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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where does your Candidates stand??

With the election rapidly approaching now is the time to find out where the candidates in your district stand on firearms related issues.

The Web site Nebraska Citizen has been running an on going poll on a variety of issues including abortion, taxes and firearms.

Sadly many candidates have not responded. This may be that they are simply not aware of the poll or have deliberately chosen to ignore it.

Even sadder still are the candidates that did respond with "No Opinion" on most if not every single question.

It tells me, rightly or wrongly that they have a hidden agenda. Any candidate that will not stand up and articulate their position on an issue is a spineless coward not worthy of the publics trust for an elected office.

The candidates responses to the survey can be found HERE.(Click on PROFILE next to their names to view their responses if any)

If candidates in your district have not responded to the survey or have spinelessly expressed "No Opinion" call them and tell them they need to do better than that if they want your vote.

There will be a lot of important issues before the Unicameral in the coming years, we need to know how the Candidates stand on these issues NOW before we send them to Lincoln.

Lastly if you are not registered to vote, do it now, today while there is still time left.


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