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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Believe it or not

I have tried several times this week to set down and compose a post, and it seems like everytime I do something comes up and I have to postpone it.

We did have a good time at the range Saturday. I got the 629 sighted in at 50 yards and the Winchester at 100 yrds.

I am hoping to make time tomorrow to download pics from the camera and upload them for posting tomorrow. We have a bowling pin shoot this Sunday and the weather is looking extremely good for it so that is going to be the centerpiece for the weekend.

On the CCW front, the bill, LB454 has been assigned to the judiciary committee and is scheduled for public input on the 17th of March. The Committee is also hearing public input on a bill that will change the method of execution in death penalty cases that same day.

LB454 is scheduled for the afternoon session and could be heard any time from 1:00PM to 7:00PM (1300-1900 for you military guys).

There will be several people there speaking for and against it. Even if you do not wish to speak before the committee having a large group of people there that support it may go along way toward passage of this bill.

If you are in favor of it and can be there, please attend even if you do not plan on speaking.

Thanks all for hanging in there with me.

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