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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

And speaking of smoking

Comedian Ron White performed his act entitled "Drunk in Public Tour" at the local Pershing Center. As part of the performance White smokes a cigar, an act that may have him in trouble with the local Constabalary.

It seems that there is no exception in the total smoking ban ordinance for theatrical productions. It was in one of the early drafts, but apparently it didn't make the final cut and now White may be cited for a violation of the Lincoln Ordinance. Not only could White could face up to a one hundred dollar fine for his first offense but the people responsible for the event could be fined as well.

If the Lincoln smoke police cite the performer and the proprietors it will bring to about a dozen citations that have been issued for violation since the ban took effect January 1st 2005.

Police sources say that it is not fair to give White a pass and enforce the law on local businesses.

If White is cited and as word spreads about the meticulous enforcement of the ban, one has to wonder how many theatrical acts and/or productions will take a pass on Lincoln. Not only is the city suffering from a loss of revenue from Keno (as mentioned in the previous entry) it may well suffer a decline in revenue that entertainment celebrities generate with their presence in the Capitol City.

The City Leaders are and have been screaming poverty for some time, but it seems that at every turn either they or the citizens do things that shrink the already diminishing income that the city has already spent or committed.

UpDate 4/15 10:45:A citation for Ron Whites smoking violation will be issued to the company that manages the Pershing Center, Chief Tom Casady said that since White is long gone he is off the hook and will not be cited.

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