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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jack Hemby, way off Target?

Where do these people come from?

It is people like this that really aggravate me to no end. The older I get the less patience I have to suffer ignorant uneducated fools.

The ignorance that is displayed by this current letter to the Alamogordo Daily Journal is a further illustration of why I believe that people should have to pass a competency test on civics before being allowed to vote.

I believe in the right to bear arms, but I think it is in bad taste and sets a bad example to pack a gun at a Tea Party.

I believe it in the Right to vote, but I think it is in bad taste and elects bad representatives when the electorate has no understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Guns will only run people off that would like to participate in the Tea Party movement.

Jackie, wake up, what part of the Tea Party Movement exists to support all of our Creator endowed Rights don't you understand? In case you weren't taught that in school, that includes the Right to keep and bear arms. Helloooo!!!!!

Jackie, you and Jimmy Hipps need to read this slowly ... real slowly so your feeble brains can get a grip on it;

The Rally that was held in Alamogordo was organized by a local Open Carry organization and the local Tea party Movement. Let me say that again in case you didn't get it the first time, It was a dual organization event.

Both organizations jointly applied for and received a permit from the city of Alamogordo for the event.

Is any of this sinking in Jackie? Jimmy??

Jackie, do you know how stupid your, "Guns will only run off..., comment sounds? It is obvious that you have absolutely no idea what the Tea Party Movement is all about do you? Talk about ignorance, geez dude wake up!

I think the only time we should strap a gun on our side is when we plan on using it.

Another idiotic statement Jackie? Ever heard of Self Defense?

Or do you believe that the bag guys are going to snail mail, e-mail or call you personally and tell you that they are going to rob, rape or car-jack your sorry ass at such and such a place at so and such a time so you can strap a gun on your side with plans of using it?

"....the only time we should strap a gun on our side is when we plan on using it."

What a brain dead statement!

I do not think we have gotten to that point yet. The American people needs to stand and be heard, but not by a gun shot.

No we haven't gotten to that point yet and I hope with all hope that we never do get to that point.

"..but not by a gun shot."

It is my opinion that only an arrogant dumb-ass would make a blanket statement like that. Were you there? How many gunshots did you here? How many gunshots were reported in the liberal mainstream media, that you likely watch, were reported.

Here is a trivia question for you Jackie, and Jimmy can chime in too if he dares;

In all of the Open Carry Events, held all across this great Country, in the last 10 years how many gunshots were heard or reported?

We need to demonstrate in a civil manner. Lets not look worse than the people we are demonstrating against.

What was uncivil about the event? Everyone including the three anti Tea Party Movement "protesters" were peaceful and civil.

Not worse than the people we are demonstrating against?

Would that be the ACORN and SEIU thugs that have been arrested for physically assaulting Tea Party Goers? Would that be some of our elected officials that called us Nazi's, traitors, etc....? Would that be the Coakley thugs that roughed up a reporter doing his job? I could go on, but you likely won't ever get the point anyway.

Bringing guns to Tea Party movements will only cause our ideals to die on the vine.

Die on the vine? You don't have a clue Jackie, not one iota of a clue.

Yes, the Tea Party is about taxes, but the majority of participants are also concered with the inalienable Rights articulated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I realize that may be hard to grasp for single minded people like you and Jimmy, but that does include the Right to keep and bear arms.

And finally!

You do support the Military and its Veterans don't you Jackie?

You know the ones that; one point, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life.

The Open Carry Organization in question was formed by a few Soldiers that are currently on active duty. Many of those attending that were LAWFULLY bearing arms are current or former members of the United States Military.

It would Grieve me to think that you are disparaging those selfless and Patriotic Individuals.

Get you head out of your ass!


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