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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Heard it on the radio

The wife and I were out to the lake today doing a bit of fishing and trying out some new arrows when Senator Jeanne Combes was introduced as a guest on one of the local afternoon talk shows. (KLIN 1400 AM)

Sentor Combes is this years sponsor of the bill LB454, that if passed will create the concealed carry law in Nebraska. Senator Conbes is a well informed firearms owner and has done a lot of hard work and I dare say a fair amount of arm twisting to get this bill through this year.

E-mails have been working
The Senator mentioned that her office and those of several other Senators have been deluged with e-mails about LB454. She went on to say that out of the hundreds she has received herself only three have been in opposission to it.
The Senator further stated, without naming names, that there has been two Senators that were against it that will now vote for it because of the e-mails they have received from their constituants.

The votes just might be there folks
Senator Combs mentioned that she has the support of 36 Senators. If this is true and they remain steadfast in their commitment to her, that means there is 3 more votes than neccesary to bring cloture to a promised Senator Chambers filibuster.

The public hearing before the judiciary committee is tomorrow, March 17th. Anyone that can make it, whether you wish to speak of not is encouraged to attend and lend support to the issue. The Hearing will be held in the Capitol building in Lincoln sometime tomorrow, most likely in the afternoon, but get there early just in case.

There are 8 Senators on the committee and it will most likely by a vote of 6-2, unless something really drastic happens, make it out of committee. That is when the real work will begin.

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