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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feedback for On-line Auctions

Yes I sometimes shop the on-line auctions. Not Often, but when I do I am serious about what I am looking for and usually find it.

Something has changed since I first signed up for some of them (E-bay in particular) years ago.

Just take a look at the conditions set by a large number of sellers on their auction pages;

"Postive feedback will be left after buyer leaves positive feedback."

Or words to that exact effect.

So what the hell is that about ?????

eBay sellers get the crap out of your ears and listen up

If I "win" your auction you are obligated, let me type that again OBLIGATED to leave feedback as soon as my payment is received in your greedy little mitts. If it's late say so, If it is on time say so. Tell the truth. That is all that is required.

Sellers pay attention here;

I did my part. I paid for your product and your outrageous shipping and handling charges within the proscribe time. That is all I am required to do for positive feedback. I earned it. Leave it!!!

This is not how it has evolved. It seems there are a lot of sellers on the auctions that are so swelled up with their own pathetic egos that they hold positive feedback due me hostage until I figuratively bend over and lick their boots lauding lavish praise for their ability to eventually get my "win" to my mailbox.

This peeve has been ticking me off for quite a while and I am not the only one that has these same thoughts either.

Alphecca addressed this same thing awhile back. I won't link to the exact post as the feedback tirade was only a small part of a large article on multiple topics. I will excerpt some of what Jeff had to say though.

...... And here's the thing; they will not leave positive feedback until I do, until I receive the books and leave gushing feedback to them.

I've already done exactly what any buyer has to do. I bid and won on the books and within seconds of winning, I paid for the books.........

.......The customer is always wrong until he/she first proves worthy of the seller's praise! What the hell is that all about? .........

Exactly my point what the hell is that all about?

I have decided that in the future should I do any on-line auction shopping (as a buyer) I will not leave feedback for any seller that has not first left feedback for me. That is the way the system was set up to work.

And for those sellers that have the audacity to include in your conditions of sale "Seller will post feedback after buyer leaves positive feedback", unless yours is the only one of a kind and no one else is selling it and I just have to have it, know that I will not abide by that particular term of sale.

In other words hell will freeze over before I leave a seller feedback that hasn't first left it for me first.

Hypocritical ????? ...... well you can think that, but I am not the one holding someone else's reputation hostage. If my payment is late or I haven't met the terms as a buyer the seller should say it and say it first. To hold feedback from me after I have positively fulfilled my obligation to the seller, until I buy you a happy meal, a dozen roses and kiss your ass on main street at high noon is blatantly dishonest, disgusting and repugnant.


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