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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ben Blubbers Again

Benedict finally makes a statement on the election of Senator Brown.

He essentially blames republicans for the democrats defeat by senator elect Brown. He insinuates that the obstruction and lack of participation from the other side of the aisle caused the people of Massachusetts to elect a republican to kill the health-care bill.

I guess no one told him that there were a number of independents in Massachusetts that voted for Brown because of Ben's Cornhusker Kickback.

“Clearly, the vote showed that people are frustrated with Washington...

You are damn right we are Ben. We expect our elected representatives to obey the oath they took by not voting for unconstitutional legislation.

and I am too. That frustration will likely register across the board for all incumbents.

Right on again Ben! Count yourself in that "all incumbents" too.

The overriding message from yesterday is that people are upset because Washington is dysfunctional and not working together for them.

Ben, yes you and the other 99 are dysfunctional that is true and no you are not working together for us that is correct.

Ben, what part of you are personally partially responsible for senator brown being seated. Thank you Ben, although we hate how you did it, we appreciate it.

You are however wrong about the overriding message. The overriding message is that we are tired of you not listening to your constituency. We elected you to do what you are told to do by a majority of your constituency. You were not elected to haul your ass down to DC to do what the hell ever you want.

It may be a wake up call for you Ben, but it came too late and you are late work.

Don't you think it is a just a little presumptuous to claim that ALL of the independents will always line themselves up with you?

“Republicans have a responsibility—and had it in the past—to engage, not sit on the sidelines. Their obstruction should give way to participation.

Ben, how big of hole do you have in that thick head of yours?

The Republicans made all sorts of overtures and proposals, of course a Cloward-Pliven Pinhead like you sees that as obstruction.

Their obstruction should give way to participation.

Ok Ben, what hole in the sand did you have your head in when your Masters Reid and Pelosi locked them out of the process.

Uh Ben that would be physically locking them out. As for participation they even refused to allow Snowe, who voted with you, to be in the same room with them. And you have the balls to call the Republicans obstructionists?? Ben has anyone ever told you how juvenile you sound?

It is kind of hard to participate when you can't even get in the game.

“Bipartisanship will bring people together all across our country. Bipartisanship will deliver progress for the American people. Working across the aisle is the way in which we get that done.

Ben since you were there for every little nuance, I have to ask; What part of You and your masters refused to consider anything that came from across the aisle?

“I will continue reaching across the aisle as I’ve always done to develop bipartisan health reform that works for Nebraskans. I will work for bipartisanship every chance I get, and I believe that bipartisanship is the way forward for Congress to deliver for the American people.

Bipatisanship is the way forward Ben, but I call bullshit. Reach across the aisle? Ben you can't even give a good reach around.You will continue to cow-tow to your masters without regard for your fellow Nebraska representatives in DC or your constituency back home.

“On health reform, it’s up to congressional leaders to decide the next steps. 220,000 Nebraskans without coverage and rising costs for all other Nebraskans doesn’t suggest we should just give up.”

Who are you trying to convince Ben? Yourself? The current plan will likely price more Nebraskans out of insurance that it will cover.

Ben what do you take us for? A bunch of backwoods country hicks? I, and countless other Nebraskans find your arrogance insulting.

We have heard you try to explain your way back into our good graces several times in several different ways since you embarrassed us all again and not one of them made any sense. You even had the audacity to ruin our Bowl game with your senseless drivel.

If you were so right in what you did why hasn't Reid or the President come to your defense? Are you too stupid to realize he used you like a cheap whore. How does it look from under the bus with Harry's boot print on your ass?

Though you may think different Ben, we are not idiots. Do the right thing Ben resign.


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