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Monday, March 14, 2005

LB454 update

Heineman Non Committal on CCW
With the Judiciary Committee hearing on LB454 three days away Nebraska Governor spokesman Aaron Sanderford said that Heineman has not taken a position on the bill introduced by Jeanne Combs.

Supposedly Heineman, who was promoted to Governor when Mike Johanns was appointed to the Bush Cabinet as Agriculture Secretary, "supports the concept of legalizing concealed cary".

I'm not sure what that "supports the concept" means in Heinemans mind, but it does conjour up the idea that he would only favor a highly restrictive law that is of no real benefit to the citizens of Nebraska.

Unless something drastic happens between now and the time the committee votes this bill will come out of committee. It needs 5 votes to advance and there are nearly that many on the committee that are either a sponsor or co-sponsor of LB454.

The real fireworks will begin when it hits the floor
There are two things that can be taken to the bank when this bill hits the floor; the first is that there will be an almost uncountable number of amendments introduced ( an example of an amendment in previous years would not have had the law take effect for a thousand years) and the second thing is an Ernie Chambers filibuster.

The committee hearing will be held in the Capitol building this Thursday. The time at this point is generally thought to be in the afternoon as the death penalty law will also be heard the same day.

There will be several people speaking on the bill from all sides of the issue, whether anyone would like to speak or not it would be a good show of support for as many as possible to be there.

Even if you don't want to speak show up and be counted. If there is an overflowing numbers of supporters at the hearing it will be be a subject of discussion in the capitol building and it very well could sway a fence sitter or two when it comes time to vote cloture to a filibuster.

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