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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Round One: CCW - 1 Ernie Chambers - 0

The Nebraska Unicameral has been debating LB 454 Concealed Carry Legislation for the past two days. I have only been paying attention to it out of one side of my brain as it has been this far in years past.

Today ended round one before the full Senate with 34 Senators voting to bring cloture to a Senator Chambers filibuster. It was then by majority vote sent to the Select File.

Been there done that

Three years ago LB 256 (the same bill) made it this far before being tabled by Senator Tyson to be heard the following year. It was never heard from again.

Last year it was ressurected by Senator Combs as LB 454. It was, as it always seems to voted out of committee and sent to the floor of the full Unicameral. There it languished until Senator Combs was promised; If she tabled the bill until this years session it would get the full attention of the Unicameral.

Despite that written promise I am surprised that it has been brought up. I am not suprised that the vote for cloture succeeded and that it was vote on the full floor to advance to select file, as I said we been there done that already.

Long way to go

It isn't over till the Fat Lady Sings blog entries are posted folks. There are Senators that have some very restrictive amendments they would like to see added, that voted for cloture this time around. Just like they did the last time. If they can not get what they want added to LB 454 they won't vote for cloture let alone the final product.

This is not a time to rejoice, we been here before, now is the time if you support this bill to keep what ever pressure you have been bringing to beear on your Senators. Call their offices, get 10 friends to call their offices, get 10 friends to get 10 friends to call their offices.

It is really to early to tell how CCW will fare in Nebraska this year and I for one will be very suprised if it does in fact pass.


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