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Monday, September 11, 2006

Rock your glock wraps for the year, literally !!!

Saturday was the last of four Rock your Glock matches this year. Note the bags on the targets.

About midway through the event the cardboard targets had to be wrapped to keep the from being rain soaked. And yes there were many humorous references to condoms and safe Glocking.

If it ain't raining you ain't training

Yes it was a cool day, yes it was raining, yes we got wet, but the comraderie of safe, responsible firearms afficianados far outweighed the water. Not once did I hear anyone complain about the weather.

Quite the opposite. In fact most everyone had a worse weather story. I'm not sure I heard the exact phrase;

"Why this ain't nothing, I remember back in etc...."

That thought did hang in the moisture laden air though as,

Martin regaled us again with a previous bowling pin match held on a cold day in the dead of winter with snow deep enough that dropped magazines had to be searched for and Guy mentioned at least one match he had been to in which the rain was far worse.

Yea we had a blast anyway.

Especially Dave Griffith winner of the Glock model 17 9mm pistol that Rock your Glock had been selling raffle tickets for at the matches this summer.

Congratulations Mr. Griffith

Basic Information

The Rock your Glock matches are held at the Lincoln Izaak Walton League shooting range. Competitors need not be a member of the "Lincoln Ikes" to shoot in the matches and the entry fee for one gun is only $10.00.

Important Information

Chris Zeeb and all of the Range Officers (RO's) do not realize one penny of revenue from this. It was Chris's brain child but he and everyone one of the RO's volunteer their time to make it the successfull event that it has become in two short summers.

The match runs from 8:00am - 12.00pm with volunteers arriving well before that to set up and staying long after most of the shooters have gone back home to families to clean up. These guys compete too trying to squeeze their shooting in here and there all the while working hard to ensure a good time is had by all.

Thank You Volunteers

I tried to make sure that I thanked each one individually for donating, at their own expense their time and experience so that we could have safe well run events in which to compete. They have families too and most certainly could have been somewhere else doing something a lot less stressful than running a shooting event.

These guys and at least two gals make it the successful fun time that all of us enjoy. Thank you too, to the families of these volunteers. Without your support they would not be there to run these matches.

Words alone can not express my gratitude for these people whom I do not know all by name. Please accept my heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you that takes time away from family to provide us with the fantastic venue that is "Rock your Glock".

And thank you Chris for making it a reality.


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