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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Capital City Comic Book Writers go the distance.

  • Who; Any aspiring Comic Book writer in the Capital City area.
  • What; Create a complete 24 page Comic Book in one marathon 24 hour session.
  • When; Saturday October 7th 8:00am through Sunday October 8th 8:00am
  • Where; Hi-Way Diner, Lincoln Nebraska
  • Why; For the fame fortune and bragging rights of having your work selected for publication.
  • How; With lots of stamina, caffeine and adrenalin.

Lincoln Journal Star Editorial Cartoonist Neal Obermeyer is hosting some of Lincolns really great artists for this 24 hour International event.

Yes International

The 24 hour marathon is being played out at 90 locations in 17 countries. Cartoonists in 23 states are participating.

I met with Neal at the event only to find that he was just a bit off the pace. With 12 hours of the 24 Hour Comics Day race gone he only had 10 pages complete.

Note: This is the same Neal that I engaged in a very informative Concealed Carry discussion back in August. That post can be read HERE and HERE on Neal's Blog.

Not a good thing when you figure these artists need to average one page per hour to offer up a completed book at the finish line.

It was a really fun thing to sit with these guys and gals for awhile and watch them create. Even some of the decorations on the walls were not safe from comic inclusion in at least one story line.

Way to go Neal

I hope all of the cartoonists there complete a 24 page comic book in the 24 hour time period. I'll be waiting to for you to call me with the results or include them in comments on this post.

By the time most of you read this 24 Hour Comic Day will be history ..... yaaaaawwwnn ...... (as I lean back and stretch) .... oh by the way ya'll still got about 6 and a half hours left.

As for me ......... YAAAWWNNN ....... I am getting a bit sleepy so I'm off to the arms of Morpheus.

Good Luck Capital City Cartoonists


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