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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chambers vows to kill CCW

In a predictical move Senator Chambers has avowed to do everything in his power to kill not only the CCW bill, but the Fetal Assault measure that is before the Unicameral.

Senator Chambers plans to nit pick and filibuster every bill that comes up for debate from now till the end of the short session.

This is not the first time the Honorable Senator from Omaha has plyed this tactic. If he can slow the Unicameral down to a slow crawl time will expire before these bills can be brought up again, thus insuring non-passage of either one.

Since term limits are about to kick in I suspect that there is little chance for passage this session either.


Because as I have long suspected and as Senator Chambers himself has told me personally;

"If these people really wanted to pass a concealled carry bill they would have done it a long time ago. You don't know how many of them that say they are for it really don't want it, they just use me as the bad guy. Then they can go back to their districts and say i tried but it was that darned Ernie Chambers again. They blame it on me, I know that and accept that."

There yuh go folks a lot of those people that Ernie was talking about are about to term limit out. Now they can either let him drag it to the end and let it die or they can vote the way they really have felt all along about it.

Ernie Chambers is on a term limit induced roll and he has got nothing to lose. He is going to give it all he has got from now till the end of the session. Many of his fellow supposed pro-gun Senators can quietly sit back and let him run the boards or they can vote how they really feel about CCW for a change. Either way it doesn't matter they are out, they have nothing to lose either folks.

CCW this session not likely.

Time to start shouting about Initiative Measure No. 403 from every roof top in the state.


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