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Monday, May 22, 2006

Again: Where are the Assault Weapons?

I did a post a year or two back that asked the Question "Where are the assault weapons?"

Well guess what I am asking it again.

Where are the dreaded Assault Weapons in NYC?

It seems that the records for the five boroughs of NYC show that, as it did in Philidephia that the prefered firearm of choice among the "bad guys" is a Smith & wesson 38 spl.

At the bottom of the list, and the only "long gun" is the Mossberg 12 guge shotgun.

60% of the firearms involved "criminal posession of a weapon".

Well golly gee I thought that criminal posession of a weapon was already against the law at the federal level, along with every state and municipality in the country. For the life of me I can't understand that, I mean if it is illegal for a criminal to own a firearm they why are they willfully and knowledgeably breaking the law?

See, I thought all of those gun laws were supposed to stop all of that and save us law abiding citizens from being victims of crime. The world is suppose to be a safer place with all of these laws in effect?

Sarcasm off

Dear Dumbass anti gun a&&holes,

The laws you got passed don't work, there are more people raped, robbed, beaten and murdered every year because you are to stupid to see the folly of your actions. If by posessing a firearm; one woman could have stopped her rape, one man could have prevented his murder, one woman prevented the car jacking that led to the murder of her children, then their blood is on your hands.

By preventing law abiding citizens from carrying a firearm that they could have used to save their life or that of a family member you are just as responsible for that death as the perpetrator that killed them. If I had my way you would be charged as an accessory before the fact and have a seat at the same defendants table.

The only people that obey you assinine laws are the people that are law abiding and not inclined to commit crimes anyway. A criminal by definition is someone that doesn't give two hoots at a Million Commie Mommie March about the law. Their job description is to ignore the law.

By enacting the ill thought dumbass laws that you have you made it easier for the criminals to ply their trade on you and your familes.

What part of law abiding citizen don't you understand?

What part of criminals don't obey your dumbshit laws anyway don't you understand?

What part of assault weapons have never been a problem don't you understand?

Two cities with some of the toughest gun control laws in the country have released confiscation data in the last two years and assault weapons are not even mentioned.

Guns are not a problem in the hands of law abiding citizens, criminals do not obey the law anyway, and the Brady Bunch has been pumping lies up your blackberries for years.

If you would just cut the apron strings that tie you to Sarah Brady, open your eyes and do your own research you might find that you have been used as a pawn for those that want to control every aspect of your life.

Sincerely yours,



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