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Monday, January 30, 2006

I have a much better idea

Senator Pam Brown is revisiting an old idea. That seems to come up every 30 years or so.
She wants to spend countless millions on a study that if implimented would would create a lake where Ashland, Nebraska has been established for generations.

Seveal question will have to be answered; Where will all of the people relocate? How much compensation will they receive for their trouble? What will be done with all of the cemetaries that are located where they plan to put this puddle?

Even if it does provide the hydro-electric power that Senator Brown alludes to; How many generations will it take to just break even on the fiasco?

I have a much better idea

Why not put that damn on the Missouri River just south of Omaha. After all there is much more water in that confluence and it would take a much shorter time to re-coup the investment throught the sale of hydro-electricity.

Oh wait it would interfere with barge traffic wouldn't it? The solution there would be to truck everything North of that point thus creating even more jobs. Now that would be a real boon to the economy.

Oh but then large portions of Omaha, Carter Lake and Council Bluffs would be under water. Well you can make up your own mind whether that would be a good thing or not.

The Omaha International airport might also be under water as well. That is not all bad, it could create a whole new water sport using those old runways.

Imagine the kids that park and make out on the bluffs could go home and honestly tell their parents they were watching the submarine races.

Submarine Race tailgate parties !!!!! What's on the menu????

Would Budwiser or Dupont be interested in fielding an entry?? I can see it now "The Rain Bubble Warriors".

Maybe Subway and Blimpie can co-sponsor the events. The SubBlimpieWay 500 ???

Post race interview; "Well jeff you could have won that race if that sturgeon hadn't swam out in the fourth turn and put you into the wall."

"Well that's the breaks, the crew had the Rain Bubble Warrior sub running fantastic to that point in the race and I'm sure it is a big disappointment for our sponsors, Dupont and Sunkist Tuna, but those things happen. We'll be back next year though.

There are a lot more important issues going on in this state than to commission millions of needed dollars to study a subject that has not ever gotten off the ground in the last 70 years.


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