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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busting Another Urban Myth

This is getting to be a habit but here goes.

One of the many reasons those opposed to CCW cite for their cause is;

Private Citizens are not qualified to carry a gun because they do not have the hours of training that certified Police Officers have.

Disclaimer; Before I get started on this diatribe I want there to be no mistake. I am not bashing cops in anyway, shape or form, I am only pointing out the differences between a Private Citizen with a concealed firearm and the men and women in blue.

The comparison between what training a Police Officer requires to peform thier job and what is helpful for a Private Citizen to be responsible for their own safety is apples and oranges.

Police Officers

Police Officers have a tough, under paid and often times unappreciated job. To effectively perform their duties they require the requisit amount of training that the academy provides.
They are dispatched to shades of grey they know nothing about, and then they are expected to sort through the witnesses and evidence establishing who the good guys and bad guys are. The training they recieve is only the start, it takes years of experience on the street to hone the skills needed to be safe and effective. That is why the hours upon hours of training they recieve is so important and required.

Private Citizens

Private Citizens on the other hand know instantly what is happening. It does not take hours and hours of training to determine that the low life scumbag/s demanding a wallet, automobile or a piece of ass is a threat. Criminals prey upon Private Citizens when they are alone or vulnerable.

In these cases Private Citizens only need to know the laws pertaining to the use of deadly force, how to safely handle and maintain their firearm and be proficient with it. For the purposes of self defense a law abiding citizen can become more quickly competent with the required CCW training and regular trips to the range than the martial arts that is so hyped by those opposed to Private Citizens taking responsibilty for their own safety.

Private Citizens, unlike the Police Officers that will eventually arrive, know immediately in bright living color when their ass is on the line, who the perpetrator is and what their harmful intent is. It doesn't take thousands of hours of training when your only options are comply or fight back.

That it takes little more than a Kindergarten education to understand these differences is cause for resounding DUH!!!!

The questions are;

How much training does a guy in a suit need to recognize when a lowlife wants his wallet?

How much training does a Soccor Mom need to recognize when a scumbag is jacking her car with her kids in the back seat?

How much training does a College Student need to recognize when some dirtbag sexual predetor wants to throw her down, rip her panties off and rape her?

To suggest that a Private Citizen needs the same training as a Police Officer to carry a firearm is assinine. The difference is as plain as night and day.

Conclusion - Myth Busted


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