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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

If you own a firearm bookmark this site.

Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety

Chris has finally become a Blog author. Welcome to the dark side Chris.

I have known this new Blogs author Chris Zeeb for several years and have even written about him in the past. For those that don't know Chris is a certified Glock Mechanic, Nebraska Concealed Carry Instructor and the architect of the "Rock Your Glock Competition".

The emphasis of his creation is explained in the title of his Blog, Nebraska CCW - Firearms Safety. There is no one I know in this area that is more qualified to pen missives on firearms safety than Chris.

Chris's Blog is solely dedicated to doing one of the things that I always wanted to get around to do more of here on this Blog. Yes, I have touched on it here and there in the past but never to the depth I wanted or hoped to that Chris will.

Hurray for Chris.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I genuinely mean that, Hurray for Chris. I am looking forward to reading his posts. I want to read his posts. Don't keep us waiting Chris as we will all benefit from it.

Chris has three posts up already; His introductory post, an intended topics list post and a trigger finger post.

One of the pleasures of having your own Blog is the freedom to address the content of other Blogs on your own instead of the comments section on the Blog/s in question.

So here goes.

In his first post Chris issues the following observation;

I've been shooting for ____ years, I know the safety rules you might say... Well it has been my experience that those who have the most years of experience, often tend to get the most complacent with regards to firearms safety rules. We can all benefit by taking the time to review and follow all of the firearms safety rules.

I have made this observation in the past and absolutely, positively agree 100% and plead guilty.

Here is what I had to say about it back in October of 2006;

One of the things that I have always imparted to my children is;

"Yea, when you get tired of the old man repeatedly telling you how to do this or do that you cop the "I know Dad I know attitude". I understand. When it comes to firearm safety however please don't ever get tired of hearing about it or cop an attitude. There is not one of us that could not benefit from an occasional reminder concerning safe firearms handling. When someone reminds you about something concerning firearms safety take it to heart and tell them thank you no matter how many times you have heard it."

If nothing else this has been one axiom that they have indulged the old Gunscribe in. In fact over the years they have prodded me with a reminder or two as well and yes I said thank you.

Yes I have been guilty and likely will be again. We all will. Thank you Chris for pointing it out again. I may get a little red faced at the time but I promise I will not get tired of, or offended at, hearing it.

The other thing I would like to touch on comes from Chris's post on Keep your Finger OFF the Trigger!!!;

Glock pistols have 3 internal safeties (more on these another time). Revolvers don't have safeties. However the best safety for any firearm is KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

I have over the years since the inception of Gaston Glock's pistol heard many, especially old time revolver shooters, express the notion that the Glock is unsafe because it does not have a safety device like the 1911, Browning Hi-Power etc...

As Chris points out the Glock does in fact have three safeties that he will discuss in future writings.

The one feature that the Glock has in common with any revolver that is not a single action is it goes bang when you pull the trigger.

How a person used to revolvers can claim that a Glock is any less safe than their favorite wheelgun is beyond me. To paraphrase Chris;

"If you keep your booger hook off the bang switch it ain't gonna go off".

Again I am looking forward to what Chris has to say and I hope the rest of you are as well.

Don't ever get tired of hearing about firearms safety, if someone needs correcting have the balls to correct them, you may save a life.

If you are the one being corrected it is okay to get red faced and pissed off about it, but you should be pissed off at yourself, not the person correcting you - they may have just saved your life or prevented you from negligently taking someone else's.

If you are the corrected one here is my advice to you;

"Suck it Princess" and say THANK YOU

Yes it is that serious. That is why Chris's Blog is so necessary.

Thank you Chris.


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