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Saturday, April 01, 2006

People that pissed me off this week

I know I haven't posted in quite some time. There are probably two reasons for this; One I have had other things to do and two there just hasn't been anything in the news that affected me enough to write aout it.

That changed this week. The more I listened to the news the madder I got.

On the National scene all of the crap being spouted by the liberals about the President and the eavesdropping that the security agencies have done on phone calls made by people that have sworn to kill as many Americans as possible.

Deep down how can these liberal bastards not know that the targets of these phone bugs have been identified as terrorists or terrorist sympathyzers. From everything I have seen the phone calls intercepted were to and from areas where the United States has troops on the ground being shot at and/or bombed. The scumball liberal slimeballs that are spouting their crap about impeaching the President are doing so simply becase they hate the man in the White House.

They are a danger to the secuirty of the United States. Their hatred for the man runs so deep that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of not just our American soldiers but the lives of every man, woman and child in this country as well.

Simply put these left leaning tree hugging panty waist red doper diaper babies could care less about America. They are pissed that the sleeping giant woke up over the past years and fired their nasty asses at the ballot box.

The second thing that pissed me off Nationally this week is all the garbage that the same aforementioned individuals have been shovelling about immigration. The brain dead mind numb lefist robots refuse to admit that the terrorists that have sworn death to every American could come to this country by crossing the border with Mexico. Despite the fact that there have been positively identified terrorists that have been apprehended coming across the border, they and some sorry ass middle of the road conservitives are hesitant to do anything about the borders. They don't want to hurt the feelings of any of the folks that broke the law to be here.

Closing down illegal entry on our nations borders has nothing to do with racism; it has everything to do with security. It isn't just Mexicans that are illegally coming into the United States. The safety of the American people must take precidence over everything else. If a few illegals get their feelings hurt too damn bad, we need to build a wall and build it now.

Homegrown stupidity

On the local level it is our own homegrown left leaning liberal slimeballs that pissed me off. A concealed carry law was passed this week and is headed to the Governors desk. Yes he said long ago that he would sign it.

Nebraska is now the 48th state to enact some type of concealed carry law and you'd think that the liberals would have learned a thing or two over the last 20 years as one state after another has passed CCW laws.

But Nooooooo, even though there has not ever been blood in the streets or shoot outs for parking spaces in any other state that has created CCW laws, our local liberal politicians and their brain dead minions think so little of the Nebraskans that they have been elected to serve that they are sure we will be the exception to the rule.

Hey libs I know you have heard this before, but let me tell you again; 1 the bad guys are already carrying guns. 2 The requirements for issuance of a license are so strict that only the most law abiding Nebraskans will be able to aquire a permit. 3 A firearm is, just like the computer you are reading this on is private property, Nebraska law allows for residents to aquire and use property pretty much as they see fit as long as it does not intefere with anyone else.

Guess what; Me or anyone else walking down the street with a concealed firearm does not and will not interfere with you in anyway, so suck it up and get over it. I have no responsibility to you to not do something because you have a child like cry baby phobia about it.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean I have to not do it. It is my private party and I will do what I am legally able to with it.

Your immature child like fear of firearms is the result of your being spoon fed misinformation by people like the Brady Bunch and the Million Commie Mommies. Grow up you whiny ass left leaning liberal cry babies and get over it.


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