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Friday, February 08, 2008

Victim Disarmament Zones kill again

Kirkwood, Missouri

It has pretty much always been against Missouri law for nearly anyone except authorized government employees to possess a firearm in a government building. Enactment of the Concealed Carry law did not change that.

That did not stop a disgruntled Murdering Bastard from shooting up a Kirkwood, Missouri City Council meeting after shooting two Peace Officers on the way in.

Portsmouth, Ohio

In Ohio it was virtually impossible for a private citizen to legally carry a firearm in a school building and/or possess a firearm while being the subject of a restraining order even before the Buckeye State enacted a concealed carry law. It still is, the concealed carry law did not change that. It did not stop another Murdering Bastard from entering an Elementary School in Portsmouth, Ohio, who then shot and stabbed his estranged wife. The wife is not dead, but another woman that the Murdering Bastard stabbed on the way to kill his wife is.

May Never Know

Who knows if any of the citizens at the Kirkwood Council Meeting or the Teacher in Ohio with the restraining order would have been armed if they could do so legally.

What we do know is that none of the laws forbidding the possession of a firearm in government buildings or schools and at least one restraining order stopped either of these Murdering Bastards.

Again law abiding citizens were left defenseless while criminals, whose job description is to violate the law, wantonly ply their trade.

In light of the mass murders at Virginia Tech, the Van Maur in Omaha and other places in the last year or so many have expressed the notion that "introducing a another firearm into the situation will only make it worse."

I don't know where that kind of idiotic thinking comes. If you think that what your really saying is;

Even if it could be stopped immediately I would rather see a Murdering Bastard continue killing 5, 10, 20, 30 more people than to have a private citizen with a legally possessed firearm end the killing spree at any point during the rampage.

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you that you would rather see multiples of people murdered than have one of your fellow citizens save lives?

It is disgusting to think that;

  1. People find it morally superior for a woman to be raped, beaten and strangled to death with her own panty hose than it is for her to explain why she shot her attacker.
  2. People find it morally superior for a murdering bastard to kill 32 people than it is for a legally armed citizen to stop the killer at victim two, four, twelve or at any point of the rampage.

What your telling me is it is more preferable to you that 30 people needlessly die than for one citizen with a firearm to end it, so I'll ask again;

What kind of sick, twisted and perverted person are you?


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