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Monday, April 16, 2007

Gun Dealer experience and an I screwed up Confession

Notice of personal opinion
This post is a narrative of the experiences that I have had with one particular Firearms dealer in the past couple of months and my own personal perceptions about those experiences. References made to or about any specific individual in this entry are my own thoughts and opinons.

Changing Dealers

Several months ago I was distressed to learn that the Federal Firearms Licensed dealer I had lined up to handle transfers for my out of state firearms purchases had given up his license to pursue another more profitable venture. He referred me to a dealer in another town he said he was using now.

I contacted said dealer about a new firearm reciever purchase I had in mind and asked if he would handle the transfer. He indicated his fee would be 25.00 bucks and then told me what his price was for the same item.

I bought three Firearms from him

Being as it would only a few bucks more if I bought it from him I agreed to and did so. I try to support the local dealers by buying directly from them when they can get what I want and their prices are in line with the going rate nationally.

From the very begining I felt his tone had a rather gruff edge to it, but I thought his price was fair. Fair enough in fact that I made a subsequent purchase of another firearm, a Military Surplus Mauser.

That was followed up by a third purchase. This was also a brand new firearm reciever and identical in make and model to the first.

In about a two month time period I paid him over four hundred dollars for three firearms.

Note that all three purchases required the completion of form 4473 at a FFL location. All of the required paerwork for all three sales was legally accomplished.

During one of these transactions nearly four hundred rounds of Military Surplus ammunition was bought from Gun Dealer by one of my offspring. (Offspring was present at all transactions)

Bad day at the Range

When we were finally able to get to the range we discovered that none of the ammunition bought from Gun Dealer would discharge. There was a dent in the primer but no "Ka-pow". We had some other Mil- Spec ammo that Offspring had aquired from another source on hand and since all of it went bang we concluded that it was not the firearm. (The Mauser purchased from Gun Dealer by the way)

Yes the Wife knew I was buying another Gun

I discussed the ammo problem with Gun Dealer and he offered to replace the entire lot at no cost. During the same conversation I asked him if he would mail a copy of his FFL to an out of state FFL that had an almost thiry year old firearm I wanted for my collection. (Not something Gun Dealer had in inventory)

Last Monday (April 9th) I arranged a time with Gun Dealer to pick up the firearm. Offspring and I travelled 80 miles round trip to pick up my "new to me firearm" and exchange the "not go bang bullets". This was fourth transaction with Gun Dealer.

Here fill this out, here's your gun and ammo now get the hell out cause I gotta go

In a whirlwind of a 15-20 minute session we examined the firearm, I filled out the 4473 while Offspring produced the offending ammo and Gun Dealer located "should go bang this time bullets" all the while rushing us as Gun Dealer had a meeting to attend.

Concluding the mild pandemonium it wasn't until we got back to Offsprings home, shortly after 8PM, did I realize that I had forgot to pay Gun Dealer the 25.00 dollar transfer fee. By the time I got to my home Gun Dealer had left a scathing message on my answering machine.

Since it was nearly eleven in the evening when I got home I was hesitant to call him back as I know he has a day job.

By the time I got up the next day there were five more very short tempered messages on my office machine wanting to know when he was going to get his money. By way of the messages I thought they were going to forclose on his home or his kids were going to starve to death in the next twelve hours if he didn't get the 25.00 dollars I owed him.

I called the Dealer on his cell phone as soon as I had gotten out of bed and heard the messages. (I was going to call him anyway) After apologizing profusely I offered to drive back out to his shop that very evening (Tuesday the 10th) and pay him.

He allowed how that wouldn't work for him and that if I wanted I could put a check in an envelope and mail it. I told him I was not comfortable with that and I would really prefer to hand it to him as I wanted to personally apologize and when would be a good time to meet. I really felt bad at the time and still do.

Gun Dealer hemmed and hawed and no specific time was set. Niether of us called the other during the rest of the week. I was out of town Saturday and arrived home that evening to find out that Gun Dealer had been in town and stopped by the house. I was out of town again on Sunday.

Today (Monday the 16th) the wife and I travelled to the Gun Dealers location and I handed him the 25.00 for the original transfer and an additional 10.00 dollars for my lapse of memory last Monday.

Gun Dealer in an obvious state of anger refused to accept my offer of atonement and would hardly speak to me . Several times as I again apologized he threw up his hands in disgust before going back in side slamming the door in my face.

I screwed up and I admit it right here and now for you all to read

I realize that I screwed up in not remembering to hand over the cash the first time, (last Monday) but with all that was going on at the time (filling out the paperwork, examining a newly aquired firearm, exchanging bad ammo for hopefully good ammo and being rushed to leave) it honestly slipped my mind.

I felt bad about it, apologized profusely and offered more than was owed as compensation for the trouble I had caused Gun Dealer only to have it (the extra 10.00 bucks) thrown back at me and a door slammed in my face.

What suprises me is that after nearly 500 dollars worth of business and a plan to aquire at least two more firearms from out of state for my collection Gun Dealer goes so extremely ballistic (my opinion) over a lousy 25.00 screw up that he had a partial hand in.

You'd think he was going to have to file for bankruptcy or something if he didn't have it RIGHT NOW.

But then remember I offered to drive the 80 miles round trip that same day (Tuesday) but he would have none of that. I guess he needed something to bitch about to keep him warm for a few days.

I believe I have done what it should take to make it right and Gun Dealer refuses to accept that.

Personally I believe he enjoys being gruff, angry and short-tempered. Thinking back on all of our interactions I can't think of one where he did not display at least a hint of one of those tendencies. It is my humble opinion that these are not qualities a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer should posess.

"Oh Gawd its you again. Here's your gun, where's my money and now get the hell out" is not an endearing trait that would keep me coming back. Life is too short and I absolutely refuse to pay someone to treat me like shit or act like he is not appreciative of my patronage.

This Gun Dealer ain't the only FFL I have listed in my rolodex.

Terry Edwards,

Since you chose not to discuss this matter further I am conveying my thoughts to you in this open forum. There is a comment section at the end of this post and you are free to respond in any manner you choose.

Personally I don't think much of your short tempered demeanor, nor do I think much of the way you handled this situation. It was mostly my fault and I readily admit that here in public. You had a hand in it as well. I do accept all of the responsibility for it though. It was an honest mistake on my part.

I have sincerely apologized for my actions repeatedly and offered in a telephone conversation Tuesday to drive out to your shop that very day. I was in my opinion and to put it mildly short-temperedly rebuffed.

Since you were unable or unwilling to set a time and place for us to meet I took it upon myself to travel the distance and renumerate you for more than I owed you. You had not asked for any extra and I offered it as an atonement for my short comings in our last transaction.

Your short tempered bordering on violent refusal to accept the added amount and the slamming of the door in my face speaks volumes about your character.

I have tried to set things right with you and I have no idea why you are unwilling to accept my apology and understand that this was an unfortunate and unplanned error on my part.

I have humbled myself before you and asked for your forgiveness, only you can say why this has not been sufficient.

All I can say now is that the ball is in your court now Terry.

Sincerely Yours,

A Humbled and Repentant Gunscribe

The first time I did business with him I told him I ran this website and that if he wanted I would mention him and provide his contact information in hopes that it might generate some business for him.

As I previously stated he has a full time job, the Gun business is apparently a side that he runs from a building next to his house. (All legal and proper by the way). In fact you can find him set up at most of the local Gunshows.

At the time he gave me permission to run his information on this site so I am including it here for anyone that may wish to do business with him.

This has been my experience with this Gun Dealer, your mileage may vary. I certainly hope it does.


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