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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Chief's Corner...... aka Tom Casady Chief of Police Lincoln, Nebraska

Welcome to the Blogosphere Chief Casady

Anyone that been a reader of this Blog for any length of time or perused the archives knows that I have written some very critical commentaries concerning Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady.

It is also well known (or should be) that I have written an equal number of articles praising Tom for what he has accomplished in his tenure as Chief of the Lincoln Police Department.

It might also surprise some that he has read most or all of them

Yes I use the screen name "Gunscribe" on this Blog and on some other message forums, but I am far from anonymous. The people I write about, especially those in Public Service, for the most part, know who I am and I meet and greet with them at local functions from time to time.

Jeff at Alphecca once told me, "Tim be more of a Media Whore .. like me"

Besides that if anyone was paying attention I (by name) and this Blog were featured on virtually all of the media outlets locally, some regionally and a few nationally last year.

In essence I do use a screen name but I have never hidden behind it.

Something else that I haven't written much about is the communication that I have with Chief Casady. The Chief and I have known each other personally for a few years and exchange phone calls and/or E-mails on an irregular basis. Occassionally he gets my answering machine and I always get the vivacious Virginia Fisher (whom I have met by the way) before getting put through to the Chief. Personally I think I get the better end of the deal.

On an even more irregular basis Tom and I actually get to sit down and shoot the bulls.....eye. It was on one of these occasions (sometime last fall I think) we were discussing this Blog "From the Heartland" when the Chief opined that he was entertaining the idea of authoring a blog as well.

At the time I thought it was, and still do, a great idea. I forthrightly encouraged him to go ahead with it. I know the Chiefs a big computer guy and was very capable of doing it himself but I even offered to help him set it up when he was ready.

I guess he didn't need any help as Chief Tom Casady now has a Blog and he is rapidly gaining a number of regular readers. Many of them are Bloggers as well and are adding him to their Blogrolls. (Of course a story in the local fishwrapper helped speed things along)

The Chief's Corner

The Chief has always had an open door policy and a blog opens that door even wider as witnessed by the number of comments he is already receiving on the articles he has penned. I do know that this is not a whim or spur of the moment political thing as referenced in some of the comments on his Blog. Chief Casady was interested in the concept for at least the last six months that I am aware of and I know a lot of thought on his part has gone into this project since then.

Whether you love him or hate him Chief Casady's Blog is going to be a good read.

You may not agree with him but he is a very articulate individual and more than capable of debating his positions rationally. I do not agree with him on every issue, and a few spirited conversations have ensued. Disagree with him I may but I respect the Chief and his ability to debate the stands he takes on certain issues.

Congratulations Chief

I would be humbled to know if my encouragement early on had some small part in your decision to finally go ahead with this project. It is the best way I know for you to speak directly to the people you serve, without having it laundered through the local media, most of whom will put their own spin on it anyway. It also gives those same people, through the comments section an avenue to respond back to you without having to call or negotiate the metal detectors (in place for a valid reason) to visit your office in person.

Chief Casady's blog is the newest addition to my Blogroll as well.

Again Congratulations Tom, you have been one of my readers for awhile and now I can officially welcome you to this Blog and to the Blogosphere.

Keep us informed Tom and much success with this endeavor.


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