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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A 3 Piece Suit for a Dress Race no Suprise

Svaboda bests Beutler by a Bit in Primary

When I first learned the results of the primary I could swear that I heard Ken Svaboda had garnered more votes than Chris Beutler. As an anonymous commenter and further checking on my part pointed out Beutler actually got more votes than Svaboda. Thanks for setting that straight who ever anonymous is.

Well the local primary voting is behind us now. There was no great surprise in the Mayors race Democrat Chris Beutler and Republican Ken Svoboda advance to the final round.

I still stand by comments on this race that I have made in the past;

All we are doing is trading a dress for a 3 piece suit, with either candidate we will end up with Coleen Seng Lite.

Camp leads Abbot

John Camp another Councilman that I support garnered nearly 50% of the vote in his district to face Allen Abbott in a run off.

Spatz gets McRoys Attention

I was pleased to see that John Spatz best incumbent Annette McRoy. Since they were the only two running in District four both would automatically advance to the general election anyway.

Annette whom I have felt has not been an effective representative for her district was cited in the Lincoln Journal Star;

Incumbent Annette McRoy also plans to refocus her efforts on the campaign trail, after slipping into second position with just 54 votes separating her from District 4 leader John Spatz. The two are vying for representation of northwest Lincoln.

Annette it is a little too late to refocus, you should have done that over the last four years. You can't change your record now. You can try to explain away some of the things you have done but you can't change it.

It remains to be seen whether John Spatz will be any different, but having spent time with both candidates I believe he will be more effective than what we have now.

District Four needs a change in leadership.


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