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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the words of Duncan MacLeod; "There can be only one... er..ahh can we make that four or five?

It seems that there are a few college students with too much time on their hands and too much mush between their ears.

Distraught over the fact that the Governor recently signed concealed carry into law in Nebraska several students at the local university have taken to carrying swords around campus as a vehicle of protest.

Their goal is to get other students ask them why they are parading around campus with fake swords slung through a belt loop.

They are protesting the new CCW law and want to wax eloquant to anyone who will listen to their child like irrational ideas on what will happen in the Cornhusker state now that honest law abiding citizens can get a permit to protect themselves.

The Candyass panzy boy subject of the trististe in the Lincoln Journal Star, Axel Arth is sure that he is going to be the victim of some permit holders shoot first mentality;

He’d have told them that getting shot in Iraq and getting shot in his hometown are the same to him. "

It’s going to get me just as dead.”

I have no idea why he had to make the Iraq reference though. I would hazard the guess that he and his sword weilding compadres are flaming liberals that believe all of the leftist propoganda that has been spoon fed to them by the liberal public academia.

Axel is also hoping that the leaders of Lincoln will come riding in on their charging white steeds and rescue him like the fair damsel in distress that he is;

He’d have told them how he thinks it’s unsafe and could lead to a shoot-first mentality. He’d have told them it’s too late for the state, because the bill is already signed, but maybe the city could ban concealed weapons.

Have no fear lady fair Axel, I'm sure Chief Casaday, Mayor Seng and a few other stalwart civic minded leaders are already crafting an ordinance proposal that will make your wish come true.

Until then listen up dumbass/es before you fall on your swords and really hurt yourselves.

First off I am a long time law abiding resident of Nebraska and your mindless drivel is an insult to me and every other law abiding citizen of this state. You don't even know us and yet you think so little of us that you believe in your liberal heart of hearts that being able to legally carry a concealed firearm will turn us into the demon seed. Your baseless opinions about people you don't even know are utterly contemptable. It doesn't suprise me that that the University leadership gave you the go ahead to have your little tantrum, afterall it is the same imbecils that disgraced the College and this city with the Tommy Lee debacle.

It is my considered opinion that you armed with a college education are more dangerous that any Nebraskan I know with a concealed firearm.

There are already 48 other states that have concealed carry laws. Many of those states have enacted those laws in the last 20 years. In all of this time there has never been the problems that you profess in any of those states. Can you get that through those young skulls of liberal rot? NEVER

Since it has not ever been a problem in any other state what in God's good world makes you think it is going to happen here? Do you know something about our fellow Nebraskans that I don't?

What we have here is a handful of idiots that have absolutely no concept of what is going on in the real world.

Axel, the facts are out there if you care to check them don't just take my word for it, 48, count them 48 other states have concealed carry laws and there are not shootings over parking spaces, there is no shoot first mentality.

To get a permit to carry a concealed firearm applicants will have to undergo fingerprinting, background checks by the State and Federal governments, and successfully complete an State Patrol approved training course.

In short you snivelling braindead Duncan MacLeod wannabes only the most law abiding of Nebraskans will qualify for a concealed carry permit, let alone actually apply for one.

But for now I guess you can stroll around campus rattling your sabers content in knowledge that that no one will take your heads.

There is nothing in them that anyone would want anyway.

Being an actor has eliminated his sense of shame. He can do anything in public.

Sense of shame? Why don't you do something in public that means something; like getting an informed education?

Although I guess as an actor you think your headed for Hollywood and want to get a jump on how those robotic script readers conduct themselves out there when it comes to politics.

Swordsmen my ass, it is a good thing those blades are only stage props, they are as pretend as you are.


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