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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More on the smoking ban as the dollars minus down

I have covered this issue several times in the past and the more time that passes the more it is proving out that Lincoln is and will continue to loose an awful lot of money because of the ban.

Mary Harris Rauner, Manager of of BC's Bar in Lincoln has a very inciteful opinion that has was recently published in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Ms. Rauners figures are as current as has been released and she makes makes a point that I alluded to in a previous post;

One of the areas that can be positively identified with the effects of the smoking ban are the Keno figures from the City of Lincoln. Even with a massive (and very expensive) promotion in the month of February, keno revenue is down $943,250 for the City of Lincoln through the first quarter of 2005. The small towns surrounding Lincoln however, are up almost that amount, with Waverly, Crete, Denton, Raymond and Sprague up $755,310 for the same period, according to the state department of revenue. The initial April and May figures reflect a greater loss for the city of Lincoln.

Ms. Rauner, as the manager of BC's, is in a postion to see first hand the effects of the ban;

I am trying to rebuild a viable and profitable business among the ashes of this ban. The work involved in revising our business plan to accommodate new clientele is essential for survival. We intend to stay in compliance with the ban, but I cannot be silent simply because Dart and his advocates do not agree with my stance on what I believe to be an issue of civil liberty.

Yes like she said it is a done deal and now it remains for those businesses that are most affected by the ban to either rise from the ashes or fall by the way side.

It seems there are a lot of spitefully happy people, whether they know it or not, that are walking around town without a nose on their face.

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