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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gun Rights Policy Conference

As some of you noticed I haven't posted in the last week.

The wife and I just returned from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina where I participated in panel discussions on the state of CCW in the Cornhusker state.

We were able to renew acquaintances with friends we haven't seen in way too long. Yes we have kept in touch via email or phone tag, but it was great to sit down again and talk face to face with Bob Barr, Dave Kopel, Alan Gottlieb, Phil Van Cleave, and a host of others.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mari Thompson founder of the Second Amendment Sisters (and several other SAS members), a lady with who I have been trading emails and phone calls with for quite some time. I'm not sure but I get the impression that Mari and the wife were conspiring future plans that ...... well I don't know yet ..... but I am sure I will when the time comes.

Additionally I was pleased to finally meet Kenneth Blanchard. Kenn and I have been corresponding for years and to have him personally sign his book Black Man with a Gun was an honor I won't soon forget.

I also met, shared a panel with and spent a lot of time talking with Kansas State Senator Phil Journey. Phil is largely responsible for getting CCW pushed through in the Red Leg State legislature. We are going to be staying in touch on CCW issues and the wife and I will likely be traveling to visit Phil in the near future.

For those of you that favor open carry and are not aware there is a message board dedicated to the furtherance of open carry. I have been a posting member there for awhile and got to meet the founders of that site. Check them out at Thanks guys ya'll hosted a primo reception Saturday night ... made me proud I am a member of Open Carry dot Org.

Our after conference extended trip took us to Atlanta and Smyrna, Georgia where we had a chance to see the Glock factory and have my two second generation G-23's gone through while we went to lunch. Everyone we met at all the different parts of the factory were friendly to a fault and made us feel special for being there. The armorer that handled my firearms spent nearly an hour after he was done talking to us about Glocks.

During a discussion on after market parts for Glocks such as buffers, recoil springs, guide rods etc.. the Armorer (who asked that his name not be mentioned) told me;

"We test all of the after market parts that are out there, consider that Gaston Glock has a 3-5 million dollar a year R&D budget, if he thought his pistols worked better with a shock absorber type guide rod don't you think they would come with one?"

Yea I agree

He did say though that for those of you that insist on shooting lead bullets in your tactical tupperware KKM and Firestorm barrels are good replacements for the factory barrels.

For the record; All of my Glocks are just the way they came out of the box except for certified Glock parts replaced for wear or updates.

While in Atlanta we were also able to have dinner with friend Scott , his lovely wife Ashely and their bundle of energy Charlie. Thanks for the wonderful time guys Bar-b-cue is always good.

In the next weeks and months I hope to post much concerning the conference and how CCW may shake out in the next session of the Unicameral.

I am also hoping to make some changes to the site as well. During a cocktail party conversation on the internet and Blogging Dave Kopel suggested that I look into adding RSS to From the Heartland. When I get it figured out it I'll get it running.

Thanks Dave ..... I think!!!!


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