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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Call 911 and Die

Subtitle: Victim Disarmament Zone Kills Again and Again and ....

Yea you have heard it before, but it just won't sink past that anti self defense fire wall from the Brady Bunch Software Company your pathetic cranial hard drives have downloaded.

Reality Check

Remember that shooting at Lane Bryant in Tinley Park, Illinois a few weeks ago?

Guess what!

Store manager Rhoda McFarland, made the 911 call from the back room Feb. 2 after she and the other five women were bound with duct tape, one source said.

The Murdering Bastard heard the call being made and instead of running away with pee running down his leg smelling like fresh poop like you liberal Metrosexuals tell everyone is going to happen, he shot the women in the head killing 5 and wounding one.

I can hear you now

"Oh wait that is not suppose to happen, they did everything the Million Commie Mommies told them they were suppose to do. They did not resist and they called Government sponsored Dial-a Prayer just like they had been brain-washed to do by head Commie Mommie in charge Sarah Brady."

Well there my f/emasculated Metrosexual brain dead low life liberal friends, I hope your happy, cause your ideals have just killed 5 more decent people. How many has your anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-fight back mantra murdered in the last year?

Hmmmm .... let's see ... there was 30 some in Virginia .. and ahh what nearly a dozen in Nebraska just for starters.

I hope you namby-pamby chicken shit low life scumbags are happy.

Go ahead hold hands and dance in their blood calling for more gun control... you do it every time, and every time you are proved wrong. The problem is you are either to stupid or too thoroughly brain-washed to see it.

It is all but illegal to own any kind of firearm in the Chicago area and the "nobody needs a gun kumbya" runs deep in Obama Country, so the victims were totally defenseless. (Just the way you want them to be) That is why they were duct taped face down on the floor with panties over their head.

It really is too bad that you stupid asses can't wake up, because until you do your filthy excrement is just going to keep on killing innocent people.

You got the blood of 6 more in Tinley Park, Illinois to dance in. I know it's only a fifth of what you had after Virginia, and only half of what you had after Nebraska but maybe you'll get lucky in 2008. The year is young yet.

I know your hoping.

(hat tip to Deb for this one)

One last note:

I bet you are really pissed off that a private citizen in Colorado cut that count short aren't you?. Heaven knows how some of you must have wished for a tally larger than Virginia. And to further rain on your lust for blood boot, scoot and boogie it was a woman with a concealed carry permit that stopped the Murdering Bastard too.

Ohhhh that had to hurt. I can hear the brain cells sizzling all across the internet.


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