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Friday, May 05, 2006

Urban Myth Busted

No I'm not Jamie or Adam, but it doesn't take the Myth Busters to bust this myth wide open;

A cell phone can save you from being a crime victim.

In a recent letter to the Lincoln journal Star police Chief Tom Casady made the following observation;

Cell phones, in my opinion, have done more to protect people than concealed carry — and more to provide peace of mind.

I only wish that were so but I and most knowledgeable people that are familiar with the dynamics of crime know that is utter and complete bullshit. Chief Casady most assuredly knows it too. Most Rape, robbery and assault victims are unaware that they are going to be attacked until the perpetrator/s are standing there with a weapon or they are being body slammed to the ground.

How in the hell is anyone going to make a call under those circumstances? I suppose the Chief has seen to many Husker games and would recommend you try calling a time out;

"Oh please mister attacker can we have a time out so I can call for help on my cell phone?"

Even if you could get 911 dialed and get the phone to your ear it will not deter your attack. The first thing that is going to happen is the low life scumbag is going to bitch slap you up side the head sending your "self defense tool" flying.

Maybe you were able to tell the dispatcher where you are but even with that you assailant will still have 5-10 minutes to rape, rob or murder you.

Any knowledgeable person with at least a 1st grade education knows this. Relying on a cell phone for protection is some of the most dumbass advice I have ever heard and anybody that suggests a Samsung instead of a Smith & Wesson cares little for your safety and well being.

Maybe your willing to risk your daughters life with a cell phone Chief, that is your choice, but you have no standing what so ever to require me to trust my daughters life to a battery operated, call dropping electronic leash.

The fact is my daughter lives in another state that allows CCW and YES she has her permit and she carrys a concealed firearm virtually 24/7.

She loves her kids to much to rely on a cell phone in the hopes that she could actually get the call through, tell the police where she is at, what is happening and that the police will get there in time to rescue her and my grandchildren.

We have to ask why the Chief would recommend something as rediculous as a cell phone when he knows damn well you are unlikely to be able to make a call in the first place and that his officers will not arrive in time to save you in the second place.

Don't kid yourself he knows it.

The proposed ban that is being pushed by the Mayor and the Chief has nothing to do with your safety. It has everything to do with power and control. When you are able to provide for your own safety you do not have to rely on the government for protection that won't arrive in time anyway. Gramma Seng and the Chief recognize this and are not willing to relenquish any power that they perceive is theirs and theirs alone. They think they know what is best for you and by God you will submit to their authority or else.

Seng and Casady are under the dilusion that we are under their thumbs and that they control us. They seem to have forgotten that they are Public Servants, that are required by oath to do what we tell them we want done, not the other way around.

This is a power play being engineered by the Mayor and the Chief, it is not about concealed carry it is all about control. Control of the people by a couple of low level Public Servants that have forgotten their station in life.

Hey you want to take the Chiefs advice and only carry a cell phone, please do, more power to you I hope it works for you. You want to waste 20 bucks on a 3 hour class some Saturday at the YWCA so you can feel prepared to save your kids lives, by all means go for it. You can do anything you want except;

Tell me what I have to do under the same circumstances.


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