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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mayor and Chief dictate CCW on morning talk show

This (Tuesday, April 25) morning KLIN 1400AM Lincoln's Morning News Team Dwight Lane and Charlie Brogan hosted a virtual summit on CCW in Nebraska in general and Lincoln in particular. Not one time did I hear any mention of the poll the radio station ran over the weekend that garnered some 650 votes against the ban, only about 25 votes for it a mere half dozen that are undecided.

Charlie Brogan's focus leaned toward the "may issue" that exists in Iowa as that is what he is familiar with. Dwight Lane made the comment that he thinks Concealed carry is best for all of us and then followed that up with "may issue" is a better idea than the "shall issue" that was passed by the Unicameral. Which is it Dwight, all of us or only those that you deem worthy?

From 7:45 to 8:00 the Morning News duo "grilled" Police Chief Tom Casady who offered the following observations;

1) "I have polled my department and 85% of my officers feel there is no need for CCW". "There is a huge majority of Police Officers nation wide that oppose CCW" and "only a handful of Officers/Chiefs I know favors CCW". The Chief commented that his officers have expressed; "Now we have to worry even the good guys have guns.

NEWSFLASH: Hey Chief it isn't up to you and your officers to decide what laws we shall have. When the Police are able to DICTATE what laws the citizens live under, that would be the definition of a POLICE STATE. That power is reserved by WE THE PEOPLE. Hint; the people through the voice of the Unicameral have spoken WE want CCW everywhere in the state.

2) "I am concerned that the persons that have misdemeanor convictions such as stalking, violating a Protective Order, or impersonating a Police Officer are not forbidden from getting a permit under this law". According to the Chief there are also a lot more misdemeanor crimes that need to be added as well. The Chief commented that a person with one of the listed misdemeanors would be eligible for a permit under this law but a person whose only conviction is turning back the odometer on a motor vehicle is a felon and does not qualify.

Be concerned all you want Chief that is your job, the enactment of laws is our job. You are a PUBLIC SERVANT you do what we tell YOU not the other way around. That you don't seem to recognize that speaks volumes about you.

From 8:10am to about 8:35am The dynamic duo hosted Madam Mayor Collen Seng.

Taking several calls the Mayor demonstarted her total and complete ignorance about the recently enacted CCW law.

1) "I am standing with the Chief on this one" and "in the matter of the city taking away what the legislature has given Lincoln is different."

2) "I would feel more threatened if I met someone that was carrying concealed".

How the heck would you know Mayor? Were you issued a pair of x-ray glasses when you assumed the duties of Benevolent Dictator Mayor? If you have travelled outside of Nebraska at all Madam I am sure you have had people with concealed firearms all around you. Funny you don't seem to mind them, but you have no trust of your own constituency. The very same respected responsible law abiding citizens that elected you.

Oh wait I forgot that you have stated in the past that we are "delusional" and "don't take things seriously" and we are "inconsiderate". Maybe you are still holding a grudge that we didn't vote for your pet "money pit" and this is your way of paying us back.

3) When it was suggested that many of her concerns were already addressed in the bill Mayor Seng demonstrated that she is NOT even familiar with what the law is or what it requires. She does understand that the Iowa law is more inclusive.

4) When she was asked to specifically document any city that has experienced the wild west mentality that she is complaining about The Mayor responed with; " I will listen to my Police officers.

5) When it was pointed out that 47 other states have a CCW law passed by two legislative bodies and signed by 47 Governors that maybe she is being more presumptuous about safety that 47 Governors, Mayor Seng responded with; "Make any statement you want I will follow what my officers want.

Mayor Seng your are ill informed on the subject and appear to be no more than a mouth piece for the Chief. I am greatly distressed at that conduct. The action by the Chief is, in my opinion indicitive of a Police State, something that is abhorant to the Republican form of Governemnt that we should be enjoying.

It would appear that by supporting the Chief in this manner you are an enabler. There are some 12 step programs that address that mental state and how to cure ones self of the affliction.


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