe?

They come to our place of business and lecture us on how we need to allow a wolf some murdering bastard to herd ourselves, like farm animals, into one small area so that it will be easier for them to run a crime scene without traipsing blood, brain matter and fingerprint dust all over Bobby's best furniture.
Oh and as Joe relates;

What about the signs?

You know the No Gun Allowed signs. I thought that was suppose to prevent an occurrence like this from happening.

Is this training drill an admission that they don't work? You mean only law abiding citizens obey those no gun directives? Say it ain't so.

Why I thought those signs were the cure for everything including STD's and the common cold.

Now I really am depressed.

(Hat tip to Joe's Crabby Shack)


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